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I just went through HELL and Back

Thursday, April 03, 2014

I don't know why I thought this would be a cute blog but I did so here it goes. Today I decided to take walk across the property and see how the river bed was doing. I love the look of flowing water. I started out and the more I walked the more I loved looking at the trees and the scenery as I moved. I crossed two other peoples property before I hit the main track called rails to trails. It's where they removed the railroad tracks and left it open for trails. I have been on this trail several times but always with my horse. It can continue for miles leading me all over the state of Michigan but today that was not my goal. I was walking and I had to take it slow and careful I had not made this walk in such a long time. In fact I never went this route before. I decided I would walk to HELL. Yes we do have a HELL in Michigan and it's right at my back door.

I have been there many times but never on foot and never through the back road. I had always gone down the main road and just gazed at it as I passed. Today was going to be different, today I was going to walk there and take a break at the local café and walk back (hopefully). I might have to call my hubby I was thinking since this was longer than I had expected, but no turning back I was going to make it at least one way.

The weather was a little warmer today and most of the snow was melting and I just felt it would be a good time to try to move. I had been building up to a walk for a while not. 15 minutes here...30 there so now was the time.

You guessed it...I walked through HELL AND BACK...all on my own.

Path to the river bed.

Cold water is not a good thing to get caught in.

Climbing up the back way.

Almost there

Welcome to HELL!

This is an older picture I just threw in for fun. It says Deadly Grounds Coffee. I thought it fit right in Hell.

They even have a graveyard you can visit...but mostly it says people are just dying to get in there. I never see anyone around it.

So the next time ...someone says Hell is here on earth...believe them.


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HICKOK-HALEY 7/21/2014 4:13PM

    I don't know how I missed this blog. Such a pretty walk. You need to go back and take some pics of what it looks like now that the snow has melted. Love your background page!

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FRANCIE-N-BELLA 6/7/2014 5:43PM


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SUPER_CIARA 5/2/2014 12:08PM

    emoticon That's really cool! Gorgeous walk and really cute pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing.

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HYATTI1 4/4/2014 10:09PM

    Now that's funny are a clever girl. You put a smile on my face. emoticon

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LIZZ931 4/4/2014 10:05PM


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WELLBEING67 4/4/2014 10:12AM

    This was a fun blog. Congrats on going to Hell and making it back on your own. emoticon

I really envy you all the land and trails to wander on. Sounds like my idea of paradise.

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CMKARLS 4/4/2014 8:04AM


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SNOWFILLY 4/4/2014 7:21AM

    That is too funny. Looks like you had an awesome walk. Thank you for taking the pictures and sharing. Good for you for walking the whole way.

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NANCYPAT1 4/4/2014 5:54AM

    Been a long time but used to camp there when my boys were little - my aunt is a retired professor of Social Work at the U of M and there used to be a camp there for kids that she worked at - but some people thought sending their kids to Hell didn't sound so good - they moved the camp.

Along those lines though, my parents were on vacation and sent a number of us cards that got a BIG LAUGH - they were one-liners that said, "When in Rome . . ." and were mailed from Intercourse, PA. We were adults and even still, it surprised us that our parents sent THOSE cards.

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HYATTI1 4/3/2014 8:25PM

    To talk about Hell freezing over is not to far fetched. I had to look up the population on the internet but it gave an estimate of 266 which isn't a lot and really it's mostly farm land. There is a Hells Kitchen that has been around long before Ramsey, there is also a Hell Ranch, which offers horse back riding and camping for those willing to camp out or bring in RVs. I think a lot of people come just to fish in the river. I hear there is great fishing and always running water winter or summer. They also sponsor some really cool haunted houses throughout Hell. A great place to get Christmas Trees and Pumpkins. They have a race track where those knock em up jalopy cars run. They also sponsor a bikers week, along with some fund raisers throughout the year. So for a small community they really get on board to let people know that Hell is going to be around for a while. No intention of cooling down either.


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LOTADOTTIE2 4/3/2014 7:03PM

    Oh Joanna,
How great to see you were able to walk that far ! I've lived in Michigan all my life until retirement to Florida ~ I knew Hell was there but I never made the trip Ha
Maybe in the next chapter of my life that's where I'll be , hopefully not when it's froze over. I rode my horse last week, first time in months, but that is not as awesome as the walk you took on your poor knee's ... keep up those lofty ambitions you have, and I will do the same ~ 72 yrs old is not the end of my horse book (just a chapter Ha
Love hearing from and about you :-)
Dottie in Florida

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    That's a good one! LOL. I have heard of Hell, MI but didn't realize how close you are. Good for you for getting out there, looks like it was quite a scenic route. I love walks like that, gives me time for reflection.

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JILL313 4/3/2014 5:16PM

    You Fooled me as I thought some kind of tragedy had happened to you but it was me who laughed and chuckled when I read about your awesome walk into the City of Hell. OMG, the thought that it might be a city never crossed my mind as I wouldn't want to go into a City called Hell, but your walk and the Town looks quaint and such beautiful scenery along the way. I'm curious as to how many people live there and wonder if there is a Church or Chapel called Hell--LOL! Enjoy more wonderful walks. You have an amazing amount of energy for someone so young--LOL. Enjoy your Weekend.


JIll emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TXGRANDMA 4/3/2014 4:22PM

    What a beautiful walk you had , Joanna! I had heard of Hell Michigan when I lived there (in Michigan) but had never been there. Lots of creative signs all around, huh? Thanks so much for sharing! I really enjoyed seeing all your photos! emoticon

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SIEGRID 4/3/2014 2:53PM

    My gosh, who on earth decided to name a town or city Hell???????
Your walk looked amazing. I love walking in the woods and on the horse trails, something I can't do at the moment. Our trails have several lakes on them....oh I can't wait till the time I can get back on them, either by foot or on horseback...sigh....
Lucky lucky you!!!!!


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Wednesday Morning Bliss

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ok I wanted to share some photos and it seems the only way to do it in quantity is with a blog. Waking up this morning after yesterday thaw was not so much a shocker as a disappointment. I am so over winter and waiting on sunshine and grass to show up.

With that said it was still pretty amazing to look around and see all the snow. So here goes...a few Wednesday morning photos.

My Art Studio way to cold to paint in right now.

A little something I picked up this weekend at the Horse Expo I visited last Saturday. It's a mail box ... a very heavy cast iron mail box. I want to put it at the front of the road but think my mail lady is not that good of a driver. She has taken down many of a mail boxes over the years. So now I am contemplating mounting it at the base of my steps just for show.

Here is a close up of the horse figure on top of it. You have to see the next picture that I took this morning. It's like this was made for me.

This is a photo I captured of our young stallion Tazz running this morning. Almost a perfect match to the mail box. I LOVE IT ...both box and horse.

I purchased this statue also......of cast iron covered in automotive bronze so it will not rust or damage in outdoor weather. Again I am not sure where I will mount it but I will find a place. Just could not pass it up.

If you look close it almost looks wood carved but its solid heavy metal. I saw other wonderful pieces also but just could not afford them....these two almost broke the bank.

Ok...that's it for now. I could show you pictures upon pictures, but you would get board and just refuse to look at any more of my we will keep it short and sweet.

Have a wonderful Wednesday full of March Madness.


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JILL313 3/23/2014 10:31PM

    I enjoyed looking at your pictures and since you love horses the mailbox and the statue of the majestic horse were perfect purchases for you and your Ranch. Since you're no longer on the Team I had no idea you had written a recent blog. I can't believe how much snow you're still getting there. That's one thing we never get here. It would be fun to have a week or two of snow here but with my bad knees and back I'd be home bound almost all Winter there as it would be really hard to get around with my cane (and knee & back pain). You do live in Beautiful Country with a fantastic Ranch & House. Wishing Spring arrives there for you very soon. Take good care.

Hugs & Love,


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JAOTAO 3/19/2014 1:07PM

    Great pictures. I too love the mailbox and the picture of Tazz running! Thanks for sharing,.

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IMAGINGPRO 3/16/2014 4:23AM

    Very nice photo's. I too have a lot of photo's of snow. Our yard and all around the building is just huge mountain upon mountain of snow.

I too am completely done with winter.

Hope you have a great day


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TXGRANDMA 3/15/2014 10:23AM

    Joanna! Absolutely LOVE the mailbox! I wouldn't put it out at the end of the road, would be too afraid something would happen to it! We have a lot of vandalism with mailboxes, especially out in the country, where we have always lived. It would look so nice mounted on your porch.

The bronzed horse head reminds me of the Driftwood horses, very artistic us of metal in your case! Never have seen anything like it before! The inside of your house looks a lot like the inside of mine! Lots of horses of every size and shape! Also, the snow pictures are very beautiful, but I know that you are sick of it by now!
Sending you sunshine! emoticon

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WATCHMECANCAN 3/14/2014 8:06PM

    I love to look at the snow. Just as long as I don't have to drive on it. We've had our fair share in OH this year too. To me the best part is early in the morning when it's still quiet and there are no tracks in it yet. I turn my mare out and she runs just like your stallion. Absolutely loves it. Wish I could get some good pictures.

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CMKARLS 3/13/2014 10:14AM

  Love all the horse stuff. We are so over winter too. I am ready to see green instead of white but it doesn't look like that will happen for awhile. Vehicles are still driving on the lake.

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HICKOK-HALEY 3/12/2014 10:05PM

    Look at all the snow. It made me shiver. I like snow, but you guys have had more then your fair share. Love the mail box. I'm with you, put it by the front of your house to keep it safe lol. Tazz looks like her is having fun. Beautiful picture.
The statue is interesting. The teeth look so real. Once you get it posted, take another pic of it. Sounds like a fun day!

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JARBRITT 3/12/2014 7:14PM

    Great photos -we got ice, but very little snow.

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SUZRAI 3/12/2014 4:09PM

    Great photos!
suzrai emoticon

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IGNITEME101 3/12/2014 3:07PM

    I enjoyed your photos! Yep, winter is over done......

Can't wait to see the daffodils!

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PROPMAN1 3/12/2014 2:29PM

  Great pics!! Almost thought TAZ was the horse on the mailbox. Am also sick of the winter/snow!! Can't wait for warmer weather. emoticon

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Catch Up Time

Friday, February 07, 2014

We've all heard that old saying but for me I guess it valid for more than one reason. It's been almost a year since I posted a blog and months since I even visited the SPARK site. Sad but true I have let things go with hopes that I can or could catch up with my daily life. Unfortunately that also is not a plus for me for I have never been able to really get on top of everything that goes on and keep it balanced in a way that will allow me some quite time without dropping something here and there.

Here we are in Michigan weather fighting the frigid cold with some record snow. I just noticed also that I have been removed from all my spark teams.....interesting. I wonder if that happens automatically or that it was done by team leaders. Either way it's ok I guess I can understand the concept.

I did do a lot of horse events this past summer. The granddaughters attended several competition events and by the end of the season we all were exhausted but happy with the outcome. I bought four (4) new horses for the grandkids as if we didn't or they didn't already have enough. But when it comes to friends of the furry kind you can never get enough.

We put up an indoor arena so they can practice all winter long to be ready for next season which is coming up the first of April. The problem most of the winter its been too cold to really get out there and do much with them.

Trying keep up with the girls.

Granddaughter working her horse

Savanna growing up fast.

In the winners circle

We had a great year at the competitions.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

WATCHMECANCAN 3/14/2014 8:16PM

    Beautiful horses! I was competitive with my Arabian when I was younger, mainly English Pleasure and Equitation but I trail rode her too. Now days I'm content to ride my laid back Quarter Horse but I still love to watch the Show Horses go! Congrats on your successes. Hope 2014 is just as good. emoticon

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IMAGINGPRO 3/9/2014 3:52PM

    What beautiful horses. It looks like you and your granddaughter did a lot of work. Great times together. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes to you. emoticon

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    Absolutely beautiful horses. Granddaughters look like they really love what they are doing. Hope your weather improves soon.

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HICKOK-HALEY 2/9/2014 3:24AM

    Beautiful pictures. Good to see you back. I feel for you. What a winter, and he we are warmer then usual. I bet you are looking forward to spring. emoticon

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HYATTI1 2/9/2014 1:47AM

    Thank you all...for the nice comments on the photos. Of course they are photogenic after all I get to pick and choose which ones I put up. I am not going to put up ones that are not at least interesting to look at, blurred, or found to be in a bad light.

Jenn as I am just getting back it's going to take me a while to catch up and see if the site will help me this time around. I made a lot of really nice internet friends on here in the past which was helpful at the time, but as far as loosing weight it actually didn't help me much. They say is always nicer the second time around. So here I go.

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TXGRANDMA 2/8/2014 9:14PM

    Joanna! I really enjoyed all your pictures! The horses AND the Grand daughters are gorgeous, and very successful! What a lot of ribbons and success they had with their horses. Makes it all worth it! emoticon emoticon

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CMKARLS 2/8/2014 8:30AM

  Welcome back. Looks like everyone had great success last year. Here is to even a better 2014. Here in Wisconsin the weather hasn't cooperated with working out either. Even with the indoor at the barn my daughter hasn't ridden since just before the new year. It has been just way too cold. Hopefully soon it will warm up some.

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SNOWFILLY 2/8/2014 6:43AM

    WOW! You have been busy!!! Congrats on the wins!! Glad to see you back.

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KATRINAKAT23 2/7/2014 10:00PM

  Beautiful pics. Welcome back.

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JENNGLENN527 2/7/2014 9:41PM

  WELCOME BACK!!!! I recently rejoined and I'm soooo happy to be back. I hope you are too. Your photographs are AMAZING!! You guys are certainly a talented, and VERY PHOTOGENIC bunch!! Have a wonderful evening, and again welcome back!

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My March Update Blog

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Countless things happen when you least expect them and sometimes I guess you expect them. I am at that crossroad right now in my life where so much is coming together in the middle of the 4 way road that I am just exhausted with trying to sort things out and do the best for all involved.

I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off just trying to keep up. I feel it is taking a toll on me but I have to continue to do it or it will not get done. I want to make sure that I cover all bases before I lie down each day. Just letting one or more of them go can cause a ripple effect making life even more confusing.

When it comes to winter I was so sure it was mostly over until this morning. I woke up to snow….not your little snow but a full blown white out. Beautiful to look at yet hazardest to your health. I did want to stop by and share a few photos and things going on around here.

My early morning wakeup call!

I love doing this braid on my granddaughters hair.

Making friends isn't all that hard to do.

I can see my own reflection in her eye.

Whoa there girl you are already fat enough!

A touch of thirst is my latest creation. I worked on it for a few weeks.

Oh, I forgot to tell you I have read not one but two novels...which is a first for me. It's been ages since I sat down to actually read and I loved both books. Veiled Eyes was the best. I enjoyed it very very much.

I also got around to redoing my grand-daughters website. I just sat down one night to do the updates she wanted and decided to give it a whole new look so I re-did the complete site and will be adding to it. She was a little upset because she liked the prior one, but once she saw it she got excited using her horse for the background. Take a look and let me know what you think.
(I had to come back and correct the typo to the site, sorry)

Have a wonderful day and may all your dreams come true. I have missed so many of you.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LOTADOTTIE2 5/9/2013 11:47AM

    Hi Joanna,
Your old friend in Florida here. I did lose you for quite some time.
I'm no better at this Web Site searching that before Ha I lost a lot of time riding
my horse this winter ~ the weather was perfect !! :-( I finally dicided that my not
riding was more due to weight gain, and not "old age" Ha So, finally got back on the
Atkins Phase 1 and have lost a quick 6 lbs. I hope to stay on it for several weeks before easing up on Phase 2. I gave my horse a bath yesterday and am starting to feel like ... all is not over yet Ha Have you recooperated enough to ride at all since last summer? ~ I know you do a lot of the chores, but how about the fun part?
Missied You
Dottie in Florida>

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LYNNLOSING150 3/29/2013 1:05AM

    Such beautiful pictures, even the snow picture is breath taking, and I dont even like snow.

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HICKOK-HALEY 3/17/2013 5:43PM

    The first picture is breath taking. Sorry you had so much snow though. I love the braid you did on your granddaughter. I will have to show that to my DD. She loves doing braids. The goat and horse, too precious. Love your painting as well.

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SILVERSIREN 3/17/2013 1:26PM

    Dear Joanna, Glad to read your recent blog. Now is the time to stop and smell the roses (except there aren't any now!!!). I was thinking of buying a electric book reader thinking I wouldn't have to go to the library- but found out all the new books weren't available - you would have to buy them. So I'll order and send my husband to pick them up as I'm still unable to drive/walk. The operation on my back was supposed to help but instead I'm still on the "fhritz" Love Silver

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IMAGINGPRO 3/17/2013 1:10PM

    Joanna your photos are very beautiful. You have such a great eye for things. I really love them. You also paint very good also. You are very talented.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Love Dot emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CMKARLS 3/17/2013 9:35AM

  Awesome painting.

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RETURNTOTHIN 3/16/2013 6:56PM

    I LOVE your painting! you are amazing!!
Well, I put in the web site address..... and I got the message "unavailable"

Comment edited on: 3/16/2013 6:58:23 PM

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KATRINAKAT23 3/16/2013 5:58PM

  Beautiful pics, love em.

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JILL313 3/16/2013 2:59PM

    Joanna, it's so good to hear from you. . .I've missed you and glad you let us know a little how things were going. It sounds like you've accomplished a lot recently which must be an awesome feeling. Just be sure to fit in healthy eating and a good night's sleep as you always seem to have more to do than one person should have to. I only wish I had your energy but truthfully I don't. The pictures you posted are all so beautiful and you are quite a talented artist, and it's a really really good one and spoke of gentleness and peace. . .Take good care of Yourself my dear friend.

Love You,


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TXGRANDMA 3/16/2013 2:42PM

    Joanna! Great to see you back! What a gorgeous, gorgeous photo of the frosty trees over the road! I just love snow scenes and think that one is a winner for sure!

Your painting is so true to life and detailed.........Thanks so much for sharing your very great talent with us! emoticon

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ESILBO 3/16/2013 2:42PM


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NANCYPAT1 3/16/2013 2:40PM

    So lovely to hear such a delightful blog and I loved the photos. Take care and your challenges will soon be overcome. You are capable of conquering them. (HUGS)

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JAOTAO 3/16/2013 2:39PM

    Loved your blog and pixs. You seem so relaxed this morning. Glad you are enjoying yourself!

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ESILBO 3/16/2013 2:37PM

LISE emoticon

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BELDONDOG1 3/16/2013 2:11PM

    So nice to hear from and about you, Joanna. You have been missed. I love the picture of this morning's gift from Mother Nature. You did a wonderful job on your painting, but then you always do. Take care of yourself and I hope you can get your life and its challenges together. ((hugs)) Noel

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CHARDY0125 3/16/2013 1:52PM

    beautiful pics

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It's been a long time coming!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I know I been saying I was going to do a blog for a while now, but as most things it just gets slipped to the back burner. Today it’s almost 7am I have been up all night working, and I have an early appointment at 10, I think if I went to sleep I might not wake up so I am trying to stay awake. Great time to blog…and keep myself busy while the house is quiet.

Let’s see….. I wanted to share my greenhouse with you all…I love it. I can’t wait to put it to good use. Also the Christmas Forest Fund Raiser…where we raise funds for the horse we take in. We finally got a little snow this morning…so I managed to get some good pictures that I can share with you all. Hmmm what else…let me think a minute? Oh, my trip with my son and his family…the cruise. His birthday this year was 12.12.12 so he bought us tickets to go on a Caribbean Cruise. I have a couple of pictures from that also. A few extras to share with you and that will be it for my blog….whoopee!

First is First…The cruise!

This is me enjoying the beach at Freeport in the Bahamas

The granddaughter Savanna at Paradise Island in the Bahamas

Picture of the Stateroom on Board

Another of the Stateroom...I loved this Cabin

Final one for the inside of the stateroom.

This is the extended deck...which you could just lie out on and enjoy the ocean breeze.

My hair getting braided up.

Ooops...that's all I can find on this computer...I will have to get some from my daughter in law.

On to my greenhouse - I love this thing.

Made out of windows and doors.

The inside rafters....where I am going to hang all my chimes. I have so many of them and all horse themed

Some trinkets I am going to use to decorate with.

This is one of the windows...that I put some etching in...of horses figures.

Full view with sliding double doors.

I am throwing this photo in just because I love this 20 year old Chevy. I tore up the front end three years ago...when I went airborne over a tree that fell across the road. It took my hubby that long to fix it. He just finished it and got it running again. The motor on this tank is awesome...I love it. Better than any new car.

Ok, on with the Christmas Forest. This was a project that took almost three weeks to complete with over a dozen volunteers and many hours of work. It takes just about the same time taking it down as it did putting it up. This fund raiser helps pay for the feed over the winter for the 54 rescue horses we have in right now. We have a total of 71 but 17 of them are our personal horses that belong to the family. We feed them ourselves....and most of the others too. It cost over 70,000 a year to house and feed the rescue animals....we raise about 45,000 this year to help with the cost. We have no government or private grants helping us.

Welcome to our Christmas Forest.

The hubby getting getting out and playing host.

The house this morning when I first went feed the animals. Burrrrr all in one day.

It's always beautiful but this time of year even more so.

It takes about 45 minutes to get all around the property. It's really a nice ride or even a walk if you care to walk it.

A light layer of snow just set the scene to perfect for us.

A quiet spot by the river to sit and think.

Getting ready for evening rides...we need to make it fun for everyone. All three sleds get to go out at the same time.

Ok, enough I know you are getting bored...and want to get on to better things so I will shorten this with just a few more photos..I wanted to share with you.

Merry Christmas and this is not Santa's Reindeer it's Chester our friendly gelding.

This is Mindy...she is our Hostess of the Petting Zoo...we have. She loves the attention of the children and they love her.

Meet Bint Mon Sufi - This is my granddaughters mare that she is in the process of breaking and will be showing next spring. This mare is 3 years old ...and an Arabian word meaning Daughter....she is the Daughter of Mon Sufi....he was our Top Stallion until he passed two years ago. We are really looking forward to this mare and seeing how well she does in the next few years.

This is Beaver having a bad hair day.

This is Gary down by the river...wondering how he might get across.

Now for some not so good photos...Remember I mention the horses I had to take in through a court order. They were removed because of abuse. Now it is our job to make sure they get healthy and adopted into good homes. ..Well the photo I am gong to show not a pretty sight and it will give you an example of how difficult this job can be at times.

Right now I am just going to call him lucky for he is very lucky to be alive. I am not sure what we will name him but I am sure the girls will come up with something cute and clever.

Final Photos...are of beautiful Husky that went missing a week ago. We are trying everything we can think of to find her...I am just praying that she is alive and with someone that is caring for her. As most of you know she is an epileptic and goes into seizures, so she is on medication daily. She has now been without it for 7 days...and it just takes a couple for her to start her seizures.

Talk to you all soon....have a wonderful weekend...and Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Come to my property armed and you will see what you get.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GAILSQUEST 1/1/2013 11:31AM

    Such a beautiful blog.
I just love the Christmas forest.
I love horses so much.I collect ceramic and plastic ones.
Did you get your greenhouse in a kit or design it yourself?

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CAMSEDGE 12/29/2012 11:22AM

    I loved your update...and your pictures...and the pony with the "bad hair day" sad for Lucky's injury...and amazing how well animals recover in a loving environment. The lights and positive atmosphere of your home is delightfull..Wishing you the happiest of New Year's.

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IOWAGRAMMA 12/24/2012 8:00PM

    So very glad you got Snow home with you where she belongs! Thanks for the great pictures! Merry Chrsitmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. emoticon

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ESILBO 12/23/2012 12:46AM


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HICKOK-HALEY 12/22/2012 9:10PM

    I had no idea you had that many horses. A true animal lover!! They are beautiful horses. What happened to poor Lucky? I really feel for animals that are abused. Thank heavens he is with you now. Your house is beautiful. I sure hope you find your dog. emoticon
p.s. Love your green house. We used to have a small one, but the snow caved in the top of it so my Hubby just took it down.

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KATRINAKAT23 12/22/2012 7:31PM

  Beautiful pics. Thank goodness for people like you. Horses are such magnificient animals.

I hope you raise lots of money and especially that you find your dog.


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BELDONDOG1 12/22/2012 4:16PM

    Joanna, thank you for such a wonderful blog!! I enjoyed it very much. I just love Bint-what a beautiful animal...and Beaver looks like me on most days :)
Still praying for Snow--what a sweet dog.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year for you and yours!! Noel

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CMKARLS 12/22/2012 11:59AM

  Merry Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

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JILL313 12/22/2012 11:30AM

    Hi Joanna, I really enjoyed your blog and the pictures are all so wonderful and self explaining. I can't believe how awful the injury looks to the horse that was abused. God Bless You for helping these poor horses who otherwise wouldn't have a good life and heal well. Your property is just beautiful and I also would love to take a carriage ride. You sure go all out with the colorful lights on the trees. Your going to have many hours of pleasure working on your art work and anything else to escape and have some quiet time for yourself. If I ever take a cruise I want a Stateroom as the tiny room we had on my cruise was like a big closet and no space in even turn around. I hope your precious Snow is being well taken care of. I'm still praying for his safe return home to you. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all the Best in 2013.

Hugs & Love,


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TXMEMAW6 12/22/2012 10:55AM

    Thank you, Joanna, for sharing your wonderful pictures with us. I would love to be able to take a tour of your property. It looks absolutely wonderful!! What an awesome adventure that would be! Your greenhouse, too, is really nice. Love the etching of the horses in some of the glass. You are truly talented to be able to do that yourself. So sorry for that poor horse. I hope he will be OK and the people responsible will be punished. No animal deserves to be treated like that. I also hope that you are able to find Snow. What a beautiful husky! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year! Hugs coming your way!!

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PYNETREE 12/22/2012 9:51AM

    Great pictures. I would love to go on that ride...and how beautiful in the snow!

But that poor mistreated horse! Injury looks horrendus! Will he recover? emoticon How did that occur..he's sliced open down his whole side!?

Bint Mon Sufi is gorgeous! A really beautiful horse.

Thanks for sharing.

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TXGRANDMA 12/22/2012 8:24AM

    Oh, Joanna! The Christmas Forrest is absolutely gorgeous! Wish I was closer so that I could tour it, too! There is something like that here in East Texas but it is over 2 hours away. I was there when the girls were young, and of course it was wonderful then!
I loved the photos of "Beaver" having a "bad hair day"! That should be in a magazine somewhere.
"Snow" is absolutely gorgeous! It is heartbreaking that she has gone missing.

What a unique and beautiful greenhouse! If you hang the chimes in there, though, there won't be a breeze to keep them chiming, will there? Or maybe it has an air circulation system to keep the air moving?

Stay warm and snug, and have a very Merry Christmas! emoticon

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