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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I can do ten man push-ups!

I can see my abdominal muscles.

I have little sticky-outy bumps in my arms that I think are bicep muscles.

My knees don't pop when I do lunges anymore. Slow lunges. ALL the way down. While holding weights.

How did this happen?

I am seriously the wussiest person I know.

How is it that more and more and more I'm being motivated by being strong, instead of (just) being thin?

I have a feeling this is going to be a really, really, really good thing for me. Building strength can be the hook I need to "maintain"- a way to continue setting goals, making strategies and achieving them, without focusing on weight loss. There's only so much weight a girl can lose... but I know myself and I know that I need to have something that I'm working towards in order to be motivated.

What could be next?

Two sets of man push-ups?


Let's not get crazy here!

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STARSPIRALS 12/19/2011 10:33PM

    checking out oxygen magazine gives me great visual goals of what it would be like to be fit and strong, just losing the weight doesn't do it for me either. I've been struggling lately with the food but your post just inspired me to flip through some of my issues to get back on track.

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BLAIZE 12/14/2011 7:09PM

    Way to go! I completely understand about being motivated to be strong. I can't even do one man pushup yet, but I'm working on it! I can do squats and leg work all day long though. I'm sure I use my legs way more than my arms. They're only good for laundry and washing dishes lately. Hrmph... ! emoticon

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Eating Enough

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I think that I might not be planning to eat enough, which has lead to a few days where I've eaten large amounts of junk food that have pushed me over my limit. Although I've lost a lot of weight (I've gone from 152 to 124) I've dramatically increased both my activity and level and my muscle mass. I have adjusted for this in Spark, but I've decided that for the upcoming week I'm going to consciously try to eat at the very highest end of my recommended calorie range, and to do it in a healthy way, so that I'm giving my body lots of good fuel. Maybe then I won't turn to huge amounts of popcorn! So, 1700 calories... see you tomorrow!


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BREW99 12/14/2011 7:27AM

    Sounds like a wonderful plan! We tend to forget that our bodies need the food to be energized for the work we are doing. If we don't eat properly while losing weight, we will just gain it back faster (or so studies found).

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GIRLGENERICA 12/11/2011 11:09AM

    Love that you are cognizant of this (I feel like so many people aren't, myself included - I was working out a ton this summer, but looking back I don't think I was eating enough, and I feel like it may have contributed in part to my injuries... the body DOES need fuel!)

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HBOWATCH 12/10/2011 11:38AM

    Sounds like a good idea. The body's gotta have enough fuel to work and repair itself.

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COMMUNITY10 12/10/2011 11:33AM

    You'll have to let us know how that goes. I'm always so nervous to eat towards the higher end of my calorie range. Good luck!!

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Weekend Grocery Shop - DONE!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

I decided to do my weekend grocery shop tonight instead of on the actual weekend. This should buy me a few extra "me" minutes on Saturday and Sunday. My grocery bill for the week was pretty low - $43, but I intend to use up some things I've got around the house. I'm planning to make three things:

Breakfasts - Whole-wheat banana pancakes.
Lunches - Whole-wheat lasagna with roasted butternut squash, spinach, sage and ricotta (gotta use up all my extra ricotta!)
Dinner - Creamy wild rice soup with vegetables and red lentils.

I'll just make up the recipes as I go.

And I'll snack on popcorn, Babybel cheese and Greek yogurt.

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BLAIZE 12/14/2011 7:10PM

    I want that lasagna recipe! emoticon

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ILOVEROSES 12/8/2011 10:27PM

    Enjoy more "me" time this weekend! emoticon

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They're Heeeere...

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

... the first Christmas and birthday cards of the season!

emoticon emoticon

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RANDOM00B 12/7/2011 11:10PM

    Man, I have 90 to write and send this weekend!

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ORGANIC811LFRV 12/7/2011 8:46PM


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    Oh! The actual special days aren't for a few weeks... but the mail started to arrive! That's all! Thanks though!

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ILOVEROSES 12/7/2011 8:22PM

    Have a terrific Thursday! emoticon

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DOLPHINFAN1334 12/7/2011 8:11PM

    HAVE A FABULOUS DAY TOMORROW!! emoticon emoticon

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You! Yes You! You're Smelly! (An Open Letter to People at the Gym)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Dear All People Everywhere,

I understand that in many cultures, it is not common for people to wear deodorant or antiperspirant. I think that's awesome. It's a personal choice. No need to rub excess chemicals into your armpits if you don't feel inclined. Frankly, even if your culture does wear deodorant, and you choose not to, it's cool.

But I've got news for you. When you hit the gym, you smell! You're used to your own smell. You don't notice it anymore. But everyone else does. Notice how there's nobody on the treadmill to your left? And nobody on the treadmill to your right?

It's because you stink.

If you're going to choose NOT to wear deodorant AND you want to exercise in an enclosed public space, PLEASE, for the love of God, wear clean clothes and shower or bathe right before your workout. Scrub those armpits! Wash between your legs! Lather your feet! (These are also pretty key for people who DO wear deodorant... however they can usually get away with a morning shower before an evening workout.)

If you don't have time to clean your body before you exercise, or you don't have clean clothes to wear... STAY HOME. Do an exercise video. Or run around the block. Or do laundry and pack your shower gel so that you'll be ready to exercise in a societally-acceptable way tomorrow!


The person who was on the treadmill next to you and kept breathing into her towel before she finally just gave up and walked away.

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MI-ELLKAYBEE 12/10/2011 5:20PM

    P.S. - Great blog!

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MI-ELLKAYBEE 12/10/2011 5:18PM

    I am fortunate enough to never have encountered this aroma. But I would like to add: after you use a machine, PLEASE use that nice cleansing spray most fitness centers have standing around all over. If yours doesn't, please bring your own little spray bottle. I DO NOT want your perspiration on my nice clean clothes, even if it doesn't smell. And if you are strong enough to use machines with those nice big, heavy plates, you are strong enough to remove them when you're done. I can't pull multiple 45 pound weights off a Smith machine - and I shouldn't have to try. I might drop one on my foot. Personally, I'm proud to be using 25 pound weights. Thank you... emoticon

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TRULYVISIBLE 12/10/2011 11:37AM

  This is great and so relatable to those of us that hang out at the gym. I only had this experience once. At a pool class with a teenage boy. I had to leave class as the pool was packed and I had nowhere else to go.

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FIZZBANGER 12/8/2011 1:59PM

    It's worse in cycling class, when someone w/o deodorant is in front of you, and there's a BIG FAN in front of them... lol

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YOITLE 12/7/2011 6:15AM

    Air pollution!

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BLAIZE 12/7/2011 5:01AM

    The gym is usually pretty empty when I go so I haven't run into this in a long time. But AMEN!

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DESERTDREAMERS 12/7/2011 12:05AM

    Love it! And, maybe, they could brush their teeth?

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