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6 Week Pictures and Weigh In

Thursday, May 09, 2013

I took my 6 week pictures today from when I started and HOLY CRAP huge differences! Then I stepped on the scale and saw the middle digit change and I started to cry and jump up and down like a little kid! Happy dance :)

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OMMAMA7 5/10/2013 10:58AM

    Awesome - congrats!!!

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KBEHNKE81 5/9/2013 9:11PM

    Success! Keep it up!

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HUNNA13 5/9/2013 8:45PM

    I might work up the courage to! LOL

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JULESJET 5/9/2013 8:38PM

    Awesome! Congratulations! Are you going to post up any of the pictures?

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SHOAPIE 5/9/2013 6:39PM


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    Congrats!!! :) Keep going!

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I have been doing pole fitness for 2 weeks now, and exercising 4-5 times a week for over a month now. I just noticed that ugly little crease in my back below my bra is GONE! At pole fitness I was able to do at least 90% of the stuff that I was unable to do the week before. It is amazing how fast your body changes!

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GOODGETNBETR 5/8/2013 5:23PM

    Yes it is. emoticon

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EMMACORY 5/8/2013 11:37AM

    Good for you! That is a great "non scale victory"! emoticon emoticon

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Feeling Better

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I woke up this morning feeling a tad bit better, but OMG I am sore for pole fitness. I can barely lift my arms! I can't wait until the next class. Doing my daily HRM post. I didn't really "push it" hard last night because I was still exhausted from pole class. I did about 30 mins of cardio and 10 mins of strength training and my body said OK you are done.

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PAMDAQTPI 5/2/2013 5:31PM

    Pole class, how fun! Listen to your body, I knows.

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Grrr to Sickness

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I have been sick on/off for the past 3 weeks, and I just can't seem to shake this bug. I did a round of Amoxicillin because I had such a terrible sore throat for the first week and a half, and that went away (I had Laryngitis SUPER bad, and pretty sure I had strep/tonsilitis too.) Was feeling great up until yesterday, and then I started to develop congestion and a lower sore throat, almost where an adams apple would be on a female. Only hurts when I swallow. Plus I am dry coughing a ton, which isn't fun. I am so sick of living on Dayquil and antihistamines! My new insurance at my job kicks in tomorrow, so I just need to tough it out ONE MORE DAY until I can go to the doctor and figure out what the heck is going on. I feel fine otherwise. I'm not drained by any means; I can still make it through an hour long cardio session and feel great. Now that I am congested so bad probably not so much. I have pole fitness class today, and I am NOT going to let this bug deter me. Grrrrr I hate colds!!!!!!!

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PAMDAQTPI 4/30/2013 10:38AM

    Yeah, I've had back to back colds since Easter :(
Each time I start to think, yay it's gone, it comes back again. It's not my immune system, it really is this cr@ppy weather. Normal highs for this time of year is +15 and we're still -2.

Exercise through what you can and rest when you can't. Remember to eat healthy even one days you can't exercise.

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AGILECAT 4/30/2013 9:46AM

    Sounds like what I had two summers ago. I had tonsillitis. PLEASE go to an urgent care clinic and get tested for strep if there is any delay in your new health benefits!

Also, consider getting tested for household allergens. I am very allergic to dust mites, for instance. It can cause perpetual lung congestion, coughing, and even asthma symptoms that won't go away until I get all extra blankets and laundry out of the bedroom, wash the pillows in hot water, vacuum under the bed, etc. It's hard to distinguish allergy symptoms from a bad cold, though.

Feel better soon!

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KRICKET57 4/30/2013 9:13AM

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

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ANDREWMOM 4/30/2013 9:08AM

    Hope you feel better soon!! emoticon

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HRM Day #1

Monday, April 29, 2013

I am going to start trying to post my HRM picture after working out for "accountability" purposes, but also maybe to show people that you don't have to work out long to burn a lot of calories (at least at my height/weight.) I did only cardio last night, mainly because I have pole fitness class Tuesday and I know that my body is going to be super sore from that, so I didn't want to add to the soreness by strength training as well. I like to mix up the machines because quite honestly 30+ minutes on one machine bores me to death. I will do sprint intervals on the elliptical and bike, and run/walk on the treadmill to keep my heart rate up. As you can see, I only did probably 40-45 minutes of cardio (HRM says 51 minutes, but this also is counting time walking to machine, cleaning machine, and also going into locker room) and I burned quite a bit of calories. Nothing is too small! I lost another 2 ounces and I am also back into the 180's- should be there tomorrow and I am pumped!!

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ELIZABETH5268 4/29/2013 5:19PM

    Thanks for your info earlier!

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THE_SHAKESHAFT 4/29/2013 3:09PM

    Great idea!

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REEDREDEFINED 4/29/2013 2:08PM

  It's all about how a person can make themselves accountable. Love your HRM!

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