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Why Hello There...

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


At the gym tonight I did a boot camp class, and while we were doing weighted squats I looked out the door and saw my neighbour staring at me! Besides saying hello in the hall of the building we never talk, yet she stuck around to watch me squat and waved dramatically at me. Yes, I see you. No, I can't wave back. I'm squatting! But hey, why don't you try out the class next week?


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JUSTMI1 4/5/2012 7:37AM

  Perhaps she's just shy. Maybe leave a note on her door inviting her to go to a class with you next week.

That reminds me.....I need to start doing squats again lol.

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CREEPYGINGER 4/5/2012 3:27AM

    Sounds like a fun class. Your neighbor sounds like a dork! lol.

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I'm Not Just on SparkPeople...

Sunday, April 01, 2012

There are some other sites that I use as well!

My Spark Recipes are here: recipes.sparkpeople.com/more-

You can find My Healthy Life on Pinterest at pinterest.com/holisticdetoxer
. I will not repost stupid "thinspiration" images or fake "science"... I promise!

I also just joined Fitocracy, which just came out of beta testing the other day. Inspired by video games, this site lets you collect points for working out, completing "quests" or challenging yourself in a number of other ways. You can join here: ftcy.co/HKTse3 and once you're a member you can also look for the SparkPeople team!

What other healthy sites have you joined?

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JULIA_RUN2SMILE 4/1/2012 10:09PM

    emoticon Thanks for sharing your link to your recipes! I will try some for sure and tell you about it! I love trying new recipes and new food!
(Thanks for stopping by my blog too! - I will keep in mind your suggestions for my next visit to Victoria! - I am also a big fan of The noodle box restaurant - food is delicious, fresh and you can have the vegeterain option too - I had the Cambodian Jungle Curry with rice and tofu! Portiion are large...Yummi!!!)

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Last Day of Hedonism

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I've been on spring break, which meant a trip to see friends and family in my hometown. While I was there I ate a lot of restaurant food and did a little walking, but I definitely didn't stick to my healthiest habits. On the plus side, there's an amazing, cheap seamstress in my hometown who took in SEVEN pairs of pants for me (including two I bought as "goal pants" and then got too small to wear, so I've never worn them!). Total spring wardrobe refresher, and for less than the cost of ONE new pair of pants!

Tomorrow brings April, and a new commitment to Sparking. It will be exactly three months until my summer holiday, and I want to hit the beaches of Europe looking HOT! I also want to be strong enough to carry my big-ass backpack, and I want to have enough stamina to do crazy things like hike mountains in flip-flops and swim to islands that I can just barely see off in the distance (only to find out they're actually flocks of pelicans...)! So, it's back to 1200 to 1550 calories, back to doing workout videos in my condo, back to tracking food and fitness, and, sadly, back to not eating ice cream straight from the tub (well, I'll start that last one when I'm done with my Oreo ice cream... hey, it was on sale!).


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LOWFATFOODIE 4/8/2012 3:29PM

    I am working on being able to carry by big-ass backpack in the Alps... could use some advice on what you carry (and don't).

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CREEPYGINGER 4/2/2012 12:13PM

    Sounds like you had a fun Spring Break and were able to enjoy yourself. You earned it! Now get back on track and you'll surely reach your summer goals. Here's hoping there's actually islands under those pelicans! emoticon

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What's Been Going On?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I haven't been posting much lately so I thought I'd give you a little update!

I went through a very, very, very stressful time at work. It got so bad that one morning I threw up on my way to the office! I am not the only one feeling it- my colleagues have been going home mid-day in tears and the absentee rate is at an all-time high. It wasn't the actual work that was stressful, but one particular colleague. I think that for a lot of people it was easier to just stay home than to deal with the psychological- and resultant physical- toll of dealing with this person. I personally didn't take any days off, but I really felt horrible. I'm pleased to announce that my toxic coworker has now gone on maternity leave AND requested a transfer to a different city upon her return! (I wish I could blame her meanness on pregnancy hormones but it's an adopted child that she's already had custody of for more than a year!) I am slowly getting back in the groove, dealing with all the stuff I couldn't handle before, and I've booked a little holiday next week PLUS a massage upon my return! After that I've just got to tough it out for April, May and June and then I get to spend two months abroad!

I'm holding solid at 122-123 pounds. I took a break from tracking food when I was going through so much stress at work, and I also scaled back my exercise a bit, but I think I've built so much muscle mass that I can be more flexible in my diet. I plan to track for April, May and June to ensure I'm in top shape when I hit the beaches of Europe this summer (along with my forty-pound backpack... though this time I think I'm going to aim for thirty pounds so I can bring back some clothes... they've got to have cool clothes in Macedonia and Kaliningrad, right?). I went shopping at Old Navy a week or two ago and grabbed a bunch of stuff off the rack without even trying it on. I got home and found that the size extra-small dress was a perfect fit, and the size two shorts were a little loose through the waist (but didn't have much give in the thighs). I can't complain about that, right?

Hope you're doing well! Happy Spring!


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INFINITEJESS84 3/19/2012 2:20PM

    Isn't it amazing how certain people with unpleasant personalities can have such a profound affect on our bodies and minds? It's so nuts but sometimes we're powerless to stop it!

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    Hurrah for handling your awful co-worker. Isn't it awful how one person can be so toxic to those around them? At least you won't have to deal with her anymore.

I'm uber jealous about your upcoming trip to Europe. I'd love to do that with my hubby someday. Heck - I'd like to have something that is Extra-Small fit me again! emoticon

Best wishes on your journey.

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REDSHOES2011 3/18/2012 11:28AM

    I hope things settle down at the office, it sounds like everyone was suffering.. You will have to give a report how the backpacking is doing -sounds like lots of fun!


Comment edited on: 3/18/2012 11:29:16 AM

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    Hey there! I'm sorry to hear about that toxic co-worker! =[ How depressing!! But I'm that glad person is GONE now so no more worries about them! Yay! =D Also, somehow I missed your last blog about your upcoming summer travels and WOW! That sounds like loads of fun!! I'm absolutely jealous =D I want to travel all over europe someday! I will I will! haha

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WOLFSPIRITMOM 3/18/2012 11:23AM

    emoticon Glad things will be calmer at work!

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Summer Holiday - CHECK!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

I recently made my plans for a summer holiday! I've bought the plane tickets and the Lonely Planet, so I'm all set!

I will be spending eight weeks backpacking across Europe, from south to north. I will only be visiting new places, so I am planning to fly into Corfu, Greece and out of Tallinn, Estonia. I usually like to sketch out a quick map of my route and not really plan much beyond that. So far I've got my flight to Corfu (with long enough stops to do a couple hours' sightseeing in both Montreal and Athens), then I'll take a ferry to Albania and visit some historical towns, then I'd like to go to Ohrid, Macedonia. Things get a little wonky after that, but the most logical route is probably from there to Kosovo, and then back to Kotor, Montenegro and finally to Mostar and Sarajevo in BiH. From Sarajevo I may try to get over to Belgrade, but apparently Serbia will not admit anyone with a passport stamp from Kosovo, so I might actually just hop on a plane in Sarajevo and fly up to Vienna, to visit a nearby village that shares my last name. After that I'm going to meet my childhood penpal near Bratislava, and then cross Poland. I'm hoping to get a three-day transit visa through Kaliningrad on arrival (no way will I make any visa plans in advance) so that I can say I've been to Russia, and then I'll travel through Lithuania and Latvia to Estonia, where I'll end my trip spending two days with a friend from Sweden who I haven't seen in eight years! On the flight back I've also got a full twenty-four hour stopover in Copenhagen so I'll get to check out that city too.

All in all I'm looking forward to experiencing some very new cultures, seeing some interesting things, walking all the time, swimming whenever possible and trying some new vegetarian foods! I'm also hoping to pack light and pick up some new clothes while I'm there, as I've had really good luck shopping in other Eastern European countries before.

As I prepare for the trip I would like to maintain my weight near it's current mark (I'm still at 122, I haven't seen any change in a month) but continue to build strength and endurance, so that I'll be ready for anything that comes my way. Also, I want to look super-cute when I'm sunbathing (topless!) in Greece. And Albania. And probably all the Baltic countries too (brrrr!).

If you've got any tips about my itinerary, or if you'd like to share your own summer plans, please comment!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Yeah, I know it seems like an extensive itinerary BUT the Lonely Planet Eastern Europe has a similar itinerary, and they recommend it be done over four weeks! I've got double that, so I should have time to explore. I don't really like visiting big capital cities with lots of tourists, so I'll mostly be sticking to smaller, off-the-beaten-path type places to get a sense of the "real" culture.

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    What a great trip you have planned! I wish! I have booked 2 weeks off in July to be with my family, might go camping.

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HAKAPES 3/4/2012 5:54AM

    Wow, you squeeze in so many places!
One country of these would have been enough for me for more than a week! :-)

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GARBLEDEEGOOK 3/4/2012 12:07AM

  Sounds like a plan. Enjoy!

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    sounds like alot of fun, enjoy!!! emoticon

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CORNERKICK 3/3/2012 5:09PM

  Sounds exciting!!

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