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When I wake up.....

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I posted this blog twice.

I'm not doing it again.

If it doesn't post....poooey.

This is what happens to my brain when I try to go a day without coffee. I am so EXHAUSTED!!!

I am supposed to run today, but I can't decide between redoing Week 3's 90sec/3 min intervals or the Week 4's 3min/5min intervals. It is now 3:14pm.

I began my new classes today and I'm supposed to read 4 chapters and comment on Money Matters.....I printed it. They are sitting on my printer.....

I am supposed to Start my Slim in 6....we won't even put that on our list yet...

I tried to finish my Christmas decorating. I have managed to move all the lights from the living room to the front entrance, vacuumed and gave up when i couldn't find the stapler.....

Maybe I will just restart my day. Go make a cup of coffee and start over. Wait!! I don't have creamer. I don't drink coffee without creamer which is why I told everyone not to buy me creamer.


I'm going back to bed.

and it's only 3:16pm.

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CORINA-MOMOF4 12/8/2009 8:19PM

    ROFL Love your blog today!

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Everyone needs a treat day, right?

Sunday, December 06, 2009

That's what I am telling myself today.

I WAS doing great! I woke up at 8 and ran. Stepped outside and bbrrrrrr was it cold! I did my brisk walk as instructed by Robert Ullrey and thought "I'm ready for my first 1.5 minutes!" The motivation was there.....buuuut.....

You ever have one of those dreams where you are running and the more you run the heavier your legs get? No matter how hard you try your body literally weighs you down?


Well, anyway my run today was like that dream. I was actually VERY surprised but my legs felt soo heavy and I was out of breath! Was it the cold air? Was it my body stating "ENOUGH CHICA!! BACK OFF!!"? By the time the 3 minutes hit, I was sputtering and tripping all over the place. I don't understand....two days ago I did it like it was a regular. Wasn't easy, but wasn't this dang difficult either. I am still debating on repeating week 3 and seriously leaning towards doing that.

After I got home and showered, still wondering in disbelief and soaking as much hot water on my achey shins as allowed, the girls took me to Tom's Christmas work party. I, again, did FABULOUS!! Carrots, no dip, brocolli, no dip..no meats and water. I didn't even cringe, I just did.

We came home and docorated our own house. Actually, I think we imploded it as there are more lights, tinsel, and broken leftovers on my floor than hit the tree. My Harry Potter train set broke, the Ski Slope keeps falling off the tree and is now sitting in the corner of our living room. As my girls poetly described it at dinner: "Dad, it looks like Santa tried to throw up in our living room."

That's my project for tomorrow.

AND, as Tom made the work pumpkin rolls and imploded the kitchen AND as we haven't been out to dinner since.....gosh, when did we last have money? We still don't, but went out anyway :o)

It was Red Robin.

I forgot my glasses! emoticon

Screw it, it's treat day.


I tried!!

I'm not even going to talk to my scale in the morning. emoticon

BUT!! After....or maybe before cleaning the house, I start my new classes and my Slim in 6.

I love Mondays....start of a brand new everything :o)

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GRANLUND 12/7/2009 9:36PM

    I've had workouts like that. I was motivated, but just couldn't get moving and finally gave up.

I don't have that dream, I have the one where all of my teeth fall out in my hand....I think I'd rather have the running dream!

Our kids get out on the 18th as well...then our whole family get 2 weeks of break since my husband and I are both teachers. YEAH! I can't wait. My husband and I also get to go to Chicago the 16-18th, so I really only have 7 more school days left (not like I'm counting or anything!)

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BAKER1009 12/7/2009 4:31PM

    I always love reading your blogs! Keep up the good work, you're doing just fine!

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CHERYL1105 12/7/2009 12:18PM

  Yeah, my weekend was kind of like that too. It was fine until I made "Mother Load Pretzels"! You take pretzel rods, snap them in half so they are shorter, dip the broken end in melted caramel, and then roll them in mix of chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, toffee bits, and walnuts. It is delicious... and I couldn't stop eating them. :( So I'm just like you... glad it's Monday and I'm back at work and back on my eatting plan!

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HOPEFULHIPPO 12/7/2009 11:17AM

    I'm not too worried about it. It was a crazy up, down, up, down day. We were all too excited and happy to be frustrated and down, even though we technically should have been.

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LADYINOHIO 12/7/2009 9:38AM

    Doesn't sound too bad to me!
Everything in moderation, right? You said yourself that you haven't been out in the longest time to eat, so I think that's okay. We will get some kind of prepared food for my family maybe once a month, and on Saturday I surprised everyone with some awesome pizza for lunch...and then I had a leftover slice for lunch on Sunday. =)
I'm not gonna feel one bit bad about that, ya know?
I don't think you should even give it another thought after this.
You're doing great kid!

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MARGECAM52 12/7/2009 1:16AM

  Yep...cold air will do that to you.
I got the tree up here...went out and bought a ton of garland, etc...it's still in the bag..lol...kinda like all those Christmas cards I never mail.
Love you kiddo... you will do great at this...you do great with everything...your Momma loves you! emoticon

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XHASTEDMOMOF2 12/6/2009 11:01PM

    We all have good days and bad days!! Sounds like yours was a mix -- which is better than all bad!!! Glad you did good at the party without feeling deprived!! AWESOME!! Good luck with your next cold weather run!!

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Really? It went down? Really?

Saturday, December 05, 2009

I stumbled out of bed this morning, went potty and got on the scale. It's a really loud talking scale and it shouted at me that I was 186. That kind of woke me up. I didn't even have to play the scale game to get it at the number! I stepped off and thought, "no, too aggravating to go down, put it on SP, then it goes up 4 pounds the very next day." and stepped back on the scale: 186.1

Really? I can take that number? I haven't seen that number since .... gosh way before I stopped smoking :o) Usually I can go up pretty fast, but down takes weeks, months....maybe even years!!!

I guess that number makes all the shin pains of running totally worth it! I want to run again today, only it's rest day.

BUT!! Slim in 6 is here! Let's check it out!! emoticon

I am a soooo excited today. I'm going to decorate, I'm doing Slim in 6, I'm going to run tomorrow and I'm going to see if we can get to 185 by ... next week.

and not up.
emoticon emoticon

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CAMPBELLTC 12/6/2009 9:58PM


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JANISLI 12/6/2009 1:24PM

    Keep up the good work. Slim in 6 looks great.

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TONYABRIAN819 12/5/2009 9:29PM

    I afraid to hear what my scale would say!! Keep up the good work!

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ARMYGIRL1968 12/5/2009 7:56PM

    After 41 years, I just made friends with my scale. We would not be such good friends if he could talk!!!

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LADYINOHIO 12/5/2009 6:39PM

And a talking scale? Egad, I'd be swearing at the thing, lol!
((Shut up scale!))
Glad to hear you're in good spirits, and I wish you th best of luck on your goal for next week... sounds very do-able. :D

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HOPEFULHIPPO 12/5/2009 6:14PM

    Thanks mom! emoticon

You need to finish your spark page so I can refer you to some good teams and comment cha!

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MARGECAM52 12/5/2009 4:06PM

  Thant's my baby girl! Your momma is putting up her decorations today also...oh...and I embroidered on lace ribbon...love my embroidery machine!

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PRINCESSBRIDE42 12/5/2009 1:17PM

    congrats! I know it's so nice when the scale is happy to you! good job on working hard!

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THERESEMB1 12/5/2009 1:17PM

    You sound like you are doing GREAT!!!!! I don't think I would have the nerve to have a talking scale. But I do like seeing mine go down too. namaste

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Duck it

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ok, I slacked. No excuses allowed. Slap my jiggles and move on forward.

Today I read all the motivating blogs and thought "I really need to do this...I WILL do this!" I'm no quitter. Nuh uh, no way!

So, I get up to do this....I leave the comfort of SP and my computer buddies to stretch and out of the depths of my mind comes....

"but" -----------and said with an excessive amount of whining

"the shins, Oh! the agony of the shins!"

No problem. I'm a fixer. I fix. I research, I will not lie down!!

First....the medicine cabinet. Strongest thing? Exedrin **pouts, but will have to do** The bottle reads not to exceed 8 per day? No prob...I'll take seven of these bad boys.....check.

My bottle of water.......check

MP3 player jacked from the kid.........check

Rober Ullrey's Week 3 podcast.........yup, check

and, for the shins.....

DUCK TAPE!! with Peas n Carrots please....


Week 3, Day 2? Bring it baby!! emoticon

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SAMGERBINE 12/4/2009 12:10PM


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LADYINOHIO 12/4/2009 10:23AM

    That is some authentic photo-comedy right there. :D
Truly a LOL moment.
Glad you were able to push thru!
Keep it up!

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CHERYL1105 12/3/2009 10:59AM

  That picture is priceless! And I love the whole "MP3 player jacked from the kid... check!" But I have a few helpful hints for the shins. First, about an before you run, try taking Ibuprofin. That really helps. And also be sure to stretch out all of your leg muscles before and after your run. And don't do any high impact cardio on your days off. From one to another who is prone to shin splints!

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CORINA-MOMOF4 12/2/2009 8:22PM


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DXTREME45 12/2/2009 7:33PM

    You go Girl! Don't Stop, Get it Get it! Peas and carrots to the rescue. you are inspiration in itself. I'm getting up as soon as this show goes off.

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HOPEFULHIPPO 12/2/2009 7:01PM

    I wouldn't recommend actually "jogging" with them though. The veggies are actually something that doesn't stick to duct tape and they fall everywhere. "ehem, yea so I heard...ehem.." LOL

eh, maybe I'll find a rich Santa who can get me some good running shoes....

Or I can keep on keeping on to lose the weight and quit pounding it on my shins...

either or, I have more veggies.

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2BLEAN_N_FIT_AZ 12/2/2009 6:54PM

    OMG...what a picture...and I am sorry but I had to giggle...and I know you are in pain...looks like you should be doing some other kind of cardio...
Good luck with the veggies and ah...duct tape!!!

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DUNLAPMOM 12/2/2009 6:54PM

    LOL!!!! love the vegie idea. That is awesome and very resourseful. I cant stop laughing!

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SMPRICE 12/2/2009 6:49PM

  I'm proud of you :) Today I have my first day back after a break.... it's tough. The hard choice is to keep pushing, instead of accepting defeat with how hard it is to get back in. Keep with it so you don't have to make that choice again! :)

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The calandar SAYS it's December....

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And that is what my tracking order says. "shipping date, December 1st". I've got my tele set up, my mat. All I need is my Slim in 6. I'm pretty excited.

This with C25 should get me started. Should, I hope I hope I hope!! I'm hoping by February, I will be ready for the next step and soon I will be the fitness guru champion with a body enough for Playboy!!

Is that the door? Could the UPS man be here?


Maybe I'll stretch, put on my running shoes and go C25 a UPS truck.

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HOPEFULHIPPO 12/1/2009 10:34PM

    UPS never showed today :o( Thus, with hopeful hope, they show tomorrow.

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CORINA-MOMOF4 12/1/2009 8:28PM

    LOL don't ya love waiting for the UPS!!

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KLS777 12/1/2009 2:24PM

    LOL, that;s great, isn't waiting for something so frustrating!

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BAKER1009 12/1/2009 2:19PM

    You're so funny! Hope you got that run in, LOL!

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LRK4CHRIST 12/1/2009 2:15PM

    I happy u making moves. keep it going until u get to where u want.

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