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I just graduated from FastBreak

Monday, July 24, 2006

Which means that I don't necessarily have to write in this journal every day anymore. I don't think I will, either. It seems to be taking away from my updating of my LiveJournal (, since I'm sort of all posting-out. But I'll probably continue to use it as a resource.

Today I bought reduced calorie ice cream. I am very excited. I ate some as a snack. Unfortunately, it was a little too close to bedtime, and now I am all awake and somewhat jittery between the sugar that was left in the ice cream and the blueberries I had with it. Other exciting buys: multivitamins, measuring cups, $0.25 corn bread mix, and Triscuits.

Speaking of measuring cups, I was quite pleased with myself when I returned home from the grocery store to my brand new diet phase, and it turned out that my first action step was to buy measuring cups. I felt psychic and generally awesome. TJ was suitably impressed.

Anyway, people wanting to see a more regularly-updated journal from me should visit the URL above, although I will definitely check in here from time to time. Yay for switching diet stages!


This entry is for yesterday :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Seeing as I haven't done anything yet today.

I am proud of myself for: only going outside of my calories per day guidelines once between the 14th and now. The time that I did was because I was too distracted by my new/old computer to eat enough, which seems a better habit than being too distracted to control how *much* I eat.

I would like to work on: Getting better at tracking individual aspects of the diet. I've gone over on my arbs twice in this same time span, and have been exactly at the top limit two more times. Carbs are nasty little buggers. I love them.

Still pretty stressed about the whole moving thing. TJ has now applied to about a dozen jobs, but has yet to apply for his #1 choice, which is working at Great Lakes Brewery. Hopefully things will work out on that end. I spent last night e-mailing a bunch of landlords about their properties and compiling a chart of different possible apartments. Eek, a move!


A quick update!

Friday, July 21, 2006

A quick update for today, since I am on my way to a friend's house for a Dance Dance Revolution party. I feel that I can slack off a little on the journaling end for the sake of exercise :)

A good day, overall. I really need to be more productive about finding an apartment, but I was very active today. I babysat for a 7 and a 10 year-old boy, and together we went to Splash Zone, which is a cross between a community pool and a water park. There were just too many little kids in the pool for me to go in, but I sat in the sun and did some cressstitching while the boys had fun. After that I went to work for a little while, then went bowling, then had dinner at Agave (where TJ works). After chilling out for a little while, I went on a nice 35-minute walk, and now I'm off to DDR some more calories away! Yay!


I've actually lost track of the days, but I think it might be 5.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Today, I turned on my laptop, and it came up with a mostly blank screen that said "Operating System Not Found." This poor laptop has been on its very last legs since October, when US Airways forced me to check it, cracked the LCD screen, and refused to compensate me because "it was my fault I had checked it." Anyway, the screen has become less and less operational, the CD drive doesn't work, and various other things have been wrong with my poor computer, but I think it's actually kicked the bucket this time. I did manage to get it to turn on, but now the screen is so dim that even in a pitch black room I can't really make out what's on the screen. So I ordered a new one online for $800, including a 3 year full warranty. It should be here Tuesday or Wednesday :)

This dieting thing actually makes me feel like a lot of facets of my life are automatically more responsible. I am eating healthier and exercising, sure, but I am also planning out my meals, which takes time and forethought; I am cooking my own meals, which makes me a better cook; I am learning to stick up for myself when my housemate makes fun of me for being on an Internet diet; and I generally feel optimistic about this new chapter in my life. I somehow feel like this new laptop is kind of a part of that new chapter. Maybe I will name it Sparky, and hope this doesn't doom the poor machine to an untimely death via explosion.


Day 4

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wow. It is so incredibly hot that I can't seem to focus on much other than that right now. It's only about 75 outside, but in this room with the computer, the thermostat is telling me that it's 87. And I don't need any gadgets to tell me that it's humid. What's even better - I looked online and it's supposed to be from 88-95 degrees and humid for the next week. I protest.

Diet-wise, I'm having a good day. I actually haven't had *enough* calories yet today, so I'm going to have a bedtime snack of some sort. Probably Cheerios - yum :) This is true even though I went to Dairy Queen with some friends - I had a fat-free, sugar-free ice cream bar that was pretty yummy. Excellent to have found a source of yummy ice cream that is still health-friendly.

Also, I went shopping for the first time since being on the plan. It was pretty cool to have a set out grocery list when I went to the store - it's something I should learn how to do regardless of this here diet. Shopping felt more like a scavanger hunt than just buying food, and it kept me from buying frivolous-type things. The annoying thing I learned: even if you only need a cup of cauliflower, YOU HAVE TO BUY AN ENTIRE HEAD. I'll never finish that thing, and it was sort of expensive. Ew. But I am excited to have a lot of fresh fruits and veggies around the house :) I got apples, blueberries, strawberries, and watermelon! I am very much looking forward to my meals this week - they should be yummy :)

OK, I have to go back to looking for places to live in the fall. Ciao!


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