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Weekend Food Prep

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm getting my food ready for the upcoming week so that I can have fun tomorrow!

I'm making soup- roasted butternut squash soup with apples, red curry, red lentils and light coconut milk. About 300 calories per serving.

While the soup cooked I also roasted cauliflower so I can have three more servings of the whole-wheat penne I was eating last week. At the same time I roasted a red pepper, because I'm going to make hummus.

I'll eat the hummus on whole-wheat pita bread with Greek salad and Gardein "chicken".

And I'll probably make a batch of pancakes too. I think I have some pumpkin puree in the freezer that I'll add to the batter!

And then I won't have to think about cooking again until next weekend! Voila!

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NGILLARD 10/16/2011 6:54PM

    Everything sounds yummy. Have a good weekend.

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GIRLGENERICA 10/16/2011 5:38PM

    Today is our kitchen day too - I love that we're finished for most of the week after that. :) Making black bean salad, leek & white bean soup, and coconut curry potatoes.

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ILOVEROSES 10/16/2011 8:22AM

    Your soup and dip and pancakes sound delicious! emoticon

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MARITIMER3 10/15/2011 10:18PM

    Your soup sounds delicious... what time is supper?

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DANA564 10/15/2011 9:15PM

    I LOVE cooking on the weekends and having my meals ready to go for the next week!

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Kitchen Nightmares

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hmmmm... soda or juice or a cocktail... or herbal tea?

Herbal tea sounds like a good choice!

I'll just run some water through the coffee maker to heat it up!


Five minutes later I go to fill my teacup and realize I forgot to put the carafe under the drain, and all the water went all over the counter and the floor.


Let's just call it extra cleaning!


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NGILLARD 10/16/2011 6:58PM

    LOL. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does silly things in the kitchen. Have a better today.

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YOURJONES 10/14/2011 11:28PM

    Bummer! I hope you got that cup of tea afterall.

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Don't Forget Your Health Spending Account!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Through my job, I get a certain amount of discretionary health spending that I can use each year. It can cover the deductible on prescription medication, or paramedical services like physiotherapy, naturopathy or chiropractic medicine. Or... my favourite... MASSAGE THERAPY! This money runs out every year, so it's use it or lose it! I've calculated that eleven weeks remain this year, and I've got $650 to spend before then, or it's gone forever. I'll be rewarding myself with a massage in October, November and December. I'm going to try out three different spas (I think) that are known for their posh change rooms. My first appointment- next week- is at a place that has infrared saunas and ergonomically-correct heated limestone relaxation chairs. I'll be lounging with a book before my appointment (and after, maybe!).

If you've got discretionary health spending, don't let it go to waste! Treat yourself!

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NGILLARD 10/16/2011 6:57PM

    Fantastic. Enjoy your massage. The last one I had was in the Carribbean by the ocean. Oh, I can almost feel the balmy breeze. emoticon

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SEATOWN_GAL 10/14/2011 1:37PM

    Sweet, wish I did! Enjoy!

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INGMARIE 10/14/2011 7:51AM

    emoticonEnjoy your massages. emoticon

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SLIMLILA 10/14/2011 12:13AM

    I never knew it worked for WW, what a great idea.. I used all mine up at my job that I got laid off from, but haven't gotten another job yet, when I do I will have to check if it covers WW!!

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YOURJONES 10/13/2011 11:10PM

    Nice! Enjoy!

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SUNSET09 10/13/2011 11:06PM

  It works for Weight Watchers and holistic medicine as well! emoticon emoticon

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Hey Lady at the Gym!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yes, I will give you a snarky face if you're five minutes late for a group fitness class and then you ask me to move all my equipment because you don't like any of the available positions in the room. Can you not see I'm already in the middle of exercising? Can you not see the large, unoccupied areas of floor to your left and right? And then, after I stop my cardio and move all my stuff, you only stay for five minutes? Good riddance!

I really do support anyone beginning a new fitness regime (I'm definitely no expert myself!) BUT I also think that when you're in a new situation- ANY new situation, it's best to err on the side of common courtesy, rather than self-absorption. I hope this post, and my last post, help people who are new to shared workout spaces get off on a better foot! Working out is more fun when you're not annoying everyone around you (not that I'd know...).


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NGILLARD 10/16/2011 7:02PM

    I'm with you. There have been times that I'm late coming into a class (though I hate it). But, I'd never ask someone to move. If the class is full and there's no room, well, I should have been early rather than late. If there are open spaces in the room, even if they're on the front row...that's where I'm setting up, or again, I'll be early next time.

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SNW1126 10/12/2011 11:20PM

    I love it. I totally agree. emoticon

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Hey Girls at the Gym!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

I can hear you!

I might have my headphones in, but my music isn't THAT loud.

Girl 1: "How fast is she walking?"
Girl 2: (Looks at my treadmill screen.) "3.5"
Girl 1: "Oh. What's her incline?"
Girl 2: (Looks AGAIN.) "15%"
Girl 1: "Oh."

The two of them then kept tabs on my changing speeds and inclines. And, I think, my playlist!

I almost wanted to stop and say, "Can I help you with something?" But I was in the middle of an awesome workout and I wasn't going to lose my momentum.

These girls seem like newcomers to the gym, so I understand that they might have questions and not be sure about the etiquette. So let this serve as a lesson, Gym Newcomers: If you have a question, ask the trainer or even ask someone who looks like they know what they're doing. DON'T try to get info by (in)discreetly scoping out someone else's weights, resistance, speed, etc. And for goodness sake, don't loudly ask someone else to look at a third person's machines on your behalf!

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PRAIRIE-GIRL 10/12/2011 11:39PM

    Oh my, I had no idea people could be that insensitive. Well maybe I did but I have a treadmill at home so I don't have to deal with people snooping to see what I'm doing (speed & incline wise). I hope you don't have to deal with them again.

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THROOPER62 10/9/2011 9:55AM


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