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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well the first holiday of summer has come and gone, but what about weight loss? Has it come or gone?

For me, holidays were always a problem, especially if we went to someone's house to eat those burgers and all that picnic food that you just can't resist. So, what do you do in this kind of setting and you want to enjoy the food?

If I feel I just HAVE TO indulge, I just take a small portion of each thing I like. I don't fill the plate, but spread the food out to make it look filled. Nice trick of the mind there.

I try not to have a second helping unless I know it is good for me and low in calories.

I try not to have the dessert, but if I feel deprived, I take a bite of my husband's--he doesn't like to share so I know he'll only let me have one little bite!!!

And if that isn't enough, I tell myself, "You'll end up paying for this on the scale." That's usually enough incentive for me right there!


I just noticed I didn't finish the title! Senior moments.

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NYARAMULA 5/30/2012 4:17AM

    Those are some very cool tricks, thanks for sharing.

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One of My Favorites

Monday, May 21, 2012


(I hope this link works)

You have to copy and paste in the browser or just go to youtube and search for John Michael Talbot. I have the priviledge of meeting him in person a few weeks ago when he came to a church in my hometown. To hear him in person is so much better than youtube, but he has an anointing for singing praise to God. Even though I'm not catholic, I am still moved by his songs.



Monday, May 21, 2012

I treated me and my husband to "late lunch" at the Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch. You can get a smaller portion lunch before 4 PM. So we went at about 3:30. That's really our dinner!
We even treated ourselves to dessert. Nevermore.

When I got home to track my food, I had to go do a little research to find their nutritional information. I'm going to start a notebook of this info for every place we eat so I can decide what I can and can't or shouldn't have before I even go into the place.

I won't deprive myself of eating out. To be honest, I hate to cook and sometimes I know my husband hates to eat what I cook. I know because even I don't like it!!!!! He's always been one to like to eat out and when we met and we went out to eat, I thought it was great. So over the years we continued. That was one reason why I gained although some of it was medical, I never knew till just a few weeks ago that he told me I used to eat more than he did!

So, I'm buckling down even more now that I've lost it, I am not gaining it back. I am determined to get to 150. I'm eight pounds away. And ain't nothing gonna stand in my way anymore. Not even a piece of chocolate cake!!!! I'm making it easy to just say "NO!"

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ELISADENK 5/22/2012 10:20PM


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Monday, May 21, 2012

Hard Work! " Hard work pays off." We've all heard it said many times. " Yea, Yea, Yea, might work for some, but not me." " Create a deficit; burn more calories." Well, the government does a fine job of creating a deficit so all I have to do is burn more calories! Hey! That must be the answer? NOT.

I always scoffed at those kinds of infomercials and ads and magazine articles on how to lose weight. O, come on, they get paid to say that stuff and have all those skinner-than-healthy bodies and men with re-touched photos that make you want to melt. Well, some are, no doubt just saying that for money.

But I'm saying it because I have learned the hard way that what they are saying it TRUE. It does take a lot of work to get to any goal. Just look at the olympic competition and how they train. That tells me something right there. It takes commitment. It takes determination, it takes diligence and it takes discipline.

Sad but true. I have to lower my pride and admit someone else knows what they are talking about!! They are so right, that I started taking their advise and here I am at 158! Just doing what they said would do it: hard work. But you know what? Once you get past the "I really don't feel like doing this" (I'll call that self-pride) you find that you want to keep up the good work because you start to see yourself in a different way than when you first started.

It's like going through a closet after losing some weight. Some clothes just won't fit anymore and some need to be thrown out to Good Will. Maybe there are a few you can take in a little bit to fit, but mostly you find that the old stuff just doesn't fit anymore than a bad attitude.

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ELISADENK 5/22/2012 10:19PM


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Problem Solver

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I've always had snack attacks while at the computer. Before I would just grab anything sweet and enjoy it. But since I've had bariatric surgery, I can't/won't do that anymore. So I came up with a solution that maybe will help you, too.

I have to take calcium and vitamins everyday since my diet is very restricted. I have to take them in chewable form since I can't take anything like a pill that is bigger than a Tic Tac. So, I put these beside my computer. When I get a snack attack, I have them instead, plus the extra bonus of REMEMBERING to take them! They are right there in front of my so I don't forget to take them. After all, they solved the problem of unnecessary snacking!

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NYARAMULA 5/21/2012 2:55AM

    Clever girl!

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GOOSIEMOON 5/20/2012 9:50PM

    Great idea!

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