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Day 20 Boot Camp Challenge - FOUR!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The optional challenge for Friday's boot camp was to,

"...do a fun and active Friday night activity... Be creative and enjoy some fun, social time with your family and friends while you stay on your feet!"

Well, my DGS and I usually spend Friday night watching a movie and eating popcorn. Last night we had a blast! We went to a little amusement park in our city and played a round of miniature golf. I told him about the challenge and thanked him for going with me to help me be more fit. Bless his little heart, he wanted to know if I would be challenged to be fit again next Friday.

His dad (my son) has been taking him to the driving range and putting green so he was pretty good at lining up his balls. Okay, I'll say it. I creamed me and I couldn't have been more proud. One of the holes was a par 3 and I finally got that little ball in the cup on the fourth attempt. Just as I took out the score card to write 4 in the square next to the hole number, the folks at the next hole yelled, "FOUR." Thinking they were helping me keep score I began to feel annoyed just as their ball landed a few inches from my feet in the middle of the our green.

We all laughed and my DGS learned that four isn't just the sum of 2+2. I hope he also learned that he is awsome at teaching grandma how to do fun physical activities. If not golf, maybe next week we'll go bowling, then bicycling, then hiking, then...


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COOKSNBAKES 5/23/2009 9:24PM

    You are indeed awesome! I am glad to hear how active you are. Keep going!

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LAINYE 5/23/2009 1:50PM

    Your grandson is one lucky little boy to have such an awesome grandma!
You are definitely an inspiration to him and me too!
Have a safe and blessed weekend.


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Water Works Catching On - WooHoo!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The YMCA where I do water work has a new Aquatic Director who has helped me gather information for dong the 5K in the pool. She is very enthusiastic about adding an aquajogging program and would like me to help develop and facilitate it.

I humbly agreed and suggested we bring in other folks who may be more experienced in that sort of thing. So, today she tells me that, we should be adding the program in July and named the people who would be making it happen, I'm one. I couldn't be more pleased to be considered an athlete.

I still have so much weight to loose and yet my consistent hard work is being rewarded with more hard work... wait a minute - Is that right?


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KAYLSLYNN 5/21/2009 8:32PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LAINYE 5/21/2009 7:39PM

    You know the saying, give the job to a busy person, well that is you and you will do a great job. I know you can!

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EVETROY 5/21/2009 7:15PM

    Yes, Mary that is right! Because you are now capable of doing what you could not before! Woohoo! to you!

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Day 18 of S2S Boot Camp - Halleluja

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Todays workout - the 10-Minute Crunchless Core Workout - was amazingly less painful. I'm so thrilled to see such quick results from the PT work done on Monday. I was able to do the bent-leg leg raises, and the on the knees back-bend without my body trembling. HALLELUJA!!!

I have PT this afternoon and since Monday, with the pain of working through the tight, bunched-up muscles; I was dreading going again. But now that i see that Hope Springs Eternal, I'm ready!

But first some water work - 5K training with some aquajogging followed by a nice relaxing water aerobics session with friends.


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LAINYE 5/20/2009 4:17PM

    WooHoo, way to go. You are doing great and I see you hit another milestone for exercise minutes. You really are dedicated!

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LINDA25427 5/20/2009 11:50AM

    Good luck with your 5 k . I did one in April it was alot of fun but tiring .
Great job on the NYBootcamp emoticon emoticon

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PT OK 4ME With Him

Monday, May 18, 2009

I started the day with several itmes on my list that I looked forward to doing; one that I dreaded - PT. Granted, I realize that Iwill benefit from the hard work, but my concern is will the benefit be enough for me to meet my fitness goals. I not only want to loose weight, I also want to become stronger and more flexible in my lower body.

The therapist has agreed to work with me to help me meet these goals but it will be hard work and today I got a taste of just how hard it will be. So as she rubbed and worked on the tight muscles in my upper thigh and hip (ohhhhh the painnnnnn!), I had to remind myself that I have to go through the pain to get to the goal.

Each exercise that worked those same muscles made me want to scream but I just kept breathing and told myself, "don't you dare cry." Then I laid on the bench with a large bag of ice on the hip and read my book to escape the experience that lasted all of 45 minutes. When thoughts of returning to PT for more of the same on Wednesday crept in and the book no longer helped; the last 10 minutes on that bench with the ice on my hip, was just me and God. It was at that moment I realized that I, with His calming reasurance, can do this, and I will.


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LAINYE 5/19/2009 3:09PM

    Mary, I just asked in the Coffee Shop how your PT was going, and then saw your blog. It sounds like you have a hard road ahead of you. With His help, you can get through anything.


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Best Laid Plans - Oh Well

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today I thought I was going to kick back in the park with Spud the Pug (my dog) and a good book. So, after my Boot Camp workout, I had all my snacks packed with Spud knowing we were about to walk out the door, when the phone rang and I was reminded of a date I had made earlier in the week with my DGS.

He called to say that after his recital rehersal his mom would be dropping him off for our date. So, I traded a day of lazing with a good book and my dog for a day with my DGS. And guess what? It turned out to be just what I needed.

We went to the Y for Family Swim; he swam, I water jogged, and then we swam. We had the lunch I had planned on taking to the park and FINALLY took Spud for a nice walk in the park. After taking Spud back home we went to the library. Every 3rd Saturday chldren are given the opportunity to read to service dogs. He read the same book to each and every one of the dogs there.

By this time we were ready for dinner and a movie and I still haven't picked up my book that I was so looking forward to. Would I rather have read the book than spend time with my sugar-lump? I don't think so!!!

Prior to SparkPeople we would have had our date at McDonalds where he could play in the tubes and video games (they have it like that, okay?) while I read and ate, and ate, and ate for two or three hours. Instead we had healthy snacks at the pool, a healthy lunch with more exercise, a relaxing dinner and a movie.

My best laid plans were not meant to be; however, had I not planned my day could have been... Well let's not go there, okay?


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    spending time with your DGS -- PRICELESS!

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LAINYE 5/18/2009 3:02PM

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I am glad you got to do all of that with you grandson.
The book club meeting is not til next week so you have plenty of time to read! Children grow up so fast, that it pays to enjoy them while we can.


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DOREENKNIGHT64 5/17/2009 4:21AM

    The book will still be there tomorrow. You made the best choice - people aren't always there, and children grow up and change.

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MALLORY46 5/16/2009 11:53PM

    It sounds like an awesome day! You ate well, got in some fitness, and totally enjoyed your sugar-lump LOL Sounds like a perfect day to me!

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