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Back in the game . . .

Monday, April 21, 2014

Yup. Time to get back at it! My goal for the week is to do better than I did LAST week and then post about it. Easy enough, huh?

Here I go . . . emoticon javascript:void(0);

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BUTTERFLYNOW 4/21/2014 3:51PM

    You can definitely do it. I think the hardest part in the beginning is getting the ball rolling.

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JUSGETTENBY42 4/21/2014 2:01PM


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Virtuous Circle: New Days 2 & 3

Sunday, August 15, 2010

So, yesterday was DAY 2 of my planned upward spiral and I'm happy to report a small victory . . .

Without going into elaborate details about why (let's just say it was the perfect storm of circumstance), I began craving CAKE . . . or DONUTS . . . or anything with some similar combo of fats and carbs that would be like cake or donuts.

It doesn't happen often - it has been months since the last craving like this hit - but when it does hit, it is bad. Capital B, BAD! It doesn't matter that I KNOW that stuff is bad for me. Doesn't matter that I KNOW it will give me heartburn. It doesn't matter that I KNOW I could easily consume more than a days worth of calories in one sitting. When it hits, it is pretty much all I can think about.

I was home alone so no one would know . . . I picked my target - 6 blocks away - a Dunkin' Donuts with a drive thru window. No one would know. I could hide the evidence in the outside trash can before my husband returned home. No one would know . . .

And then The Daily Spark came to my rescue.

(Are you familiar with The Daily Spark? If you are, you know how awesome it is. If not, you NEED to check it out! The Daily Spark is SparkPeople's blog with daily posts on a wide variety of healthy lifestyle topics. Most are written by Spark People experts with occasional posts written by Spark People members or guests. Lots of great stuff. Last week, The Daily Spark posted this link:

Did you scroll down and look at those pancakes? OMG . . . that picture! I'm not a sweet potato fan but I decided I HAD to try those pancakes. I added a sweet potato to my shopping list so I'd be ready when the mood struck. Turns out, that was a very lucky call.)

ANYWAY . . . back to my rescue . . .

Before I made it out the door to get those donuts, the image of those pancakes managed to make it's way through the fantasies of all things buttery and fatty. I realized I could make those pancakes!

Even though I have to confess I ate a double serving, those pancakes hit the spot. And even with the syrup and nuts on top, they were still a WAY better choice than donuts.

How is that for spiraling upward?!

So, today is Day 3 . . . and I can't wait to blog about how successful I'm going to be on this new day!

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TEENY_BIKINI 8/21/2010 11:17PM

    Well, let's just call 'em like we see 'em - that was not "small" - that was a HUGE victory.

It took determination, self-awareness and self-control of massive proportions.

HUGE. Yes, that is also an upward spiral for sure. Way UP. Like skyscraper UP!


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NORTHWOODSMOM8 8/15/2010 2:50PM

    WONDERFUL spiral upward, dearest new friend! I'm SOOOOOOO proud of you! And NOW you've got me REALLY wanting some of those sweet potato pancakes! :-)))) When I have a sugar craving, [actually I bake them BEFORE the craving hits] I eat a plain COLD sweet potato. It's incredible! Doesn't need anything and tastes much different cold than hot. Well, thank you for your inspiration today!!!!!! {{love and hugs}} Susan

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Virtuous Circle: New Day #1

Friday, August 13, 2010

I've been here a LOOOOONG time. Sometimes I'm 100% committed - sometimes, not so much. I've climbed 'back on the wagon' so many times you'd think my arms would be in great shape! When I 'catch' myself slipping, of course, I want to get back on track and feel almost compelled to announce my new found commitment and my fresh start to my Spark Friends. And it feels good to publicly wipe the slate clean and start over. BUT, after so many fresh starts, it starts to get a little embarrassing.

PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way . . .

It is kind of like being stuck between a rock and a hard place . . . I can't seem to actually START the fresh start until I've announced it BUT I'm too embarrassed to announce it AGAIN.

Don't you just HATE a vicious circle?

We've all heard of a vicious circle . . . you keep doing the same things over and over and your downward spiral just reinforces what you are doing. But I'd never heard of a VIRTUOUS circle. A virtuous circle is were you keep doing the same things over and over but the result just get BETTER and BETTER. The spiral is an UPward spiral that also reinforces what you are doing.

I'm not making this stuff up! Check it out on Wikipedia:

Somehow, it seems easier now to announce a fresh start . Maybe it sounds silly, but, if it works, silly is good!

So . . . please be advised that today, Friday, August 13, 2010, is new new fresh start! WooHoo!


Good News! I'm Anemic!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

No, I am NOT crazy! LOL It is good news because it explains some stuff AND it is something I can fix! Yeah!

I've been 'doing right' since the end of February . . . I'm eating better than I've ever eaten, I'm excercising regularly, and I'm really paying attention to my health and how I feel. In the past when I've 'done right' I have experienced an amazing increase in my energy levels but this time, not so much. I feel better and have more stamina than I had before I started, but I expected more so I had a sneaking suspicion that something might be a little off. I shared thiswith my doctor at my last visit so she ordered labs to check it out (LOVE my doctor because she listens AND takes me seriously!). So . . . got a call this morning and, as suspected, I'm anemic. WooHoo!

WooHoo? No, really, woohoo. What that means is that when I have to push myself to get up in the mornings or to get to the gym because I feel tired, it is NOT the sign of a character flaw. I'm not simply lazy, I really AM tired! And THAT, I really can do something about!

The doctor is giving me an Rx . . . ewwwwwww! I know that iron supplements are nasty - N-A-S-T-Y!!! But, in a few months, I KNOW I'll feel better so I can deal with a little nasty.

Then comes the diet . . . THAT is gonna be tougher because I feel like I already eat an iron rich diet. I already eat spinach most every day (I use it for salad, in place of lettuce on sandwiches, etc.) I eat dried fruit most every day. I eat lots of tomatoes and citrus so I'm getting plenty of vitamin C. I even cook in cast iron several times a week. What I don't do is eat organ meat and THAT is not gonna change! Ewwwwww! There is only one thing that I like that could be considered organ meat - braunschweiger - and that is so full of saturated fat that any good it could possibly do would be canceled out by the harm it would do! LOL Anyway . . . I need to do a bit of reading to figure the diet thing out!

In the meantime . . . WOOHOO! I'm anemic! LOL

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BUTTERFLYNOW 7/7/2010 7:39PM

    Wow! You really DO eat an iron rich diet! I'm impressed!

It's awesome that you now have an explanation for the way you've been feeling. Hope you perk up soon! emoticon

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DAVEW175 6/24/2010 4:40PM

    That is good news. Your energy level should increase pretty quickly with the iron supplements. They've really helped my wife.

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Exercise: Nature vs Nurture

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Coach Jen's DailySpark Post today really got me thinking (Read it . . .

In my family, some folks are very active, others . . . not so much. For most of my adult life, I've been in the not so much group.

As a kid, I played active games and spent a lot of time outdoors. I loved recess and remember playing kickball and other active games on the playground. Everything changed when I entered 5th grade and suddenly recess became PE . . . then it became all about who was fastest, strongest, or most coordinated. I did play vollyball when I was in 9th grade, but I wasn't particularly great and spent a lot of time on the bench. After that year, my school didn't require PE and I was thrilled by that. In the 30 some odd years since then, I've been sporatically active . . . I played 'powderpuff' football my freshman year of collage . . . my roommate and I took a tennis class together my sophmore year. I always enjoyed the opportunities I had to hike or canoe but I never thought of those things as exercise and didn't necessarily make those activities a priority. To me, physical activity was something to make me feel inferior and uncoordinated.

I have recently discovered that, once I get off my butt and start moving, I really enjoy being active. Certain activities are so enjoyable, I actually forget that they are exercise. It has occurred to me that if there had never been a focus on who was 'best' in those school PE classes, but instead the focus had been on fun, non-competitive activities, I would have stayed active through adolescense and into adulthood. I DO understand how competative sports can bring out the best in some kids but for the many of us who where shy and/or less athletically gifted, the lesson seemed to be a painful reminder of our deficiencies. Anyone who was ever picked last for a basketball team in PE can tell you, basketball is NOT a fun game.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, even those who have genes that are predisposed to enjoy being phyysically active, can be conditioned to AVOID physical activities if they are not given the opportunity to participate in something that makes them feel good, instead of inferior.

I guess I'm lucky that I am finaally learning what activities make me feel happy and successful.

My wish for everyone reading this blog is a day full of fun and fulfilling activity!

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DAVEW175 6/3/2010 7:49AM

    Great post. It's a shame that schools are reducing recess time and making the play more structured. I think it turns it from fun to just another class or chore. Glad to see you've found some activities you really enjoy.

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