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Texas wildlife

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I've complained about the things that go bump in the night,

but I have to admit that running has given me a new appreciation for Texas wildlife.

I grumbled some last Saturday because I had to take my daughter to work, when what I really wanted was to go for an early run. On my previous run I'd seen a blue heron in the bayou.

When I got out to Sugar Land to drop her off, I saw a trail running along the water course. I'm not sure what to call that water course, it's not a lake, it's not a bayou, maybe it's a creek. Who knows! In any event, I decided to go run there.

As I worked my way around, I became aware of some interesting black birds that had scarlet patches at the top of their wings, on what I guess I'd refer to as a shoulder (do birds have shoulders?) It was like a wide red swatch, with either a white or yellow thinner line below, and the bottom half of the wing was black. I tried to take a picture but only had my Blackberry so you can't really tell.

A little bit farther on, I heard a large bellow and looked down to see a huge bullfrog sitting half submerged. My Blackberry was NOT up to the task, so no picture!

All in all, it was a very interesting run.

As I drove in to my subdivision yesterday after work, I noticed two turkey buzzards sitting on top of a house. There was a car behind me so I didn't stop to take a picture. There they sat, just surveying the neighborhood! I bet they were looking for that possum that was up the tree in my back yard....

After yesterday's run, I came home to find my youngest sitting with her laptop in front of the TV. I went in to change clothes only to hear her yell at me to come back, there's a bird in the house. Sure enough, a small black and yellow bird had gotten in and was perched on top of an antique Chinese wall hanging. That bird had good taste!

Not sure what to do, I left it alone. But a while later, another Texas critter became concerned. The one with the bows.

So I opened the window to try to pry the screen off to allow the bird to fly off, but I didn't succeed in getting that blasted screen off. In the meantime, the bird is sitting on top of the window as I'm pushing the sash up, and Sophie is bouncing and barking. I reached up, and the bird allowed me to pick it up. I carried it outside and released it on a bush by the window.

I've always been told that the amount of wildlife in an area is a clue to the health of the environment. By that measure, I'd say my neighborhood is still pretty healthy.

Oh, I almost forgot: my house is suffering yet another invasion of tree roaches. Now I know what you think, but these things come in no matter what you do, and it doesn't matter how clean you keep your house. Not that I do.....

When I first moved to Texas, I was horrified by these things. Let's face it, they're big enough to saddle and ride! And I'll never forget the first time I stepped on one in the middle of the night.

These giants come in if it's too wet out, if it's too dry out, anything's an excuse. All I can say is that it must be tree roach season. But I don't think my house is all that healthy an environment, because a lot of them are lying on their backs with legs up, and I stopped exterminating fifteen years ago! There's still that much residual pesticide in my house?

OK, here goes. Not for the squeamish!

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_RAMONA 4/26/2010 5:15AM

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LN7777 4/25/2010 10:51AM

    I enjoyed reading your blog. In Florida we have bugs big enough to ride too. LOL

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38BABYGIRL 4/24/2010 11:16AM

    Neat blogs. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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CJROMB 4/23/2010 2:20AM

    What a cool blog! I love observing what's going on around me when I go for a run. So many amazing, interesting things to check out, eh? Thanx for reminding me!

And thanx for the relaxation goodie. I've been very scarce on SP lately because of the demands on my time, but I really appreciated it when you sent it. In fact, it made me turn ON relaxation music. :)

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MSPLACEDAGAIN 4/21/2010 9:53AM

    I remember my first tree roach. I was *elected* by my room mates to kill it. I approached it with a shoe and screamed like a girl when it started to fly! I turned around to run and discovered they had run out first and shut the door, trapping me inside with it!

Now I am matter of fact, and usually my Texas cats get to them first!

Thanks on the story and pictures!


Comment edited on: 4/21/2010 9:53:40 AM

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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 4/20/2010 11:23PM

    Ah, tree roaches. I still remember the first one I saw when I moved to Texas about 38 years ago. Actually, what I remember was it's taking off in flight. I think I screamed. We had a lot in the house during last year's drought, mostly in my utility porch where I think they come in via the washing machine drain. I was remarking the other day that I hadn't seen any for a long time. And then last night I saw one up on top of my 140 gallon fish tank, daintily sipping. The cats do dispatch a lot of them.

Do you ever run in Memorial Park? We drive through the park on the way to the Wortham Center when we come up for the opera and I see a lot of runners and walkers -- looks like a nice place to run.

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TUFFYBIRD 4/20/2010 7:43PM

    Hey ... I posted a comment earlier ... where did it go? SP seems to have eaten it! It didn't really say anything other than what everybody else said, so I won't repeat.

All I can say is that I've never seen a tree roach; I do know the other kind though, and have to say I'm not fond of them! Red-winged blackbirds, on the other hand, I love! We get a lot of them here (especially in early spring) and they always cheer me up.

I'm glad you're enjoying your runs. That makes it all worthwhile.

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IFDEEVARUNS2 4/20/2010 5:50PM

    I'm not sure Palmetto bugs can fly, but these rascals certainly can.

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CUBANJELLY 4/20/2010 5:42PM

    We call them Palmetto bugs, cats help...

Today my husband saw a hummingbird fly by our door, I missed it, of course.

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IFDEEVARUNS2 4/20/2010 4:35PM

    I'm told the little yellow and black bird is either a female Yellow Warbler or a female Hooded Warbler.

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PALMTREEGIRL1 4/20/2010 3:50PM

    The black bird with the red bar - Red-winged Blackbird - the first sign of spring in Ohio - Love them and have tons.

Possum - a common sight in Ohio....as are the Turkey Buzzards or Vultures. They come back to Hinkley Ohio on March 15 every year - a national event to Hinkley-ites!

I've been invaded by teeny tiny ants - can't get rid of them....pisser!

I just love wild life - add coyotes to my list.

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SEKSUNSHINE 4/20/2010 3:35PM

    So glad you are enjoying your runs and the wonder that comes with them in and out of the house.

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JLITT62 4/20/2010 1:48PM

    The only possums I saw while I lived in TX were roadkill -- just like those were the only armadillos I ever saw.

We had palmetto bugs -- I don't think they're quite the same thing as tree roaches? Those look even bigger, and God know the palmetto bugs creeped me out!

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TINKMCD 4/20/2010 12:45PM

    Heavens, that tree roach is bigger than my cat!

Thanks for the guided tour of Texas wildlife--even the kind with the bows.


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MNABOY 4/20/2010 12:02PM

    Nature is a magical kingdom that we get to play in.

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BAILEYS7OF9 4/20/2010 11:50AM

    OMG emoticonthat is hideously huge and I would be screaming!!!

We deal w/ Box Elder Bugs (size of fire flies) and the stupid stink bugs (orange lady bugs that stink when you kill them).

Makes me laugh, the other day I squished a bug and got bug guts on my finger and I am grossing out. My BF laughs at me and said 'I don't believe you. You can stick your hand inside an animal carcass but don't like bug guts.' I just looked at him and said, 'but the guts are gone!'

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LYNNES6 4/20/2010 11:45AM

    You turned lemons (not being able to do the early morning run) into lemonade--sugar free, of course (running on the Sugar Land trail). Love your pics.

I live in Houston and know those giant tree roaches well. It's been suggested we call them "pets" and name them. emoticon
Even though I hate to kill any living thing, these are just not compatible with my home decor. Spraying them with hairspray enables me to give them a proper burial in the toilet.

Thanks for an enjoyable blog!

Green Squad

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AQUAJANE 4/20/2010 11:42AM

    Love the marsh story with the red-winged blackbirds. I enjoy walking Tara along our nearby creek, which often has egrets and herons and usually the red-wings and various ducks. I have two tiny prefab ponds with a bullfrog and couple of goldfish. Fortunately, Tara doesn't consider them a snack, nor do our nearby waterbirds (perhaps scared off by the pink flamingo lawnart left by the previous homeowner!).

Sophie's reaction to the probable chickadee reminded me of Tara's yesterday as I tried to connect my laptop in an outdoor wi-fi area. A sparrow hopped along behind the bench and Tara lifted her head to watch. Clearly, she's not a retriever! I also don't know what she'll do if our neighborhood possums come back. My previous poodles went crazy when it foraged in the trellis by the front windows, but Tara only barked at me and other dogs last summer. And I wonder if your roaches are like our waterbugs. Definitely creepy to see on the sidewalk during night walks, though thankfully Tara doesn't try to eat them!

Comment edited on: 4/20/2010 11:51:08 AM

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TUFFYBIRD 4/20/2010 10:32AM

    I've never seen a tree roach ... we don't have them here ... they don't sound any more pleasant than the (other) kind. Those I have seen!

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AMYSUE20 4/20/2010 10:24AM

    I lived in Houston! I went to Sam Houston State University and taught in Spring..I miss it very much....(now in Florida) yeeehaw and keep on running ;)

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LIBBYFITZ 4/20/2010 9:58AM

    Looks like a great place to walk/run.

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LINDAKAY228 4/20/2010 9:56AM

    Loved the blog but I would never get adjusted to the roaches. I can handle spiders but roaches are my phobia! But the rest of the area looks absolutely beautiful!

By the way, I've heard that roaches would be the only living thing to survive a nuclear war.

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SHEDDING123 4/20/2010 9:52AM

    Nice trail!!! Adorable woofer.
And how sweet that the bird let you carry him out.

Nice diversion. Now I gotta get back to work!
Love those Red Winged Black Birds- they love marshy areas, have a song that's sort of like brrrrrrrrrrr-ing (with up turn to song on the "ing") emoticon emoticon

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Odds and ends

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't you just love it when people write well thought out blogs? Well, this isn't one of them. Lots of things are nagging at me, and I just need to put them out there. Perhaps if I do so they will be gone.

My ankle suddenly started hurting on Monday. It's hard to describe what it feels like, perhaps like there's a catch in it. It's only when I step on it, and my foot almost gives out. I pretty much sit at a desk all day, so it was no big deal, and in fact stopped after a bit. But when I went out to run yesterday afternoon, there it was again. I tried stretching it, then ran anyway. I ran through the pain: it eventually stopped. But it was an unpleasant run nonetheless. Around 80, windy, and my body wouldn't warm up. I was scheduled for a short run - 2 X 10-2 - and I didn't feel warmed up until after 20 minutes. Sheesh! It sucks having an old body.

I used the vibrating heating pad on the ankle last night, and this morning it feels a little better. But I'm scheduled for a training run tonight. We'll see what happens.

I've finally gotten the paper work done on all of my mother's accounts. Now they will be in the estate name. Just the first step of many, but this was monumental as I had a devil of a time with my bank and Medallion guarantees. I had to go back several times before I found a bank officer who would help me.

I need to deal with my parents' house some time soon; my brothers and I put it off for the winter because lake effect makes travel uncertain. I dread going back but I need to do so some time soon.

My annual dance camp is next week. It's held in the Texas Hill Country, at a Young Judaea camp. This is the sixth one I've done, and for some reason I've put off a lot of the work to the very end. In the past it's either been late March or early April, but this year we chose late April, after tax season and after Passover. And so I procrastinated. It will all get done, but it's been laborious this year. Maybe it's me, maybe it's the timing. I know it will all come together, and I know everyone will have a great time, but I wish I felt better about it.

And then there's my youngest. She's fine, just a little shaken by the car accident. What worries me about her right now is that she's been sitting in front of the TV when she gets home from school, and I haven't seen her studying. I keep asking about it and she tells me not to worry, she's studying at school. I've heard this story before, and I don't buy it. Fortunately we have an appointment with the therapist tomorrow evening.

You know what I really want to do? Throw away 75% of my belongings, sell my house, and move into a condo or apartment. Without any of my kids. Yup, I'm worn out.

There, I've put my nagging thoughts out there. Be gone!

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CMERLE1 4/18/2010 2:46PM

    I can relate to your venting as I've been there myself. When my husband passed three years ago, there was the never ending of legal documents to sign, things of his to sell and/or dispose of. I just recently made the decision to give all of his clothes to Goodwill, one I had been debating for a couple of years. It certainly raises the stress level to have to handle the affairs of a loved one. Anyone who says it's easy has never had to deal with that.

I, too, think about getting rid of most of my stuff and getting a condo. But I will sell this house and rent an apartment for a year until I find a place I like.

In the meantime, vent to us. That's what friends are for, to listen to what you have to say, even if we can't fix whatever it is you're dealing with.

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JRYVOAN 4/16/2010 10:50AM


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LIBBYFITZ 4/16/2010 8:13AM

    Wow, sounds like you need some time out . Look after you're self.

My left ankle twinges at times. I find if I tighten my shoe laces around it so that my foot doesn't move around so much when walking/running, my ankle stops hurting.

I was told by my doctor that it is arthritis!


Comment edited on: 4/16/2010 8:20:21 AM

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PALMTREEGIRL1 4/15/2010 8:44AM

    DEEEEEE! What a pisser! I'm with you about selling most of your stuff and moving to a condo! That might be the very best idea....how about making it a goal and start moving in that direction? The worst case scenario is you'd have a less cluttered house!

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IFDEEVARUNS2 4/15/2010 12:30AM

    Thanks, everyone! Just needed a safe place to vent, just put it out there.... emoticon

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MARY1313 4/14/2010 7:36PM

    Things just to irritate you, I know what you mean. But, tomorrow will be another day. don't push yourself so hard! take care of Dee!


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38BABYGIRL 4/14/2010 7:25PM

    I hope venting to all of us helped!

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JLITT62 4/14/2010 7:24PM

    Wish I had some sage advice for you. And wish I still lived in Austin, altho I suppose you would've been too busy for to meet me anyway. But I don't still live there anyway, so it's a moot point.

None of us lived at home when we went to college, so I suppose my parents had it "easy".

All I can offer is

You handle it all with such grace; I'm glad you have this space to vent in.

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AQUAJANE 4/14/2010 12:37PM

    Thanks for checking in. You really have a full plate. And the ankle of course doesn't help. Hope it heals by the dance camp. IMHO, it might be a strained ligament, which could take lots of time to heal. Or a slight muscle pull, which could use a couple of days' rest. I know how tough it is to stop the cardio--have you considered biking or low/no impact water sports for a few days?

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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 4/14/2010 11:54AM

    I'm sorry to hear about your ankle. My trainer always tells me to ice my injuries and elevate the injured joint. If it continues to bother you, you might try that too, especially right after your run.

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TUFFYBIRD 4/14/2010 8:55AM

    It sounds to me like you need your time away at dance camp! Have a blast, set everything else aside, rejuvenate, and come back to us refreshed!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wow, what a weekend so far.

I had to drive to the camp where I'm holding my dance camp in two weeks in order to take a look at the new accommodations they've built so I can decide where to hold various events. Plus I need to figure out how to assign rooms, always a tricky thing.

I had planned to go Saturday and invited a friend along because it's a three hour drive each way. Well, it turned out we needed to go Friday night in order to be back early afternoon Saturday, so that threw my plans into a turmoil. But I'm flexible (sometimes!)

I got back home yesterday around 2 pm and took a brief 30 minute nap. After doing some cursory cleaning (and cursing at my youngest who is a pig), I decided to go out for my run. But before heading out, I checked my phone and saw a missed call from my ex. Now, he hasn't called me in three and a half years, so I knew something was up. So I returned his call, and after telling me that my youngest was in a car accident and that the car was totaled, he started to tell me in a very irritated voice about the accident. I interrupted to find out how she was, he said fine. After more questions on my part I discovered she was at the hospital emergency room. So off I went.

She's OK, very much banged up, her right leg is in a brace and she's on crutches. The airbag deployed, the seat belt held her, and in addition to a bruised face, she has lacerations on her neck where the seat belt cut in. All I can say is thank you Toyota for what turned out to be a very strong little Corolla. I've always loved that car - it was a 98 with 185,000 miles on it.

She's home, she's on pain meds, and she's been asleep since 8 pm last night. I'll worry about the rest of it later.

I finally got out for my run this morning. I was scheduled for 2 X 10-2, but decided I wanted a longer run, so at first thought to do 4 X. On further thought, I decided to push beyond what I'd done before and go for 5 X. Well, I wasn't quite back, ran out of music, and had to run on to get back to my car. So the final result was 5.5 miles in 67 minutes. Clearly I'm not going for speed!

OK, NOW I'm ready for the weekend. Bring it on!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CES414 4/12/2010 10:16AM

    Hope your daughter is feeling better.
I wish I could do 5.5 in 67. emoticon

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CES414 4/12/2010 10:15AM

    Hope your daughter is feeling better.
I wish I could do 5.5 in 67. emoticon

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MSWEEZER 4/11/2010 7:22PM

    Glad to hear your daughter is okay. How scary indeed.

And your 5.5 in 67 minutes is a great time my dear. You ARE a runner!!!

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SURLYGIRL 4/11/2010 6:58PM

    I'm glad Clare's injuries aren't more serious. And, I can see a small bit of why your ex is your ex! - Who cares about the car when your kid is hurt and in the hospital - Sheesh!

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JLITT62 4/11/2010 2:29PM

    5.5 miles in 67 minutes seems plenty fast to me!

Glad to hear that your daughter's injuries weren't more serious. Hope she heals up fine. That must have been so scary!

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PALMTREEGIRL1 4/11/2010 2:22PM

    I think that's great time!!! I hope your daughter will be ok....keep us posted.

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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 4/11/2010 1:46PM

    I'm so glad that your daughter was wearing her seat belt! Houston can be such a challenging place to drive!

When you are new to running, you should either increase your distance or your speed from run to run/week to week, but not both at the same time. Your ligaments and tendons will thank you and you won't sideline yourself when you start running more and more.

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TUFFYBIRD 4/11/2010 1:43PM

    I'm so glad your daughter is okay ... those kind of calls have to be the most terrifying ....

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38BABYGIRL 4/11/2010 1:29PM

    Glad to hear your daughter is ok and I hope it wasn't her fault. That just usually adds insult to injury... no pun intended. It's great that you did that run. It's what YOU needed and we nee dto take care of ourselves if we are going to be at our best to care for the ones we love.

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DEE797 4/11/2010 12:23PM

    Dee, so glad to hear your dd is a little banged up but okay. WOW on the run! YOU GO GIRL! emoticon

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MARGARETONEAL 4/11/2010 12:10PM

    I'm glad your daughter is going to be okay! and that's great that you got that run in... You need some stress relief when life gets rough and wow, running can really do it. I always feel like I can cope with everything when I go on that run and pound the stress out of me.

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LOOKINGTOBEFIT 4/11/2010 11:35AM

    Wow, your poor daughter!! I hope she will be okay emoticon

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SEEMAINE 4/11/2010 11:32AM

    I'm so happy your daughter survived such an accident! emoticon

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Is this what's in my back yard at night?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired because I get no sleep. Sophie and every other dog in the neighborhood want to get out there, and the creature growls and hisses off and on all night.

No way am I going out there!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LIFE_IS_SO_GOOD 4/7/2010 9:03AM

    I hope that is not what you have ... yikes!

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IFDEEVARUNS2 4/7/2010 8:47AM

    I really think what I have is a sick possum. At least last night things were quiet....

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JESPAH 4/7/2010 8:23AM


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38BABYGIRL 4/7/2010 8:02AM

    I'd heard of it but never seen it. The video kept cutting back to the dead animal plenty though. So now I've seen it. Another reason I'm glad we don't let our cats outside anymore.

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FITKAT2010 4/6/2010 9:39PM

    I'll send my cats to your house and they will take it on!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MARY1313 4/6/2010 9:36PM

    get a fan and turn it on so you guys can't hear it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
IFDEEVARUNS2 4/6/2010 9:33PM

    At least you know what they are. And they don't get in your attic....

Report Inappropriate Comment
PALMTREEGIRL1 4/6/2010 9:00PM

    I have coyote in my back yard - they howl like mad!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ATIPTON719 4/6/2010 7:43PM

    Better call Fox Mulder!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DEE797 4/6/2010 7:33PM

    I had never heard of it either. No wonder Sophie and the other dogs are trying to get outside. I'm with you, I wouldn't be going out there either.

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MSWEEZER 4/6/2010 7:25PM

    Weird indeed. I've never heard of such a thing.

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In tune and a tune-up

Monday, April 05, 2010

I've seen my fair share of medical professionals in my 60 years, and I'm finally starting to feel that I'm in tune with where medicine is headed.

Don't get me wrong, if there were a magic pill for anything, I'd be the first in line. But I've always felt as if medicine dealt with me in pieces, with no one caring about the whole person. The song may have told us the hip bone is connected to the leg bone, but no one really seemed to treat us that way. When my hair fell out years ago, no one thought to check for a tumor on my ovaries. They just told me I was stressed out!

My experience has been changing. Imagine my surprise when the psychiatrist did blood work, and prescribed thyroid and vitamin D. I'd gone in for something to calm me down while going through a divorce, and oh yes, he prescribed that too, but the thyroid and D did so much good, those other pills were soon forgotten.

Then I went to see an orthopedist because my shoulders and upper arms were giving me pain. After an X-ray and steroid shot, he prescribed anti-inflammatories and physical therapy. To my surprise, the physical therapy worked. When the second shoulder started acting up, it only took a couple of steroid shots and my continuing with exercises I'd learned to solve that problem. I don't have complete range of motion yet, and may not ever, as the bone spurs in my shoulders are very real, but I've avoided surgery for now. I really like that solution!

But what nags at me is the thought that I didn't know I was supposed to do exercises specifically to strengthen rotator cuff muscles. How many people know to do this? OK, maybe it's just me who was ignorant.

So last week when I'd had enough of the neck pain that had been plaguing me for a few weeks, I decided to go see a chiropractor. I don't know why - though a friend of mine is a chiropractor, I always thought his ideas were really out there. I didn't want to go back to the orthopedic surgeon because a) it's pricey and b) I was already on anti-inflammatories and c) there is no c), I just got this crazy idea to go to the chiropractor instead. Well, my friend the chiropractor has moved to Israel, so I emailed him for a recommendation.

Armed with his advice, I called for an appointment. Imagine my surprise when I was able to get in the next day. I have to wait two weeks to see my GP!

Chiropractic seems to have changed a lot since I went to see my friend years ago. I'd twisted my body getting out of the car and couldn't straighten up. He set me straight - literally - but that was it.

No, things are definitely different now. I was hooked up to some machine that I guess measured nerve pulses, and pinpointed where along my spine there was inflammation in the nerves. And sure enough, it highlighted exactly those areas that I felt might be an issue. The neck, the upper back, the right hip that aches after a long run....
Then they did an x-ray. When I finally saw the chiropractor, he advised he'd have to review the x-rays and wouldn't do any treatment until the next appointment. I was feeling more and more confident about my decision.

When I went back today, I got the good news that there wasn't anything terribly wrong, and that the course of action over the next month was not only adjustments, but physical therapy to strengthen my core, strengthen my neck muscles and pull back my shoulders. The goal is to get me out of there so I don't have to come back. Wow, that was a surprise: no endless treatment prescribed!

After an adjustment (snap, crackle and pop - wow, that's disconcerting) and some electrical nerve stimulation I was out of there feeling very hopeful that I was going to be able to solve this problem too. And I love that physical therapy is gaining ground, because I truly believe we cause a lot of our own ills and with a little knowledge can fix certain things.

I like what's happening, but what I would really like to see is some kind of repository for all the medical testing that the various doctors are doing on me. If they could all upload the results of their tests to one database, my various 'specialists' would all have access to test results and wouldn't need to duplicate expensive things like blood tests, x-rays, MRIs. Surely that's being done somewhere, isn't it?

emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DEE797 4/6/2010 7:34AM

    That is emoticon Glad things are working out and you will have an end to your pain.

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LILHLFPINT 4/6/2010 12:38AM

    (aw, i'm glad you are learning how your body responds to different therapies and seeing positive results - that is huge!)

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FITKAT2010 4/5/2010 6:52PM


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TUFFYBIRD 4/5/2010 4:03PM

    I'm glad you're already seeing a positive effect from your treatment. The PT I had for my back injury was so good! I'm new at yoga but I can already see what Patty is talking about - and I've only gone to three classes.

Comment edited on: 4/5/2010 4:03:57 PM

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PATTYSH 4/5/2010 2:56PM

    When I dislocated my shoulder, I had PT, but what did the most good was yoga! Not only does yoga strengthen ALL parts of your body but it is so good for your mind and spirit too. It is very forgiving--you only do what is good for your body. But it is sooooo good for your body, as well!

Good luck,

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