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10 Week Plan Goals: Time To Turn Up The Heat

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm a little late coming up with a plan for a 10 week weight loss challenge (Beyond The Scale 2), as one week is pretty much done, but better late than never!!

Weight loss goal: Lucky 13! I started at 192, and my goal is to blow out of the 80's decade, and get my toe in the 70's during this challenge.

How? The old fashioned way - eat less move more! I will be tracking calories in/out, and making use of my new book The Hungry Girl Diet for high volume/low calorie meal and snack ideas. I love that this book is designed around recipes for one person, and all very quick and easy. The number one thing I need to do to accomplish my goal is keep those darned calories in check. I am not at all mystified about why I'm not loosing: I am eating too much! I'm a snacker, and find it very easy to blow past my calorie range by grazing and stress eating.

The workout: I will continue to workout at the gym during my lunch hour, and I'm working at getting back to running. I set a goal of reaching 26.2 running miles during April. I have also agreed to a challenge with my boss of reaching 10,000 steps a day, or paying the other person $1 for every day falling short of that goal! I want to do more strength training, but need to find a plan that can be worked at home, gym or away, and without benefit of a DVD player or formal class. I've decided to work these exercises, and hope I am addressing a full body workout with them - my basic 8 plus abs:

Bicep curl
Tricep kick-back (or dips)
Shoulder Press
Push ups
Bent over row
Walking Lunges
Plie Lunges
Ab work (crunch, reverse crunch, twist crunch, plank?)

I will alternate upper body and lower body on different days if pressed for time, and would like to get in 3 sets of 10-12. Min 2 full workouts a week, goal is 3

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-BLESSINGS- 4/13/2014 9:52AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

seem like some very duable goals...

wishing you a SPARKtacular week ahead
BLESSings ALLways ~Deby

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TRAVELGRRL 4/13/2014 9:52AM

    Love the bet with your boss! That would motivate me! Remember, if you are a bit short in the evenings, just march in place around the house. I've been known to do that myself when necessary! emoticon

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MTN_KITTEN 4/13/2014 9:42AM

    Get to it!

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GLMOM2 4/13/2014 9:41AM

    Great goals!


I love the motivational clip at the end! emoticon

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Delayed Gratification

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I recently shared a story with my Spark Team about a tactic that my boss has been using with great success. Whenever she thinks she wants to purchase an item, she types it into a memo on her phone, and keeps an ongoing "wish list." This works in a couple of ways. #1, delaying the impulse to purchase often makes her realize that she doesn't really want/need the item when she sees it on the list days or weeks later. #2 she has a ready made wish list when things come up like birthdays, etc..., and she can tell hubby (or whomever) what items she has been wishing for (or use gift certs, etc.. to purchase items on her list). I kind of love this idea! I get obsessed with wanting something and jump to purchase, and then maybe regret or realize it wasn't worth the price or the added clutter in the house.

As I typed out this story, I had that emoticon moment about how I do very similar, impulsive things with food/drink. The thought enters my head that I want something, or I see/smell food, and emoticon I go for it like a fish after bait! Although I know all about trying to distract myself with a glass of water or a non-food activity, I rarely do that. I eat first/regret later - no pause in there for another option. Just like purchasing things I don't really need, that extra food adds "clutter" to my body, and further depletes my shrinking willpower reserves.

My husband and I are currently in what is best described as "decluttering hell," clearing out the basement. Oh, how I wish I would never have acquired and/or saved all the junk I am now having to deal with. The same thing can be said for impulsively overeating. It truly is easier to take steps to avoid the weight gain than it is to get rid of acquired weight. I will try and remember this analogy, and the idea of delayed gratification, the next time I face down an eating challenge.

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USMAWIFE 2/27/2014 9:18PM

    sounds like a great plan

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TRAVELGRRL 2/27/2014 2:49PM

    Wow, what a great analogy. I can certainly use this too.

I've read a lot of posts/comparisons between being disciplined with money & disciplined with food.

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SPICEMWE 2/27/2014 9:48AM

    Interesting idea there! I've been trying to apply that same concept to my eating habits. I've been saving up for a "cheat meal" and now that I'm getting closer to that meal, most of the impulse foods I wanted no longer sound as appealing to me. Go figure!!

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TERI-RIFIC 2/27/2014 7:14AM

    Good perspective. When we moved we filled THREE huge roll off dumpsters. Your comments are right on! Easier to avoid. emoticon emoticon

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MSROZZIE 2/26/2014 7:52PM

    Awesome blog, thanks for sharing! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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IMPERIODEE 2/26/2014 7:41PM

  thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts. yeah, i regret eating too much and having to deal with a lot of weight to lose now. i should be more conscious of what i put in my body and what i will have to do when i eat too much. delayed gratification...wooo hoo!!!

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A Different Path

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Boy does this say it all! It isn't that one, big decision to throw in the towel; it is all those quiet, little moments when you just don't have it in you to keep pushing. Yet, those are just the moments we need to persevere! I've been sitting on this plateau for a while, and sometimes I think "whatever - this is fine," but I know that isn't an honest answer. It is just an easy answer. It is easier than saying "this is to hard - I can't do it."

When I reach those challenging moments, I need to tell myself "this is hard, but not impossible" Find the courage to try a different path.

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WATERDIAMONDS 2/26/2014 4:53AM

    emoticon Best of success to you with all the quiet little moments today. .

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GRAMMIEOFTWO 2/25/2014 10:26PM

  Great blog, thanks. I needed the encouragement at this moment. emoticon

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Who Is Holding Me Back?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Ignore the doubters and unhealthy examples that were once feeding you" - This really spoke to me today. I've been working toward a healthy lifestyle for long enough that I no longer get too many friends and family giving me grief, but there is one doubter and unhealthy example that continues to really hold me back...ME! I wonder if I really believe I can reach my goal weight? I have a lot of belief in my ability to be successful with exercise, but not so much when it comes to food. I think the difference to me is with exercise I am adding something, but the food portion just feels like deprivation. I need to work on putting food in its place, and its place shouldn't be stress relief, entertainment, etc... I also need to remember this truth:

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TRAVELGRRL 2/21/2014 8:00PM

    I love this blog Holly, and feel you are about ready to make the mental connection that will get you past this hump. Hang in there. I have faith that you can do it! Actually, we ALL can do it together!

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JAZZYFROG333 2/21/2014 6:10AM

    emoticon emoticon
I'm totally right there with you. I need to get out of my own way and stop holding on to that unhealthy version of me and stop holding myself back from getting to where I want to be. For me it's definitely been a matter of fighting my "all or nothing" attitude. I'm learning that the journey doesn't have to be perfect just as long as I keep going. A zig zag to success is still success!
I know you can do this! I have seen your drive and it is inspirational!
emoticon emoticon

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JLOVESDOGS 2/20/2014 10:00AM

    Holly...great blog! I find myself getting frustrated, mad because I like you feel like I am depriving myself. It is like I am punishing myself for being overweight. It's a vicious psychological circle...mad cause I am "depriving" myself but if I don't "deprive" myself then I stay overweight.

I think the thing is to find eating plan that fits you and that is hard to do especially when you have kids, a husband etc. From my track record I have tried a lot of the "plans" out there and continue to keep looking for the 'magic" one.

emoticon It is one day at a time.... emoticon

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WATERDIAMONDS 2/20/2014 7:53AM

    Holly, I am right there with you in so many ways. I doubt whether I can reach my goal. I too can exercise like a champ, but food is my downfall. And the food part of the equation DOES feel like deprivation to me. So I understand.

We've all got to find our own way to reach out. I think I've found a good tool for me in the Beck Diet Solution. Beck really cuts to the quick about our sabotaging thoughts re: food. The basic premise is spelled out in my blog at: http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_p

If you've already read Beck and decided it isn't for you, that's fine. I'm not saying this way is right for everyone (like I say, I'm not even sure it's right for me, because it does take time and commitment), but it is one way to handle the food issues, so I thought I'd offer it to you in case it could help.

We will figure it out, Friend. Meanwhile, thank you for a great blog. That last visual is stunning and I appreciate it.

Comment edited on: 2/20/2014 7:54:15 AM

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MARMAERT 2/20/2014 12:18AM

    remember - think like a thin person! The "thins" put the activity/event in a higher place than the food that will be part of it. The "thins" would rather be with friends than food and if food is part of it, they don't eat a lot. The "thins" will occasionally have a treat, but it is treated as special once in a while and not as a regular part of meal times. You have the ability to do this, you just have to make it a habit. So please start thinking like the "thins"!

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Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Monday, February 03, 2014

What can I accomplish if I "lean in," breathe, and just try to adjust to the non-comfort zone? This week I will attempt to get comfortable being uncomfortable. I realize that Im thoroughly stuck where Im at, and need to push myself to the next level, and just try and stick it out until it feels comfortable. A few areas to start:

1) Food. I have to get my calories consistently down. Probably my biggest area of extra calories comes from too many between meal snacks especially evening snacking.

2) Strength Training. Im very content with my regular lunch hour workouts at the gym, but am trying to add in Chalean Extreme at home (a Beachbody DVD workout system). It is only a little more than 30 minutes, but Im not a big fan of getting up early, and Im not a big fan of working out after work either! The system is 5 weekly workouts: 3 are the strength workouts, and the other two seem to be cardio/stretching/etc For the last two weeks, Ive done the 3 strength workouts, and substituted my own cardio instead of the additional two DVDs. This week I have a goal of doing all 5 workouts in addition to my cardio time during my lunch hr workouts.

I love this diagram of the comfort zone. To practice reinforcing positive thinking about these changes, I am going to jot notes on this graphic throughout the week. Every time I feel the urge to slip back into old ways, I'm going to note it on the chart. Every time I do something that helps reinforce where I want to be, I will also note it. I have to find some way to help carry the motivation I feel in the morning all the way through to evening.

I will blog daily to keep my focus. One weekwhat can I accomplish? Im excited to find out!

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JAZZYFROG333 2/8/2014 1:16PM

    If we stay in our comfort zones nothing ever changes. I love that your challenging yourself to face your discomforts and use them to fuel your success!
emoticon emoticon

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GLMOM2 2/5/2014 9:07PM

    Good quote.

emoticon emoticon

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GEORGE815 2/5/2014 4:25PM

    Good luck!

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SARIANEC 2/4/2014 1:58PM

    One day at a time!

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SPICEMWE 2/4/2014 9:10AM

    Love this! You can absolutely do this!!


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    Wonderful blog! Not at all what I was expecting when I wandered "in".

LOVE Chalene's energy and all her workouts. Rumor has it she will have a new one coming out in June at our Beachbody summit.

You have a great plan. Bring it! emoticon

Your blog got me thinking and web wandering. I found this and wanted to share..http://youtu.be/BLE5o7aCY9s

Comment edited on: 2/4/2014 6:23:29 AM

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    As I mentioned on the board, I really relate to your idea of moving into the non-comfort zone. Thanks for expressing the problem so well.

emoticon blog.

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FITLIKENIC 2/3/2014 10:32PM

    Well said, thanks for sharing!

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SUSANYVONNE68 2/3/2014 8:23PM


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KRZYKAT3 2/3/2014 8:13PM

    love the topic of this blog and will put in my log for further contemplation!

You are on the right path to try something shaken up when you reach a plateau. You never know what will shake those pounds loose!!


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CASTIRONLADY 2/3/2014 6:30PM

    Keep up that thought process. No one said it would be easy - just worth it. emoticon

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TRAVELGRRL 2/3/2014 5:48PM

    Holly, I love your plan to "get comfortable with the uncomfortable!" When we get comfortable, we get complacent. When we get complacent, we get LAZY. When we get lazy, we don't make progress towards our goals.

I know -- because I think I'm in the same place! Let's get OUT of our comfort zone and see what the next level brings!!!!


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KJHOUSTON 2/3/2014 5:27PM

    Go Holly!

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WENDYSPARKS 2/3/2014 5:06PM

    Good luck!! emoticon

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MJRVIC2000 2/3/2014 5:02PM

    Glad You are doing better....keeping improving! God Bless YOU! Vic.

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