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Windy Ride Home

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Last evening, the wind was coming from the WNW. Generally speaking, our winds come from the southwest. When the wind is really bad, I'll ride home via the south side of the Columbia River. It's 15 miles, as opposed to 10, but when there's a 30 mph wind blowing through your spokes it's usually worth it to take the longer but more-protected route.

Last night, I rode to the gym and then home. That's 16 milesl. I didn't do my strength training workout last night because that ride was a test, and because the Hubs gets home earlier on Mondays. In fact, he was home when I arrived. He got a brief hello while I switched over to running shoes and into a jacket for my brick workout. He's a good sport.

The ride up the hill to the gym wasn't bad because I sat at an intersection half-way up the hill for three minutes waiting on the light. Three minutes is a very long time for a traffic light, but it did allow my heartrate to come down. I had the wind in my face going down the hill, and then got stuck at the same light. :roll eyes:

My intent was to ride to the gym tonight to do a strength workout, but I've reconsidered. I will ride home, but I think the workout on top of the ride is too much. While I didn't do a lot of swimming yesterday, I did swim. My ride home from the gym was my longest ride this year. And then, as if my legs hadn't suffered enough, I went for a brief run. (I ran the first five minutes, and then alternated running and walking. My legs were not happy, and my heartrate was pretty high.)

This morning, my legs were still kind of wooden. I took stock of recent workouts: I ran a mile without stopping on Saturday. (I usually alternate between running and walking, at a 2:30-3:1 ratio. I just wanted to see if I could run a mile without stopping.) I rode 16 miles yesterday, fighting the wind for 85% of the ride. And then I ran. My legs have a right to be tired!

So I'm *just* going to ride home tonight, and then I will ride into work tomorrow. I will drive home tomorrow night, and I'll do my strength training workout then. And Thursday morning, I'll swim for 30-40 minutes before work. That should be sufficient.

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MISSG180 3/17/2014 10:59AM

    Keeping the balance and not overtraining is important. Be good to yourself!

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UMBILICAL 3/11/2014 2:51PM

  Chicago like

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Back to Square Two with Swimming

Monday, March 10, 2014

At least it's not square one!

I haven't been in the pool since my lesson. Just thinking of chlorinated water made me naseuous. But I had to get back in there and try to recover what I learned from Coach Kathy. I opted to go for a run Saturday morning. I had to go to court near my gym this afternoon, so I returned to the pool at lunch time. Pool 2, though. I may never go back into Pool 1. emoticon

I have my Zoomies swim fins. I am a lot faster, but NOT crazy fast like with the full-sized fins. As Coach Kathy suggested, I spent my first few minutes in the pool just practicing breathing & keeping the air moving out of my nose. It was a real struggle. I feel like I've forgotten almost everything I learned 10 days ago.

I did pretty good. I got a little water in my sinuses, but what little I didn't blow back out I spit out. I think I swallowed a litte, but not much. I have a bit of a headache - the result of unbuffered water coming into contact with my sinuses - but it's managable. I'm hopeful this headachiness is something that will diminish with time, either because I've adapted or because I'm keeping water out of my sinuses.

It was a minimally productive pool session. I get there at about 12:20. I try to be in court by 1:15. The club is across the street from the court, so I can do it. But I only get about 20 minutes in the pool. Right now, that's acceptable. In fact, I see the advantage. I may plan to do this every day I have to be in that court. Short, frequent sessions are better for practicing new skills than longer, less frequent sessions. The downside is that I don't know until after the start of the workday whether or not I have to go to court. (It all depends on who got arrested the night before and why they were arrested.)

Tonight I'm going to ride home, via the club. It's only an 8-mile ride, but I have to climb a small hill (119' in about half a mile) to get there. Mondays, the Hubs only works until 5, so he may be home between 6:30 - 7 (assuming he actually leaves work on time, which is rare). Tonight's ride is just to see how I feel when I get to the gym. My plan ulitmately is to ride to the club to do my strength training and then ride home (another 8 miles). I'm planning to go for a run as soon as I get home - first brick of the year. Yes, it will be miserable, but the sooner I start doing them the easier life will be during my first triathlon in June.

Of course, there's a 25 mph wind with gusts in the 30+ range. A little water up may nose may freak me out, but I'm still a tough broad.


Time to jump back in?

Friday, March 07, 2014

I rode my bike a few times this week, so my body can handle aerobic exercise. The thing is, I really need to get back into the pool. I took that lesson a week ago, and every day I delay makes it more difficult to replicate what Coach Kathy taught me.

I have a bit of an ear ache. I will not go back into Pool 1. It's going to be difficult to schedule a workout this weekend. We have lots of yardwork planned this weekend. I need to prepare pretzel dough for Sunday. (The kids at church will be making pretzels. It's a Lenten tradition.) We lose an hour of sleep Saturday night. And because of the weather, I've suggested the Hubs and I drive out to Palouse Falls State Park after church so he can take pictures. Our mountains got tons of snow last weekend, then it rained a few days later, and it's warm. Lots of melting snow = amazing waterfalls down river. And here is a picture of Palouse Falls: www.flickr.com/photos/lindarb21/6274
This is NOT my picture. Palouse Falls is 196' tall. And amazing!

The drive with the Hubs is important because we don't get enough one-on-one time anymore with our separate commutes. When you're stuck in a car for a 90-minute drive, you talk. I'm looking forward to that. It may not improve my cardiovascular health, but it will be good for my heart.

On Saturday, we're going to try to move a bunch of sprinkler heads (first priority, because the irrigation water is turned on April 1st) and hopefully dig a trench along the west side of our property. We have some bamboo that will start to run in the next few years, and it can grow a foot a day at the height of its growth season. That's not fair to our neighbors, and we also don't want it taking over our yard. We're also putting the trench in the front yard to block the runners from the same neighbors' aspen tree. Fences may make good neighbors, but there's something to be said for a buried barrier.

So tonight I will get home and try to get some housework done so that it doesn't get away from me this weekend. Digging up the sprinkler heads is pretty easy, so I can do that without husband input. I may let him got pick up the trencher by himself while I run to the gym for a swim.

I still haven't gone for a walk at lunch. emoticon

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JOYCRN 3/10/2014 9:05PM

    That waterfall is stunningly gorgeous!

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Doing much better, thanks

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

I went to work yesterday. I went home within an hour. I was just weary and head-achy. There was nothing that required immediate attention, so I saw no reason to "tough it out." I ended up sleeping through most of the day, much to the delight of the Empress Dowager (Spike, our 10-year old cat).

I'm still keeping my diet simple, and I have to eat very slowly. I'm still on my first (and probably only) cup of coffee. I had a cup of coffee Sunday morning, and it was too much for my still-tender belly. The headache may be related to caffeine withdrawal.

I'm thirsty, but I can't guzzle. I have to sip slowly. I'll never catch up. To make it worse, my blood pressure is high enough that I should take a diuretic to bring it down; that may make me thirstier. (On the plus side, my body fat percentage went down overnight, so I'm at least a little better hydrated than I was yesterday.)

I made two pancakes, but I don't think I can the second one. Sunday, I ingested about 500 calories. Yesterday I made it to 1400. I can't keep this up, but at least I'm not doing anything to tax my body. I'd intended to ride my bike home today, but even I'm not so stubborn as to risk that.

I figure I'll start with something simple, like a walk at lunch. It's already warmer outside than it was all day yesterday (it's a little after 7 a.m. as I write this). The forecast for later in the week includes a high temp of 60F. Maybe that will be a good time to start riding again.

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LYNSEY723 3/5/2014 2:56PM

    I'm just catching up on blogs - I'm sorry to hear you were doing so bad, but happy to hear it is getting better! Keep listening to your body and get some more rest!

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HILLSLUG98239 3/4/2014 6:58PM

    Miss G - EXHALE WHEN YOU FEEL WATER COMING IN YOUR NOSE. Trust me, I'm going to be very diligent about that! emoticon

I think the problem was made far worse by the fact we were in the warmer, more utilized pool. Swim Coach Kathy pointed out it's human nature to sniff in when you you feel fluid in your nose (kinda like snot) when you need to blow it out. My next session in the pool may be entirely devoted to blowing air out of my nose.

Geez, with all this cold-weather bike riding and snot-rocket-launching I do, you'd think I'd be an expert at that!

And as far as the nose plugs go, here's why Swim Coach Kathy axed them: It's hard to get sufficient air transfer if you can't exhale through your nose. It really was easier to get the breathing down without them. And for us triathletes, it's best to practice as you're going to perform. Will your swim fall apart if your nose plugs get knocked off?

If you can swim with them and not panic if they're gone, go ahead and use them. The swim is such a challenge for me, and I'm only three months from my first triathlon. I fear that losing my nose plugs midway through the swim would doom me. But if you're comfortable either way, then do what works best for you.

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MISSG180 3/4/2014 6:44PM

    I'm sorry you were so sick, but glad to hear you are beginning to recover. You've made me very nervous about going back to the pool tomorrow, though!

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CAJUNGANNY 3/4/2014 10:44AM

    sounds like you need to continue to listen to your body. you know to keep up the pace, you have to take care of you, the rest will come. Hope you continue to feel better and keep the faith

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Lots of puking (Read at your own risk; preferably not while eating)

Sunday, March 02, 2014

The puking is over. I'm eating my second meal since Friday evening. This coffee tastes wonderful, but I'm having to sip it slowly. I want to chug it, but my belly can't handle a lot of fluid all at once.

My guess is that this all started in the pool. I got water up my nose, which I ended up swallowing. I have a new-found appreciation for the club's request that people shower before getting into the pool. emoticon We were in Pool 1, which is the family-oriented pool. It's shallower and warmer. Kids aren't allowed in Pool 2 except during swim team lessons. Pool 1 is also the pool used by the mentally & physically challenged folks. All told, Pool 1 gets lots more traffic, which increases the chances of some nasty poop-related bug being in the water. Add in the higher water temp and Kim spends her weekend puking.

As if the pain of getting chlorinated water in my sinuses wasn't enough motivation, I really need to work on blowing air out of my nose as soon as I feel water coming in. emoticon I really hate puking. My mom just finished a course of chemo therapy, so she's done plenty of puking. And I've know people who got dysentery. Weeks of puking and painful diarrhea? Taking chemo even though you know it means you're going to be puking like crazy? This reaffirms how lucky I am to have my health.

We're planning to go to church this morning. I'll probably skip the treats at coffee hour, though. I'm hungry, but I can only eat a little at a time. I'm tired, too. I slept most of yesterday, and I got about ten hours of sleep last night. There are a lot of things I need to do today, but I am not going to wear myself out.

I ordered some swim fins. I was stunned what a difference they made. Kathy (the swim coach) recommended I get a pair because they make it easier to keep good form while you're learning. They should be here in a few days. It may be a few more days before I'm willing to get back into the pool. The smell of chlorine makes me a little nauseous right now.

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EBRAINK 3/3/2014 9:36AM


For me, swallowing the chlorinated water would be enough to make me puke - rumor has it that when I was a wee kiddo one of my older sibs decided to teach me how to swim by throwing me into a hotel pool. I swallowed a lot of water while trying not to drown. Now, built in gag reflex at any swallowing of pool water. blurrrrrrrgh.

Hope you feel better.

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BOILHAM 3/2/2014 4:40PM

    Sorry about the stomach distress. Hope you are feeling well soon! Good luck with the swimming!

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