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Proof that Scales Don't Tell the Whole Story

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The last 24 hours have been a perfect example of the deception of going by weight alone and why you shouldn't let what the scale says for one or a few days determine your mood or use it as an indicator of how well you're doing.

Yesterday morning pre-shower, I got on the scale. 169.5. Proof that a weekend vacation with my mom's cookies and more cost me. I noted it and moved on. Throughout the day I had:

1/2 of a bagel sandwich with egg, cheese, sausage
A 16oz nonfat vanilla latte
1/2 of a small bell pepper
some carrot
some supergreens
about 1 T dressing
a small apple
6 or so oz of chicken
about four glasses of water

I also went on a 43 minute run + 12 minute cool down walk.

This morning's weight? 170

According to, my resting metabolic rate is about 1550 cal/day plus the run, would mean that I burned at least 2000 calories yesterday. Given that the rule of thumb is that 3,500 calories = 1 lb, .5 lb would be about 1,750 calories. In all, I would have had to consume 3,750 calories yesterday for today's weight to mean squat.

Which is good because it was my first time ever seeing 170 on a scale and without being logical about this, I would be feeling pretty badly about this right now.

Either way, water weight, or something else, I should not be in a place where 170 is even possible. I'm really disappointed that I let this happen. To be clear, this isn't a case of a health issue or anything like that. I like craft beers and fatty foods. A woman of my height can't drink as many IPAs as I would like, then eat the food that sounds like a good idea when I'm drinking beer and stay skinny.

Long ago, in high school, I set 150 as my 'pull out all the stops' weight thinking that that was a crazy number. I've ounced up past that 320 times over. It's time to get back to that.

I think part of the problem is that really, I always thought that a weight like 170 would look more shocking than it does on me. I mean, it doesn't look good and I have to buy larger sizes but it's not as impressive as I imagined so it's easier to downplay.

In any case, I'm back and this is making a turnaround.

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KOFFEENUT 1/29/2014 9:57PM

    I went through a period where I put the scale away. It was making me crazy - huge random fluctuations from day to day - and I had no control over what it was doing. Once I focused on what I COULD control (Yes, I CAN eat 2 servings of vegetables today! Yes, I CAN exercise 10 minutes more than last week!) the scale eventually caught up with all my healthy habits!

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Believing I can do it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Friday the 8th's quick happy hour turned into a night of partying. As in something like five double vodka tonics and a shot. I awoke at 6 the next morning feeling guilty for the money, time, and calories I wasted the night before. I remembered babbling on the night before about how our great DD wouldn't have to drive me back to my car in the morning because I would run. So I got to thinking about it and checked how far it was from my home to my car. I found out that it was really just five miles away. So I decided that I would go by foot and that maybe that would give me a little time to think about what I had done.

Realistically, I didn't think I could run the whole thing. I thought there would be quite a bit of walking. I didn't feel too hung over but I decided to wait a little while just to be sure I wouldn't toss my cookies along the way. Then I set out and I ran almost the whole thing. I took a couple really short walk breaks but I was able to always just set my goal a little further out and keep going.

I felt like a rockstar when I got done! I would never have thought I could run 5 miles and especially not after a night of drinking. But I did!

Hooray! The only bad news is that I haven't worked out since then. First it's a work thing, then time with my fiance, then time to go shopping for underpinnings for wedding dress shopping, then wedding dress shopping and a drink, then running errands, then wedding show, then, then, then. I think I have to just start going to the gym in the morning. Which sucks because I'm so not a morning person but when I tried on a dress at the wedding show, I was looking at the pictures later, and I actually had back cleavage. Seriously. Things have to change. So that's why I went to happy hour last night instead of my class at the gym... What is wrong with me?

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PINKYXXX 1/20/2010 7:18PM

  You go girl.Wow thats an achievement! If I ran one mile I think I would pass out. I've just started this thing but I have noticed a difference already. You just have to keep your goals in your minds eye! Think of how that dress will look in a couple of months..

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I resisted

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Last night on the way home, I stopped at Safeway so I could pick up a Sunday paper (for the ads). When I got there, I spied a display of Cadbury bars. Oh did I consider it. I thought about getting one of those and some milk. Really started plotting. I had already searched my office earlier in the day and Kevin's cupboards for chocolate since for some reason it was a chocolate craving kind of day. But I talked myself out of it! I think that the irony of eating that while watching the Biggest Loser helped.

I've been dog sitting and, while it's been great, I'm pretty ready to go home and sleep in my own bed. It's been just over a week now that I've been there. But between going home for Christmas and everything, it's been since about the 16th of December that I last slept in my own bed. Things dog sitting went pretty well at first but the last two nights have been terrible with the typical animal circus. The cat's locked out of the bedroom. The dog needs out. Now for some reason the dog has gotten off the bed and now doesn't want to jump up so she barks. Dog teases cat. Cat walks on my face. Cat starts kneading me, claws and all. Dog teases cat. Too hot because dog is on me. Can't move because dog is on me.

Between all of that, stressing about wedding stuff (I just realized that a dress I'm in love with is a fall collection dress so I'm worried about availability, even though I haven't tried it on), oh yeah, and the major mistake of watching Inglorious Bastards before bed the other night, I am in serious need of a good night of sleep.


Oh Gymuary

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Now, I realize that after the last couple months, I do sort of fall into the "Gymuary" crowd. But, looking at the year overall, I feel like I do have some room to complain. The gym is always a disaster in January. I went last night to one of the other branches. I got my stuff out of my bag and got ready to change when a lady with the locker next to mine came up and planted herself between me and my gym clothes. I gave her a few minutes to get into her locker, waiting patiently. But either her lock was broken or she had forgotten her combo. Wait, wait, wait. Then a lady with a locker on the other side of mine came up. So I packed up and moved. = about 10 minutes wasted.

Then, the whole weight area was overcrowded. Then, every single real cardio machine was full. Even a few of the adaptive fitness machines were being used. So my only real option was the three-lane track (clearly labeled in a couple places with 12" letters on the ground, inside lane is for walking, middle is for jogging, outer is for running). Which was also crowded. It was crowded with a few types. First, there were the walk three-abreast at a pace of about a mile a year people. The walk in the outer lane people. And the determined to show you lazy bastards how fast and wonderful I am people who drive probably exactly like they run on that track - weaving through the traffic at a full sprint and cutting people off with mere inches to spare. It was so frustrating.

I just wanted to stop everyone and say, "Look, this can only work if we all follow the rules. Walkers, you stay in your lane. You can work it out to walk and talk while maintaining a lane. Joggers, jog in the middle lane. If it's clear, pull into the walking lane until you need to pass to allow others to pass you. If you should happen to be jogging quicker than another jogger, pull into the outer lane to pass and pick up your pace to pass as quickly as possible. Give the other person a little room before pulling back into the middle lane. And you, sprinters, we get it, your fit, fast, fabulous, agile, and beautiful. You can quit showing off and pulling hot-dog stunts that could hurt someone else. Carry on."

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm happy that all of these people are taking a shot at changing their lives. This season of resolutions and possibilities warms my heart. It's like the start of a new school year but for adults. I hope they all stick to it. I really do. But the issue is that the gym really isn't designed for those crowds because 10.5 months out of 12 there aren't that many people coming. So the amount of time it adds to my gym experience is really frustrating - between looking for equipment, waiting for equipment, and tripping all over each other in the locker room. I also think that it makes it less likely people will stick to it - if they're new and it's too crowded and overwhelming and they can't get a good workout in in the amount of time they have (and therefore can't get results very quickly) I think they're more likely to quit. As such, I propose that in January/February each year, the gym should figure out a place to put in some extra machines. If that means leasing some nearby empty business space and going super minimalist there with some extra cardio machines, free weights, and beach-style changing areas, perfect.

In other news, I saw a class I want to try out next week! I don't know how good of a workout it is but it looked like a heck of a lot of fun.

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KATIEWHOMPUS 1/6/2010 1:12PM

    Amen to the running lanes. I used to get so frustrated running at my college gym when people would walk 3 across and then give you dirty looks if you tried to squeeze by or said "excuse me".

That and the people who HAVE to have the locker next to you even if there is an entire room of empty lockers. Um, hi, I don't like changing next to a stranger, can you go three lockers down please?

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Try, Try Again

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Okay. Here we go again. So November and December didn't exactly work out as I had planned. While I had hoped to work out while my parents were in town, that didn't happen. Then, when we went to Oregon, Kevin ended up coming down on the first day and proposing. So then everythng went bananas. First we stayed an extra day in Oregon. Then, the four days or so I had between that and Nashville were spent ring shopping, unpacking, doing laundry, and repacking. Then, straight from Nashville to home for Thanksgiving. Then it was December. November simply disappeared on me.

December went much the same with the holiday hustle. In all of December, I worked out all of about four times. At least when I did, I generally went hard. One time I went running at home (before the streets got snowy and slick) and Nunzio (tank dog) and I did 4.5 miles. Well, I did 4.5. My mom went by on her way home from church when we were at about 3.5 and he begged to get in the car.

The good news is that, I think I only gained about a pound in December. Not as bad as it could be! But I have certainly lost fitness and I am actually looking forward to getting into the January and February doldrums where there seems to be little better to do than to work out. Last February was my best gym month all year.

I am excited for and nervous about the upcoming year. We've tentatively decided on late February/early March for the wedding. So, in this next year, I have about 20-25 pounds to lose, a wedding to try to plan on the cheap, and the whole move to Kevin's house to contend with. First, we need to do some stuff around the house like painting, rearranging, and installing shelving. Then, we have some major organization to do since I come 'prepared.' Luckily, this will allow me to move in over a lot of time so I can do a good job and put things away as I bring them.

And, finally, my 10-year reunion is coming up so I'm toying with the idea of trying to run a marathon by May 2011. But maybe I'm insane for trying to fit a wedding and marathon into the first six months of 2011. We shall see.

Oh what a year 2010 will be!

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USAFCOWGIRL02 12/30/2009 10:56PM

    Congratulations!! I know you are so excited. And I know that it feels like so much but I know that you can do it. Keep up the good work. I have faith in you.

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ELIZABETH50 12/30/2009 1:18PM

  Congratulations on your engagement! A wedding on the cheap is the way to go - we had ours and our daughters in the backyard. A wedding is one day - a marriage is a lifetime and starting with a boatload of debt can be tough ! Good friends and family are just happy for you!

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INSPIERED2010 12/30/2009 1:14PM

    Stay focused and motivated and you can achieve it! emoticon

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