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2 milestones: 40 pound loss and the opening of our own business!

Friday, December 10, 2010

All of a sudden in recent times, I haven't been posting as much to my SPblog, to my status, and everywhere else for that matter.

My SP daily points have not been accumulating as much. Just haven't had the time. Maybe this is a GOOD thing, because then i'm busy, off my rump and moving!

My husband and I opened our own business this week, a cafe. Its been a busy and exciting time.

One thing I am proud of is, I am managing to STILL make the right choices most of the time, I 100% of the time still keep in my calorie range. Although i've slacked in regards to exercise and being on SP itself, i've NOT given up the basis of what I need to do for a better me, and I really have SP to thank for this. Nothing else i've ever attempted in regards to weight loss has ever been this meaningful and real as SP. No tricks. No gimmics. No magic pills. Just do the right thing with the support of each other!

Another milestone this week was the loss of 40 pounds in total. Took a little over 7 months to do it, but I am convinced that slow and steady is the best way.

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CBAILEYC 12/11/2010 10:06AM

    What fabulous news! As much as I miss seeing you around, this is completely awesome and I'm very happy for you, on all accounts!
Keep up the great working, and let us know how life as a cafe owner is going from time to time!

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LOLEMA 12/10/2010 6:27PM

  I agree in slow and steady. Congrats that is a great accomplishment. We are looking to open a biz also, retail is so high where we live though.

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28 days left of 2010! - You going out with a bang or a thud?

Friday, December 03, 2010

Hey guys - what's it gonna be?

Give up because you'll feel better if you start 'anew' January 1?


Run full force into 2011, looking for the finish line, pushing yourself to meet your goals and cross that final day in the year and look back and say, YEAH! I did it, and NOW i'm going to keep on doing it!

I'll be honest. I find myself somewhat in the middle of this - I am NOT giving up or giving in to food, but could I be more active again? As active as I was in July, August, September and October? Oh yes - i've fallen short there recently.

I guess its a mental compromise of sorts. I need to find that moving motivation again, maybe January 1st will be it for me, but I also know waiting around and wondering doesn't do anything!

How you doing? Bang? Thud? Or like me - Shuffling along... LOL!

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CBAILEYC 12/4/2010 9:47AM

    I'm right in the middle with you. My spirit is willing to keep going and race into 2011 and keep up high momentum. However, prior experience shows that having the spirit isn't enough. I need will and follow-through.

So while I may not produce any super-Spark efforts to reach the new year, I'm not stopping completely, or rebooting. I'm going for slow and steady, and doing my best without disappointment myself.

I think LOL

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RANDOM00B 12/3/2010 10:25PM

    Actually, I needed to read this blog because I've been thinking of packing it in and waiting until 2011 starts. But I'm not going to--I'm going to continue to get back on track (easier said than done, let me tell you) in December, even if I give in to the sweets more often than not.

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December 1st - You Know The Drill - Goal Time!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December goals huh.


First to reflect on last month. I think I did well with all that. Lost more than I expected to, even with Thanksgiving, I lost 3.2 pounds that week. I didn't keep up with exercise at all the way I did for the past few months ( I was so faithful about it), but I also anticipated that shift by lowering intake.


Just want to continue to keep it simple. But man - i HAVE to get my buttocks in gear again, I really do. Winter, coldness, darkness always equates to lazy, of which I have that tendency already. I am forcing myself to do SOMETHING, anything at least 2 times a week, and I make 'do to lists' to make sure things and stuff get done around here that I feel a sense of accomplishment which might spark me back into moving without needing lists or other tricks.

I truly feel that food is completely NOT an issue anymore for me, which for me to say that, thats HUGE. I'm so used to eating less that my stomach can't even think about exceeding. There's no want or need to anymore. Do I still enjoy chocolate and chips? If you've seen my food trackers, LOL, you bet I do. Could I be a little more healthy about my choices? Sure I could, but what's the fun in that if i'm not being that bad? lol.

I was hoping to be down another 10 pounds before the new year, but i'm not going to get myself nutty over it. Whats the race anyhow?

Best of luck to all of you with your goals!


-7092 calories this week.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My total this week for i/o on calories using BMR, exercise and caloric intake.

-7092 calories for the week, which in theory should equal a loss of 2.03 pounds .

Well, it equaled a .4 weight gain.

Science IS an art, never an exact thing :P

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WALKRUNRIDE 11/29/2010 12:05PM

    Any loss is good right? Just keep working it and your body will thank you in all sorts of ways besides weight loss!

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BREWMASTERBILL 11/20/2010 12:34PM

    Well, it kinda is science. 7000 calories does not equal 2 pounds on the scale directly. It is not direct cause and effect. For example, if you ate 7000 extra calories, it would also not necessarily be immediately reflected on the scale. The short term fluctuations are largely the effect fluid. You might consider tracking your weight day to day and plotting its movement over time so that you can see a trend. If the trend is up, you need to change something, if it is down, you're doing fine. Short term readings are very volatile and borderline meaningless.

Although I guess from your positive attitude this hasn't really got you down. You keep making good decisions and that weight will keep coming off. It's not direct causality short term, but long term it is.

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Eat Purple!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh baby, this is ALL about my purple dining this evening. Purple is my favorite color and I want to EAT PURPLE! There's alot of goodness in purple, by the way!
Purple Cauliflower:

The purple hue of these vegetable is due to anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are antioxidant flavonoids that belong to the group of phenolic antioxidants. Anthocyanins are also found in red cabbage, red wine and blueberries. This flavonoid holds potential health benefits, including the ability to help stabilize capillary walls.

Purple Potatoes:

Never fear! I've done the research for all of you by posting the nutritional content to our nutritional search by other members section. Just type in Purple Potatoes and Purple Cauliflower.

Yay for purple! :)


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