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Adventures of Blind Batty (Very 1st blog ever from June 18, 2006)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I can't believe it's been five years this month ... This was written June 18, 2006. It is one of the very first Blindbatty Blogs ever written and still one of my favortes. Enjoy! (MySpace/blindbatty) It's just copied and pasted so. . work with it! LOL

The Adventures of Blind Batty...just rambling.
Current mood:nostalgic

"worrying is like a rocking chair..it gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere....write that down"*

So, I decide last week I'm gonna get me a job. Not for financial reasons or anything, just to give me something to do. I sit at my computer and begin searching. Ah ha! here's something I can do...a job as a receptionist at a local car dealership...I can see it now (no pun intended)

"Titus will, please hold....Titus Will please hold...Titus will, please hold....Titus Will...what? I know I hung up on you..you should consider yourself lucky everyone else is still on hold...."

okay, maybe not.....hmmm...maybe I should see what else I can see.(pun WAS intended there)

In more not so recent news: The name Blind Batty comes from one particular Halloween when we took the day before and decked out our yard with fog, lights, a hand coming out of the ground, bats flying and the whole nine yards. I was a witch in charge of the candy bowl and Tom was the skeleton that would "pop out" at unsuspecting children. My friend and neighbor, Lisa, was my side kick witch in charge of luring little children to my cauldron. The only problem with me being in charge of the candy bowl was I couldn't see the kids in front of me...so I would screech "where are the children, I smell the little ones, but where are they?" and as they would reach for the candy I would turn (not knowing they were there) and they would run off totally freaked out. So, Ms. Lisa would screech "you blind batty...they twas right in front of ya!" To make matters worse-then the skeleton would pop out and the kids would run down the street screaming....Tom would take off his "head" and yell "hey, it's me Mr. Tom" (he was the Brownie leader at the time and known as Mr. Tom)...of course, all the children saw was a head under the arms of the skeleton and the witch who kept hiding the candy to lure them to the cauldron. We had a LOT of leftover candy that year. And so, because I never saw the children and it was Halloween, I became known (to this day) as Blind Batty.

Ah....so I decide one day to take my kids out. Now, understand normally I get rides from friends or family but on the particular day we wanted to have just the girls and I. So, I hailed my taxi cab and off to the mall we go. We decide to see a movie. I know..it must seem ironic to see a blind lady at the movies, but...there we are. My two little ones who are in charge of escorting me both have a hand of mine. We are walking along discussing which movie to watch when "BAM" I see stars but nothing else....I shake my head look around to discover not only have my girls let GO of my hand and ran forward to the ticket booth, but somehow managed to lead me straight into a pole.

So, now I have a cane which we affectionately call "my wacking stick". Trust me....I've wacked a few people with it too!! (and they call ME blind?!!)

So....Tom works these crazy hours in the military. The kids want to do the fair and I say "alrightie...let's go later this week". I figured I would get a shuttle and off we would go. I get a phone call from a friend offering a ride and I tell them...don't worry about it, I don't want to be too much trouble.. I got it covered. I wasn't trying to be rude or anything, just sometimes that independent streak comes flaring out of me, ya know? Well, Bonnie and a few other people were sitting at the table when the voice on the phone says "Cori, sometimes you can be so stubborn. We wouldn't offer a ride if we didn't want to go....you can't go by yourself with three kids...you are BLIND you know..." I held the phone out from my ear and asked my friends "did you know I was blind??" We still laugh about that to this day and occasionally they still remind me...I am blind, you know! lol

As if that wasn't enough...one day at work my co-worker is trying to get my attention. Being the smart ass that he was...he immediately begins stamping his feet on the ground and yells "Hey, Cori! CHECK YOUR BATTERIES". So, I tell everyone that story and not only am I Blind Batty, but now I got that goin for me.

My friend Bonnie recently takes me grocery shopping. She's an awesome escort and yes, there is a trick to it. I have to stay of the left side (just works better for some reason) and I hold the cart without ever pushing it. We are in somewhat of a hurry that day so, once again that independent streak comes out of me and I spot something I need. I let go of the cart, walk across the isle and grab the item when a voice says "What, are you trying to kiss me?" I focus my eyes to discover that I spotted the item I needed but DIDN'T see the elder gentleman also grabbing the item and we were nose to nose without me even realizing it. At this time I feel Bonnie grabbing my collar, laughing and telling the gentleman..."sorry, she forgot her cane and I just left her for a second"

ooops...out of time....hope you enjoyed...you all have a great Father's Day...and I'll write more later gater....

*Van Wilder

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Margie Campbell
We love you kiddo....
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Dad says thanks for the ecard... made him laugh...not easy to do you know...
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Hey folks, she will paint your house for ya too!... now that's something.
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Love you Corinna
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Morale of the story...life tosses you lemons...make lemonade.... "Just get on with it"
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Reply(2)4 years ago

Corinna Kirk
my computer has the biggest freaking fonts you will ever see in your life!! lol...I currently have tunnel vision (imagine looking through a straw) so, I can somewhat see...but seem to miss ALOT...makes for great entertainment though...who needs a lampshade dude...just bring me to the party.
4 years ago

Terrie Bolyard
Cori, forgive my ignorance for asking you this... understand that I wasnt aware that your vision had gotten so bad, and I am just beyond my scope of figuring out how you make your way around the net? I am glad you do, I love reading your blogs. I just wonder how in the world you do it!

4 years ago

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BRATS4 6/3/2011 10:37AM

    love it

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DIANESMILES 6/1/2011 6:12PM

    You DO have a SENSE of HUMOR and I also have disablities (often use a power chair ,,,and AM NOW ) I ALSO see the HUMOR in life's situations,,, so I say GO FOR IT !!! Read my blog of todays if you can. I SCARED my Dr quite bad. It was FUN FUN FUN !! LOL Only a week out of surgery and I want to DANCE already. I THOUGHT she was gonna mess her pants. Hehehehehe well what ELSE are we FOR?????

WOOOOHOOO to the HUMAN SPIRIT that WILL NOT DIE and LOVES TO PLAY !!! GOOOOO SPIRITED UNDER DOGS (Now you can see WHY I picked this team !) Diane ML of the team.

GLAD to see U ARE BLOGGING !!!!!

Comment edited on: 6/1/2011 6:13:10 PM

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June is

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I've noticed a trend on here today. Not only is it June 1st the first real feeling of summer after Memorial Day but:

June 1st is so far a day of letting go, a day of starting over, a day of reset button, a day of new goals, a National Running Day, a day of reflection, a day of new Resolutions and on and on.

As I go through my Friend feed and read blogs it's strangely unanimous. May sucked and June will fix it.

Myself included.

Perhaps it's the realization that the long and rather severe winter should be winding down and the prospect of warmer days loom ahead. Everyone seems to embrace the "feel good" notion of BBQs, pools (wading or otherwise), walking with their friends/families and the all around warmth associated with peace.

In the spirit of June, I am changing my page for the month. I'm part of the Determined Daisies and by golly I will lose 5% .. So I think because Daisies are a reflection of how we are all feeling that will be a pretty background. I love the my friend Cutiepie77 is growing them in her backyard (by her pool .. lol)

I've also created a new challenge for my Slim in 6ers... more just for moving and talking and motivation. We all seem to need that this time of year.

OH...and the name change. Yes...Hopefulhippo has moved on. When I first started Spark it was a catchy name and I really like the way Boynton portrays hippos and goodness knows I have some HIPS!! But, as June is a time for letting go, I also thought maybe it was time to also hold on. I'm letting go of Hopefulhippo to reclaim Blindbatty.

(Susan Boynton April's Busy Mom's Calendar)

But, you are PROBABLY wondering WHY Blindbatty?

Well, I will tell you.

I am legally blind/deaf and my nickname because of this is Helen Keller, Elma (don't ask), and was and is Blind Batty. There's actually a story there and I will see if I can dig up my old blogs and share them with you. In as much as the past couple of years I tried to escape being blind with Stem cell and surgeries, the truth is I am and always will be Blind batty. But, you know what? Maybe cuz it's June, I'm okay with it. I have built up a good friend support system and my family is there for me. I can't ask for more than that. Well, I COULD but ... , anyways.

June goals:

I love the saying that Olivia (yes!!!) winner of the Biggest Loser Said "I've finally finished what I started"


I'm going to finish my Slim in 6.
I'm going to finish my C25 running program!
I'm going to figure out how to eat and cook with a bunch of picky arse people!!

and I'm going to finish strong!!

I will get that tattoo by the end of summer!!

That is all.

emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SCOTMAMA 6/4/2011 12:05AM

    Wonderful blog! I'm anxious to read more, you are very inspirational.

Love your flowers! Hugs, Eve

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ELLEYKAT 6/2/2011 8:51AM

    Hooray!! That's all I have to say about that!

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NELLIEC 6/1/2011 5:24PM

    Well, there are times I have claimed to be blind as a bat, but actually I am not -- just not wonderfully sighted. Of course, when my vision started changing at age 5, I assumed I would be blind by the time I was an adult. I don't know why I thought that since my mother and grandmother both wore glasses, but I would practice walking around in the dark so I would be ready for when I became blind.

I assume you have one of those computer programs that "reads" the words out loud to you.

It is good to have support from others!

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BAKER1009 6/1/2011 4:24PM

    I prefer to call you "friend". You ROCK!

Props to the calendar page. I have that calendar. It's a request of mine every year at Christmas and it's the best!! Sorry, just had to get that out, lol!

Go you for making changes! Do what works best for you. Don't worry about what works for others, don't even worry about what those others think. I don't think you do much, and that is just another reason why I adore you! You say it like it is. Truth is best. Honestly with ourselves is even better. You can totally do whatever you want. If it's the 5%, if it's drinking 8 glasses of water, etc., etc. You can do it!

Rock on "friend"!!

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KIM_POSSIBLE77 6/1/2011 3:26PM

    You my dear are the BEST! There are times that I'm in awe how we fell into each other's life. We will make it past all the goals and make it to the top! I'm proud that you are changing up and focusing on a NEW and BETTER you. I can't wait to look back on this month and say...that was me then and this is me NOW! As for the name change....that is always you, mostly for us that have been lucky enough to have been there for the "momments". No matter the name you are FANTASTIC!

Comment edited on: 6/1/2011 3:26:45 PM

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The Hunchback Dame of Lincoln

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First off I've been pondering a name change. I'm thinking of going back to Blind Batty. Must ponder that some more. I'll get back to you on that one.

Tom had some shopping to do this weekend for a BBQ wedding gig he has. I, trying to impress him, began lifting around 50 pounds or more of frozen chicken out of the back seat of my little bug. That sorta twinged my back. I should've taken that as a warning. Smart people might have....but, no. In the house I empty the fridge out and he hands me a PACK of chicken. One measly tiny 4 lb pack and I put it in the fridge. Really...that was it.


Down on the ground I went and Tom immediately knew something was wrong. (Are you okay?) Now, I don't cry unless it's a doozer and I wasn't about to cry now so I went to tell him I was fine when "uh-hhhoooooooo" stuttered out of my mouth. He went to move me to the couch, but I "uh-hhhoooooo"d him trying to say "I can't move"...

so, I didn't do my workout that day.....That was Friday, AND I never cried so it clearly wasn't that bad.....

Saturday: It took me 20 minutes to get out of bed and another 30 to get down the stairs. My weight came in at 185.6 which I attributed to a cycle building up and my daughter attributes it to "all the water is just like, RUSHING to your back making you gain..." Uh huh. THAT makes sense.


Tom was already cooking and smoking away meats for his wedding gig, therefore the coffee was already made. He was lining the coolers and I stepped back to get out of the way when SINGEZAP. I looked down at my arm and the smoker/grill to which it was touching. Tom looked at me with a "really?!" look...yeah, really.

Then I went to say something and as I talk with my hands placed them smack dab on his cigarette. (I'd facepalm, but it hurts) He had me sit in a corner for a while to keep me safe.


Sunday: I walked around that day hunched over with a burn on my arm and hand. Doesn't this give a niceimagery?? Just call me the Hunchback Dame of Lincoln. We took the girls shopping for summer clothing (although it's still chilly here in Cali) I didn't buy anything. I just can't yet...ugh. Tom said something about my weight in the store (well, you sorta look good in this but you may just need a few more pounds) so he clearly tried to be nice and I appreciate that. With that I said "well, I left obese to overweight?" and we laughed at the thought of celebrating overweight.

Monday: Tom was feeling uuubber productive and repainted the family room, kitchen and dining room. I know his excessive energy comes from not being allowed to drink alcohol anymore which is good! We live in a rental and debated on buying here in Cali. But after discussing it we decided the girls really like this neighborhood and it makes no sense to try and buy when we just want to move after the little one graduates anyhow. He's thinking the Bahamas. As there are no poisonous snakes, I'm agreeing. I still would like to check the place out in the next couple of years. OOOH Goal weight reason!! (like I didn't have enough already)


Now it's Tuesday and I can walk better. My back still spasms but at a weigh in of 186.8 I really really know I need to get this body moving!! or something...I can't sabbatoge what I've been trying to accomplish just cuz of a few minor boo boos. I mean, JUST because the Universe is clearly pissed off at me this weekend doesn't mean I should give up, right? Right? anyone??


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NELLIEC 6/1/2011 12:37AM

    OUCH! I hope you feel much better soon!

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PEGTIGER 5/31/2011 9:03PM

    Glad your back is beginning to feel better. You had a rough weekend! I think obese to overweight is worth celebrating. Great job!

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LAURIE9404 5/31/2011 9:01PM

    What a weekend! Nothing boring about whats going on with you! Glad to hear things are starting to feel better and it can only get better from here! Keep up the good work (just carefully)!

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KIMBERTA99 5/31/2011 6:53PM

    I hope your back is feeling better soon!! I agree, try some slow exercise like walking!! Now that you are just overweight maybe a more positive name is in order! emoticon

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MUEHLBBO 5/31/2011 6:40PM

    I have empathy on the back situation. I battle it off and on. I really feel bad that you had such a tramatic day though. I'm glad you are safe. Celebrate that overweight. I can't wait until I can do just that. Keep up the good work.

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ELLEYKAT 5/31/2011 5:24PM

    Holy accident prone, Batman! You should be more careful, haha! Maybe try to find some exercises to do that won't put strain on your back... Got a swimming pool handy? =)

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LYNNA7499 5/31/2011 1:20PM

  Hope your back feels better soon!

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AMYMOHIO 5/31/2011 1:08PM

    I think it's awesome to celebrate "overweight" and not "obese"!

I also think a name change would be really good... I always get kinda sad thinking you call yourself a hippo.


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KIM_POSSIBLE77 5/31/2011 1:04PM

    Sweetie get your behind up and move around. Even if it is to slowly walk up and down your stairs. Start off slow and build it back up. You will get there! I think that you two should move down there...that is still closer to me than CA and a dang good reason to see you ALL the time!!

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ATINYDANCER 5/31/2011 12:54PM

    You can do it! emoticon

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Remember yesterday's blog?

Monday, May 23, 2011

I got out of bed this morning, went pee and climbed on up on my scale. I was pretty happy with myself yesterday stripping and hitting the 185 mark. So imagine my internal surprise when the scale belted out loud "your weight is 184.5 pounds"





doing the happy dance in my living room....cuz I'm at 184.5.

Now mind you this is still an overweight number..but 1) it's no longer "obese" and 2) it's 184.5.


Oh Oh Oh! I don't remember if I share my race thingie...
I don't think I did!

Here is the link to me finishing the race. I'm the big large woman in a white shirt with bright red hair running with a little girl (well, teenage..also in a white shirt and long hair) You see us towards the end of the video and it's actually pretty easy to spot us cuz we almost cross the line pretty exclusively.


I absolutely loved doing this as a first race and I couldn't be MORE elated that I got to do it with two of my daughters and Zack (my oldest daughters friend) there must be an easier way to say that. LOL

My "stats" if you will go something like this. Don't ask me what "Masters" mean cuz I don't know. I know "Hayes Hill" is this awesome freaking bootie hill (I call anything that you have to use your tush to walk with a bootie hill)

Overall: 30,209th of 43,414
Female: 15,482th of 23,857
40-49 F 3,811 out of 5,353
Masters 6,669 out of 11,283

Start 8:04:07.7AM
Hayes Hill 8:56:25.72AM 00:52:19 00:19:27 01:56:25 00:43:17
Finish 10:21:24.2AM 02:17:17 00:18:25 03:21:24 00:27:01

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Doesn't that look all "official" like? LOL

Let us see. I think that's it folks. Everything seems to be in order. I did my race so motivated to actually start running again. Yoovie's back and I'm also on Tumbler. My friend Kim is moving bricks. Oldest and I out of school. My middle one having a promotion to high school next week Youngest busy with cheer.
so, everything seems to be in order for today... and oh yea

184.5 emoticon


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ENDUROVET 5/25/2011 2:58PM

    Congratulations (race & weight)! The video was great; what was w/all the costumes?!?
I couldn't resist the allure of that big empty TM belt yesterday, so my foot's a little sore today - I gave myself a day off but am looking forward to at least getting back to where I started from (baby steps, right?).

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LAURIE9404 5/24/2011 9:10PM

    Gotta love that Happy Dance! It's so well deserved!

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PEGTIGER 5/24/2011 9:01PM

    Congrats on the 184.5 and the race. You have done an awesome job!! What an inspiration.

Report Inappropriate Comment
TWNOMWE 5/24/2011 3:50PM

    emoticon emoticon You did it.

Report Inappropriate Comment
HOPEFULHIPPO 5/24/2011 10:10AM

    aw shucks, thanks everyone!


Report Inappropriate Comment

    I know how you feel about being over weight. Congratulations!!!! Last week I became over weight to. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
KIM_POSSIBLE77 5/24/2011 8:02AM

    Yes I'm am moving the bricks...LOL Girl you should see my arms! I swear I will have them toned arms by the time I'm done!! I'm looking up a 5k to walk this fall...going to try and talk Terry and Sam into doing it with me.

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ATINYDANCER 5/24/2011 1:06AM

    YAY! So Amazing I love it! So inspiring! Congratulations! emoticon

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NOILEDNWAD 5/23/2011 10:41PM

    I hope this isn't a double post. lol But anyway . . . Awesome! Your excitement put a smile on my face! emoticon Love that you could run with your kids, what a great way to show them what's important in life can also be fun! emoticon

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NOILEDNWAD 5/23/2011 10:39PM

    Awesome!! I love your excitement, it made me smile!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DRJJ2004 5/23/2011 9:06PM

    Way to go!!! That's awesome!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LEN_VERSION32 5/23/2011 6:32PM


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ELLEYKAT 5/23/2011 2:10PM

    WOW WOW WOW! Way to go on 184.5!!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KIMBERTA99 5/23/2011 2:08PM

    Congrats..you are overweight!!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
LADYINOHIO 5/23/2011 1:11PM

Yayyyyy! 184.5!!
That's awesome, and good job on the race too!
Keeping busy, and kickin' ass!
way to be, girl~
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ADVENTURE-GIRL 5/23/2011 12:29PM

    Woohoo on OVERWEIGHT! Congrats!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BAKER1009 5/23/2011 12:08PM

    Congrats on doing the race...that's awesome! Go you!
And you do that happy dance all day long girl!! Way to go! Keep up the great work! I know exactly what you mean by crossing the line from obese to overweight. I recently did that and it sure does feel great, doesn't it?! Again, go you!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LYNNA7499 5/23/2011 11:55AM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
KEELADEE 5/23/2011 11:46AM

  Yes!!!! Good on ya! Congrats on your race and on passing a major hurdle! I am loving following your posts... Keep up the good work. emoticon

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Now is the time.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I knew when I got up this morning and stepped on the scale at 186.4 that things were once again looking up for me. It seems every time I got close to this weight I would sabotage my efforts and quickly put myself back up to 195ish..

I don't know why but this time feels different. I thought about the last time I saw 185..It was well over two years ago. I quit smoking at 165 pounds and I thought I was too big then. I never even saw the 170s...just one day I couldn't wear my clothes and when I got on the scale to see why I was in the high 180s creeping up past the 190s. I can't even say it was like devastating. I just don't think I cared enough to stop it let alone reverse it.

So this morning at 186.4 I thought how good it would feel to see the 185. So I went pee and I stripped to my birthday suit and got back on...185.7.


I'm not counting it on my tracker just yet as when my weight fluctuates it does it BIG TIME. However, I think I can really look in the mirror and say "I'm doing this and I'm not going to sabotage it."

I will not sabotage my own efforts!

My first reward is a tattoo on my ankle. I'm nervous and excited about it. It's a small one, but I think it's one I will like :o) just six more pounds to claim it!!

I don't know why it's taking so long to find my own inner peace. I really think that's what it is holding me back. But, I just hope that I remember that I am doing this for me. I am for once, doing this for me.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HERCULEA 5/25/2011 10:21PM

    Congatulations! I have confidence that you can do it. You have come so far and are doing so well. There's no turning back.

Btw - I don't get on the scale very often but I ALWAYS weigh myself in the buff first thing in the morning. I refuse to do it any other way (except after a really good sweat session on the treadmill - that works wonders to move the needle).

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ATINYDANCER 5/24/2011 1:09AM

    I love that you are doing it for you! I don't think we can do it for anyone else. I am doing it for me this time too. Here's to going all the way and never looking back! You go girl! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
ELLEYKAT 5/23/2011 10:52AM

    That's so great!! You're really going to do it this time, and earn that tattoo!! You CAN DO IT!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ELEGANTFLOWERS 5/23/2011 10:39AM

    Congratulations on hitting 185. Had to laugh at you stripping of your cloth and going pee. I do the same thing when I'm getting close to a lower weight. In fact I did this same thing today when I woke up. I was all excited when my weight was lower than it has been in years. I'm sure your new tattoo is just around the corner. You can do this!! I can't weight to hear about your new tattoo. emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
BAKER1009 5/23/2011 8:40AM

    Sounds like you woke up with a clear head! I love when that happens!
I'm with you on the self sabotage. I think we all do it at times. You can do this!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TRIGFROST 5/23/2011 4:09AM

    I am w/ you...fighting the battle of the Bugle...but no tattoo for me...

Report Inappropriate Comment
DOLPHINKARIN 5/22/2011 11:55PM

    You can do this!!!! I find myself in that same battle that number that is so elusive ... so close but not quite attainable. Well ... no more for both of us. We will blast past that wall. Looking forward to your blog about your 179 weigh in. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
NOILEDNWAD 5/22/2011 11:34PM

    This time, you are definitely doing it!! We are with you all the way!! Imho, there's nothing wrong with weighing yourself first thing in the morning after using the facilities and before eating. The goal is to get your most accurate weight. I think most of us do it that way.

You keep on remembering that you are doing it for you! Your health is the most important thing!! Rock on Sister Daisy!!

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NELLIEC 5/22/2011 9:29PM

    I will have to admit that I tend to weigh after going to the bathroom in the morning. I figure after that, since I will have breakfast, etc. the weight will creep up during the day. emoticon emoticon

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