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Saturday, June 01, 2013

I'm awful at updating my page around here. I had a fitness blog where I updated more but the site I blog on is shutting down so maybe I'll try to post more. (I tend to forget to try to update)

In anycase here's 10 life updates from the last few months:

1. I studied in Germany over winter break and gained about 10 pounds.
2. My body is taking it's sweet time getting rid of that gain and that's ok.
3. in march I suffered a pretty severe hip injury (part of the reason I was at such a stand still).
4. my hip has finally healed and I am mostly back to my fitness life.
5. I've decided not to get back into heavy lifting. I want to focus on the fall racing season and as such it is more beneficial to focus my strength training efforts in different ways than before.
6. I recently got a set of K-bands and am in love with circuit training with them.
7. I got accepted to a 200 hour yoga teacher training this summer
8. I've been getting offers from yoga studios that want to hire me in the fall.
9. I started a yoga revolution at the gym I teach at- power yoga and yogalates took off better than I could have imagined!
10. I've been experimenting with a new system that keeps me better motivated that before (explained bellow)

so now that were all caught up here's what I've been doing with my goals:

You guys all probably know that short term goals can help with long term goals right? for the last few months I've been setting different goals for myself each month with the mindset of 'I can do anything for 30 days'. I will admit to having bad weeks here and there but thus far it's worked for me.

I tend to like to analyse and change things as I go. If I look back and see that something isn't working I like to change it. I've been making a habit of resetting my sparkpeople weight and fitness goals every month- it keeps my ranges at a point that better suits the tweaks I make and ensures that I stay focused.

this is getting long enough so I'll stop talking and leave you with my goals for this month:

1. run 30-40 miles per week. would like to up the miles a bit but I'm not sure the schedule will allow it.

2, Strength training: now that my hip is actually better I can do more of this. I'll be teaching a sculpt and tone class and would like to do a second strength session during the week- either a circuit session or full body endurance. I feel like I should be doing more strength training (I feel like my muscles have deflated and I'm not sure how I feel about that) but I want to focus on running and I feel the endurance lifts and what I do in my yoga practice is more than enough for what I need.

3. I regoaled to update my nutrition: my current target range is 1600-2000. that said- Summer has changed what food I eat a bit which has lowered my iron take yet again... need to be on top of that.

4. all said I made a target weight to hit by july 19th (day I leave for yoga school)- however, as you guys know, it's not really about the numbers. I will use the scale to keep tabs on things but ultimately I'd rather see changes in measurements and body fat.

Sorry that this got long- that's what happens when you don't post for six months.


15k race recap

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The 15k race went so much better than I could have thought. Emily and I started off together pushing fairly hard. a few miles in she told me to leave her and run my own race. Yesterday I stated that I didn't want to finish without her and that the race meant more to me with her than without her- but at that point I could feel that she needed to work through it on her own. Finished really strong. Ended up well bellow the time I had hoped for and not to far off from my higher time goal for today.

Emily took first for the athena category (you must be at least 150 pounds to qualify for this category). I am so insanely proud of her. Even with not feeling the best she pushed and gave it her all. This girl is so inspiring to me. She later wrote 'Never let anyone tell you that you need to be small to be a good runner! Anything is possible!' which is something I've felt I had to prove about myself my entire life. I would not have done as well as I did without this girl. She's always proving to me that I can give more than I give myself credit for.

I ended up with 4th for the 20-24 female age group. Less than a minute from third place. It would have been really cool to place and thinking back I can see the stretch where I 'messed up' and could have cut that minute off. But I don't see any reason to dwell on it. I ran better than I expected to and finished really well.

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FITFOODIE806 11/25/2012 8:42PM

    Congrats. Sounds like a great experience for you and your friend.

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Photo spam.

Friday, November 23, 2012

I guess it's been slipping my mind to update on here.

Long stories short- I picked up a few more classes to teach. I now instruct a core class which is awesome and have an insane yoga following. I've officially started marathon training as of about a month ago- going well. I also decided to start a more whole food plant based diet. Basically still eating meat- no eggs, less dairy. but focusing on making everything organic and minimally processed. Trying to avoid processed corn products (high fructose corn syrup ect) and preservatives. I've been eating similar to this for the last years but am getting a littler more serious with the organics and stuff.

My sister did a photoshoot of me yesterday so I wanted to share some of the first set of pictures she gave me. Enjoy =]

this was so hard to hold on such uneven ground!

always wanted a picture like that.

I love that last one. I'm so impressed with how awesome my sister is with that camera. She doesn't have a degree yet but she's just as good as any professional I've seen (which is saying alot since everyone around me lives and breathes art)

Hope you guys are doing well. I'll try to keep up a little better =P

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FITFOODIE806 11/23/2012 9:19PM

    Gorgeous! If love to say one is my favorite, but I seriously can't pick. What a cool thing to do with your sister.

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youtube work out!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I recently filmed my own youtube kick boxing video!! I've been meaning to do this for awhile but just didn't have time. The entire video series takes about 35 minutes and will hopefully give you an intense work out. Check it out let me know what you think.

so far I've gotten alot of nice compliments, one guy said it 'nearly killed him' and my boss said that she is inlove with my teaching style! highest compliments I could get! Feed back is always appreciated so if you have anything or positive or negative I'm more than happy to hear it. I know I have a few form issues to work on and I have the bad habit of looking down but feel free to let me know your thoughts.







I won't ask you guys to promote me but if you feel it is share worthy by all means share it =]

Running a team duathlon with my dad on the 28th. I have a good feeling about this one!

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PLANAR 10/9/2012 3:20PM

    Crazy cool!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

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FITFOODIE806 9/22/2012 6:42PM

    Woo hoo! Congrats.

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CAT609 9/22/2012 4:58PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TRYINGHARD54 9/22/2012 4:10PM

    thats fantastic!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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