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A little down time is a good thing!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

We camped with our friend Richard last weekend. We went to Lake Takhlakh, near Mount Adams. Jim & I brought our mountain bikes. I mapped out a 12-mile course for us. Most of it was on forest roads, but there was a 4-mile section that was a multi-use trail.

Saturday, we hiked the Takh Takh Meadows trail. We deviated from the trail for a bit a scrambled around a 3500-year old lava field. The views of Mount St. Helens were amazing. The weather was great. One meadow we wandered through was a field of huckleberries. We sampled a few, but I never followed through with my plan to come back with a small bag and pick a cup or two. I love huckleberries, but I know berries are the primary source of food for bears. When there's a bad berry year, the number of human/bear encounters go up. I don't mind denying myself for the sake of making sure the bears are healthy and well-fed. (I also ate bunches of thimbleberries.)

I made chicken cordon bleu for dinner Saturday night. Yeah, I'm kind of a rockstar when it comes to camping & hiking food. We all ate too much, but it was delicious!

On our way to the campground, we stopped at a private campground to buy nightcrawlers for bait. The man who owns that place suggested a lake other than Takhlakh for fishing. Jim & I went there Sunday morning. Jim got a hit on his bait within moments of his first cast. (I don't have a fishing license, so I don't fish. Even when I have a license, I don't seem to do any "catching" when I'm fishing.) A short time later, we had two trout in our possession. Jim decided that was enough for the three of us for lunch. I plan to send a thank-you note to the man at the private campground. The fish at Tahklakh were tiny - I doubt Jim would have caught one we could keep.

After our fried trout lunch, Jim & I headed out on our bike ride. Even before we got out of the campground, I knew I didn't have enough gas in the tank for a 12-mile ride. Within a half a mile, we both gave up on the idea of even riding to the five miles to the next campground. My legs were tired, but I couldn't get enough air. Jim's legs were wiped out from our scrambling the previous day, and his lungs were burning. (He has diminished lung function.) We live at about 400' above sea level, and we were camped at about 4500'. I guess it made more of a difference than I realized. We rode up the forest road to a trail that took us back to the campground. My technical skills are pretty limited so I was occasionally terrified, but it was a fun ride. (One section of the trail had lots of roots. It was like riding down a staircase.)

After a short break, I went for a swim. Using Mt. Adams to sight where I was headed during my swim was delightful - lots better than staring at the lines on the bottom of a pool! And this lake did not have weird plants brushing up against me, which I greatly appreciated. My jumbo beachball was a great safety device. People in boats and fly fishermen could see where I was. More importantly, the Hubs could sit on the shore reading his book and still keep track of me. I'm still struggling with the breathing. I do okay just holding my head in the water and breathing, but as soon as I start moving I really struggle. I guess I've accepted that this is a new behavior I have to learn, and that's going to take time.

So I got to hike, bike, and swim all in the same weekend. Yeah, that was awesome!

I did not walk/run Tuesday morning, and I decided against riding my bike home Tuesday evening. We got home around 8 Monday evening to find unhappy cats and two very full litterboxes. After unloading the car, cleaning the cat boxes, starting laundry, and spending much time consoling the cats, we were both pretty tired. I didn't need my Tuesday morning to include the added stress of packing lunches & suits for the rest of the week and my bike gear.

I wimped out on the walk/run this morning, too. So I'm fixing to go do that at lunch. And I brought my bike stuff, so I can ride home tonight. My legs were tired after the hiking/scrambling and swimming, but I think they've had enough time to repair.

Oh, and my body weight & body fat stayed pretty reasonable, even with several days of drinking wine and eating too much.

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EBRAINK 9/7/2013 7:49AM

    Wow, that sounds like a really wonderful vacation - so cool to be able not only to look at the lovely surroundings, but to get in the thick of it and hike and bike and swim in it. And I'm sure the bears would say "thank you" if they knew of your sacrifice! emoticon

Camp chicken cordon bleu, eh? Nice! We like non-standard camp food, too - I may have to try that in the dutch oven. Hmmmm.

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OWL_20 9/6/2013 7:17AM

    Your trip was awesome! When hubs and I go camping, we like to stay active, too. Good on ya for taking the bikes out there--I think the altitude can be killer hard to exercise in (and I'm a flatlander, too). Lovely trip, though!

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HILLSLUG98239 9/4/2013 3:49PM

    That workout sucked. It's only 80, but while I was running it felt like it was 100. That's what I get for not working out in the cool of the morning!

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Those same five pounds

Monday, August 26, 2013

I lost about ten pounds really rapidly (like within a week) after my surgery. Since then, not much. I'm finding that I'm losing & gaining the same five pounds over and over.

I'm not upset about that, though. I'm still happy that I'm under 190 and staying there. I'm wondering if 183 is a new "set point" for my body. If so, it will just take time to break through that plateau.

It's also possible that every time the scale hits 187 or 188, I panic about putting those easily-lost ten pounds right back on. And so I start paying more attention to my diet, or pushing myself a little harder in a workout.

Either way, this is good news in my mind. I control what goes into my body. I talk about having very little self control, but in reality, I have more control than I like to admit. It's just that the benefit of eating something I know I shouldn't is immediate, while the pain of doing so is delayed. If I knew someone would throw a rock at me anytime I ate one more cookie than I should, I probably wouldn't eat that cookie. So, clearly, I have self-control, I just lack the motivation to exercise it. (Much like I lack motivation to do an ab work out.)

So, anyone wanna sign up to follow me around with a pocketful of rocks?

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BILL60 8/27/2013 9:08AM

    No one ever said it would be easy. Hang tough cause you can do it.

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    You CAN do this!!!

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FIRYMIST35 8/26/2013 4:16PM

  Lol! We might get in trouble if we followed you around with rocks, but it's an idea.

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NJPRINCESS9091 8/26/2013 4:14PM

    I will throw a rock when you need me too! Hang in there, it is about life style changes not perfection.

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Time for a pep talk

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I rode my bike into work this morning. I intend to ride home and then go for a walk/run so that I can get a brick workout in. Because of this, I didn't go for a walk at lunch. But now, as the ride home looms, I'm balking.

It's hot. Not terribly hot, mind you. Mid 90's, 20% humidity. Just hot enough to know I'm going to sweat like crazy on the way home. And I'm feeling a little cranky and headachy. So part of me really does not want to ride, let alone try running after the 10-mile ride.

So I'm writing this blog to remotivate myself. It's not windy, so the ride home will be nice. And I'm going to feel a great sense of accomplishment once I'm done with this brick workout. I'd feel downright silly if I drove home. And maybe I'll sleep really well tonight if I do this workout.

Yeah, that helped.

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OPTIMIST1948 8/24/2013 10:27AM

    Sometimes motivation is in short supply. Its the workouts we do when we dont feel us provide power for the workouts when we do...

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GIZMO_ 8/15/2013 3:56PM

    Way to work through the pain and suffering !!!

I need to google "brick workout".

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KROLES55 8/15/2013 1:22PM


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2WHEELER 8/15/2013 8:37AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon You earned that cookie!

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HILLSLUG98239 8/14/2013 10:11PM

    I did it. It sucked, but I did it.

It took me almost ten minutes to transition from the bike to running gear. And I only ran about half as much as I usually do. But I did it.

Now I need a cookie.

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GREENGENES 8/14/2013 9:02PM

    You can do it!

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Time to knuckle down!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My weight is creeping back up. Time to get serious again!

Last week, I forgot to bring snacks to work. I even forgot to bring my lunch a few days. While I opted for fairly healthy lunches (Subway 12" Veggie Delight - 600 calories with cheese), I prefer to save my money and eat homemade food. I think the snacks are the real key, though.

I usually eat at around 11. That way, I can get right out the door for my walk at noon. And I'm not hungry when I'm walking. I also have a snack at around 3:30 - 4, so I'm not hungry when I get on the bike for my ride home. (I ride into work on an empty stomach. That works, but I fear I'd be too ravenous if I tried riding home that way. Also, the ride home is longer and hot (at least it is right now) - not conditions I want to risk a bonk in.)

And maybe I ate too much pie. emoticon

So, it's Sunday, time to start fresh with a new attitude. Time to be grateful for the amazing gifts and mercies God has given me, and then knuckle down and but some of that to work. Time to sharpen my focus and keep my eye on the goal: an Olympic-distance triathlon in September 2015.

But first, I need coffee.

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KCNEWF 8/11/2013 4:57PM

    Great attitude. You will do it!

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Flexed my will power and it won!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A few bites into my second pancake this morning, I realized I was already full. So I stopped eating. This is relatively new (it's been happening since I had my surgery). It was a great feeling!

And I'm about to have a rolled-up sourdough pancake with blackberry jam as my morning snack. emoticon

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2WHEELER 8/7/2013 11:59AM

    emoticon Now make it a streak!

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IMSMILEY88 8/7/2013 11:17AM

    It's great to stop eating when we are no longer hungry! emoticon I feel so much better when I track & make good decisions. I've found that healthy foods sure feel me up better!

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ROBBIEY 8/6/2013 1:10PM

Great willpower!!!

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