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Sick of being sick.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Well here we go into week 2 of a cold thought it was getting better. Woke up yesterday feeling like crap again and sore throat is back and not it has migrated from my chest to my nose. Upset stomach due to all the drainage. I am so aggrivated because I had finally got momentum on losing weight and working out now I am going to have to start all over on the workouts. I miss my workouts, but after I did the last one I felt worse after I did rather then better. It needs to be summer and all the cold to hot needs to stop. Sorry sparkers just a ranting blog today. emoticon


Having a rough week

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Well after last week being so awesome and hitting 15lbs lost I was feeling wonderful. This we I got sick on Monday and just have not had the energy to workout. I am now up 4lbs and very frustrated about it. I had finally got back into the 280's. I just am so upset about see so much good progress and then this set back. Idk it is amazing how when we lose 5 lbs it isn't as big of a deal as when we gain 5 lbs. I am just going to say oh well and tomorrow no matter how I feel I am going to workout. I can't see all my hard work go down the drain. I am going to get it back into the 280's and keep going. I know I can do this I have seen the results I just have to keep pushing and not stop.

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SDTOHIO 3/25/2014 8:43AM

    Feel better first so you don't drag yourself down for an even longer time! emoticon

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Dragging but still winning!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I am so proud of myself I have been struggling with the time change as many of you have been I am sure! I still kick myself in the butt and dragged out of bed and did the turbo jam workout and after 40 minutes I was sweating and feeling better. I have my coffee so I am finally waking up but man I know the days that I need to kick myself and get up. I feel like I accomplish a lot and feel better at the end. I have gained a pound back because it is that dreaded time, but I feel that is an accomplishment because I normally gain 5 to 6 so I definiately can handle 1. I think things are different this time I am more focused on the right things. Not so much on the numbers and that I have to get skinny, but that I want to enjoy my life and be healthy. I know when I focus on making the good choices and healthy decisions that all the other will fall into place. It is all about living my life. Let's all go out and live our lives today don't wait for that magic number or the perfect size. Do it now!! Be healthy now at whatever stage you are at! emoticon

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CHANGE4THEBEST 3/14/2014 5:01AM



I totally agree with you!! When you make the right choices, everything else falls into place.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Have a great weekend!

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My inspiration and thanks for my sparkfriends today.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Today I have come through a long week and honestly am glad it is over. I just spent about 30 mins looking through my spark freinds and their pages. I felt a heavy heart to see that some haven't been on in weeks. This of course worries me because I honestly look at this as war. Every day we fight it all the choices that are laid before us that we have to make. We fight the thoughts of no we can't do this, see you messed up yet again, oh but if I just have one more cookie I will be ok, I am so tired I can't work out again today, etc,etc,. You know all things we let our brains and bodies tell us. It hurts to see them go it is like a fallin comrad in battle. Even though they are not here they are not forgotten. I am going to keep going and moving forward hoping they come back and succeed. I am going to keep going if nothing else that when they do come back I can hopefully be an inspiration to them.

I have a flip side to the coin. There a many of my comrads that are having great success! I look to them and all they have accomplished as inspiration. When I am feel low or just need a reminder I can do this I look at Indygirl's or Feb_showers16 both woman are a great inspiration to me. Both had a lot to go through to acheive thier goals. I am sure they had days they wanted to give up because they didn't see all they wanted. I say thank you to both of them for just not giving up and giving me the inspiration that I needed to not give up.

My challenge to those who know me and those who don't. If you read my blogs you know that I have my ups and downs just like everybody else. Stay with me and fight this with me. I will support you in whatever way I can and I know you will do the same. Sparkfriends lets help lift up the fallen comrads and encourage each other to not give up we can do this. The most important thing is we need each other. Love to all my fellow sparkers!

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SDTOHIO 3/25/2014 8:41AM

    Well said! Hello from one of the fallen still trying to pick myself up! Take care emoticon

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This body is a changin!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I have discovered the feeling of a strong core. It is wonderful to stand up and know that under the shrinking (slowly) stomach will be this awesome looking mid-section. I can tell a difference in my abs and how they feel. I never really noticed them before and now I am noticing how they feel different. That strong woman is buried, but digging out! Stop to today and take notice of even the slightest change. I know for me I have a goal to take a new photo every 20lbs. I am happy to say I only have another 8 lbs to go. It has been slow but notice the abs make me feel good even though the lbs aren't falling fast. I know my body it changing and I am loving it. I love the empowerment I get when I feel the results of my hard work. I am actually looking to find more time to put into excersize not for the weight loss even though it will be a result, but because I feel amazing when I do it. I have energy all day long and it is like a drug. I don't know how it has changed, but this time is different something clicked with me. I am not looking at the weight loss as much as why I want to workout. I enjoy it! Which is awesome because that tells me even when I reach my goal that I will keep going. I have to say though summer needs to get here so I can hit the pool. That is an easy add workout for me. emoticon

How I love spark people!

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DELIA38961 3/6/2014 9:32PM

    Great going :) exercise can be very addictive

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HIDDENRUNES 3/6/2014 8:19AM

    It's always rewarding to notice other things than lbs, like being able to hold a plank pose, or how the jeans fit a bit looser. Great job!

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GOLDIEANN85 3/5/2014 9:30PM

    Love your blog! Keep it up! Look forward to seeing your results!

emoticon emoticon

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