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Day 64 LBF and scared of working from home

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Do you ever want something but at the same time fear it? I was fortunate enough to be told that I should work from home. I'm a freelancer on a long project at a company. I went into their office most days (I only work 4 days lucky me). Now I am going to work from home.

I have managed 64 days of being binge free because I had a good habit of eating a good breakfast before work. Having a packed lunch at work and coming home to supper that I make from scratch. However, working from home puts me right by the kitchen and I know that when something is boring or difficult I tend to turn to food for help. I need a strategy.

I think I am going to structure my days. One day a week they want me to come in and that will be Wed. I will prob. take Thursday as my day off. That gives me a long weekend.

Sun- Tue. Wake up, get my boys out of the house in time for school, exercise, log on sparks, shower, make breakfast and lunch. Eat breakfast.
Work till lunch, eat lunch (i don't get paid for my lunch hour). Continue working till end of the work day.

Have a small snack and prep supper.

The rest would be the same as when I work in an office and have to commute.

I must say that I love exercising first thing. Then if I get a chance I can add more exercise otherwise I've already done it.

Anyone else have a similar issue?

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RELIBELI 10/25/2012 2:09PM

    I've been working from home since I went back to work 3 years ago when my youngest started kindergarten. It has its perks and benefits as well as its challenges and struggles.

Time management systems that work are great. I just blogged about a new one I just implemented. It's working great (other than the time I'm spending on SP right now when I need to go out and do errands!)

So, I'll keep it short, but would love to discuss further with both of you and any other at home workers.

I will say that the No S Diet system has been key to my at home success at least with food since I found it a few weeks ago. I'm strictly sticking to 3 solid meals a day; no snacks, and it's working for me. I'm not thinking about food all day long, I'm not hungry or starving myself AND it's helping me reach some of my goals. Extreme moderation...that is working for me.

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DARE2LIVE2011 10/25/2012 9:28AM

    YES, I get this! I started working from home this past January. You are right to add some structure and treat it just like your "office" job. I have my meals and snacks planned out, I eat pretty much the same thing every day, which some find boring, but at this point in my fitness / weight loss journey, it's what I must do. I actually "punch a clock" via computer, so am using my lunch hour to exercise. You will find your "new groove," and working from home is a true blessing in my case! Blessings to you as you stay healthy and figure out what works! emoticon

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This is why I love the man I'm married to

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My hubby and I argue a lot of the time and we are not your typical starry eyed lovers but we do love each other. Sometimes we find it hard to say or to feel that we really do care for each other. We lead stressful lives and having ADHD kids is not a picnic either.

My hubby really didn't get binging. He understand emotional eating because he does it too but when he does it it's more I'm going to be naughty and have an extra scoop of ice cream not finish the tub.

A few days ago I decided to go back to my roots of being vegetarian. I was vegetarian for 10 years till I was pregnant with my second child and due to cravings I had meat. I usually had it about twice a week tops. I did have fish while I was vegetarian about 2 a month. I told him I was not labeling myself as vegetarian or vegan (I'm off dairy for allergy reasons, although once a week I indulge in home made ice cream) but I prefer not to eat meat for a few months just to see if my medical issues (lack of energy, thyroid playing up, high cholesterol sort themselves out.)

We had a huge fight because he cooked a really good dinner spinach cannelloni but he used loads of butter and cheese. I wouldn't taste it as I had just finished my meal and was not hungry and knew it would trigger me. I told him it looks really yummy but I can't have it. He was so mad at me and went on about how I'm always changing my diet. Well that would have caused a binge right there and then but I remembered that I had completed 56 days of being binge free and although I wanted to clear up from dinner I knew the best thing for me was to go to my bedroom and read a book. I did that, calmed down and stayed there.

Two days later, today is our 19th anniversary. When hubby kissed me good morning he said I know you worry about what to eat when we are out and especially now your semi vegan so I'm thinking we should do something that doesn't involve food. There are no good films/movies on right now but we will find something to do.

You see he gets it. He may not always understand and it's taken him a long time to understand about binging (it took me a long time to tell him) but he really does get it now.

I wish us many more years of arguing and kissing to make up.

If you are ever in doubt of reaching out to the people you love don't be. You love them because you know they will always be there for you.

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DARE2LIVE2011 10/25/2012 9:31AM

    I too wish you many more years of arguing and kissing to make up! LOL
I enjoy your writing style, great outlook. Keep moving toward your goals! emoticon

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AMARILYNH 10/18/2012 3:05PM

    What a refreshing blog to read! He gets it - that is a true BLESSING!! I'm glad you appreciate him!!

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PENNYSAVER2 10/18/2012 9:21AM

    emoticon Having a supportive husband makes the journey easier. Best wishes to both of you.

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SLIMMERJESSE 10/18/2012 8:51AM

    Happy Anniversary!

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CHRISTINASP 10/18/2012 5:10AM

    Your post made me smile.
May you always find ways to love and respect each other and express it!

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CAROL6X 10/18/2012 3:17AM

    Great going!!! My husband is very supportive as well of me and is also on a healthy lifestyle diet due to his Stent put in last year. Since then he has lost 80 pounds and feels alot better.
He will be going for a stress test at the end of the month to check to make sure all is going well.

Hubby and I have been married since 1995 and he is my support system and I am his.
Which is good since I will be having Gastric bypass surgery early next year.

Carol emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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When opportunity knocks

Friday, October 12, 2012

I am a freelancer for the last few months. I was told that there is a problem with space and I would be asked to work from home most of the week. My reaction as a freelancer is out of sight out of mind next they will cut my hours. However, the first thing the CEO said was we aren't changing your hours you can still work 4 days a week you will just have to hot-desk when you come in. I like the guys in my cubicle but big deal so I will hot-desk.

This move releases 2 hours travel time a day! Time really is money. Also I can listen to interesting pod casts at home while I work. I can also do other things. I negotiated a 4 day week on this project as I have always worked 11 hour days and I didn't want to anymore. Losing my job last year was good for me in that respect. It put everything in perspective.

Working from home is convenient as both my boys are out of the house till at least 5pm. I'm actually excited and will have to see how to plan my meals as now I am used to taking a salad or veg for a salad to work everyday and coming home and making supper.

I was warned that they might want me back in the office for more days but that if we start this way we can see how it is working.

I also want to learn Spanish. Anyone know of good sites for learning languages?


50 days binge free

Monday, October 08, 2012

I'm the first to admit I do not have all the answers even though a lot of my friends think I do. When I was successful with my weight loss everyone wanted to know what I did and how I succeeded. I was happy to share but by the time I told everyone about low carbing and not eating emotionally I was back on the starve binge roller coaster.

I felt like a fraud and it really stressed me out. I know I could be a good coach and motivator but I need to learn to control myself first. I am now in the midst of working on several aspects. Mostly emotional.

I enjoy my exercise but miss swimming (stopped when I couldn't fit into my new costume and the old one literally disintegrated). My goal is to fit back into my swimming costume.

I was sick in bed with high fever yesterday and into this morning then I was ok again, I guess it was some sort of virus. It stopped me from exercising yesterday but I made up for it tonight. I will put insanity off till next week and continue with Tae Bo this week as I like doing a week from Sunday- Sat with Insanity,

My body deserves more respect and I want to eat not only healthy foods (which I do most of the time) but enough to satisfy hunger and not as much as I eat because of mindless eating.

I'm sure proud of myself I did 50 days and hoping I can continue this streak. At 42 days I did 2 streaks according to Living Binge Free 21 days streak. I'm working on completing a third streak.

As Billy Blanks says find your power within.

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EXERTIGER 10/8/2012 4:17PM

    I hope you feel better. Congrats on the binge free.

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KIMBOLEAN 10/8/2012 4:12PM

  Good for you...it's not easy to not binge...so kudos to you...may we all learn to mindful in what we eat... emoticon

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Yom Kippur Eve

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yom Kippur is a day of apology and atonement. G-d can only accept our prayers if we are at peace with our friends/neighbors and have no ill will towards others. We are told that we must ask forgiveness from others before we can stand before G-d and ask for forgiveness.

The one person I need to forgive is myself. I really screwed up this year and having a negative voice that says this is who you are is not helpful. I have been working on forgiving myself. It does not help to beat yourself up it is a waste of energy. I choose to forgive myself and get on with being imperfect and learning a lot about what I am capable of.

I also choose to let things go. It's not that I'm apathetic but life is too short to worry about something we can't change. We can not change other people's behavior only our attitude to their behavior. Sometimes, it's really not about us it's about what's going on in your partner's/kid's/parent's head at the moment you had the interaction. I find that the exercising has helped me learn to control my breathing and to sense when I am beginning to get agitated. I try to relax my breathing first to calm down. It does work but old habits die really really slowly.

Finally, I love this community and I hope that I have not hurt anyone with any of my comments, blogs etc. If I have please remember I didn't intend to hurt you.

Wishing you all a year in which you can learn to forgive yourself.

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APRIL103 10/8/2012 11:53PM

  Thank you for this inspiring post. It shows how much you care for others.

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LILAC_LANE 9/25/2012 7:36AM

    You are an awesome Spark friend and a true blessing.
I always gain something from your insight on life and G-d.
Shalom to you and your family

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NCSUE0514 9/25/2012 4:51AM

    May you find your soul at peace with God, with others, and with yourself.

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BETSYBEACH 9/25/2012 4:44AM

    Thank you for this reflection. You can be pleased with yourself and I can too. I decide to forgive myself.

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