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prepping for the New Year checklist:

Monday, December 22, 2014

I am a weigh leader of our 5% Spark team and right now our assignment is to:
"In 2015 give yourself the gift of a slimmer healthier body. Make this Challenge the Best Ever!

Check List

Have you got your gym clothes, runners, water bottle, etc. ready to go? emoticon

What is your exercise plan? well, as we are finishing up C25 now, January 5 (Monday) will be the biggining of my DVD Beachbody year. Beginning with 21 day fix and hoping to end with like P90 or Insanity!! Looking into Les Mills as a goal too...

Did you post your Winter 5% Challenge Exercise Commitment on your Spark Page? just blogged it so emoticon

Check the Blogs from others who are doing these Countdown Activities too. of course! emoticon "

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

My friend, Kim_Possible77 is kicking ass on our program. Like seriously she did a full hour of treadmill running to catch up on two days! I'm so in awe of her. She's always rocked like that. when we would go to the gym together, it was her who pushed me to do ab work on the ball when I thought I could not go any further. It was her who began posting pics on her facebook of P00 and workouts when I was laggin behind.

She's amazing. So, if you need a BB coach you should hit her up. really.

I'll be honest. I'm still struggling. I'm running to the point of "I can make it through one more song...c'mon baby one more song" for about 8 minutes. the thing is I'm not out of breath which tells me I'm breathing fine, it's the HEAVINESS of my body. Almost as if an invisible hand is literally trying to push me back as I run forward. Makes my whole body ache when I am done (which I do feel proud of)

I WANT to run like the puppy on my background. Or like it's all downhill baby. Tom's getting me a treadmill for Christmas. I know this because he is AWFUL at hints "It's not an appliance, and is HUGE, and comes in one color choice, and I hope you use it"

which he's wrong about the color choice...wonder if I could spray paint it like this?

Or buy a pink mat like the second one...ooooh that'd be cool. My only problem with a treadmill bless his heart is I can't run on it. See, I can't walk without holding on to something on a regular road. I have no peripheral so I can't see that I'm leaning, winding etc. and when I run, I don't care. I just hit an occasional tree or something. well, I can't run on a treadmill without holding on to the bars as any runner knows, is a no no. So, I dunno what to do with it. It's a sweet thought though and I truly don't have the heart to tell him that my body just doesn't like being thrown off those things as much as I used to. Maybe I'll put Mallie, my overweight dog on it. I'd like to see if there's a way to attach a bungie cord to hold me as I fall off but the bars on it won't hold the cord...or net, or whatever.

You guys ponder how to catch a blind chick ok? emoticon

Until then, I've got to get to work. I'm totally late ... and I'm never late. LOL

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KIM_POSSIBLE77 12/23/2014 7:26PM

    You flatter me so much. You have always been my biggest cheerleader and I can't tell you how much I love you for that! You inspire me just as much, look at all that you can do and even without me there pushing you.

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CAKAROO 12/23/2014 5:48AM


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LYNSEY723 12/22/2014 4:08PM

    Maybe you could slowly learn how to run on your treadmill?? I can only imagine how hard it would be to run without full vision... But could you ease into it? Or maybe put something flexible sticking off the rails on the sides (thinking like plastic straws) that will hit you if you are starting to veer to one side?? Maybe I'm not even making sense...... either way, bottom line... Don't hurt yourself! There's nothing wrong with using the treadmill to walk and lose some weight before running outside. Do you run on the sidewalk or the street?

Oh, and I did laugh out loud about running into a tree. You be careful out there!! :)

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IMUSTLOSEIT1 12/22/2014 2:18PM

    No, I haven't wrote down my 5%challenge fitness plan, did I miss something?

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BLONDEDOG 12/22/2014 12:40PM

    Oh goodness! No falling off please! I was terrible about the treadmill....I dreaded every single second on it. Now my recumbent bike....that's a whole different story.

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Running against the wind.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

yup it's true...so in as much as I was kind of mentally beating my self up regarding NOT being able to run a full 20 minutes, well...the story goes like this:

Yesterday I went on week 6 day 2 run of my C25K. California is in the midst of it's "major storm"((which somehow didn't hit us as hard as hyped...fine by me)) and so it was drizzling/sprinkling pretty good.

It felt nice the drizzle as I began my quick brisk walk of a warm up and when the voice said "begin running" I did. The idea was to do three five minute runs and three five minute walks so that tomorrow I can do a full 22 minute run.

I began running only my iPod was getting wet so I finagled that into the sleeve of my shirt. (while running, yes I'm impressed with myself that I didn't cartwheel on the side of the road) My ear buds kept falling out (quite the annoyance) but I kept running. About three minutes into the run I started walking...

at first I was mentally like "fricking-A keep going" then I caught my breath and did just that.

I did this in all three runs.

and on my way home during "cooldown" I thought.

I wonder ...

I wonder if the whole idea of this IS to just keep getting better. Not perfect but better. A few weeks ago I would have just "given up" because I had walked during a run. It would have been considered a fail.... and I should just redo the whole program, but I didn't quit. I just caught my breath and kept going. ending in a pace, according to my Runkeeper app, of 14.444.

and I'm not redoing the day.....ya know why?

because. I did it. I did...and I know tomorrow when I run that 22 minutes there will be more than one occasion when I stop to catch my breath and carry on again. And that's okay. I think that's just "how I run" I run slow. The earth tilts me on a constant hill and I am constantly running against the wind so I keep pushing

and you know what? That makes me feel like a runner for the very first time ever!!

as a kid, because of my heart condition, I was never allowed to do PE. So when I started this program quite the ways back, I never put it together that someday I really would be a runner. I just wanted to see if I could.

I began as the 60 second "OMG I'm going to die, who invented this crap"

I was the braless granny in holy sweats panting and flopping down the hill.

I was the duct taping vegetables on her shins kind of gal.

Me and my hammered girls were the walk workout for an hour for a smoke and a latte afterwards...

and now..

now I am two weeks from finishing my C25 program. Three weeks from a first run of the year. My first trail run ever.... Another first is "sharing" it. I'm not one to normally share things on my Facebook, Instagram or other social media but I have been. I thought I was sharing more on sites that I didn't know people from...but people from my girl;s school are cheering me on. ME!! so I feel like I HAVE to finish. It's a good feeling. One I don't remember experiencing a whole lot.

and I feel....I feel like a runner cuz

I am a runner!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FITMAMA_ 12/21/2014 9:41AM

    Good for you! I hate running in the snow... well even the cold. I told myself I would just suck it up this year and it hasn't happened yet. lol

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BLONDEDOG 12/16/2014 9:43AM

    Hahaha! I love this blog. Every single thing about it! I love that you are doing this! YES! Oh, and I love the last little "awkward" picture. LOVE! I only go out to jog when my weight refuses to budge and I've been doing everything right, it somehow has a way of revving up my metabolism.

Keep up the good work!

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NHES220 12/14/2014 2:48PM

    Of course the idea is just to get better. It does not matter if you have to repeat a day or if you have to stop and catch your breath or take a walk break. You are out there and you are a runner. You've got this! Keep it up! I started with Run Your Butt Off - similar concept and ran 5ks, progressed to 10ks and ran a half marathon in November.

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LYNSEY723 12/14/2014 1:31PM

    You really are doing great! I'm so proud of you for seeing the lessons in everything you are going through. It's hard to do that, and that's what keeps us going!

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KELLIEBEAN 12/14/2014 9:09AM

    Oh yes you did! I'm so proud of you!


I lIke that plane analogy! I will remember that on difficult days!


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CAKAROO 12/14/2014 8:46AM


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CHRISGETTINGFIT 12/14/2014 12:13AM

    Yay!!! You rock!

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KIM_POSSIBLE77 12/13/2014 3:16PM

    You are a runner! Like I tell Terry I may not run like the Flash...but dang it I run! I'm so proud of us both on this!

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BERGBA7 12/13/2014 12:28PM

    Yes - just getting better is the goal and you are doing it! Keep on going runner!
emoticon emoticon

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IMUSTLOSEIT1 12/13/2014 12:11PM

    emoticon emoticon Keep it up.

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Finding our time rambles.

Monday, December 08, 2014

It finally rained in California. by rain, I mean a LOT.

My husband and I were looking at the poor excuse I call a garden this year and I sighed "I need to make it pretty, but alas I just need to find the time"

My husband, in his sweet niavity, states "well, you would have more time if you didn't spend an hour each morning on the computer or running"

I didn't say anything.

Because how is he to know or understand?

Yes. Every morning is when I get up, I grab my cup of coffee and I spark. I go through my emails and I get my morning motivation. But it's so much more than that. I know that the rest of the day will be spent with my mind in a blur.

take away the hours of 8-5 as they are blocked for work, then add in band meetings, booster meetings, baking and cooking for parties, picking kids and husbands up at airport, grocery shopping, laundry, (oh my gosh all that never ending laundry) dinners, menu preps, honey where's my...mom I need, and did I mention the dogs? crap the dogs who are awaiting my attention and food. I missed my shows again? of course I did, I'll catch up later...what do you mean Friends doesn't come on anymore? When did they cancel that? Goodness I'm so far behind....

There are still boxes of decorations everywhere, laundry, and I'm still on hold from LAST weeks grub shopping hoping to get it in this week. Ms. Kate did some but alas..it's just a neverending list as I am sure YOU all get.

He could never understand that my hour morning or my runs take my mind into a clearer place of "aaaah" that even sleep can't provide us, because I'm making a new list for the next day.

and as agonizing as my runs have been, they are still my time. ((when I have the time.))

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Speaking of time. I think I'm progressing on to week 6 of my C25K. It ends with a 22 minute run and although I failed HORRIBLY at my 20 minute run I am going to attempt to use this week as continual practice to complete it. It looks like the next few weeks are simply short, short, then Long runs. With that I know I will complete the program, then my attempts will be on just completing a 20-30 minute run. (aka: I'm officially working on the endurance of it)

When I couldn't finish week 5 of this run (20 minute run) I kind of was beating myself up. I was "I couldn't even do 3 minutes, what is WRONG with me" attitude. But during my moment of clarity (um, now) I realize that it could've been a variety of things. too much expectation, running two days in a row, need new shoes; a variety of reasons...it doesn't mean I won't eventually get it though. It simply means, that this is where my comfort level stops and I need to push myself.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

On the war efforts against the ninja mutant fat cells.

Those suckers are pushing cellulite into uncharted territories. I don't know why they still avoid my boobs though. Poor boobs. If these fat cells would leave my butt alone and move to my wonderful little 1/2 A cup boobs, we wouldn't even be sparking other than to tone up. but NOOOOOOO... They are sneaky little buggers and we are all to be wary. This is their time of year for infestations.

They sneak into holiday parties with potlucks and wine.

They crawl in your holiday baking.

I know, I found them when I got on my scale this morning.

And look at that....it's that time.

Time to enter my blur of adulthood. Off to work, to meetings, to the airport and pray that somehow time stands still enough to let me cook dinner rather than fast food, and

oh crap the dogs!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LAURIE9404 12/10/2014 3:13PM

    Up to the 20 minutes on the C25K plan is awesome! Totally just think how far you have come. I remember when I was dying and watching the seconds pass when I was on week 1 trying to get through 30 seconds. It happens. You get there! And when you reach that goal it is so sweet! (then there is the beer at the end of that 5k and it's the sweetest beer ever). If it makes you feel any better, you have your boxes of decorations everywhere - I still have my Halloween decorations up and they have no plans on moving soon. No time to take them down and by the time I finally do, winter holidays will be long gone. Keep it up with your "me" time!

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BLONDEDOG 12/9/2014 9:01AM

    Ahaha! I love this blog! It's funny, it's serious, it's funny. I love it. You can do this, I know you can!!!! Keep it up!!!

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CAKAROO 12/9/2014 5:09AM


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KIM_POSSIBLE77 12/8/2014 12:34PM

    Just keep running...just keep running....we will both get there I swear! And NO you can't give up this time with all us on Spark. You need the time just as much as we all need you here!!

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LYNSEY723 12/8/2014 12:30PM

    Great blog! I'm happy that you at least make sure to take your time to spark/run to bring you sanity! You are doing great with your C25K. I'm proud of you!!!

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IMUSTLOSEIT1 12/8/2014 12:15PM

    You made me tired just reading your blog. Do you ever get ME TIME? lol

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DAIZYSTARLITE 12/8/2014 12:05PM

    emoticon emoticon

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I hate my bestie right now

Thursday, December 04, 2014

well, I haven't been running every day as I'd like to do, BUT I have been running 3x a week as the Couch to 5K program shows AND I'm on week 5 day 2 which is a full 8 minute run...day three terrifies me...a full 20 minute run!! gasp!!! I'm trying to get the bad mojo out of my head to repeat this week and put in the good mojo of I'm going to nail this!!

Actually WE'RE going to nail this. See, as you may or may not know I was quite comfortable doing my week 1 for three years. Sporadically, here and there. When my bestie decided to do this I was like "cool, I might actually finish this thing" not thinking I (we) actually might,

I think we may actually finish this thing dang it!!

How dare she?

How dare she encourage me out of my comfort zone with nothing but a "hey, let's do this"?

How dare she make this more fun by simply texting our results, snap chatting pics and sparking 3000 miles away from each other to hold us accountable?

We may finish by Christmas!!! Then what??? Then what I ask you?! Next she'll want to run races together in Vegas, next we'll finish 21 day fix or Plyo, P90 and and...

making me feel all good inside...that crazy b***.

yeah, she's kind of rad like that.

**doing the butt wiggle**

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Kind of watching the weather though. I don't mind running in the sprinkles, actually kind of prefer it...but as some of you may have seen on the news California is not getting little sprinkles anymore...LOL My poor Christmas yard decorations are all over the place. I have a beheaded snowman, fallen pig, and my Season's Greetings (which was staked into the ground) has managed to twist itself around...Have to try and reset them up today and the weather knocked the timer or something out cuz it didn't turn on last night.

Yesterday, the weather was so intense it knocked out power to my store. I had no access to the register or anything so I shouted out to the people "Black out Sale! Cash only and no change given! Otherwise shop around, stay warm, and we'll party like rock stars" I thought for sure it was going to end the day and we'd close up shop. The power was out for 30 minutes and we made over $150 which is like.....whoa ... (It's a little thrift shop) Just as I closed up shop and kind of cleaned up a bit, the power came back on and we proceeded with our day. My boss, who came in as we closed up told my daughter "your mom kicked fricking butt today" which totally made my day cuz I thought "yea, I'm kind of rad like that"

(Google Image)

That's all the excitement I have for you. I'm still struggling with my weight at 175. Could it be the BP meds? It certainly can't be the wine and pizza. I just know it. Hoping the runs help. I'm going to incorporate the DVDs into it, but I think I want to really focus on the runs...I dunno Might be nice to finish BOTH by Christmas....then I'd be REALLY rad like that. Like really really.

Like pink llama rad

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MARGARITTM 12/5/2014 12:39PM

    Thanks for the smiles - I am in Maie and I ran last night in the teens - 4 layers on top and three on bottom . But I did it and so can you!

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KELLIEBEAN 12/5/2014 9:32AM

    SO cool!!!!! What a great friend you have. I remember the day I had the full 20-minute run doing that program too. I was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!"

Nice job on that power outage situation. You rock!

emoticon emoticon

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BILL60 12/5/2014 8:55AM

    Very nice!! You are a real honest-to-goodness NUT and I love it. Keep it up and don't worry about that pizza. It's probably all fat/calorie free (Dream on Sister).

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CAKAROO 12/5/2014 5:28AM


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BIGPAWSUP 12/4/2014 6:47PM


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LYNSEY723 12/4/2014 5:52PM

    I just love your posts. You are so funny! Congrats on the runs!!!!

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IMUSTLOSEIT1 12/4/2014 1:45PM

    Great fun blog.

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ADARKARA 12/4/2014 12:09PM

    Bwahaha! Great blog! Definitely can't be the pizza, pizza is a calorie free food. emoticon

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ARUNNINGKAT 12/4/2014 11:51AM

    emoticon Your blog definitely added a smile to my morning! Way to go on reaching your goals and creatively handling a power outage! You rock!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BLONDEDOG 12/4/2014 11:43AM

    lol....you said you hope "the runs" will help....I can't help but chuckle....hahaha

You got this!!!! I am so happy for you!!! How lovely to have such support!!!

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KIM_POSSIBLE77 12/4/2014 11:37AM


You had my mouth drop open at this title and I was like "WHAT"....and then I read it fully and all I can say is I LOVE YOU!!

I'm a day behind you but I will be getting this week done! Back to back days today and tomorrow and day 3 on Sunday. I too am afraid of day 3 and the 20 min run. However like a great beautiful best friend told me, slow your pace down....we got this!

YES....P90X3 is up for Jan 1st. 90 days of fun! I am lost on which programs you have now. You will have to let me know so that we can plan another one together. I'm loving the texts, the snap chats and all the motivation that we can give one another 3000+ miles away. Beyond anything I love you Sugar!

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GINGKO711 12/4/2014 11:32AM

    It's great that you've found long-distance support in achieving your fitness goals (or rather, achieving something beyond your fitness goals)!


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Oh boy, that was brutal

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I knew it was coming.

I had told y'all I was bingin' waaaaaaaay too much

and it caught up.


yup...that beautiful 169 goal was self sabotaged by none other than myself.

What to do what to do?

We all know the answer to that....

and that's what I'm going to do. Back on my 1200 calorie Happy Herbivore menu plan

Yes, even during Thanksgiving. Um actually

ESPECIALLY through Thanksgiving!!!!

Continue my runs 3x or more a week. FINISHING up C25 with my bestie !!

Week 3 is kick my arse, but I'm about to kick it back.

and get back out of the 175s......

and back into 169

mini tattoo at 165.


Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and keep on Sparkin Spark Peeps!!!

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SIRIUS2014 11/24/2014 4:04PM


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CAKAROO 11/23/2014 8:16AM


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BROOKLYN_BORN 11/23/2014 7:05AM

    We've all been there. I finished up yesterday's 10k with 2 HANDFULS of chocolate chip cookies. Over and done with - move on!

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DJ4HEALTH 11/22/2014 10:21PM

    emoticon emoticon

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CAROL_31649731 11/22/2014 9:42PM

    That's a good quote, "pick yourself up & carry on," I like that!!!!!
No problem, right?!!! I know, and more importantly, YOU know, you can do this! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KIM_POSSIBLE77 11/22/2014 1:45PM

    Oh honey you got this...the thing I love the most about you Sis is that no matter what you do not give up!

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BFMONICA 11/22/2014 1:07PM

    165 emoticon

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STEVEN_D 11/22/2014 1:06PM

    Glad you are getting back on track. Me too, was doing so good and those darn life events got in the way and I knocked myself off track. Thanks for the help getting going!!

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LADYGSC 11/22/2014 1:06PM

    emoticon emoticon

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GARDENCHRIS 11/22/2014 1:05PM


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BIGPAWSUP 11/22/2014 12:40PM

    You got this.

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BLONDEDOG 11/22/2014 12:37PM

    You can do it and I'll be right there beside you, in spirit anyway! We can do this!

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IMUSTLOSEIT1 11/22/2014 11:51AM


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MOMTO6CUTIES 11/22/2014 11:40AM

    You can do it. I know you can. Self sabotage is the worst. Been there and done that over and over again.


Report Inappropriate Comment
AZMOMXTWO 11/22/2014 11:31AM

  I do the same thing and I have to rein it back in and get it under control to get back on track

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1HOTFUDGEMAMA 11/22/2014 11:30AM

  Love the reward at the end!

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