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Good and BAD

Thursday, June 28, 2007

OK today I went a little nuts...ON TOP of my regular 30 min of cardio, I did 40 min of yoga, walked for 20, then did more Cardio and almost DOUBLE my strength training plan! I just had so much energy I didn't know what to do with myself. I mean my house is clean(really really clean), meals planned, kids happy...so I worked out. NOW I am sore(in a good way) I had Brian rub out the knots in my legs and they feel so much better now though. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Brian wanted Chinese tonight. I really was afraid to eat it...I love it so and it is so sodium loaded! But I think I did well...I subbed Steamed rice for fried, filled up on soup, had 1/4 C Beef Broccoli(mostly broccoli because Bubba ate my beef...LOL) and 1/2 C spicy chicken...ok ok I did cave and have an egg roll. BUT I still came in under calories. We'll just have to see if I bloat up tomorrow.

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IAMBEHAVING 6/28/2007 3:02AM

    With all that exercising you did today I'd say having a little chinese was the least of your worries! Great job girl!

We went out for Chinese this week for my husband's birthday. I didn't even bother trying to figure out my calories. I figure I did good keeping it down to one plate trip on a buffet :-)

Keep up the great work!

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A bit concerned...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I have lost 5 pounds since I started this last week. I'm afraid that I lost it too fast and it will come back again. I am eating WAY healthy and excercising regularly for the first time in a L-o--n-g time. I FEEL fabulous! I just hope this weight loss is permanent. Brian wants to go get Chinese food this weekend. I am worried because I don't each much salt anymore so all the soy sauce will probably pack back on the weight!

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PIXXYSTYXX 6/27/2007 1:11PM

    hey call me . ..let brian eat chineese and you eat your reg food.. i havent gotten a scale yet but im sticking to my plan ..so hopefully when i get 1 i will see some results i have been working very hard and loving it..i need you to be my wieght loss buddy so CALL ME DAMN IT .. hey brian said you guys are comming up in july is that still a plan..let me know..we can do some trampolin cardio ..give the kids a kiss foor us

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I went ahead and moved to Stage 2 tonight! Fast Break was just way to easy. I am so proud of myself. I can't believe I am doing so good. I ate WAY under calories today and I wasn't even hungry. This is amazing!


So sore

Monday, June 25, 2007

I have been strength training every other day and boy! do I feel it! I am sore in places I didn't even know I had muscles! My energy level is better though and I have lost 3 pounds in less than a week! I am drinking less beer. I am staying positive and moving as much as I can. My house is looking better all the time. Instead of sitting I get up and move. This whole Cardio thing is great dancing while cleaning makes it not feel like excercise! Yay me!

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PIXXYSTYXX 6/25/2007 7:52PM

    me too.. my energy level is through the roof im talking maaaad energy.. i have been doing cardio in the pool everyday and strengh traing every other day..staying under all my #s and loving it more every day.. i am soooo glad you joined with me.. im going to walmart tomorrow to get a scale.. and as for you giving me a kick in the butt i think short already sees i dont need 1 .i cant sit still lol.. hey did sammy tell you i called yesterday? oh yea i also got my sister to join... call me

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Friday, June 22, 2007

I am so proud! I came in under calories(okay barely but still under) I also drank something like 12 or 14 glasses of water today. I also DID All of my strength training(and then some) AND I did something like 145 min of cardio. I ROCK!

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PIXXYSTYXX 6/24/2007 2:20AM

    yippie im proud of you i knew you could do it .. i told you this site rocks..i tried to call you yesterday and today but no answer.. i have been kickin but to.. just think we could be on the beach in bikinis next summer...lol are you doing your cardio in your pool?

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IAMBEHAVING 6/22/2007 9:34PM

    Girl.. You more then just Rock! Do it again tomorrow, and I will make you my newest Hero.

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MAKINITHAPPEN 6/22/2007 2:15PM

    Good For You! Hour by hour, day by day, you can make your goals come to life! Way to go!

Take care,


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