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I DID IT!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

This morning after my shower and breakfast, I took my grandsons back to their house (we're 'sitting' today) so they could play. We had lunch at my house, then I kept my dr appt. On the way home, I stopped at the (new) Wal-Mart near my house and picked up a watchband for the one that broke this morning. Turns out the little 'bars' don't fit right.

When I came home, I FORCED myself to get on the treadmill; but this time I took my 'boom box' and played Mercy Me's "The Generous Mr. Lovewell' CD and cranked up the volume. emoticon What a wonderful idea that was! The CD kept me 'going' and I even spent a total of 10 minutes at 4 mph (for me, that's great). Just 20 seconds into my treading, I was already on a spiritual high.

Woo-eee! The endorphins were really flowing this afternoon! emoticon

I'm pleased at the 42 minutes on the treadmill, especially since I didn't exercie for about 2-1/2 months this year. I'm baaaaack!

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PURPLELVR7 6/20/2011 9:23PM

    That is awesome

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FITFABME2 6/20/2011 7:41PM

    There is nothing better than endorphins!! Great going!!


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MISTYRIVER64 6/20/2011 6:53PM

    Way to go - You're inspiring me!!!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon

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ANNA907 6/20/2011 6:31PM

    That is great. Good for you. It makes me motivated to clean up that darn room and get an elliptical even more now!

Keep those endorphins flowing!

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PURPLE180 6/20/2011 6:06PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MSKRN06 6/20/2011 5:47PM

  Good Job! You go Girl! You can do it everyday for just 10 minutes and what a difference a day will make. emoticon

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JEANMAYE 6/20/2011 5:41PM

  Welcome back. And keep at it.

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AMBERZADE 6/20/2011 5:40PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Friday morning's catch-you-up

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hi Y'all,

We got back home Tuesday afternoon this week, and I was way too tired to even think about using my treadmill, so I gave myself permission to rest. Unfortunately, that translated into not exercising on Wednesday either!

Yesterday was my kitty time at the shelter, and I spent fully 85 minutes just cleaning like crazy. I think the Wed night person didn't clean, but only fed them, and there were several places on the lino where one or more kitties hacked up hairballs that dried to 'cement' by Thursday morning. Oh well, that's part of why I'm there. I played for a couple of minutes with the kitties, and transferred three loads of laundry to the driers, started 2 more loads of wash, and folded 3 loads of laundry. Whew!

When I lifted one kitty from the top cupboard, she rewarded me by sticking a hind claw into my forearm. Ouch! After washing it with soap and water I used betadine it wouldn't get infected. The wound looks fine, but is now surrounded by a small bruise. Oh well, what's one more? LOL

Later I ran a few errands, buying more cotton yarn for projects I'm working on. I also picked up a couple of colors of cotton thread to make simple flowers to add to cards I make.

Y'all have a great Sparking day!

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IUHRYTR 6/17/2011 5:58PM

    I'm sure the kitties appreciate all you do for them. Thanks for caring about them. emoticon -- Lou

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Catchin' you up on me

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ok, so I'm not blogging every day or so. I'm just not that interesting! LOL

Thankfully, God has seen fit to make sure no more of my loved ones have died for some weeks now; and He has blessed me abundantly with getting back on track health-wise. I had fallen waaaay off the good health habits wagon.

I don't want to mislead you, I still have not reached the point I once was, but at least I'm working on both my nutrition and exercise. I want to not only get back to where I was, but to improve that as well.

I'm much encouraged by SP and my SP friends, too. Thank you. I'm talking about not only those comments directed to me, but also others' blogs and comments to other people.

We had a nice visit the other week with our dau and her family. They live in Mississippi, just south of Memphis, TN. Talk about saunas! The daily temps were in the upper 90's and I know the humidity wasn't much less - the heat index was over 100 degrees every day. Ugh! Simply reinforced my delight at not living there any more. ('Sorry' to those of you who love that climate - I never got used to it in the 13 yrs we lived there).

While in the Mid-South, we went to Memphis' Mud Island - 1st visit to the Island in about 20-25 yrs. It was nice, but ugh! How miserable it was to be outdoors, but we were inside the Mud Island museum by 11:30 or so that morning. Although the Mississippi River was much lower than a few weeks earlier, it was still higher than 'normal.'

After that 'wet' sauna, we spent some time at my sister's home in the TX panhandle - again, temps were awful, around 98-102 degrees every day. But the HUGE difference was that the humidity there was so low - around 15% most days. So it was a dry sauna. LOL We were able to better handle that; besides, for the most part we didn't go anywhere.

We took our dog, Darby, with us. She traveled like an angel - sat or laid on the backseat and didn't make a peep. Nights in motels were a bit challenging sometimes - Darby always lets us (or is it the other people??) know that she's on duty. But she was quieted fairly easily, and nobody complained.

Unfortunately, our dau has 3 cats, none of whom like dogs. In fact, their Maine Coon chases dogs that come near their yard. Altho we stayed in a motel, we had her with us the day we arrived, and sure enuf, Darby got the short end of stick from the cats. No, she didn't get clawed, but boy! were those cats angry, and viciously vocal about their displeasure. So Miss Darby 'got to' spend those days in a kennel.

Since my sister also has a couple of cats, Darby ended up being kenneled there, too. We DID stay at my sister's, so there was no way to keep Darby and the cats separated without being unfair to one or the other. We weren't thrilled with the arrangements, but it was more fair to all the four-legged animals.

Most of the motels had exercise rooms, so I did use treadmills some; and I used my b-i-l's treadmill every day we were there.

But as usual, I ate too many calories pretty much every day. One night on the road my DH went to Ruby Tuesday's and brought meals back to the motel.....we don't want to leave Darby alone. I did get BBQ ribs (1/2 rack), and chose two grilled veggies as my sides. I felt so virtuous that night. emoticon

Anyway, now I'm trying to get my eating under better control.

If you've read this far, I want to thank you for your patience. Maybe I should say, 'surely you have better things to do than listen to (read) my drivel!' LOL

Have a wonderful week.

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IUHRYTR 6/17/2011 6:03PM

    I, too, have been overeating and trying to get back on track. I think it's the depression kicking in again but today is another try to start a new positive streak. Glad the trip worked out with your doggie baby. Here in Central FL we've been as high as 99 this week. Drains all energy. Right now it is thundering outside so I'm hopeful we may get some badly needed rain. -- Lou

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IUHRYTR 6/17/2011 6:03PM

    I, too, have been overeating and trying to get back on track. I think it's the depression kicking in again but today is another try to start a new positive streak. Glad the trip worked out with your doggie baby. Here in Central FL we've been as high as 99 this week. Drains all energy. Right now it is thundering outside so I'm hopeful we may get some badly needed rain. -- Lou

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PURPLELVR7 6/12/2011 8:53PM

    It is so hard to stay on play when eating at other peoples houses.
Glad your dog did not get hurt - I am a dog lover - not much on cats.

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Friday night

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello All,

We're back home again. We took a whirlwind trip to Indiana to attend our niece's funeral, and got back home tonight. Gayle's death was unexpected, and she was only 58, but she's safe in the arms of Jesus tonight, and we'll see her again one bright day.

The minister who led the funeral gave a compelling, clear talk about the need to accept Christ as savior so we can go to heaven, so it was a 'good' funeral.

It was really good to visit with all our Indiana relatives, in spite of the circumstances for our being together.

Darby (our pit bull) went with us, but due to the funeral, we boarded her there. She took right to the lady in charge, and when we picked Darby up this morning, both that lady and the younger lady who was there told us several times how much they love Darby. Sure, they could say that to everyone, but WE know Darby's special. emoticon

Darby settled right into the back seat of the car and was as good as gold on the travel days. Yipee!

I'm glad to be home, as I picked up another respiratory infection - what's new?!!! My Dr. called in a couple of Rx for me, so I should be on the mend before long (I have my fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc).

Have a great weekend, y'all.

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DAYHIKER 5/21/2011 4:28PM

    Oh, I am sad to hear of your niece's death at so young an age! And you were in my home state, too!! I hope that infection does not linger--this is no time to be sick, woman!!


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IUHRYTR 5/21/2011 12:20PM

    Sorry to read of you losing your niece and of your new illness but happy to read what a good doggie baby Darby was and the nice experience with the boarding. I'll be boarding my Boxer, Baby, and Shepherd, Thumper, next month for three days, something they have yet to undergo. I hope they have as pleasant a time as Darby did. emoticon emoticon -- Lou

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Another week, another loved-one's death, but the Lord is in control

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Monday morning, y'all.

If you read my blog from last Friday, you know it was a tough week. Yes, I made it thru, thanks to God's grace and comfort; and the comfort provided by my SP friends.

This week isn't starting out quite 'right' - Sunday morning a beloved niece died unexpectedly. As soon as we hear about the arrangements, we'll make definite plans to go to (another state for) the funeral. I'm sorry she died (she was only 58), but I know I'll see her again in Heaven. Gail was a lovely person, always thinking of and doing things for others.

On the other hand, this week DID start out right - we attended Sunday School and worship services at our church, praising the Lord and being blessed by Him. Above all 'things,' GOD IS IN CONTROL! Hallelelujah!

DH and I are on our way to help out in our 1st gr grandson's classroom. They are such sweet kids, and we always have fun helping.

It's supposed to be a rainy week, and it started yesterday afternoon. But, since we had such a beautiful week last week, I'm trying to think of this as liquid sunshine. Even tho' we're over the normal amt of rain for the year, we can't sit on our laurels - rain, like food, is something that needs to come time after time to sustain life. But like food, it's not good when too much of it comes within a short period of time. emoticon

Take a few minutes today to pray for the folks along the Mississippi (and other) River(s). Even if lives are spared, people's livelihoods are being swept away. God does care, and God is in control, praise His name!

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IUHRYTR 5/20/2011 7:06AM

    Strange how nature works. All that rain and here in Central FL we're having brush fires and need rain badly. emoticon -- Lou

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BOHEMIANCAT 5/16/2011 11:16AM

    You and your requests are in my prayers.

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BECKYSRN 5/16/2011 10:32AM


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