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Monday, October 06, 2008

Liked this, so i thought id post it so I can read it at anytime i needed!

10,000 points, 10 kg and 10 SP lessons

The power of 10! It's been an amazing journey so far. I finally lost 10 kg and reached my earlier target of 55 kg. SparkPeople is probably the only place where a loss is celebrated! But there's more. While the 10,000 points may be an insignificant thing to be proud of, it also means that I am active on SP, reading articles, posting on Message Boards, asking for help when I need, sharing information and encouraging others. Here are the 10 lessons I have learned:

1) Knowledge is power indeed! I used to pride myself that I know a lot about fitness and weight loss. But once I was on SparkPeople, I realized that my knowledge is zero and there is a lot of information that I must learn. SP is a magic box loaded with all the right information.

2) No matter how informed you are, putting the knowledge into action makes all the difference. This is where the Fitness Tracker and Nutrition Tracker come into the picture. By journaling your activities, you are better placed to know where you went wrong.

3) Portion control is the key. I realized everything that goes into my mouth has calories that matter. This was a major stumbling block for me as I used to dismiss accompaniments as calorie-free! Tracking them made a major difference.

4) The 10-minute rule works. I remember reading Coach Nicole's article that even 10 minutes of activity makes a difference. There are days when I don't feel like working out and I start out to finish up just my 10 minutes. So far, it has never ended with 10 minutes, always more than that.

5) You don't need to be a member of gym when you can have a personal trainer on demand! Yes, Coach Nicole has been my personal trainer, who is available 24/7 through videos and I love all the workouts.

6) Saying No. Learning to say "no" is the hardest part and I learned that it is better to say no to all temptations rather than feel sorry later. At the same time, it's important to indulge yourself once in a while so that you don't go all out until you feel guilty.

7) Lifestyle change. Once you are on SP, your life changes forever. You are empowered to make the right choices, make the right decisions, and also learn that failing once is not the end of the world. You just take it from there and get moving.

8) Team Works! Having a team that challenges you to put in your best, offers a shoulder when you are down, kicks your butt when you are too lazy to workout and celebrates your success with you makes a BIG difference and I am glad that I have a wonderful team backing me up.

9) Visualization Rocks! This is one wonderful technique that I learned on SP. Each time I lost weight, I visualized the ticker moving ahead by a pre-set date and this motivated me each time I saw the ticker ahead in my mind.

10) Spread the Spark. Well, we may not be rich enough to give to charity but we can always help the world become lighter by spreading the Spark and sharing the information and make a difference in someone’s life.


The beneficial beauty of selfless acts

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The beneficial beauty of selfless acts

Al was a smart man. He knew that generous acts benefit everyone, including yourself. The small actions you take now, no matter how insignificant they may seem, can have profound effects that you may never know about. Sometimes, just living as a good example has the power to inspire. Not quite as well-known are the physical and mental benefits that being a positive force can have for you. When you help others, stress decreases and causes less physical harm. Work and athletic performance improve. A positive attitude appears. And the mind is eased as troubles are put in perspective. Doing for others can involve a small gesture (pick up trash, write a note of encouragement, offer to mow your neighbor's lawn) or an ambitious undertaking (volunteer at a neighborhood center, mentor a coworker, work with disadvantaged youth). Make a habit of thinking "What can I do today to make someone's life easier?"

Do something for somebody every day for which you don't get paid.

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LIVELOVELAUGH- 5/14/2008 9:45PM

    One of my favorite movies is "Pay it Forward." If you haven't seen it, you should rent it! It's along the same line as what you wrote here.


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MYPINUPWITHIN 11/3/2007 3:32PM

    I'm a huge fan of Random Acts of Kindness. It often blesses me so much more than the recipient! Hugs! ~Deanna, FWC

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Giving It Your All

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If you can do your best and forget your worst, you've already got a head start on tomorrow. As long as you lay it out there every day, you can relax when yesterday is behind you. Of course, the only way this will happen is if you give yourself permission to forget. You can use this approach in anything: Pick up a problem, do what you can with it, and then put it down. Work your tail off at the office, then leave it there (the work, not your tail). Deal with a personal crisis by finishing off one day at a time. There's a great deal of satisfaction in leaving things be for a moment. There's a great deal of freedom in knowing that you could do no more. And there's a great deal of success awaiting the person who gives it her all, no matter what.

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could...

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CHERRY7UP 10/25/2007 6:31PM

    great blog!

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Living a Meaningful Life

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Living a Meaningful Life

Looking for meaning? Having trouble figuring out how to make a difference? The answer may be closer and simpler than you think. Ask yourself: If I were gone tomorrow, what will I be most proud of having left behind? The answer will be different for each of us, but it may tell you something about why you're here. Your answer can be as involved as a foundation you helped start, or as simple as a favorite picture that you took. Something will be here when you're gone. What would you like it to be? What one thing would tell the world what you were all about? Maybe it's your child. Maybe you're already working on something that could turn into one of your greatest accomplishments. If so, give it your all. The more of yourself that goes into it now, the more people will be able to see you later on.

The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.

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IRON__GIRL 10/19/2007 12:47AM

    Nice blog! Really something to think about!

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LADYMOONWILLOW 10/18/2007 10:15AM

    Wow, this is just what I have been thinking lately. I do want to leave something to remember me by, and to help others. I pray we all can do this.

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Just Breathe

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Breathing is one of the most overlooked aspects of good health. Oxygen is fuel for the brain and the body. Good, clean air boosts your physical and mental performance and helps lower stress. Whatever goal you're working for, proper breathing will help you reach it.

If you know the art of breathing you have the strength, wisdom, and courage of ten tigers.


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