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Will low-carb make you grow taller?

Friday, August 10, 2012

This is my new research project. I did a little reading on a low-carb blog, can't remember which one, that talked about the correlation between low-carb high-fat eating in some people groups and greater average height. One example given was the Maasai. After watching this video of David Rudisha's world record run in the 800 meter yesterday and seeing his built all of what I read made sense. This amazing runner was running for his tribe and they honored him for it.

My 15-year-old daughter is still fine-tuning her low-carb diet and I am curious if she will grow any more in height, which should help her swimming performance. I already can see that here energy level is increasing and her stroke technique in all disciplines is vastly improved after 4 short private lessons this week.
If anyone has any links or other info on this topic I would love to hear about it and discuss it here or on one of the low-carb or paleo groups.
I am reading the book by Volek and Phinney about "The Art of Low-Carbohydrate Performance". I love it so far and hopefully will blog about it very soon. <link>

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ARMSPORTS 8/11/2012 10:36AM

    There is no physiological rationale for a low carb diet increasing height. The Maasai height is the result of genetics in combination with greater than typical amounts of animal protein in comparison to other tribes, which would allow them to reach their true genetic potential more readily.

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HOUNDLOVER1 8/10/2012 10:01PM

    Well, I had a good laugh reading some of the comments. emoticon
I really should have been a little more precise and said that I wonder if people who are not done growing because of their age will grow taller on a low-carb diet. It is very difficult to test this kind of thing and distinguish correlation and causation though.
Egalitaire, your input is very valuable and it lines up with my own experience so far.
MRSRACHEL, you raise an interesting point, about whether everyone would benefit from a low-carb diet. My husband is very low-weight and could gain a few pounds. I am really at a loss right now whether he might be able to gain weight on low-carb, not because of the number calories consumed but because of the quality of food. I hope we will find the answer to this question at some point.
Concerning the baldness, I guess we haven't figured out how that is diet-related yet but who knows?

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GETSTRONGRRR 8/10/2012 8:24PM

    It's helped me thin down and maintain a stable appetite, but it hasn't helped cure my baldness at all

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KICK-SS 8/10/2012 8:10PM

    LOL! I don't know as it would make one taller, but my pants have gotten longer!! (don't have to stretch "out" as much, so that adds to the length). emoticon

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MRSRACHELS 8/10/2012 3:32PM

    well I have read that low carb is more beneficial for people who are already taller and leaner by nature but I don't see how low carb dite could make you grow taller.

My understanding is people like myself who are short and athletically built need carbs more ( in the long run though, no one claims they don't help short term. ) than a taller smaller framed person. someone who is tall a bit heavy but still small boned also benefits from low carb diet but I don't believe its beneficial across the board. but then I'm no doctor Im just highly sceptically of anything that claims to be a one size fits all. Of course it also depends no how low your taking... most Americans eat far to many carbs so most could stand to reduce their carb intake by quite a bit.

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EGALITAIRE 8/10/2012 2:31PM

    This is an n=1 comment, but for me personally, the conversion to fat burning has had a significant impact on my riding - both in the distances I can ride without tiring and in the speed - I ride at a consistently much faster speed this year than I have in the past.

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RUSSELL_40 8/10/2012 1:19PM

    Great article, and blog. Longer distance athletes do better on fat/ protein, than on carbs. I see bike riders, and runners eating every 10-15 minutes during competition, and think that has to mess up their digestion. Personally, I feel great when sticking to low carb, and have much more energy.

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Lowest weight since I was 16 on low-carb eating - new goal weight

Saturday, August 04, 2012

It's not that I lost very much weight. Actually my weight is only about 2.5 lbs. lower than it was last summer at it's lowest point. It still feels like a huge difference to me that my weight is under 130 lbs. for the first time today since I was 16 (I'm almost 49 now). The biggest change is in the amount of belly fat that I have lost. There is only very little left which means I can fit into a size 4 in most cases.
The other part that is very significant is that I ate 70% of my calories in fat and did not have to count calories or eat less than I was hungry for.
I have been on a low-carb diet (below 50 grams of carbs/day) for about 5 months with a few breaks in between, usually due to not being very skilled yet in finding quick and easy substitutes when I'm not eating at home.
It looks like I'm finally getting better at it and the results are showing.
I think that my new goal weight is going to be around 124 lbs. but it may be a very slow process to get there if I want to gain rather than lose muscle in the process. I'll give it about 6 months and see where I'll end up. emoticon

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PATTYCAKE17 8/5/2012 2:45PM

    emoticonI like that you have geared your food plan to fit your goals and lifestyle, and it's WORKING for you. emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/5/2012 2:46:12 PM

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BEESMUM2003 8/5/2012 2:07PM

    Awesome job! I am starting to eat lower carb...its not that easy but the feeling is worth it. I feel so much better, less bloated!

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-LINDA_S 8/5/2012 1:17PM

    That's very exciting! No matter how skinny I got, I would never be a 4--big thighs! Hope you reach your new goal. Congrats!

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MYLADY4 8/5/2012 11:51AM

    Nice emoticon

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CHRISTYGBELL 8/5/2012 10:28AM


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KANOE10 8/5/2012 9:11AM

    That is very inspirational! Low carb eating does work! You have done a great job of getting yourself healthy.

I entered the 120s also for the first time in who knows how many years. There is a difference from being in the 130s..and I like it as well.


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RKJ1969 8/5/2012 9:02AM


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LOSER05 8/5/2012 8:50AM

PLEASE tell me how you lost the belly fat.

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CHICA_BORICUA 8/5/2012 8:46AM


I am in my super duper lowest since who knows because it was not in high school.....

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MEL27P 8/5/2012 8:39AM

    Congratulations! I likes reading your blog. I started low carbing on June 25 on my doctor's advice. In 41 days I have lost 8.6 pounds and I am not hungry.

I see that you keep your carbs at 50 or less. I am using 60 as my benchmark. Even at that level, I cannot eat all of the fruit that I want, but it's a sacrifice I am willing to make to lose the weight.

I wish you all the best on your weight loss goals.


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CGDINASIA 8/5/2012 8:22AM

    Great work. Thanks for sharing. You are an encouragement to us all.

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ARLENE_MOVES 8/5/2012 8:04AM

    Wonderful results. WTG!!!!!

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HEALTHY4ME 8/5/2012 7:58AM

    Good for you. that is me, learning the ratio for me. with fat, protien and carbs and also food choices. I am still not great home or out, but just not eating as much at home. So have lost that 20 lbs that I had found 8 of and lost 1 more. I am at 184 which is my lowest probably in 25 years. I was 180-185 for 25 years or so. I want to see in the 170s then 167 which is what I was after I had dd 32 yars ago. I was never in the petite number always a 12, 14 but wow 14 would be great. also at 55 I want to be healthier, fitter and toned rather than a number.

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JSTETSER 8/5/2012 6:36AM

    Go girl, go!

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SINNIBLONDE 8/5/2012 5:51AM


Debb :)

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APED7969 8/5/2012 5:27AM

    Congrats on the weight loss! And thanks for the advice on my blog. After I finish a few other books I'll definitely be reading that one. I think my current plan is to try to reduce carbs a little until my marathon in October since I know there is no way I'll be going low carb while on holiday in the US and then when I get back I'm going to experiment a bit with it while training for a Tough Mudder in Feb 2013 and probably a HM in between. I'm impressed you can stick with that plan so well. Food control has always been my downfall and I'm a carb addict so I plan ot ease into it!

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GETSTRONGRRR 8/5/2012 12:06AM

    Congrats! I'm real glad to hear about your results. I've cut my carbs down below 50 gms/day as well for about 6 weeks and feel great. weight loss is much slower than all the hype I heard about, but I feel (and am told) that I look thinner and better

Here's to continued success!

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JULIA1154 8/4/2012 11:53PM

  Congratulations - I know that must feel very good. It's especially impressive that you were able to get the macronutrients to balance as you have. That's an area with which I always struggle - especially in the summer when we have such great, local fruits :)

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NICKERMOM 8/4/2012 11:38PM

    Congratulations!! That is outstanding emoticon

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DEBBY4576 8/4/2012 10:41PM

    Congrats. You are the living proof that sometimes it isn't the scale that shows us we have lost.

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DIET_FRIEND 8/4/2012 9:57PM

    Congratulations on the low weight! Keep on sparking!

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Riding and a special swim lesson

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today was a break from running/hiking. I rode in the morning since it was a fairly cool day. Riding helps me work on my balance and my core muscles and also works the muscles on the inside of the leg. The main thing is that it's a very fun and relaxing activity. There is nothing like moving in unison with a horse and seeing the world from their perspective.
Tonight my daughter, who is a sophomore High School swimmer, gave me a swim lesson. She helped me with my breast stroke and freestyle kick and also with learning to breathe more efficiently on both sides during freestyle. She did so well that I decided to rather pay her for giving me lessons than any of the swim instructors at the pool. emoticon
I think she's quite happy about that.
Tomorrow I hope to get up early enough to have time for a long run in the morning. The goal is to do at least 9 miles.

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LOSER05 8/1/2012 9:25AM


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FIT_MAMA_2_FOUR 8/1/2012 9:20AM

    Sounds wonderful!

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FLAMENM 8/1/2012 12:45AM

    Sounds like a very productive and active day.

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NDTEACHER1 8/1/2012 12:09AM

    I wish I knew how to swim, close calls with drowning so I am afraid of water. I didn't let my kids know that so they took lessons and learned how to swim in fact my daughter taught lessons too.

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UMUCGRAD 7/31/2012 1:29PM

    Oh, how fun to be able to share life with your daughter that way. Years ago I took Tae Kwon Do lessons with my young son. He got quite good, competed internationally. I never did but that wasn't the point. We were in it together. It was a bonding experience that binds us even today. We have many fond memories of our Tae Kwon Do time together.

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PATTYCAKE17 7/31/2012 10:47AM

    emoticonWhat a TIMELY REMINDER! My beautiful pool has been closed for about 3 or 4 years now. Haven't been able to find anyone to properly maintain it for me, in a trustworthy way. I miss swimming and need to find swimming for handicapped people in my area.

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HEATHHILL 7/31/2012 9:17AM

    Awesome! It's fun to share both riding and swimming with you!! And how nice that your daughter and you spend good active time together. I swear it's gonna be my daughter who finally gets ME in good shape!

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WOUBBIE 7/31/2012 8:26AM

    How great to have the kids teach us instead! My elder son was teaching the younger one Algebra to get him through his summer school course and I think it was a really great experience for both of them.

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JSTETSER 7/31/2012 6:22AM

    What a great experience! Your daughter must be a great swimmer.

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HICKOK-HALEY 7/31/2012 3:59AM

    That works out great. Hope your run was a good one!

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BYEPOUNDS 7/31/2012 1:46AM


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Another trail run

Monday, July 30, 2012

The soles of my feet were still slightly sore from the barefoot run yesterday.
I did my usual trail run except this time I walked all of the uphill. It did not cost me much time which confirmed to me that I may not be reay for the trail HM.
splits were 10:30 min., 27:55 min., 40:08 min.
average heart rate was 132

My heart rate monitor worked again, I suspect the batteries are running low though. I'm going to have to decide if I get another Polar FT4 or switch to something else. I don't really need more features, just need one with a fairly modest price.

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HOUNDLOVER1 7/30/2012 10:13PM

    Surprisingly, it's very easy to get your feet used to being barefoot if you do it gradually. I rarely run barefoot, maybe once a month, but walk barefoot in the house. People who run barefoot a lot can do it over any terrain their body is used to.
Running in very thin minimalist shoes helps a lot, too.

Comment edited on: 7/30/2012 10:14:43 PM

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NDTEACHER1 7/30/2012 9:00PM

    You must have to build up calluses or toughen your feet somehow. I remember when we were kids we went barefoot in the summer, on gravel roads, now I can barely walk a foot without hurting the soles of my feet.

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JSTETSER 7/30/2012 7:31PM

    Running barefoot sounds like something I'd only do on the beach. I'm glad that it's working for you!

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TAMPATINK67 7/30/2012 9:12AM

    I've been thinking about a heart rate monitor.

Right now i'm torn between the "convenience" of one that is worn on the wrist vs. the total data available with a chest strap that provides "continual" monitoring... I guess the nirvana of a wrist worn continual monitor has yet to be developed!

As a current runner - I'd love to hear your feed back on the difference and how you utilize the data in a future blog!

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4 mile barefoot run on the track

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I had hoped to do a 10 K but it turned out that the outside track was too rough, rougher than asphalt, more like a chip-sealed road. So I only did 4 miles even though all the other runners did a 10 K but it kept me from getting any blisters.
I was the slowest runner by far as this turned out to be more of an insider event for the local running club with no beginning runners in sight. I was therefore quite happy to go around the track only 16 times instead of 25 since the last runner other than me was done with 25 loops before I finished the 16th.
It did help to run with other runners. It took me about 48 minutes to do about 4 miles (I had to stay off the inside lane to let the faster runners pass) so that works out to about 5 mph. I ran the last 400 m quite a bit faster than the rest. Unfortunately my heart rate monitor gave up half way through so I can only estimate my average heart rate, probably around 134.
It was interesting to see that out of about 15 people 3 were running in minimalist shoes and one guy said he sometimes runs barefoot.
Overall it was a fun experience. The new club membership coordinator seems to be open to encouraging beginning runners by scheduling a C25K program followed by a 5 K fun run next year so I may get involved with that if it's going to happen. emoticon

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NDTEACHER1 7/29/2012 11:01PM

    That is wonderful!!!

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GOPINTOS 7/29/2012 8:47PM



Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
Melinda (gopintos)
Wheat Belly Team

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TAMPATINK67 7/29/2012 12:52AM

    sounds like a great experience!

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UMUCGRAD 7/28/2012 9:07PM

    Good for you! I'm impressed. I can't run around the block. I'm glad you understand it's about YOU and YOUR health and YOUR progress. We live in such a hyper-competitive society I fear we lose our way sometimes. We compare ourselves to others and give up.

GOOD FOR YOU! emoticon

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