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Reflections after my daily assessment (day four)

Friday, January 04, 2013

1 I didn't realize 2 eggs was so much cholesterol, though I've heard they're supposed to be such a great nutritious food. I should look into that.
2 I knew I should've had either the pretzel or the potatoes was hard not to eat it with it in front of me and being tired. I should prethink a solution to not be in that spot again.
3 I'm still trying to do too much and too little time.
4 And as usual here I am trying to do good things for myself but I should be sleeping already. Can't win, sigh.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 4/18/2014 12:07PM


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JOURNEY557 1/4/2013 11:25PM

    I am restarting my spark commitment. The best thing to do is make gradual changes. Work on one thing at a time. No one changes overnight. We are a work in progress. Don't let yourself become overwhelmed. Focus on what you were able to do right today, then add to that tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing you postings.


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Wow, can't believe I'm here...writing...

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

(though I'd like to save this on my computer to keep...sigh guess I can copy it...)

Dor (The Suppers Program) has been trying to get me to be observant and I've thought writing would be helpful. I've observed occasionally...

But back to here. I decided to try SparkCoach yesterday. It's asking me to do just what Dor asked me to do: pick small achievable goals so I can be successful. I have chosen 10 min. of exercises a day, listening to a happy song (makes me happy!), And planning two to three healthy snacks each day. They're easy. I'm doing well with. Makes me feel good.

SparkCoach also asks me how on doing. Just like Dor. I ask me: how do you feel? Emotionally? Physically? What are the circumstances you're in the middle of? And then without asking I automatically take deep breaths if they're needed, give a little thought about how I can make things better, even make some changes.

I know that when I see Dor on Thursday she'll be thrilled to hear I'm moving forward.

How you feel is data!

Maybe tomorrow or the next day I can begin to talk with myself about how and why I'm getting so little sleep, spending so much time in front of my computer, and habitually wanting to accomplish, read, learn more than is at all reasonable in one day.

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PYNETREE 1/2/2013 8:23AM

    Sounds like you are making progress. emoticon I wish you strength to reach for your goals!

I too, am working on cutting time spent in front of the computer, I am quilty of reading, commenting, researching Healthy sites..but not getting off the computer and actually MOVING! Way too many hours propped in front of the computer... too few hours moving, doing, living. So that is my Goal.


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PATTYKLAVER 1/2/2013 6:49AM

    Glad you're spending time contemplating your feelings and goals. Good luck.

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Once upon a time (progress)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Okay, so finally here I am. I've been in and out of Sparkpeople for about a week and a half to two weeks now. The android app is proving to be helpful. It would be a lot easier to use if the screen wasn't cracked. Regardless, it has shown me that now, finally, I can log all of my food wherever I am into Sparkpeople. And that's a good thing.

Unfortunately, tonight was lots of stress eating. My daughter lost her job this afternoon. I'm as upset as she is, if not more.

Well, I guess I'm making progress regardless. I got over 25 points, so I got a bonus spin. I still wore my pedometer. And I read a couple of constructive articles to help me going forward. Rome wasn't built in a day.

( I will share though, that this is a lot easier being able to dictate it!)

Okay then, my first blog entry in over a year! Here's to making more positive changes and enjoying keeping the records. Good luck to me, and if you're reading it, good luck to you too!

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SLIMLILA 8/3/2011 12:57AM

    WEll, I look at is as if you're back, you haven't given up.. I'm here every day with no positive results, but I am still here. for my mental health if not physical health.

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MRS420 8/2/2011 9:53PM


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Fessed up...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ok, finally entered my higher weight, sigh. Not really ready to tackle it yet though. I shan't be hard on myself, my first goal is enough sleep, peace, and health. Those are still more than a plate full.

Easy does it??? Ok, can do that at least for today.

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    Good saturday morning. Give us a hug today emoticon emoticon

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    emoticonso glad you are back. we can give you support and help you get throgh the day. Post huddle and let us know how you are

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TINK33 2/18/2010 9:38AM

    You can do it! Baby steps, baby steps! Sleep and peace will both lead to a successful "fit and healthy" lifestyle! Good Luck!


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Let's go Mets!!! What a wonderful day!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I realized as I shared my 3 things to be thankful for that this belongs here too (that by the way is a wonderful thread/exercise I encourage everyone to engage in).

emoticon We had 9th row seats to watch the Mets at beautiful new Citi Field. Michael had won them at a thank you luncheon for volunteering from his company. They gave us access to the Acela Club, so since we will never spend that much on tickets (barring any unforseen good fortune) and never have that opportunity again, we went. The stadium is fantastic and so was the view, the ambiance, the food at the Acela Club. My favorites included the wonderful wonderful clams and the marvelous aged nutty tasting gouda (better than parmigian reggianno!), and the mozzarella tomato salad, and the crab cakes, and the white fish, for me any way!

On the way home we split up as the train back from Manhattan was extrememly crowded. I chatted with a nice lady from Indiana. As I suggested favorite outings to her, all sorts of happy memories came to mind. What a lovely way to put the icing on a an already wonderful adventure!

emoticon Thank you G-d for a magnificent day!! emoticon


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RAWLIGHT 8/30/2009 2:09PM

    Boy! what a great experience. I love Major League Baseball and am enjoying living in a state with a team (the Detroit Tigers!). Go Curtis Granderson and Brandon Inge. I've never been to a live game though. Yours sounded fabulous. I hope you have many more days like this!

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GERRYB54 8/17/2009 3:24AM

    Sounds like you had one of those "once in a lifetime" days...you deserved it!

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