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this is what beast mode looks like.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I reset my spark people goals a few days ago. Back in may I originally set it for a year long goal but I decided to change it to a short sub goal to give me a bit more focus and motivation. as much as I don't like using the scale for progress this somewhat forces me to, although I calculated the pound goal based on rough calculations of body fat percentages. Even with those changes, my intake is still pretty much at the same level, so nothing really changes as long as I keep doing the same amount of working out. in any case, regoaling always helps me find that extra bit of motivation.

I've been struggling lately with my intake range. It's not that I have issues controlling my eating habits or that I eat unhealthy by any means. Somedays though it really hits me that it's just not enough. I usually do ok and am able to stay on the lower end but it seems once in awhile my work outs kick my metabolism to the moon and back and I feel like a bottom less pit. I have no problem listening to my body and it's pretty obvious when you feel like your shutting down that you need to eat more, I get that I'm not dumb. But sometimes it's mentally hard because I feel like by eating that extra bit that I won't get anywhere, because in reality that's what seems to happen. It's frustrating. I hate feeling so dependent on food, but that's what happens with such crazy work outs and so much muscle...

My calf seems to be doing better, although it's not 100% yet. It's still tight and in pain but it's getting better. Since running and aerobics bother it I've been trying to stick more towards spinning but I've been running every few days. I ran with emily today and felt pretty good about it. It was tight but not in pain, I can't really avoid kick boxing today since I have to teach my class but as long as I keep an eye on it and keep foam rolling I think it'll continue healing.

Lifted back with my boss this morning, I graduated to the 45 pound plate on my back extensions. I was so excited my boss took a few pictures I figured I'd share with you =]

now this is how we bring sexy back!

don't mind that my head isn't in line with my spine, just being silly.

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MOVIEGRL1737 7/31/2012 12:25PM

    I want to train like you!

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ooohhh! quadzilla!! (update/progress pics)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I officially decided not to run the half. I know I could do it easily but with this calf pain lately I really don't want to to chance pushing it when my calf has been so irritated. . That being said, I sense there will be alot of spinning in my near future. I really hope this clears up quick because I'd much rather be out running the trails than stuck on the spin bike... I've been meaning to take my bike out on the trails more, but it's been so hot and humid I haven't had much of a chance. (sorry, dad)

wednesday's yoga class went phenomenal. I rehashed an old routine and switched things up a bit, my goal was to really challenge the class and show them something different. I felt like it was a pretty solid yoga work out but I was not expecting the reaction I got. Through the entire class there was just this energy and I felt really connected to the class. Even in the meditation there was just this feeling of complete peace whereas normally there's one person that feels awkward and somehow you can just tell. After our namastes everyone burst out in applause. One of the guys even came up and shook my hand and told me what an amazing class it was. As I was packing up everyone kept coming up to me with the most amazing compliments. My boss said some really nice things as well. It was so incredible to get reactions like this. I mean i've gotten compliments before but this was on a completely different level. I'm going to be modest because I was just doing what I do but it was crazy cool.

I feel like I did pretty good with my eating and work outs all week. Of course there's always room to improve (which I will) but I stayed pretty much on track. although according to the scale I maintained, which is fine, I was really bloated at the beginning of the week so I figured it'd take me a week to get back to normal. All the more reason to work extra hard next week right? You guys know I don't like to rely on the scale anyway. I know there's been some subtle changes in my body composition so regardless of what the scale says I think I've been doing good.

anyway I figured I'd post some 'progress pictures' just to let you guys see where I'm at, since I haven't really done that in awhile. I feel like I'm not a whole lot smaller but I think there is a huge difference in my body composition, mainly more muscles.

Yes, I have some legs and a butt, I'm not ashamed of them, they get me through my squats and power me through any work out.

Love the tan lines. huge difference in the chest and arm muscles.

don't mind my silly face.

the weird thing for me is looking back at pictures from this time last year and seeing my 'noodle arms'. My arms have gained quite a bit of muscle and tonage, I can't even imagine having such small arms anymore.

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FITFOODIE806 7/28/2012 8:20AM

    You look amazing! You have zero tummy. I envy that flat tummy :)

And congrats on the great class. I don't think most people realize how much instructors put into their classes. Sme of mine are emotionally draining because I feel like I have to give so much energy. Then others I fly outta there on a high because it was so much fun. It's so cool. Think about what a gift you gave each participant through that class.

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full moon half marathon? don't mind if i do.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Two of my friends/coworkers asked if I wanted to do a full moon half marathon with them in about 3 weeks. If I can scrape together an entry fee I think I will definitely do this. It definitely won't be a PR by any means, especially since one of them has just started getting back into running and neither of them has been pushing pace too much. So it'll be more chil and just for fun, which I think is what I need right now anyways.

On that note, I ran nine miles yesterday. My calf was bothering me a bit but over all it went really well. If it weren't for lack of time I could have easily kept going. People keep asking if I can actually be ready for a half marathon so quickly, but I don't think it'll be a problem as long as my calf isn't a huge problem (it should be fine after taking these next two days off). I don't want to sound cocky or overly confident since I know I haven't been going to far over five miles but I am certain my body can easily handle 13.1 miles, especially if I take the next few weeks to lengthen that long run, and even more so since we'll probably only be running 9-10 minute miles. like I said, it's chil and will be no where near my PR but that's perfectly fine.

Lately, I've been getting the comment from people (not just on here) that 'you don't look like a runner anymore' or 'your not a runner anymore'. And it's really getting to me. To be honest I find that rude and offensive but at the same time I understand it. Yes, I don't run competitively anymore, and yes, i do work outs that don't involve running (it's my job and there's nothing wrong with cross training). That doesn't make me any less of a runner. In my opinion, if you run you are a runner. I may not be 'elite' and i may no longer compete, but I am still a runner and it is still my passion. There is a reason I no longer compete, and now that I seem to be getting past some key problems (knee problems and iron) I will be able to focus more on running. I don't understand why alot of runners have it stuck in their head that they are 'better' than others or seem to think they have the right to 'judge' others. Yes, I may be faster and be able to run farther than my aunt, but I think what matters more is that she's out there to begin with and that she enjoys it and gives it her best. Because at the end of the day, if your not doing it for yourself what's the point.

I believe that with all my heart.

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AEROGERS129 7/20/2012 6:22PM

    People are absolutely ridiculous! How dare anybody say such garbage to you. Who are THEY?! Who do they think they are!!

This sounds like such a fun event. I hope you have a blast!

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FITFOODIE806 7/20/2012 6:18PM

    How crappy that people have said that to you. You sure are a runner! Have fun with the HM in a few weeks. I think indeed to do something just for fun instead of for a time. It probably makes you a more well rounded runner!

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front page.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Today when I came to the pool for aqua the ladies all swarmed around me telling me that I was famous and asking if I knew I was in the paper. I knew I'd be in the paper but I had no idea I'd be on the front page. They put some decent sized pictures in there too.

Everyone is making a huge deal out of it which is kind of flattering. anyway, I just wanted to share one of the picutres with you guys. I emailed the paper and asked if they would possibly send me some of the ones that didn't make it in the paper. I would post the second one but it wasn't online.

-I had to edit my campus's logo off my shirt, sorry it kind of looks funny.

Our other aqua intructor came to my class this morning. She said it was a crazy good work out and that she might have to come more often. We decided to tag team wednesdays class to mix things up. I love the people I work with.

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TRACKGAL13 7/17/2012 9:50PM

    Congratulations you look great!!

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PLANAR 7/16/2012 4:50PM

    Rock star!

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miles and inches.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I've been somewhat struggling with how to feel about things lately.. Since I was in 8th grade I've been focusing on numbers and hitting a certain weight ect.. I've had my share of healthy and unhealthy habits and methods of losing weight, but that's not important for this post.

I almost feel as though I have moved on from the whole weight loss and focusing on numbers. I just don't see the point. There's no use stressing about numbers and watching them go up and down. I feel like I'm at a point where I've committed myself to eat healthy and exercise and I feel as long as I'm doing that my body will eventually find the point where it needs to be. That being said, I won't deny wanting to be smaller but I feel like focusing on it won't change anything. My healthy habits are my habits and either way I'm going to do what I do and listen to my body simple as that.

the other day I had a rather large man somewhat harass me while I was life guarding. He insisted on telling me that when I graduate college that I will get fat. I tried to explain my passion for fitness and told him that I didn't think it was likely but he insisted telling me that 'that's what you say now.. but just wait'. I guarantee you, my weight will fluctuate over the years, I will weight less than I do now and I'm sure I'll weight more as well- it happens. But health and fitness is my passion and I know I care enough to take care of my body, keep up with my work outs, and eat healthy- and I am 100% certain that in doing so I will not be fat by any means.

In honesty, the way alot of people talk about numbers and weight on here and in general just makes me sad, frankly, half the time I find it really hard to comment on posts focusing on the scale. I realize that may be what motivates some people and I see that it is a way to measure progress and make goals and I get it, that's fine but personally i just don't want to. I'm sure if I posted my current weight people would think I'm pretty big, but you know what? I'm more confident than I've ever been. I have beautiful sculpted muscle and I can put my body through more in a day than most people can in a week. I am strong and I am fit. I am by no means fat and I'm sure if anyone took one look at me they would realize that a silly number can't define weather or not I'm fit or fat.

I don't mean this to be rude or offensive to anyone or to sound conceited or like I think I'm better than anyone else. My point is that my way of thinking and approaching things has changed alot over the last two years. I think moving away from those numbers and realizing these things was the final step in recovery and I thought I would share that with you lovely fitness people.

Correct me if i'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the girl in these photos, who can push through insane work outs, soak and entire shirt in sweat, squat 100+ pounds, and run like there's no tomorrow... i'm pretty sure she is doing just fine.

yes, that is all sweat.

I'm not a stick, and that's fine. Were people not trees.

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LIFECHANGER85 7/14/2012 12:50PM

    I don't like going by the scale, I judge by the way clothes feel on me. I am measuring myself however. I find this to be a better gauge than just the scale.

I am not obsessed with numbers but it is exciting when you do lose weight. :)

Keep up the good work, and for the man who told you just wait. Well that's sad...he doesn't know how to be optimistic in life.

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