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Monday's exercise

Monday, March 29, 2010

We went bowling this morning, thinking of bowling two games apiece. Well, the alley was having a 'senior' special of 3 games for $6 so of course we signed up for that. What super calorie-burning!

Then, I came home and spent another 40 minutes on the treadmill, at varying speeds and incline levels. Just trying to confuse my muscles enuf to keep 'em burning calories. emoticon

To cool off, I did some exercises and finished my ironing. I feel good mentally, and a bit tired physcially; but that's probably a good thing.

Planning to exercise more tomorrow, and maybe get on the treadmill awhile as well. Determined to burn off this excess fat.
emoticon emoticon

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INKYWAG 3/30/2010 11:20AM

    Sounds like you had a good day of workouts,you go girl. Keep up the hard work.
I havent bowled in ages sounds like you had fun.

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WYWIWOMAN 3/29/2010 10:33PM

    You really put together a lot of great - fun and satisfying - activity today. Good for you!

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IUHRYTR 3/29/2010 7:31PM

    Every bit of movement counts. Love your determination. Keep up a good effort. -- Lou

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DORSKI 3/29/2010 5:38PM

    Bowling sounds like fun. Maybe i can talk my husband into going bowling this weekend. Sounds like you had a few good workouts today.


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IS it Spring?! Updated

Friday, March 26, 2010

Seems lots of folks have recently gotten snow, and we may get a wintery mix this morning. UGH!

Now that my complaining is over, let me say that I AM grateful for the moisture, but hope tomorrow will be warmer than today's predicted hi of 45 degrees. The past few days of 60's and near 70 degrees have spoiled me! emoticon

Since the weather is not conducive to walking outdoors, I'll get on my treadmill after eating a bit. Must-ent exercise on an empty stomach.

Y'all have a great day.

EVENING UPDATE: well, I'm glad to say that the pronosticaters weren't right. Yes, we got rain, and no, it didn't get warm today, but there was NO wintery mix! Thank you, God.
I DID get on my treadmill, which turned out to be a good idea: while it was sunny this afternoon, the temps didn't rise as far the the mid-40's and there was a stiff wind. emoticon

Hoping for (planning on) a healthy weekend.

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DEBJNC 3/26/2010 10:59AM

    It just seems that winter doesn't want to let go this year, doesn't it? And all those little teases different parts of the country have gotten are just not fair!! lol

Here in New Mexico, the weather varies from one part of the state to the other so radically. While the ski resorts are still getting snow and able to stay open longer than normal, other parts of the state are preparing today for major winds! I'll be hanging on to my hat today! And sweeping dust tomorrow!

I like that you have an alternate plan to walking outside. Good job!

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IUHRYTR 3/26/2010 9:32AM

    We're supposed to be in the low 70s with a light breeze here in Central FL. How can I send some your way? Hope you enjoy your day, whatever it might bring. -- Lou

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Thurs night thots

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We've been having a busy week.

Mon and Wed mornings we took cars for state inspection. M-T-W afternoons we volunteered in one grandson's classroom. Tue a.m. we volunteered in the other grandson's class.

On the way home from the car dealer Wed we stopped at Wal-Mart (my DH swears it's my favorite store) and I picked up another pair of bike shorts (I wear them for exercising). I didn't try them on because I wear that size pants. Tried the shorts on when I got home and was surprised (and delighted) to find the waist band was waaaay loose. So, when we went past that Wal-Mart today (ran an errand elsewhere), we stopped in and I exchanged them for the next smaller size. Hurray for spandex!

This evening we attended Josh's (4th gr) Spring music concert. There were 2 schools of 4th graders, and there were instrumental and vocal renditions. Didn't last more than 1 hr, thankfully, but we enjoyed it very much. We sat there and picked out (identified) several of Josh's classmates that we work with.

Tomorrow is laundry day (that's Bob's job) and then grocery shopping. Saturday I donate blood ('x' your fingers that my iron count is hi enuf), then I go to a jewellery party. Whew! What a busy week for us. But it's been a good week, and I'm glad I'm healthy enuf to go and to do all that I do.

BTW, Wal-Mart may be only my second favorite store - vying for 1st place is AC Moore, a craft store. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LADYNETTIE 3/25/2010 11:24PM

    Sounds like a fun and productive day. YAY for smaller sizes emoticon

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PEPPERLEAH 3/25/2010 9:39PM

    Congratulations on your success! How I WISH we had a craft store where I live! It would become my favorite store, too!

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FITN2014-TSP 3/25/2010 9:16PM

    Congratulations on fitting into a smaller size. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TECHSUN 3/25/2010 9:11PM

    Wow, what a busy lady! Love that you volunteer in grandsons' classes. emoticon emoticon emoticon on the shorts!!

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IUHRYTR 3/25/2010 9:10PM

    I wish we still had vehicle inspections here in FL. Great news about the smaller size, isn't it? - Lou

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NOTSPEEDY 3/25/2010 9:08PM

    Isn't it rewarding to have to get a smaller size. All the hard work really pays off.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Thoughts on Thursday

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My sciatica was acting up even before Darby (our pit bull) knocked me down half a dozen stairs the other day. I'm not sure how much is sciatica and how much discomfort is a result of the sliding down the stairs! I've been doing my (PT) exercises for sciatica, and continuing cardio, because I believe that's better than sitting around grousing at the dog. It was my fault I guess, because I know she 'has to' be the first one down the stairs, and I didn't let her go first. sigh. When will I learn.

Ok, enuf feeling sorry for myself. I cleaned the kitten room ( approx 12' x 15") this morning - it took 80 minutes today. Great calorie burning. There are metal cages to clean, multiple litter boxes to sift, food/water bowls to wash and refill and then there's the floor: sweep, then vac, then mop then dry with a bath towel. By the time I get done w/just the floor, I know I've worked a bunch of muscles. emoticon I enjoy doing it: I'm giving to the community (it's a no-kill shelter), I'm getting exercise, and I get a kitty fix. Since I'm allergic to them now, I cannot be owned by any. B4 going to the shelter, I take an antihistamine - that gets me thru the exposure just fine.

Have a great day, everyone.

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IUHRYTR 3/25/2010 8:15PM

    I continue to admire you for volunteering at the shelter. It's nice to know people who care about our animal babies. -- Lou

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PATCHYBEAR 3/25/2010 11:17AM

    You are an inspiration to others. I have thought about volunteering in a shelter near our home however have a million excuses and now you have made me rethink that decision. Keep up with your exercising routine to feel better.

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ELLFIN3 3/25/2010 10:48AM

    What a great way to get exercise! You ARE doing a great thing helping the kitties!!!!! We have had pits in the past and they are a pushy Pup, but so is our Jack Russle!! Hope you heal fast! Keep up the good work with the Kitties!!


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Spring has sprung!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not only are there buds on trees and bushes, but my weeping willow has delicate green leaves on it.....very pretty. I do enjoy the bare limbs of winter, but am always glad to see the new green on trees, too.

We had a couple of rainy days, but today is another sunshiney day, and I'm lovin' it. I already have 'hounded' my walking buddy to join me tomorrow for another walk in the neighborhood. I have to admit that if it weren't for our standing appts to walk together, I wouldn't get enuf exercise some days. She keeps me accountable.

Partly due to me (lazy, LOVING FOOD!) and partly due to the looooong respiritory infection I had this month, I'm not going to make my goal of being under 150 by the end of the month. HOWEVER, I'm re-adjusting and am working on seeing how much I CAN lose in the remaining days of March. I'm not discouraged, just a bit disappointed. Of course, I also haven't been working as hard at controlling my eating as I should have been - all my fault.

Now that I'm admiting my (controllable) part in this, I'm forgetting what is behind, and am pressing on towards the goal.

Have a great day everyone.

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    Isn't it awesome!; Spring has sprung!?? We all have our "slump" times; sounds like you're getting right back to it though. Be happy, Pat emoticon

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PRESSINGON3:14 3/23/2010 8:02PM

    Great attitude, Nancy!! Keep pressing on!!

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IUHRYTR 3/23/2010 2:14PM

    New beginnings are allowed and encouraged. hang in there and take things one positive day at a time. -- Lou

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GOSPELCLOWN 3/23/2010 11:31AM

    I am so glad you are able to readjust! Many people see that they won't hit their mark, so they throw in the towel and cave into a pity party. (WHY?)

Enjoy those walks and try listening to Spring. Can the two of you hear different birds? Is there a lawn mower? Do you pass some running water?

Walk with the feet but employ the other senses too! I dare ya!


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