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Portion Control

Monday, October 24, 2011

Me + Indian buffet + tight jeans = emoticon

What was I thinking?

Calorie-wise I'm fine, but the sheer size of the meal was so huge that I honestly feel like I'm going to explode!

Never again!

Never again!

Please remind me!

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DIVINEPRINCESS 10/24/2011 9:09AM


Never again!!!


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What Do the 120s Feel Like?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

So today I hit the 120s. The very, very, very high 120s, it's true... but I'm still in the 120s.

I haven't seen the 120s on the scale since high school, though it's likely that I weighed about 124-126 in my early years of university (I didn't own a scale... still don't!).

So, what does it feel like?

Well, it might be surprising to read that it feels exactly like the 130s. And, in fact, exactly like the 140s. And, to be honest, exactly like 151 pounds felt. But it feels different than 152 pounds. Why?

Because when I was 152 pounds, I wasn't taking care of myself. I felt bad about how I looked, how much I weighed, what I could wear, my energy levels, my dull skin, my lack of self-confidence... pretty much everything.

But when I was 151 pounds, I felt different. I felt proud that I was taking control of my health. I felt confident that positive choices would have positive results- after all, I'd already lost a pound! And I felt prettier- prettier than I'd been a week earlier. My skin glowed from the exercise, I had a little boost of energy, and the healthy foods were moving through my digestive system with ease!

I still feel the same way at 129 pounds. I am four pounds away from my short-term goal and nine pounds away from my "ultimate" goal. I feel like I look good (though I do need to "expand" my wardrobe in reverse... buy more, with less fabric!), I have a healthy BMI (though I am aware that it was never intended to measure an individual's health, rather that of a population), I'm pulling out old clothes from high school (luckily I had pretty classic taste, even back then!), I've got energy, people are telling me that I glow, and I feel proud- and pretty- when I leave the house.

The closer I get to my goal the more I realize that it's NOT my weight that makes me happy- it's living my life in a healthy way. And that's something I can commit to... forever!


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YOURJONES 10/23/2011 12:26AM

    Way to go! I am looking forward to that light feeling.

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RLT5089 10/22/2011 10:56PM

    Great post! Love it! I know exactly what you mean..

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HIKINGSD 10/22/2011 7:59PM

    Good for you! Keep up the great work :)

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RONOSOF 10/22/2011 6:42PM

    SO glad you're feeling great!

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I Am (Not) a Runner

Friday, October 21, 2011

I had a massage today, and the massage therapist mentioned that I have the legs of a runner.

One thing, though- I don't run!

Most of my workouts are group fitness classes at the YMCA, and I do some walking on my own (including uphill on the treadmill).


I hate it!

However, since I've already got the knots in my calves, maybe I should take it up!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HIKINGSD 10/22/2011 1:05AM

    emoticon You go girl :)

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3RDBABYWEIGHT 10/21/2011 11:47PM

    Well that's interesting!


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That Was Easy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I had to move my snow tires from my storage locker to my vehicle today. And it was SO EASY! I'm getting thinner, but I'm also getting stronger. I could easily lift each tire (on its rims) off the ground and carry it down a narrow hallway and through a parking garage without any problems at all. Sadly, my spatial awareness isn't improving at all and it took me forever to fit them all into my vehicle.

(I also got a compliment on my weight loss today.)

(I also skipped yoga.)

Ten steps forward, half a downward-facing dog back...

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ILOVEROSES 10/19/2011 7:51AM

    It seems to me that 19th Oct is a bit early to put snow tyres on. Where abouts do you live?
emoticonon getting emoticon

Comment edited on: 10/19/2011 7:52:39 AM

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RONOSOF 10/19/2011 6:28AM

    a big woohoo! and I wouldn't even TRY to switch tires!

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YOURJONES 10/19/2011 12:19AM


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Have You Been to a Fitness Park?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'd seen videos of fitness parks on Youtube, and I knew that my city had one. It's not super-convenient for me, but I decided to kill two birds with one stone today- check out the selection at a different library than usual, and visit the fitness park. Luckily, the two are side-by-side.

When I arrived, there was nobody else at the park. I walked from station to station and tried the machines. Each one had written instructions, and pictographs. An older woman came, and some people who had been at the library also stopped to check things out on their way. I decided to do a circuit- I would try each machine for about thirty seconds, then go to a new machine, then go back and repeat the two until I'd done two sets on each machine at the park.

After having tried all of the machines, my conclusion is that fitness parks would be an awesome place for someone who is new to fitness. The machines are all totally self-explanatory, and as most use only your own body weight you don't need to fiddle around with pins or individual weights. For someone who is already pretty active, the park can be fun (I can see it being silly with friends... especially after a cocktail or two at the pub across the street!), and you could probably add in some cardio (laps around the adjacent field?) to make it more of a workout.

Does anyone have an awesome fitness park in their city?

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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YISMET 10/17/2011 6:27AM

    They have these all over Istanbul! I love seeing the old women and kids playing on them together. Enjoy them!

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NGILLARD 10/16/2011 6:52PM

  Fitness park looks alot like a play ground. Have a fun time and let your inner child skip and run.

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