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Sleep Study

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well, tonight is the night. I am still stressed about completing the forms. However, my mother who volunteers at the hospital and works there at times re-assured me a great deal. She finally understands the difficulty of the forms, and gave me some advice what I need to do to complete them. I don't know why I am so nervous, except not only is it a visit with a doctor, but so many times when I am being examined they find nothing. Not that I want them to, but I do know I have had a problem since birth, and the more I read about the need for restful sleep the more I feel I should get the best quality possible. I know from my research I have what is determined as problems with my circadian rythms.
I did learn that woman will very likely not even be there.
Now I will try and complete what needs to be done. I really appreciate all the support and encouragement of my Spark Friends.
Soon it will be over, and I can return to whatever I can call "routine".

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SHELLEY147 10/28/2010 9:41PM

    Great attitude! You CAN do this...and they will figure out how to help you get some restful, deep sleep! ~hugs~

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JIMCROCE 10/28/2010 6:10PM

  The forms are the hardest part of the procedure. Most people who do the sleep study think that they will not be able to sleep, or if they do, the study will not pick up something that is there. I am here to tell you that when I took the study, I only slept (what I thought was) a short time. I found out that I had slept long enough for them to determine that I would stop breathing for over a minute. (I thought I hadn't slept long enough for them to determine anything.) The worst thing about the whole thing was the gunk they put in your hair to keep the probes attached. Good luck.

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BABY_GIRL69 10/28/2010 6:09PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonGod bless, Dee

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Feeling Foolish-Again

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I admit it-I am one of those annoying individuals who are always asking questions. It is important for me to know why things are the way they are. Sometimes there is no why-it just is. Many of the questions I have are the obvious, but perhaps I have an inherent need for re-assurance. Looking at this reveals one of my biggest challenges-perfectionism. However, it is not necessary to remain immobilized simply because I might make a poor choice. What has been chosen can always be remedied by other choices.
I can see the necessity for me simply to trust the inner voice and act accordingly. It is usually correct.
This has been brought to mind, as once again, I am feeling quite foolish. Hence, another challenge-let go. It really doesn't matter what others think. Bottom line-I am scheduled for a sleep study the 28th. I am required to fill out paperwork, naturally, but the sleep diary is the most ridiculous form I have ever run across. It is confusing, and impossible to provide an accurate account. The feedback I receive is it is no big deal. However, having worked in healthcare I know it is important to get the most accurate and complete information available.
However, I have little choice but to deal with what I am given and trust that some sense can be made from what seems to me to be senseless. I need the faith to simply let it all go.
For some reason, my recent confirmation conversation is troubling. Things always have a way of working out, and I suppose the unkown also is playing a key role.
Writing has always been a way of putting things to rest. Now it has been done, and I can continue with my day.

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SHELLEY147 10/27/2010 9:51PM

    You're inner voice should be your best friend. My hubby had a sleep study done and we had to do that WAS confusing. It asked about sleep from like a month before we even knew he needed the study we had no clue how to answer. We did the best we could and apparently it made sense to them. :) Wish you the best!

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LOOSEINGIT 10/26/2010 11:07PM

Inner voices are uaually on on our side.
I have a hard time dealing with ..just because it is.

Hope everything works out and you get the rest you need.

take care

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WSTXBLUEBONNET 10/26/2010 1:53PM

    Be at peace! I've had a sleep study done before as well. I wasn't even required to keep any kind of diary. While, I'm sure that any kind of info like that can only help a doctor make a really well-informed decision, the treatment plan that you will be given is not based solely on a sleep diary. There a many factors that go into a diagnosis and treatment plan and then, once a treatment plan is put into place, you are monitored so if things need to be "tweaked", they will be. Plus, I do have to agree with Bethv10- that inner voice isn't there for nothing!!!! Be blessed with rest!!!!! emoticon emoticon

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LOZINJST4ME 10/26/2010 1:47PM


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BETHV10 10/26/2010 1:45PM

    Always trust your inner voice. I think it is something all women should do as we seem to always second guess ourselves. Have a great day! emoticon

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Accident Prone

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am gaining much from Spark in areas I would never have imagined. I actually am becoming stronger and more fit. I must be. Once again I took quite a tumble. This time it was down a flight of stairs. I have been expecting this, as these are the type of stairs which I have always had difficulty. However, although I have areas I have injured several times in the last few months, because of the challenges and workouts on Spark I was able to recover myself with only a few strains, and some soreness. It could have-and in the past, would have, been much more serious.
Today, I took it slowly, and will work up to my usual routine as my body lets me know it is time.
This is also a lesson, slow to be learned. I want so much so often to jump right back in.
This will only slow things down. emoticon
As time permits and I reflect it never ceases to amaze me the ripple effect of the efforts I am making to change.

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TRACYZABELLE 10/20/2010 12:37AM

    Please be careful and take precautions-- be more attentive and you will be fine. Hope you are not too bruised up

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LOOSEINGIT 10/18/2010 10:11PM

I think accidents follow me around.
I don't know what it is, but I have had more than my share lately. .

Hope you heal quick, and are back at your regular routine before to long. Take it easy and enjoy the rest. emoticon

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MONGO2TEN 10/18/2010 12:15PM

    So glad you are ok! Take it easy. You are showing much wisdom in taking it slowly.


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SHELLEY147 10/17/2010 10:40PM

    oh my! Glad you weren't hurt to badly! Take it slow and let yourself feel 100% before you do too much!

emoticon I'm cheering you on!

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Pulled in all directions

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I am still having difficulty reconciling what I need with what everyone else wants. I still have a pile of things I need/want to do and it is becoming overwhelming. There seems to be so many demands on my time that I am spinning my wheels.
I apologize to all my Spark friends for my tardiness in acknowledging my appreciation for all of the support, encouragement, goodies, and uplifting messages. They mean so much to me.
So many times when things are a bit rough, I will receive a comment from one of my friends and it truly brightens my day. I have had several of those timely messages arrive lately, and I am so grateful to have the encouragement of such a wonderful group of individuals.
All day yesterday and today I have delayed what I wanted to accomplish. It isn't that I desire control over others, but over myself. I fight the guilt constantly, and remain frustated because I feel pushed to fall into my do everything for everyone else mode. Even when it is only implied. I can see many issues arising as I reflect on this-issues of a lifetime. It will take time, and perhaps patience is one of the lessons I need to learn. The biggest issue I continue to look at is boundaries. The people-pleasing and trying to make everything work just won't happen. I need to learn how to be happy with the way things are, and who I am today, as I work towards the person I want to be.

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SHELLEY147 10/17/2010 8:12AM

    sorry you're having such a rough time right now...just remember to keep the focus on YOU. Do what you can when you baby step at a time. ~hug~

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SHEENADEE 10/16/2010 10:50PM

    A little deep breathing and relaxation techniques may be called for. Take it easy and enjoy.

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LOOSEINGIT 10/16/2010 9:38PM

Just kick back and relax,
lifes too short not to.

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PADRAIGHA 10/16/2010 9:37PM

    hey! you're important--you're in great demand!
That is what my husband used to say when I expressed the feeling of being pulled in all directions.
Is it real guilt or false guilt?
I struggle with many of these same problems.
I pray that God will give you His peace and His priority. May His Holy Spirit guide and encourage you!

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TLMS007 10/16/2010 9:34PM

    Breathe, take time for you, if you're not at 100% or at least 95% you can't help anyone with anything. Take csre of you first.

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ZZYYGGY 10/16/2010 9:27PM

    Just take one step at a time.

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Venting again

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I have a cat, which I have always believed was sent to especially to me. In my mind, he has always been my "angel cat". Whenever I have been hurt or in any kind of pain he has always been there. I gave him the nickname after I had a severe charley horse and upon awakening, as we often do, cried out God help me. The next thing I knew, Elmo was right there offering me comfort as only cats can. He had been on the sunporch, but his awareness of my pain brought him to me. When I am ill, he will place his paws on the areas which hurt, and pat them as he sings to me.
I have learned so many lessons from him. Unconditional love, and patience to name a few.
Many are aware of the commentary 12 Lessons I have Learned from my Cat. To those who have any kinship with felines or animals in general I highly reccomend it. There are many truths to be found. I have received it in e-mails several times, but I am uncertain of the author.
Lately, it has been a struggle to get him to take the medication necessary for him to have any quality of life. I am uncertain if it is simply a show of independence not wanting to take the food we put it in, or if he doesn't like the food. I keep trying many things. Sometimes, when he is doing well he will eat it without a fuss. I have an array of things I have tried. Purees of tuna, salmon, various catfood mixtures etc. He has always been particular about texture and smell. Freshness has always been a must. Today, I opened pureed, and threw away two cans of food. I really can't afford to do this, but the lengths we go for our pets can be amazing.
We have been taking a syringe and shooting it down. Now, it is my turn, and I am not really certain I can handle this. However just as today I spent trying to tempt him, not eating, getting angry, and generally getting behind, I will do what I must. He is one of the most precious things in my life, and he keeps me going. emoticon

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MONGO2TEN 10/15/2010 5:47AM

    I never knew the true bond one could have with an animal until I had Morgan. She is my "heart dog" and companion. I pray that your kitty will begin to do better. Have you tried either a raw food diet or a grain free food. Our kitty, Ed, loves grain free food.


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SHELLEY147 10/14/2010 10:23PM

    what a special cat you have! I believe the pets we have are chosen for us. The cat we have now isn't the one we went to adopt. The one we saw in the ad wouldn't come out from behind a dresser. Trixie, our baby...kept following my daughter every where. The lady at the adoption center said she would NEVER come out for anyone. She picked us for sure, and I'm betting it was her order from above. :)

When she's got to take meds, we put it in peanut butter! Of all things, she loves it! She also likes cheddar cheese...we found that out when I had a cheese tray out for company and we found her eating it! She didn't touch any other cheese, just cheddar! emoticon

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KELLYLEIP 10/14/2010 10:18PM

    Good luck! Loved ones are loved ones, people, animals, doesn't matter. Maybe your cat is trying to tell you something else? I'm no cat expert though. But good luck to you.

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