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Time to knuckle down!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My weight is creeping back up. Time to get serious again!

Last week, I forgot to bring snacks to work. I even forgot to bring my lunch a few days. While I opted for fairly healthy lunches (Subway 12" Veggie Delight - 600 calories with cheese), I prefer to save my money and eat homemade food. I think the snacks are the real key, though.

I usually eat at around 11. That way, I can get right out the door for my walk at noon. And I'm not hungry when I'm walking. I also have a snack at around 3:30 - 4, so I'm not hungry when I get on the bike for my ride home. (I ride into work on an empty stomach. That works, but I fear I'd be too ravenous if I tried riding home that way. Also, the ride home is longer and hot (at least it is right now) - not conditions I want to risk a bonk in.)

And maybe I ate too much pie. emoticon

So, it's Sunday, time to start fresh with a new attitude. Time to be grateful for the amazing gifts and mercies God has given me, and then knuckle down and but some of that to work. Time to sharpen my focus and keep my eye on the goal: an Olympic-distance triathlon in September 2015.

But first, I need coffee.

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KCNEWF 8/11/2013 4:57PM

    Great attitude. You will do it!

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Flexed my will power and it won!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A few bites into my second pancake this morning, I realized I was already full. So I stopped eating. This is relatively new (it's been happening since I had my surgery). It was a great feeling!

And I'm about to have a rolled-up sourdough pancake with blackberry jam as my morning snack. emoticon

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2WHEELER 8/7/2013 11:59AM

    emoticon Now make it a streak!

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IMSMILEY88 8/7/2013 11:17AM

    It's great to stop eating when we are no longer hungry! emoticon I feel so much better when I track & make good decisions. I've found that healthy foods sure feel me up better!

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ROBBIEY 8/6/2013 1:10PM

Great willpower!!!

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Why did I decide to do a triathlon again?

Monday, August 05, 2013

This past weekend, we camped with a friend at Ike Kinswa State Park. It's near Mossyrock, WA. The park is great - the campground has lots of trees, so the campsites are shaded (nice if you're in a tent as we are). There's a swimming beach and plenty of places to fish.

So, since there was a beach, I decided to swim. Wow, I am really bad at swimming. Seriously bad. As in, in forty minutes in the water, I probably only swam about ten. The rest of the time was spent mentally rehearsing breathing. Good lord - top of the evolutionary ladder and I have to rehearse breathing? And I really disliked unseen living things brushing up against me while I was in the water. I suspect I was at a very susceptible age when "Jaws" was released - I've been scarred ever since.

For all my caterwauling, it was a productive session in the water. I just need more of them! I think I need to work on slow swim strokes while I'm developing a good breathing rhythm. I hope to get into the mighty Columbia River soon. That's kind of a scheduling nightmare because I have to do it when the Hubs is available. (He's going to walk along the shore to keep an eye on me.) I keep going back and forth about lessons.

The big downside would be the cost. I haven't joined a gym because there's a couple from our church who's offered the use of their endless pool. I'm already looking at buying a wet suit, a tri suit, a triathlon license and a few other geegaws. The Hubs hasn't complained about the money I've spent thus far, but we're still recovering from him being out of work for a few years. We're aggressively paying down some debts, and my car is on its last legs. I still haven't received the bill from my surgery, but I believe my portion is going to be about $1800. I think I'd rather work on swimming on my own for a while before I make the commitment to pay for a gym membership and a coach.

The other thing that surprised me was the soreness in my legs after swimming. It wasn't much, but I could feel it. I enjoy that gentle achiness after a good workout. I've been feeling it most days since my doctor cleared me to return to my usual athletic endeavors. I was beginning to think I was overdoing it, but then it occurred to me: you're a multi-sport athlete. You're supposed to over-do it. I don't believe I'm taxing my body to point of it being dangerous. I just think it's having to adapt to more walking/running and the swimming, instead of me just being on a bike five days a week.

Even though I'm kind of whining, I'm looking forward to getting back in the water. I must be crazy! emoticon

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SEATTLESIMS 8/7/2013 11:29AM

    I'm training for a sprint-tri.. and I found online videos on swimming very helpful! If you look them up, there are some geared more for 'triathlon' swimming, but overall, any technique ones for crawl/freestyle I found very helpful. I watch and then go swim and work on my form in the pool or lake.
Good luck and Have fun!

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IMSMILEY88 8/7/2013 9:27AM

    Glad to hear you are back in the water & thinking about a tri again. I did two sprint tris two years ago and was thinking about doing another this fall. However, I've decided on a duathlon instead. (At least for now!) It's coming up in just 11 days!

And, yes, as a multi-sport athlete (doesn't that sound awesome?) we do hurt a little. And, it can get very expensive! Or it can stay pretty cheap. It sounds like you have a pretty good plan in place. I love that you have an endless pool you can swim in!

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HILLSLUG98239 8/6/2013 5:31PM

    The triathlons in my area all require a USA triathlon license to participate. You can buy a one-day license for $10, but the annual license wasn't much more than that. This information was on the web pages of the triathlons I was looking at. If it's not mentioned in the sign-up information, I'm guessing you don't need one.

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68ANNE 8/6/2013 4:28PM

    You made me laugh with the tale of the camping swimming debacle. Thanks. I have not heard of a tri license. Is is something for just your state or does everyone need one?

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Time to start running again

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Today, I weighed 181.2. Interestingly enough, that's exactly what I weighed last Saturday. (I weigh myself everyday.) I haven't weighed this little since 2004. That's pre-law school and pre-marriage. It still amazes me that I lost ten pounds post-op.

I decided to resume my walk for a bit, run for a bit workouts. I was doing that when I weighed in the 190's, but I couldn't run more than 1:30. I wear minimalist "barefoot" shoes, and 195 pounds is too much weight to run with just my feet's natural structure providing all the support. Normally, when I start up this program, I start off running just 15 seconds. Today, I ran one minute and then walked two minutes; I did this five times. It felt pretty good, too.

Right now, my goal is to get down to 173 pounds. I figured I'd keep setting a goal to lose 20% of my body weight. I look pretty awesome at 170 pounds, and I'm a freakin' goddess at 150. (I have really long legs, so I can carry a lot of weight.) Because I'm training to complete a triathlon, I expect to lose more weight. I know it's possible to run a 10k at 175 pounds, but it will feel a lot better at 150.

The river temperature is up to 70. I'd like to go for a swim in the river, but I don't have my buoy yet. Because you're likely thinking "Huh - what?", here's an explanation: The Hubs is going to walk along the river bank to be lifeguard and sag wagon. To make it easier to keep an eye on me and so that he doesn't have to stare at my swim cap (which means he can enjoy the scenery), I'm going to buy some inflatable thing to tow behind me. I bought a surfboard leash to attach said inflatable thing to my ankle. (I saw someone swimming in the river with a 2' inflatable rubber ducky. Hard to miss that person!) I haven't received the leash, and I haven't bought the inflatable thing. It'll probably be a beach ball, but if I can find the big rubber ducky I just may tow one behind me.

Although I'm anxious to get into the river, I have to remind myself it's only July. We have a couple of months of relatively warm river water ahead of us, so I need to patient. (BTW, patience is not my strong point. I like to say "Patience is a virtue and ignorance is bliss; so, if you're stupid and don't mind waiting around, life if pretty good." So yeah, not real big on patience.)

Now it's time to write out a workout plan, so my workouts don't fall through the cracks. Right now I'm sticking with just running and cycling, and doing crunches when I get home. I really don't want to gain back the weight I lost post op. I really really really don't want to.

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SOKKERNUT 7/31/2013 10:25AM

    emoticon emoticon That was cute about the rubber duck!

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Not much of anything to report

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I've been back at work for a week. Everyone's happy I'm back. I would have prefered to not come back, but at some point they would have stopped paying me.

It's good to be back on the bike. The Hubs asked me to only ride a few days this week, rather than riding every day. He has a good point - my body would rather I ease back in. I will be riding home tonight. It's about 100, which is about how hot it was when I rode home Tuesday.

The awesome thing is that I'm averaging pretty good speeds now. I'm guessing that's because I'm ten punds lighter than I was day of the surgery.

My weight has kind of stabilized around 183. That's not bad - I certainly don't want to gain the weight back - but it also means I'm going to have to work at it to lose more. I've been doing a lot of walking and I've started doing crunches. But I'm going to have to pay more attention to my diet if I want the scale to budge.

I've been incredibly thirsty recently. Last night I woke up three times and got a drink of water. It's not troubling; it's just weird. I was accustomed to drinking a LOT of water before; I can't imagine how much I'm drinking now. It might be the heat. I'm hoping it's drowning some fat cells - maybe they'll float away.


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