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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm kinda proud of myself right now. We went out to breakfast as usual, but this time I was very aware of what I wanted to eat. I chose 2 eggs, potatoes, and bacon. I ate the eggs, only half the potatoes and of 3 strips of bacon, I had 2.

It is 1:30 and I've had 13 glasses of water already. I had water before breakfast, with breakfast and after that I went to give blood at the Blood Bank. I took a Coke Zero and a bottle of water with me. I drink a soda while I am giving so I don't get so dizzy. I almost passed out once and they told me to drink while giving. They offered me a soda, but I actually said no because I was watching my calories and brought my own. Can you believe this? I am doing it and it seems almost easy. They have cookies there and crackers. I chose a box of raisens and a few crackers and that was all I had. I couldn't believe I didn't want cookies. I used to sit there and justify pigging out because I did such a good thing. O please! So I had 1/2 box of raisens and a few crackers and my nutrient enhanced Fruit 2o.
I pat myself on the back!! You go girl!



Friday, April 27, 2007

We live in an area where we only have dial-up. Well, we could have Comcast, but hubby says it's too expensive. While I was sitting here waiting, waiting, waiting, I got the splendid idea that this is a good time to get some water in. So far, I've had another 2 glasses. So anyone who has dial-up still, use that wait time to do the water thing. It really helps all that waiting!! LOL


Friday April 27, 2007

Friday, April 27, 2007

Wow! This week went fast. Coming here has helped me so much already! Today, I've had 6 cups of water and it's only 2PM. I took a half day at work and when I came home, I only had yogurt for lunch and a bottle of water. I had another whole glass with my medicine. I used to just wash it down with a gulp of water, but this site has motivated me to drink, drink, drink. Actually, it does help stave off hunger. I think of my stomach like a balloon--if it's filled with water, you can't put anything else in it! Silly, but hey, whatever works, right?

At 4 my hubby is taking me to Texas Roadhouse. There I plan to have the chicken (they don't have fish or I'd get that), a salad and green beans. I could have mashed potatoes, but beans have less calories. And I don't eat near enough veggies, which now that I've said it, will have to change! Why do I sit here and "tell" on myself? I guess I'm learning to be accountable for the way I eat. I never wanted to worry about what I ate--if you want it, have it. But that can't be allowed to control me anymore. I am taking control of this part of my life and from now on, things are gonna change around here!!!

I started a team for those who are interested. It's for Sleep Apnea and sleep disorders. I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea just 2 years ago. Was I ever in bad shape--started falling asleep at work and while I was driving. It scarred me so much I went to the doctor. I didn't want to kill myself or anyone else for that matter. They told me I've had it for a long time and when I think back, I believe them. I really think I was born with it. I used to sleep so heavy when I was a kid, I would wet the bed before I could wake up. I was really shamed for that and my mom was disgusted about it but never took me to a doctor to find out why. Bummer. O well, it's taken care of now, thanks to only ME.

My goodness I have ranted on, haven't I. I started to invite anyone to join the Sleep Apnea Team. I'm going to put information on it about Sleep Apnea and some pics if I can. I'm so new at this I don't even know what I can do with it now that I've got it!!!

Well, I hope to see you all at least stop by and say hello. Hoping you have a great week end.

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BLOCKBEAUTY 4/27/2007 2:16PM

    You are doing great. Sleep apnea is very serious. I am so glad you was responsible to take it serious too. You are doing great. I see you are learning so much about yourself and you are helping yourself to take control. That is wonderful. I am proud of you keep up the good work.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well, I drank all the water I could possibly hold. They say the more you drink cleans your body out and helps you lose weight. So, on with the water! It's not as hard as I thought it would be. Since I have hypothyroidism, it's easy to drink because I'm usually thirsty.

My problem is munching. But I bought some of those 90 cal Quaker Oats mini something or other. It's got chocolate on it. It'll do. No more candy bars!

Today I upped the time on the eliptical to 29 min. and burned over 300 cal. that should count for something! Last night I went to curves, which burns about 500 cal.

I feel I'm off to a good start here.


Scales and Tales

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I have decided that between 4 scales, I am going to just stick to one for my readings, and of course, it will be the one in the gym since it weighs me less than all the others. Now don't jump to the conclusion that I'm taking an easy way out. No, no. This scale is calibrated. It's one of those ones like in doctor's offices. The weight indicator should be in the middle when no one is on it. That'
s how you can tell if it's accurate. If the arrow is up at the top or down at the bottom, it won't weigh you accurately. Since I'm in the gym almost everyday, I figure that's the best one to use. The Curves I go to--they have the same type but it's a piece of junk and is never level.

I started Curves in October and have lost a few inches but have been disappointed in weight loss. But after reading some of your information, I have hope that I haven't had in a looooooooooonnggggg time!

There is a website called Calorie Calculator where you can list the food you eat and it calculates the cals for you and you can add the whole day's food to it and get a pretty good look at what you are eating. I was using that half-heartedly until I came here. I feel like God blessed with by having me find this place!


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