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Crawling back for more.....help and support that is.

Friday, September 16, 2011

About one year ago I started changing my lifestyle towards a clean and healthy diet combined with regular exercise. I learned a lot about nutrition and training and created new healthy habits for myself. I got a lot happier and stronger and although I was facing 6 months without my husband by my side for support, I managed to not fall of the wagon too often. I lost weight and kept it off. Well....I gained a little bit back but not all of it as I have not gone back to my old ways. Sometimes I just happen to enjoy a few treats to many here and there....
I also managed to start my own business at the time which was challenging without my husband around for encouragement.

I joined Sparkpeople in the new year and found the extra support I needed to stick to my diet, exercise and positive attitude to create my best self I can for the return of my husband and make him proud. He loved the results I greeted him with when he got back from Afganistan. We went on an amazing holiday of a lifetime and while on vacation and after the trip, we stuck to our (I got him inspired too) healthy ways. Throughout the summer I got better and better at running, finished a half marathon and then wanted more and more and more.......... which in the end was too much too soon and I got burned out.

I lost the spark for running, comforted myself with chocolate and as you know, the downward spiral began. I managed to catch myself before falling too deep and had to realise that I am a work in progress and that means I have to keep working on myself. ALWAYS! I am so much an ALL-OR-NOTHING person which explains why I tend to give up when I hit a wall.

There is no reason I can not take it easy for a while. I don't need to improve ALL THE TIME, especially not the way I was going. It's just not possible. The important thing is to stick with it, try again, accept a bad day, a bad run and a desert too many. And then move on and be proud of what I achieved so far, not what I haven't achieved yet. I can still beat my personal best next month, run a marathon next year or the year after.... it doesn't have to happen right now. Setting goals is great but I need to learn to not overdue it.

This is why I am back, ready to go again. Moving on.......... tracking food again, tracking exercise again and asking for support. Progress not perfection! I am ready to progress again. Please catch me when I stumble before I fall again.

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RUNDARCYRUN 9/16/2011 11:45PM

    I'm still running, but yet comforting myself with chocolate and all sorts of things... I'm still active and I am spiraling downward.... =( But I am ready to make some changes too!! Let's do this, Beatrice!! We can make some progress once again!

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PWINCESSEMILY 9/16/2011 4:20PM

    You have achieved some amazing things x

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JODYTYPER 9/16/2011 4:07PM

    I am also an all or nothing person and I always expect too much too soon!

You have already proved that you can do it though so there is no reason you can't do it all, and more, again! Best of luck emoticon

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HOAGIE22 9/16/2011 8:08AM

  Git Er Done!!!

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1st time running a half marathon and celebrating it by commiting to writing a blog...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hi everyone, it's been a while I know but I have great news regarding my running/fitness journey. I have been absent from SP a bit lately but that doesn't mean I have been lazy, eating lots of crap or have gone back to my old ways. NO, I have just been busy with work and working out. I have been running and eating well and topped it all up with a bit of strength training and today I conquered a milestone I had set for myself by running the distance of a half marathon. I had planned to run one in June but then could not do it because I had to go to Germany instead and celebrate my friends wedding, eat great food, cake and drink booze instead. Come on, would you have stayed at home and ran a race instead??? Be honest.
The next opportunity to run a half marathon race won't be until October now which is a bit long so I asked my soldier husband to take me instead. I have been building up distance and pace for the past weeks and today was the day to run the actual distance. I was so proud of myself to have run the distance in 2hrs 4min. My goal for the race in October will be to run it in under 2 hours.
To commit to training, healthy eating and further goal setting and accomplishing them I decided to start writing a blog to hold me accountable.
I am already writing a sewing blog (which I am sure you are not too interested in here) but if you find the time please stop by for encouragement, introduce yourself and let me know if you are out there on the bloggersphere as well.
I hope you are all doing well with your weight loss journeys, fitness goals and life.

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AHEALTHIERME44 7/16/2011 1:05PM

    You should be so proud of yourself--you will surely reach your goal of under 2 hours by October!! Congratulations!!
emoticon emoticon

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Week 1 recap

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week one was a success all the way through. I am feeling great and I am enjoying working out and running again.
Lets review my goals for the week and how well I did at achieving them.
Goal 1; 30DS every day and 3/4k run
I did much better than that. My body felt like it wanted to do more than just the 3/4 k run.
Monday and Tuesday: I did the 30DS level 2 and ran about 4k each day
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: I did 30DS level 3 and ran for about 1 hour/10k
Saturday I did 30DS level 3 and ran about 6k
Friday was a restday as I was cleaning my whole house top to bottom so I thought I can get away with it.
I think I can be proud of myself for over-achieving. I am feeling great and fitness-wise I feel as good as I felt before the holiday. What wonders a little kick in the butt can do.

I have not been tracking my food as I tend to get a little obsessive about sticking to a certain number of calories. I try to do intuitive eating and eat when hungry and stop when full. I am also eating fairly clean again and cut out all processed foods and sugar and alcohol.
I did eat out last night with my husband and had a pint of cider, I confess but I only had a main, no starter or desert, stuck to just one pint of cider and the rest of the day I had salad, fruits and 2 whole meal, high protein blueberry pancakes. All in moderation....works for me.

The plan for this week is:
Exercise Mon-Fri strength and cardio, trying to keep up with last weeks amount of exercise
Mon-Fri eat clean
I will take the weekend off from exercise as I am flying out to Germany for a friend's wedding (hence the need for quick results getting back into shape) While travelling I will try and eat as healthy and clean as possible, Saturday night I will indulge a little and also have a few drinks, Sunday I will try and not kick into hangover-stuff-the-face-mode but pick my foods as thoughtfully again as possible. This should not cause too much damage and sabotage my diet/exercise program.

What are your plans this week?

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BED0FR0SES 6/13/2011 2:17PM

    Man we are back on track! I did Jillian Michaels last week and even though it was a complete struggle, I survived! I also managed to go for 30 minute walks 5 days this past week as well...but I did have a fail-day as my boyfriend's father came to town and splurged us with Mexican food...let's keep it up!

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KKSTEIGERWALD 6/12/2011 8:23PM

    Sounds like a great plan and congrats for surpassing your goals last week! Have a great time in Germany and travel safely!

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PWINCESSEMILY 6/12/2011 1:06PM

    Hello lovely! Its nice to see you around again, and good to hear your husband is home!

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Back on track after a little time off from SP

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hey everyone. I hope you are all doing great and sporting the bikinis on the beach. I took a little time off from here after the hubby returned home and then we went on our holiday and the after that we had the after-holiday-blues and now reality hit me and I really need to get back in shape.
I haven't been out of control eating or anything like that but I did indulge a few times and maybe a few times to many here and there and didn't compensate with enough exercise.
This is about to change. I have already been back on track eating better and also started exercising again. I have been running a few times in the last 3 weeks and I have started my strength training again. Jillian is whipping me in shape again.
I am also pretty busy with work, which will hopefully keep my mind of food.

Here is the plan for the rest of this week:
Strength train with 30DS every day plus a run afterwards minimum 3/4 k
This will build up my strength again and get me back into running regularly. I am pretty sore from yesterdays workout and the one on Monday so it seems to be working.
Eat healthy and write down what I am consuming.

Little steps...

I also got a super birthday present from my husband in April (wow this is how long I have been missing in action here) a bike. Not just any bike, the cutest bike ever. A Schwinn beach cruiser. I have been on a few bike rides since we got back from hols. It's the best easy exercise ever and I get to look cute while exercising too.

I tried uploading a picture but for some reason it didn't work, any ideas?

What's your current plan/routine? Any tips on how to get back on track quickly and get the best results while feeding a husband who isn't too fussed about what he's eating because he burns it ALL off even if it was 10 kg of cake every day?

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LMFB52 6/10/2011 12:07PM

    You and I are in the same boat! I hit my goal weight, went to Vegas, and haven't tracked since! I'm back and ready to finish losing...luckily I hadn't really gained in my time not tracking, but seeing myself in a two-piece made me realize I still have a little bit to go. With the man coming home in the next week or so for his R&R, I'm afraid I'll gain weight and won't fit in to my bridesmaids dress for a wedding I'm in in about 2 weeks!!! We can do this!!!

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TEALSMOKE 6/8/2011 10:57AM

So glad to see you back doll! Sounds like you had a good time with the hubby!


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    So glad your back!

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    Thanks you two, glad to be back.
@John........the after-holiday-blues is an evil evil thing. I never had it quite as bad as this time (I guess jet lag doesn't help) but we road tripped through the USA for 2 1/2 weeks and it was just so amazing that coming home to same old, same old and WORK was just like falling into a big fat black hole. What is there to be looking forward to now?
And I think that might be the key. Plan something small and nice for after the holiday. We started planning our next trip and ways to save up for it. Now we are looking forward to our next holiday, whenever it will be????? But it will happen and we will be well prepared for it. emoticon
Enjoy your trip.

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MKGARNER1 6/8/2011 8:38AM

    Hey girl, I wondered where you went! Welcome back, you were missed! Happy biking. You're right, looking good while working out is a huge plus!

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JOHNWBROCKSR777 6/8/2011 5:24AM

    Glad to see you back on track...We are going on vacation in July.I have been thinking about how to handle those "after-holiday-blues". My wife and I talked about it last year. There has to be something we could do to off set that emotional ride. Isn't it strange that we worry about something before that event very takes place. I'm just trying to be pro-active. Any ideas?

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I'm back and changed the plan yet again

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I took a few days off Sparkpeople as I had a very busy week and spend far too much time on this site.
I felt like I needed to relax my calorie counting a bit as I was always hungry so I decided to do some intuitive eating as I am eating super healthy anyways. I felt much better, had less cravings and no urge to binge. I am exercising a lot and I don't have an awful lot of weight to lose anymore which means it's more about toning my body now so I think I don't need to restrict my calories too much.

I think I did eat more on the days I wasn't counting but I didn't gain any weight and I didn't gain any inches back. I am getting stronger and more toned thanks to the strength training I am doing and the running does the rest.
I think I will maintain my weight for a while now and eat more calories and of course work out. I am doing so much running and strength training now that I doubt, I will put on weight by eating 1800-2000 kcal a day depending on my workouts. I probably still loose weight because I am burning more than that but it'll happen very slowly.

I might not reach my goal weight before my husband gets home but I don't stress about it. I am sure my body figure out if it wants to go there or not. It's a number on the scale that doesn't mean an awful lot if I am not looking at my body measurements and the way I am feeling physically and mentally at the same time. At the moment I am feeling fit, healthy and strong. Food is what fuels my body throughout the day and something I enjoy with friends here and there. I eat very balanced and clean and I exercise a lot, so my body needs the energy.

I have finally found a half marathon I want to run in June in Southend (Essex) so I have a goal to work towards. I am sure with all the training I am doing for it, I won't pile on the kilos again and maybe the last 4 kilos will drop in the meantime. If not 28inch waist and 37 inch hips, size UK 10 (US8) is not bad and I can live with that for now.

It's not easy for me to try and relax my diet a bit but I feel I have to do it right now.
Sometimes things just take a little bit longer than expected but It's about the journey, not the destination, right?

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ANDREA409 6/3/2011 7:29PM

    Absolutely!! I've been derailed SO MANY times along this journey and finally had to accept that my body can only do so much. I kept forcing it to bend to my will until it finally pooped out on me. That's no way to live. I say stick with the intuitive thing, since you are eating clean.

What's the word on the marathon? Are you running it?

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HERE2GETFIT 4/1/2011 5:41PM


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PURPLESPEDCOW 3/27/2011 4:46PM

    I think you are at a good place. I really believe that the plateaus everyone moans about are just our bodies getting used to being where they are at for a while.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 3/27/2011 4:31PM


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    I think it's important to figure out maintenance too, because I am not planning on putting any of that weight back on again, ever. So even though I am not at goal weight yet, I am not far from it and then I need to know how to stay there without calorie counting but still doing all the exercise.
This maintenance plateau I am now on for a short time will help me find the right balance and then I can cut down on food again to drop the last 4 kilos and maintain again. Let my body feel safe for now and then challenge it one more time to reach goal weight......

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PWINCESSEMILY 3/27/2011 3:58PM

    I think this is a good idea. Just being comfortable for awhile is a good thing.

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