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if you do one thing today, please wear your seatbelt

Friday, November 11, 2011

ok well my last post was really not all that riveting but my goodness the last 36hours have been interesting!
the laryngitis has reached a fun level of my throat being so raw i frequently feel a teensy bit of blood trickling down the back of my throat. my work are not big in the whole "oh dear, she's sick, send her home" department, but they did and in a way that i won't be penalised.
i was happily making use of the extra time acquired putting my freezer cooking away as well as having my husbands favourite pb bars (a sparkpeople recipe) made and a fresh dinner marinating in the fridge, when my hubby rings and says he'll be late. no problemo.
roughly 2 hours later, i get another call from my hubby, this time shouting "i've been in a car accident, please help me, it hurts!" over and over. found out roughly where he was and told him to call the ambulance.
we have one car between us, so i rang my aunt who lives on the other side of our small town for a lift - at first she didn't know it was me as my voice is so mangled but she caught there'd been an accident so she and my uncle arrived and story passed on.
because the hubby wasn't totally with it when he rang, and i hadn't been able to get back through to him, we drove along his usual route. eventually got a hold of him on the phone and kept talking to him. a lady stopped her car in with him at this point, and she told me that the road had been relatively busy - she was the only one who stopped at that point. my poor hubby was dazed, concussed and coming around from a blow to the head (airbag) for around 20minutes before anyone bothered to check. by the time i got there margaret and mary had both stopped. my sincere thanks to you both if you happen to read this.
ambulance and police appeared and i started to retrieve things like insulin from the car. my poor first car is a total write off but it kept my hubby safe. the paramedic had a look at the car (i presume for diagnostics to check if hubbys pain looked right and if they needed to check anything else), apparently if he hadn't been wearing his seatbelt, airbag or not, he wouldn't be with me. thankfully ours was the only car involved.
if anyone reads this, please please wear your seatbelt. i've buried friends involved in car accidents and no seatbelt. my husband is only nursing a sore head and fractured knee because he wore his seatbelt.

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TERRIPAL1 11/11/2011 11:40AM

    Oh my goodness,poor you all that stress till you saw him I'm glad he's ok ! Glad you're ok and the car well it kept him safe so there you go!
Thanks for the advice I always do I was brought up to drive that way ,way back when and it is great advice yes a seat belt will save your life!

Good luck with everything and take care of yourself and your hubby!

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illness is yuck...

Monday, November 07, 2011

the hospice collection i moaned about in my last post actually went alright. it was freezing but at least there was no rain. we seemed to have got a a good response - sadly i know this just by lifting the collection tins, since my early teens i was drafted in to count the coins before banking and when i was the right age for street collections got drafted in to both the counting and collection. mums been doing it over 20years and they looked after my nanny in her last years, so i'm glad i at least did the collection. i'll let mum do the counting!
while i was in the same neck of the woods, i went and visited my 31year old mare. she's an old girl, but my goodness did she want to play at the weekend! it was as if she had gone back 10years! silly mare seemed to be enjoying the sunshine while tucked up in her rug so she didn't freeze. she's in the OAP (old age pony) field as it's nicknamed, the youngest horse in her field is 19 (average life for a horse is 25-30years)! she's the oldest and has no time for those "youngsters"!
i've been around the horse world for 23years and did my degree in geology in one of the coldest places in the uk, i know how to wrap up warmly, my laryngitis wasn't given the memo that i wrapped up and was nice and protected from the cold. so i'm sitting here with some sort of infection that has me and the room spinning. i don't like that, surprisingly not so much re room spinning as i had vertigo for a 2year span at one point, but it means i can't get on my stationary bike without falling off the left side, go figure... i want my exercise!
on a side note, i'm listening to a classical list that someone put on youtube and my goodness, they've butchered pachelbel's canon in d! give me the string quartet version any day. if anyone has managed to make it to the end of this very long, yet very pointless blog, does anyone remember who did the "air" music?


an exciting friday night (!)

Friday, November 04, 2011

well, it's friday night, i'm in my (late) 20s and i'm cracking out my exercise bike after my tea hurries up and cooks... lol.
lots of workmates and friends think i'm very bonkers. the mtv awards are being held in a town not too far away, with names like lady gaga booking out one of the hotels. half are going out to party and people spot and the other half are finding somewhere else to party because of how busy it is!
i'm a touch down in the mouth, i got over my "party years" going through uni and i just don't see the appeal of going and getting so drunk i can't remember where i live, so i have a tendency of being dubbed the "boring girl" so no invites. most of the time i don't mind because the sheer thought of having to doll-up and dust off my "going out clothes" and then be the "responsible one" making sure that no-one drowns in a toilet or gets in somones face etc etc, is enough to send me screaming in the opposite direction. although being remembered for being anything other than old faithful gets a touch lonely. i'm being guilt tripped in to a street collection for the hospice tomorrow (despite having laryngitis), so 3 hours in the freezing cold by myself for the 10th year running - and it's just the 1st of 3.
hopefully i'll feel better after i've had something to eat and done my hour on my bike, thank goodness i don't need to go outside for that!

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UTMIZ_2000 11/5/2011 8:48AM

    Hey, we should form a club. I've never been much of a drinker but I do love dancing. Used to get out with a group of friends and go to a singles dance (for older people) and learn ballroom and line dancing. We had lots of fun, but if it weren't for the other activities and the age group, I wouldn't have gone.

Yes, I'm a party pooper. Sign me up. Tired of being the designated driver for others who think life is all about getting high and making a fool of themself.

Whew! Thanks! That felt really good.

Somewhere out there are other 20 somethings who feel just like you. Keep your chin up and just keep thinking about all the damage they are doing to their insides and also their skin and complexion. By ages 30, 40, 50...you are going to be one hot chick and they are going to be looking old and used up.

Oh my, listen to me. I can tell you that as I am quickly approaching 60 people who don't know me think I am in my 40s.

Something to think about.

Hope you feel better.

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another 3lbs hit the dust

Sunday, October 30, 2011

happy days, this is the largest amount that i have lost in any single week! although my goal was not to drop unhealthy amounts each week, it's definitely given me a boost. it's closing in on winter time here - someone forgot to tell autumn that it's supposed to come 1st... and outside exercise is starting to become a no-go. i'm strapped for cash so no-go for the gym either. i do however have my hubbys treadmill and an ancient stationary bike my parents were more than happy to get rid of, along with some weights and a resistance band. hopefully that will be enough to take me through the rotten nights and continuing the downward progression of my weight.
we had a very strange night last night. over here in the sunny *cough* uk, we don't really do the whole halloween thing. yes we have parties and watch all the scary films etc but that's about it. where i grew up, my next door neighbours were 1/4 mile away so trick-or-treating never happened. my cousin was the first of us all to encounter it, and that was only 3 years ago! last night we had half the kids from our area arrive at our door trick-or-treating! we gave what we had but as i said, it wasn't a biggy so we didn't buy supplies. we will be going down to our local supermarket and buying a tin of sweeties in preparation for tonight and actual halloween!

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SLOPOKE_SAL 10/30/2011 9:46PM

    emoticon on losing those pounds!


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UTMIZ_2000 10/30/2011 11:58AM

    Just goes to show weight loss does not require a gym, only determination and commitment. You didn't say, but you must also be keeping an eye on what goes into your mouth.

I am so happy for you!! If you are doing healthy things and losing more than 1 pound a week, how can that be an unhealthy way to lose weight?


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CAPECODLIGHT 10/30/2011 11:52AM

    Wonderful weight loss! Sounds like you have some good plans to bring your exercise inside. I personally am not a gym person; so I do the same as you.
I have what I think is a cute British Halloween story. A friend of mine from NYC married an English girl he had met while studying at the University of Colorado. They moved to England and started to raise their family in the early 80's. Of course, the dad was used to the whole Halloween thing in the States and took them out trick-or-treating in their village when the boys were old enough. Most people seemed dumbfounded by the little hobgoblins. They got some apples, but mostly people gave them coins. Disappointed with their haul, they decided to feed the apples to the horses they owned and they brought the money to the vicar!

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CAROLJEAN64 10/30/2011 11:21AM

    Congrats on the loss. You sound like you are a person with a plan. Keep up the great work.

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first proper clothing crisis!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

well i lost another lb this week, yes getting frustrated that it's not disappearing more quickly than i want, but we all probably get that every now and again!
well i'm having my first major 'oh crap, what should i do' about clothing. my friends are getting married next april and i've started thinking clothes. i want to wear a dress, that in itself is a testiment to an increase in self confidence.
i know i'm still not a slim girl, at 5'2" i weigh just over 12stones. this in itself i know doesn't really consitute a clothing crisis EXCEPT, like my own wedding, its an irish/scots wedding. traditionally these wedding haves ceilidhs or ceilis depending if you're the scot or the irish! they both have the same set dances and are an absolute blast! any set dances that result in you being spun around so quickly in such a short space of time that results in dizziness and a bruise on your arm definitely are fun! i usually can last an evening with maybe just sitting out the waltz type dances. they don't tend to lend themselves to dresses without proper straps and a good bra!
so now i'm wondering what type of dress would suit a pear shaped short girl that is not restrictive - you cannot ceilidh in a pencil dress - that also has a good fitting top! not having much luck as, no offense to those sparkles who have reached their goal weights, dresses are only aimed at slim people (i am still aiming to be one of you...). next problem is, when i do find the dress, do i buy the slightly snug dress or the one that fits me now. lol, this is why i don't do shopping and jeans are my staple! wish me luck!

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SMILINDI 10/23/2011 1:16PM

    Great Blog~and truly educational for a Kansas Girl~ :o). I have an idea for you, that you may or may not latch on to, but truly so.....it will take of the now and the later all in one. Have you considered going to a bridal shop, and looking through their bridesmaids clothing racks/books. There are soooo MANY STYLES AND TYPES OF FABRIC, different tops and bottoms....the works. It won't matter that you are not a brides maid~THAT IS WHAT THEY HAVE ALTERATION EXPERTS FOR~ emoticon

If you find something you really like, and they will help you if you explain all of the above....then you have it made! Find something now, make sure the selection will still be available close to wedding time, go back in a few weeks prior to the wedding, have them get your measurements, order the dress of your choice, and do your alterations right there in the shop when it arrives~just a week or so before the wedding. emoticon

Sure hope that helps you, or at least gives you something to think about, and possibly check into. emoticon emoticon

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ARIANNAJOYKILL 10/23/2011 1:00PM

    My best friend is getting married in March of next year and I'm her maid of honor! She wants to go dress shopping now but I'm losing weight! I just started working out and am dropping weight. I think I'm going to wait another few months before getting a dress but I'm worried that I'll still lose too much after buying it. I want a dress that fits nice. I would wait some time and then buy the dress that fits.

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