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What's For Lunch?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm going out for lunch today; I picked a restaurant that I thought would have a few healthy choices. I'm considering:

3 Sylvan Star eggs scrambled with bell & banana peppers,
black bean corn cilantro salsa on top of crispy corn tortillas with
sun-dried tomato jam, avocado, fresh cilantro & green onion.


Jerk spiced tofu sautéed with bell peppers, onions, local potatoes &
organic mixed greens topped with avocado, fresh tomato & black
bean corn cilantro salsa


Grilled vegetable burger, fresh spinach, local goat feta and sun
dried tomato jam (with salad instead of fries)

If you were going to this restaurant, what would YOU order?


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CHIEF_GEEK 8/25/2011 12:56AM

    Sylvan Star eggs scrambled

It just sounds yummy.

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Terror on My Balcony!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I live in a top-floor condo. Yesterday, my windows were washed.

I am wearing black booty shorts (more than eleven years old!), a pink sports bra, and socks. I was JUST loading up a Ministry of Sound workout DVD (involving lots of hip thrusts, squats and shimmying!) when I turn around, look on my balcony AND SEE A MAN.

The window washers came back! What a sick trick! They make you think they're done so you let down your guard, then they come back for their close-up! I can wash my own balcony door!

I've been hiding in my bathroom for the past half-hour... I think they're done so I've closed all the blinds and will now begin my pelvic thrusting...


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NIAGCHRIS246 8/25/2011 1:26AM

  Your building management should give notice when the window washers are going to be working. You have a right to your privacy. And you should report them for coming back.

Comment edited on: 8/25/2011 1:28:36 AM

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    How do you know they are window washers? Maybe they are secretly photographers for "Girls Gone Wild."

Those sick people will stop at nothing.

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GODDESSLIL80 8/24/2011 3:14PM

    OMG I would die!! Hang in there girl, don't let the window washers drag you down!

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Upped My Game at the Gym Today!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I increased the incline on the elliptical, maintained my treadmill, and added ten minutes on the Stairmaster! Next time I'm upping the incline on the treadmill too!


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    I should have been more clear- usually do an hour between the elliptical and the treadmill, but this time I ALSO did ten minutes on the Stairmaster! So I matched you step for step!

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SECONDXGO 8/23/2011 11:19PM

    you added ten minutes on the stairmaster? Ten minutes is pretty much all my stairmaster workout consists of lol. You must be kicking some serious boo-tay!! emoticon

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LOL... At the Gym

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Have you ever burst out laughing at the gym?

This old movie called "The Swimmer" was on TV at the gym, and I was watching it with subtitles, no volume and my dance music in the background. The film was a bit dated, and I think it was based on a story in The New Yorker (you know what THAT means!), so it had some moments that made the cynic in me smirk.

In one scene, the lead actor is talking to a young boy who is sad because he never gets picked to be captain in gym class. The man looks at him and says, "You are the captain of your soul."

I actually laughed out loud. I had to catch myself from letting it turn into a fit of laughter. I wanted to shake the kid and say, "Don't listen to the crazy man who is swimming in your empty pool! Get moving, kiddo!"

Let's hear it... when did YOU burst out laughing at the gym?

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JACKI1033 8/20/2011 9:35PM

    I once made the mistake of watching Glee at the gym on the elliptical. Not only did I laugh out loud but I actually started CRYING at one point! (It was a tear jerker!)
So while laughing might look weird, crying looks CRAZY.
I made sure to never watch Glee at the gym again.

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NANCYBOAT 8/20/2011 7:24PM

    I have done that watching Seinfeld reruns while on the treadmill...

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TERRIPAL1 8/20/2011 6:05PM

    Same thing happens to me ,usually when I'm watching The View! They get going on a hot topic & that's it I'm laughing!!

I admit I look a little weird laughing on the treadmill!! emoticon

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My Favorite Cooking Blogs (Mostly Healthy and Vegetarian...)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not all are vegetarian, not all are healthy. But all have cool recipes that I prepare as-is or modify to suit my eating preferences and health needs. Here are my faves:



















You're welcome!

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KDITTY 9/3/2011 8:27PM

    Thanks so much for the list. I follow many of these blogs, as well. In fact, they are many of the ones that inspired me to start my own healthy food blog, SiciLean. I'm looking forward to your Meatless Monday/vegetarian suggestions. Have a great holiday weekend!

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