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Product results......

Friday, July 08, 2011

Ok I have been trying to use this Sensa stuff for almost a month now and all I can say is that it is almost impossible to remember to use this stuff everytime I eat. I cannt say it works or not because I keep forgetting to bring it with me.
I think most of the effects are just mental. Like you know you are adding something to your food so you will eat less, so you eat less. But then again most products that are supposed to help you loss weight work on that notion, hell that is the how gyms like Bally's stay open. It isnt the regular gym rat that makes them money, its the 'Hey I bought a membership so I now have to workout' members that give them the cash.
But with or without Sensa I did loss two pounds so far. It is slow going but anything in the right direction is good for me. I still need to get my ass in gear as far as the workingout side of it goes.
But hey I lost some so hooray! One final note on the Sensa, if you do want to try it be careful. They say you can get two months free, just pay the shipping and handling....Yes but heres the catch.....You are automatically put on a billing cycle. And this crap isnt cheap! I was able to catch it in time, luckily my wife told me to look or I would have never even thought about it!
Its a buyer beware world people! And yes I know I mentioned the whole thing about the billing cycle before.....I just wanted to MAKE sure anyone thinking about going for the 'Free' trial knows about how free it is lol

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TEENY2BEE 7/8/2011 2:49PM

    I know what you mean.My parents ordered some metal wallet thingies off TV one day....that was months ago...the $$ deducted from their acct but merchandise NEVER arrived....wierd thing is my parents never checked up on the stuff they never got..

LESSON LEARNED...thanks for the info!!! emoticon

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Product evaluation.....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am huge on using the latest and greatest fad do-dad or supplement. I have used just about everything under the sun in the realms of health and fitness. And I think it is time I start to write about my experience with them. So let me start off with my newest trial....Sensa. I saw the ad and had to try it. I mean it was only $10 for a two month trial supply.
I cannt really say much about the product as of yet, i just started using it but I can say this about the billing.....Becareful when ordering! They put you on automatic billing the moment they ship you your 'Free trail'. I was lucky enough to have a wife that is smart enough to tell me to go and check how they do their billing. Because after a quick look at my profile on their web site I found that I was on a billing cycle. These people are tricky tricky.
The product itself is in the trial stages for me so i cannt really say much, so stay tuned for that. But I really dont like they try to scam you into getting repeat orders without you having to request it first. Read the fine print people and listen to your wife/husband. They can be right some of the time you know!

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TEENY2BEE 6/26/2011 10:12AM

    I've seen it,never wanted to try it....just dont trust pills..I guess it's pills. Even FDA approved Ali is backfiring on folks!!! emoticon

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HONKEIE 6/23/2011 11:06AM

    Is that even a real word? If not....it is now! The unwashed masses have spoken! emoticon

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SKYWATCHERRS 6/23/2011 11:00AM

    Bonus points for saying "doo-dad."

I hate the folks who sign you up for automatic billing like that.

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An old friend is back

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ok doing good these past few days. I have even started up with something that helped me out in the past. Lets welcome back Yerba Mate:

It is a really strong tea that my wife introduced to me some time ago. When I say its strong, I mean its strong tea. If you like drinking tea black or coffee black then this really isnt that big of a deal. But for those of us that like our Dunkin coffee light and sweet its rough.
But one side effect of drinking yerba mate is that it is a huge hunger killer. I mean this with all my heart.
Its a South American thing that you drink with this metal straw thingie out of a hollowed out gourd. But I dont have a gourd so I use a coffee cup, works just as well lol.
Coffee works too but we tend to add too much crap (half and half/sugar/whole milk) to help in our battle with the bulge.
If you want more info on it just take a second and google it, there is tons of stuff out there on it.
Now I have to get off here.....the big bosses are on their way in and I cannt let them see me goofing off on their time lol

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TEENY2BEE 6/26/2011 10:10AM

    Sounds good....I think.....really not sure...... emoticon

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    Very interesting! Never heard of it; I'll google it and look into it. Thanks for posting, Pat emoticon

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Man this Sux

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thanks for all the comments, and I swear i will be back to see everyone else in the near future.
Still trying to get started on all of this, not doing to bad though. It seems I am all out of motivation these days. I once lived to workout not I have every excuse under the sun not to.
It sux plan and simple. I am at the heaviest I have ever been in my life and I feel like crap. There is no way around it, nothing fits right, and my energy level is just non-existant.
Its a slow going fight this time around and hopefully the slow and steady will win the race.
and this is the picture that really made me ill.....I know it isnt THAT bad but for me its bad!

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HONKEIE 6/23/2011 6:52AM

    My favorite quote....'Speak Softy and carry a big stick' T.Roosevelt
And yes I am all for people being responsible for themselves and not blaming everything but the dog poopie on the sidewalk for their problems. Its time to wake up and start over, again hahahaha. I think I will write a book some day about all of my do-overs, it might be rather long ha!

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SKYWATCHERRS 6/22/2011 1:29PM

    No one can make you change. Only YOU can CHOOSE to change. But first there must be something inside of you...a deep desire...a reason to change. You must identify that first before you'll be truly ready to change. –Craig Ballantyne

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work." H.L. Hunt

“Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit.” – M. Scott Peck

Is the life you’re living worth what you’re giving up to have it? - Craig Ballantyne

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My Reboot.....

Friday, May 06, 2011

Since last August I have been working my ass off in school and work. School has paid off, I am now part of the national honor society @ Kean University, buttttttttt my weight has suffered.
I am tired, out of shape....F-that I am beyond out of shape and completly unmotivated. I had two serious wake up calls; One was when I put on my suit to go to a wedding.....I could not breath! And the second was when I was looking as some pictures the wife took of me in the backyark with the kids.
My jaw hit the floor when I saw exactly how bad i look. It is scary how fast I put it on. My food addiction has kicked my butt, and this time really really bad. And the sad part is I am sooo tired I just dont care right now. I am trying, but not hard enough.
Getting the energy keeps getting harder and harder, it seems all the energy I have goes to everything else these days. And the times I could work out, just go down the drain.
I am coming back here to try and jump start it, I usually wait until Monday to start but I dont think I have that luxury now. I am back up to 225lbs and it makes me ill just thinking about it.
I must say this is the worst I have ever gotten. It seems as the years go on it gets worse and worse, i get in shape then get out of shape. Get back into shape get even more out of shape than the last time. And now I am back to being out of shape, becoming a shape and hating it.
I give all those credit for keeping up with their programs and giving the rest of us hope that maybe we can all use your energy to restart ours.
Ok, its May 6, 2011 lets see what I can do by the end of this month. No holds bared, once again.......la sigh
And yes I will post that picture I mention at some point, as soon as I find the courage to do so....its bad!

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    Hey, ~Smile~
It looks like you and I are on the same schedule; as I am back to, "Spark-it-up" again, as well.
I can completely understand why you feel down about this; but maybe we can look at it, like the time is going to pass anyway. Whether or not we decide to make a lifestyle change time will still continue to march forward. So! We might as well use that same time to do something different. In the time since I was last here, Halloween, I haven't lost a pound, even gained a few/four, but the time still happened. So, you know what? I'm making a change now, so in 7 months time I don't have to look back and say: "Damn, I could have done something about it during all of those months."

Let's do this thing, get our heads in it.

Oh, and give yourself the kudos you deserve for accomplishing what you have with school. Getting down on yourself will ultimately only make you feel bad, and negative thoughts don't help enthusiasm; which is what we need to get this done.

You can do this, you've no doubt done a lot of other things you really wanted to already, now just decide that you REALLY want to lose weight and get healthy. :) I believe you can do it.

Let me know if you want to work on this together. I know that I could seriously benefit from a friend who wants this as much as I do and is willing to give, or take, a push when one is needed.

Oh, and great work with school! I bet your family is super proud of you.

Something to keep in mind, you feel horrible about that picture that your wife took, (and I can relate) but try to see it from her p.o.v. she took it because she loves you and sees, no doubt, a great dad who is gorgeous to her. She wasn't taking a photo of her husband overweight, she was taking a photo of her husband. :) I've come to the conclusion that looking at the positive aspects of things while being as realistic as possible is the best way to lift myself up enough to get past the exhaustion.

Focusing on what gets us down will, hold us down, while focusing on what lifts us up, will GET US UP. (Hey, that's a pretty good quote! LOL) BTW. YOu get this big speech because today is my first day back and I am so ready to make a change and am motivated by your blog post. So, thank you for being so honest and real.


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FISHTAILS444 5/6/2011 1:57PM

    I'm glad your going to get back into it. Obviously you can lose the weight and will again. But this time when you get to your goal put some time into learning the skils for a maintenance program that can work for you so you don't have to work so hard to lose a lot of weight. Check out the artcles on this site and tips from other users to maintain. Congratulations on the national honor society @ Kean University!! Way to go.


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BLACKROSE_222 5/6/2011 1:47PM

    We all have those pictures - just remember, it is your starting point for a lifestyle change. All of us got started for a reason (for myself, it was because I saw pictures of me after a vacation - NOT GOOD), and the reason this sticks is because it is for life. May 6th seems like a good day to start. Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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