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a successful lent

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i stayed off caffine and cola for all of lent. emoticon
i will admit, i did binge a bit on easter sunday and had roughly a litre of diet coke when i was visiting my folks for the family dinner. wow did i crash after that, caffine is so not worth it emoticon
i had bought a celebration bottle of caffine free diet coke as one person suggested. the bottle has sat there, i'm quite happy with my cordial juice. gets my water in take and it is nowhere near as sugar induced as the juices like ocean spray etc emoticon
i'm wondering if it would be worthwhile doing a "self-imposed" lent-type thing for my major other vice of chocolate... will need to think about it!
well that's about it with the exception of i have a few more spring onions on their way through!


Black-thumbed Vegetable Garden Journey Part 4

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Yay! I have a sprout of growth from my chilli plant pot! in total that gives me 1 spring onion (out of about 12) about 2cm in height now, and the tiny little sprout of a chilli plant emoticon
considering how black-thumbed i actually am, i'm proud i've grown anything from seed!
having had the snow over the last 2 days, i'm still hopeful that my postage size plot will still grow emoticon

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CHELERY 4/19/2012 9:17PM

    Yea, chili's! It's been cold here in the Pacific Northwest. I started lettuce and snap peas. My neighbor put tomatoes in my yard but I think it's too cold (40's at night, 50's - 60's in the day). We'll see. I got compost in today - kinda stinky, so the rain should help. CAn't wait to be eating my own zucchini!


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CECINOAKLAND 4/5/2012 3:01PM

    Ooh, a gardening blog series! I have also killed every plant I've ever tried to grow, but I'm having a tiny bit of success with strawberries and raspberries, arugula and garlic, so far. You should post pics of your little plants for these blogs!

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Black-thumbed Vegetable Garden Journey Part 3

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

well, after all my posts about the glorious sunshine and warm weather we had been having which allowed me to get my wee postage size veggie plot started, today the weather was rather different... it snowed!
my poor seed potatoes and carrots are currently freezing their wee buds off (sorry, pun had to be put in!).
if anyone who gardens reads this, how does this freak weather usually affect spuds and carrots?
anyway, to those being affected by the tornadoes, i hope that you all are safe and well and that there isn't too much destruction. God bless


Black-thumbed Vegetable Garden Journey Part 2

Saturday, March 31, 2012

For the UK, we have had stunning weather the last week/fortnight, and i've been bitten by the gardening bug since winter!

as i posted before, i promised to have a raised bed or growbag or generally just get my selection of seeds sown before monday. i'm happy to report that due to the weather, along with a little persusion, the hubby n i made a raised bed emoticon . Clay soil+close to the water table+in the UK = bad combo for anything to grow! opted for a raised bed so they don't waterlog and actually can find nutrients without needing a jackhammer...

our little, tiny raised bed a metre squared, was built and filled up with nice soil and layered with a little compost with a layer of newspaper between the grass and the bed. if something manages to start growing, i'll definitely be trying out SCORPIO2010's tip (see previous post)!

i managed to get a few seed potatoes and a row of carrots. i'm not trying to grow enough of everything to last us until next year, much as that would be great! i'm just dabbling at the minute and see how i can tweak it for next year. the hesitant husband actually suggested that we build another over Easter weekend next week!
have to wait a few weeks before i can plant the solitary tomato plant i would like as we still have frost. but i'm still all chuffed we managed to get this much done! just need to remember to water it now...

around a week ago, i planted some spring onions, chillis and onions in little pots. they are currently living in the sunniest room in the house. today i noticed the tiniest little seedling making its way up in the spring onion pot! yay! hopefully the black-thumb won't get it!

just need to convince the hesitant husband to agree to a strawberry, blackberry and blueberry plant... that could be a little more optimistic than realistic i think! emoticon

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JERSYGRL 4/1/2012 6:49AM

    Congrats to you! You have inspired me to put raised beds in my garden also. We have a different problem, invasive plant roots. The prior owner filled the garden with mint, lemon balm and other invasive plants. The root system has been impossible to remove. So - onto the raised beds so that the veggies are not choked out.

Nothing tastes better than veggies straight from the garden.

Please let me know how your garden is coming. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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black-thumbed vegetable garden journey

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the hubby and i have been in our 1st home nearly 2 years now. having had the student lifestyle until we bought the house, it seems strange when october comes around (new uni year), i find myself wondering about new accommodation!

we have a good sized garden out the back of our house, although to me it seems so tiny, i'm a country girl who's used to fields all round (though not quite american country like montana) ! but for our small town, it appears to be much larger patch than everywhere else!

since my younger brother arrived to the family home in primary school with his tomato plant, my mother every year has planted various veggies due to the success of that little seedling! what has this got to do with anything i hear you ask...

in my minds eye for the last 2 years i have been mentally designing what i want in my back garden. i can see the flagstones i want, i can see the trees i want but i can also see the vegetable patch i want.

i've always been a little black-thumbed, perfect example is a cactus i had that died of dehydration... go figure... or the watercress every child in the country grows but i managed to drown... i think you all get the idea!

today, we took the first steps towards the garden in my minds eye. because of our location, this week has been the first of the grass cutting. my hubby trimmed the sides while i tried not to electrocute myself with our electric lawnmower as well as do nearly 2 hours of cardio with it!
we also had, what i found to be, a very exciting shopping trip. pennies are hard to come by so it was even better that we were able to do this!
i got some onion, spring onion, sweet pepper, chilli, carrot and tomato seeds as well as some seeding potatoes. again courtesy of where we live, we did have to get 5 grow bags for the peppers, chilli and tomato, but the total was less than 20 so i can't complain!

we are supposed to have continuing beautiful warm weather for the next few days and as i am off work until monday week, i don't have any excuses to have these guys not in the ground (or a grow bag) and hopefully, later on, no excuses for no veggies on our plates!

wish the poor veggies good luck with their new black-thumbed beginner gardener!

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SUPERDUPER26 3/26/2012 4:44PM

    Good luck with the garden, sounds like a good learning experience if nothing else. emoticon emoticon

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MNJONES2 3/25/2012 3:11PM

    You might want to go to the library and check out a book on vegetable gardening - or go online. There is even a sparkpeople team for gardening!! My veggie patch is the size of a postage stamp but still I love it and each year I get better. My latest foray is try lasagna gardening where compost, peat and soil are layered and then the plants started.....

I have also planted some seeds in little peat pots.... going to get them started for planting in late April early May. You will be a wonderful gardener!!

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JERSYGRL 3/25/2012 3:00PM

    Enjoyed reading your blog! Garden sounds exciting and delicious! Are you thinking of trying a soaker hose for watering the garden? It works well during dry spells. I cover mine with old newspapers to keep down the weeds and keep in the moisture.

Best wishes!! emoticon

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