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Back From Holidays

Sunday, January 08, 2012

I'm back from two weeks in Mexico! I think I kept pretty active- I walked for a few hours every day (except when I was on a bus all day!), did some swimming, some rock-climbing, and a lot of walking with my forty-pound backpack! I wasn't overly concerned with my eating choices, as I knew I was so active, but I ended up catching a stomach bug and have been taking anti-parasite medication for the past few days. I'm probably going to take it easy for my first week back home, until I'm finished the meds, and then get back into my routine next week. I'll try to share some photos shortly!

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QUEEN-EYDIE 1/9/2012 5:36PM

    Hope you're feeling better today!

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APIRLRAIN888 1/8/2012 8:25PM


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    I went from DF to Oaxaca to Zipolite to Taxco to Cuernavaca to DF! I definitely ate lots of fresh fruits and veggies; I didn't let the tummy bug stop me from doing anything, actually!

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LIS193 1/8/2012 3:26PM

    Sound like you had a great time despite picking up a tummy bug. Where in Mexico did you go? We are in San Carlos (near Guaymas), Sonora and love it here. The food takes a little getting used to but the fresh fruits and veggies are wonderful!

Look forward to your pics!

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today was my birthday!

I turned twenty-eight. Just for fun I tried on a pair of pants from eighth grade, and they fit! I wouldn't say I aspire to my adolescent body... I know that as an adult, eating right, doing cardio and building my strength can actually get me a much BETTER body than I had in junior high! However, they're epic pants and I can't wait to wear them! I had (have!) good taste!

My eating was off for the day and I think my calories will be high for the next few days, but hell... I fit into my pants from grade eight! I can afford a few days (or even weeks!) of maintenance while I enjoy the triple-holiday season (birthday, Christmas, New Years!).

On that note, I'll probably get in another blog or two this week, as well as some status updates, but I will be going abroad on Friday and I'll be away for just over two weeks.

Wishing you all the best this winter!

emoticon emoticon

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TRULYVISIBLE 1/5/2012 2:41PM

  Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was fun!

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HAKAPES 12/22/2011 1:53AM

    Wow, they fit!


Can we have a pic of those famous clothes?

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JAMINEESE 12/21/2011 1:23AM

    Happiest Birthday Wishes for a fantastic 28th year. You are at such a great age so cherish this time. (I celebrated on your behalf with a gluten-free cookie. Well actually, one for you and one for me. Then I gave the rest away. Yay!) Safe travels abroad.

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APIRLRAIN888 12/21/2011 12:51AM

    Happy bday

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SASA75 12/20/2011 8:36PM

    Happy Birthday!

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BELINDADUVESSA 12/20/2011 1:13PM

    Happy Birthday! Mine is Saturday. I'm not nearly looking forward to it. They just don't hold any excitement for me any more.

I hope your trip goes well. I look forward to a blog with lots of pictures!

Comment edited on: 12/20/2011 1:13:36 PM

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FITMOMMYFORLIFE 12/20/2011 12:31PM

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! And CONGRATS on fitting into your grade 8 jeans! What an accomplishment! You Rock! =]

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EUPHRATES 12/20/2011 7:16AM

    Happy Birthday fellow Sag!

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ILOVEROSES 12/20/2011 6:59AM

    Happy Birthday! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Have a great holiday! emoticon

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CAKAROO 12/20/2011 5:59AM

    Happy Birthday!

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Only the Best (of the Worst) for Your Gym Playlist!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

For those of us who like to listen to songs in other languages while we work out, I've got two ridiculous tracks straight out of the Fatherland (no joke... I've actually got German citizenship... not that I can understand a word of these songs!).

It doesn't take a minor in linguistics to know this song is about your heart racing. Also, they say "high heels".

This one is even better. Besides the epilepsy warning at the beginning, this song contains English lyrics like "Disco Disco Pogo Pogo, Old school Baby, Electric boogie boogie".

Look for me grooving on the treadmill to Strobo Pop next week!

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APIRLRAIN888 12/19/2011 1:07AM


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YS2012 12/18/2011 1:22PM

    Love the songs :) I often listen to songs in other languages and I love it when they toss in English words. Here's one that's in English but clearly by a non-English speaker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS56

"He loves her dog, she loves cats, they're your friends..."

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Weight Loss Humble Brags

Saturday, December 17, 2011

There seems to be an upsurge of humble brags on Spark lately!

These always put a smile on my face.

"I look like such a fat cow in my size zero dress... I really should have gone up to the size two!"

"I wish I could just go to the gym and exercise in peace without being hit on all the time!"

"It's just not possible for me to eat right when I've got so many friends that I get invited out for dinner or to a party every night!"

"Help! I'm losing weight from everywhere except my breasts!"

Have you seen or heard any good humble brags lately?


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GIRLGENERICA 12/20/2011 12:06AM

    Know a couple people in my life who do this all the time!

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STARSPIRALS 12/19/2011 10:27PM

    I'll be on the lookout now! emoticon

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FIZZBANGER 12/18/2011 10:20AM

    "This shirt looks awful on me cause I'm so tiny!"

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ILOVEROSES 12/18/2011 2:12AM

    Not yet. emoticon

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APIRLRAIN888 12/17/2011 10:26PM


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GOOSIEMOON 12/17/2011 9:19PM

    I have not heard any specific "humble brags", but I love the concept.

I'll be sure and pay attention for them!

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    I avoid overly processed foods, Ido buy beans in a can outta convience. Love your gourmet food pics. talented.

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Scratch That

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I can do TWO SETS of ten man push-ups! Send the evening news team! Or Mythbusters or something! THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOR ME!


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ELECTRALYTE 12/16/2011 2:16PM


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BLAIZE 12/16/2011 2:48AM

    Niiice! emoticon

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JULIAMOONCHILD 12/15/2011 11:32PM

That is fantastic!

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APIRLRAIN888 12/15/2011 10:58PM

    Awesome funny I'm watch myth buster right niw on Netflix hahaha

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REDSHOES2011 12/15/2011 10:51PM


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