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Let's Take The High Road!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I'll be heading off to Edinburgh, Scotland in less than 3 weeks to run another marathon. Edinburgh, the Scottish Capitol is only approximately 190 miles from my village south of the border.

I've traveled that distance once before, 5 years ago when I was about to run my first marathon. I hold those memories very special. I had stepped beyond anything I ever imagined I could attain. Soon it will be time to prove to myself that I can go the distance for the 9th time!
As I look forward to the journey that awaits I see that I have about 100 miles left in my training and then the 26.2 of the marathon. I've decided to do a visual on a map of my last 3 weeks of training as I approach the start line in Edinburgh. I've ploted our drive up and using the miles I have left to run I am virtually approaching the Scottish Border; having left Penrith,
Carlisle and Todhills and nearing the line at Gretna Green. We will take a break there, refuel and move onward to where the road branches West to Glasgow and East to Edinburgh.

Let's do this together. Taking a journey with good friends always makes it even better! I'll update our progress every couple of days until hubs and I physically leave to drive up. Having you along will help keep me focused, motivated and calmer as the race approaches.
Got your shoes on???

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THEHEALTHYCHEF 5/10/2011 12:14PM

    I am deffinately along for the ride!

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SANDLADY48 5/10/2011 9:53AM

    I loved Edinburgh, we traveled a little south and Spent the night in Bortwick Castle. What a great marathon to run. Have an awesome time!
emoticon TO emoticon AND BACK TO emoticon

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FLGIRL_4EVER 5/8/2011 10:13PM

    What a beautiful place and I am so looking forward to reading your blogs along the way.

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LYNNANN43 5/8/2011 9:58PM

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than running around the Burgh!!!!! emoticon

Can't wait for the updates!

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ALLDAY 5/8/2011 4:31PM

    That drive sure beats the Jersey turnpike! haha! Trust that training and you are going to rock it!

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MICHELLE1083 5/5/2011 8:00PM

    Mary I am so so JEALOUS of your drive. I love all the history and architecture of Europe...reading your blog reminded me of the English comedian Eddie Izzard. He did a bit about the lack of history in America; Europe has buildings that are older than our whole country (he says "...and over here, we have this structure that has been standing for over SIXTY years..." ) emoticon

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KELLEEH 5/3/2011 7:37PM

    Wow, this is very cool! Have fun on your journey and at the race!

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SHELLEY81 5/3/2011 9:30AM

    I love Edinburgh! Enjoy the experience!

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WALIDGAZALA 5/3/2011 5:42AM

    I like it emoticon

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Puttting a bow on Monday

Monday, April 18, 2011

Today was a slower paced day because I made it so.
No run day as I am taking a self imposed rest day. It's so like me to push each and every day without a break. Seems like I am always doing something

I see the value of rest and keeping organized through the day to not end up craming so much into the last remaining hours. Tonight is my planned 8 hour sleep night.

Food was logged and watched to make sure calorie deficit wasn't too great. Food logged in during th eday to stay under calories.

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FLGIRL_4EVER 4/19/2011 12:28PM

    Hope you had a good nights rest. Proud of you for taking a day off :o)

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5 and 5 more

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm taking a bit of a look back and then a look ahead.
Five years ago now I was preparing for my very first marathon in Edinburgh, Scotland! This was to celebrate my second year of running. I was incredibly nervous, I had never run some of the distances I was running in that training.
I used a novice program by Hal Higdon and put my trust and confidence in that as well as my more experienced husband.

It was a hot June day, and I melted as the sun got hotter and the miles got higher, but all I desperatly wanted was that medal! The time was not a factor to me then, just crossing the line, feeling the elation and pride of achievment was the reward I wanted, and received!

So now I look ahead...5 WEEKS ahead and see the Edinburgh marathon looming. Yes, it's a return trip to the capitol of Scotland and my 9th marathon!
The course has been changed to make it flatter and faster (as if that matters to me!) and the field will be larger.
Yes I have run the 26.2 mile distance before, but every marathon is different. Even the same runner is different in each marathon, if you follow my thinking. I'm a much different athlete than I was 5 years ago; I train differently, I think differently, I run differently and I live differently. I have 5 years of experience behind me to carry me these final five weeks. I will dip my feet into the pool of information I have gathered and lived and RUN.. and RUN.. and Run!

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TRILLIUM22 4/17/2011 9:41PM

    What great pictures. Hope you run a great race at Edinburgh.

So do you actually like a hilly course. I know your name is hillrunner, but that could be because you like running hills, or because you don't have any choice where you live.

Hoping I get to finish my next marathon. I seem to have bad luck with closed races my first half and a hurricane--it was closed at 10 miles and my first marathon was closed due to heat.

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FLGIRL_4EVER 4/17/2011 9:11PM

    I am so excited for you. emoticon

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LYNNANN43 4/17/2011 8:42PM


RUN, MARY, RUN!!! emoticon


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AMARILYNH 4/17/2011 8:40PM

    Wow - what a wonderful place to run a marathon!! Best of luck to you!!

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Sunday's thoughts

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just jotting down a few thoughts about how today went.
Sleep...not enough as got up an hour earlier to be able to get out for a 6 mile run and not be late for church.
Run...very pleased with the run and used my Brooks racers and much improved time from Saturday's six. I probably could have gone faster if not for only getting about 5 hours sleep!
Food..planned and logged in advance to make sure calorie deficit was where it needed to be.

As usual there are always things to improve and work on: SLEEP for sure and getting some ST in. Plan to do the BLC gym on Monday to have another day of ST and will log food early in the day to keep the deficit right.

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TRILLIUM22 4/17/2011 8:07PM

    That sleep stuff is tough. I've had quite a few really bad days in the last work. Plan to at least quit electronics early and curl up with a book. Maybe I'll sleep. Great job on the run

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recap of Saturday

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My plan for Saturday's for about 2 months has been to cross train with boxing. Excellent workout this week and the pro seems to always come up with new things. I can feel I'm getting stronger with my punches and stamina, even those dredded burpees are a bit better.
Nutriton has been a real challenge as I am way off with my deficit because of all the exercise I have been doing. Better planning ahead of time will enable me to enrich my meals with the necessary calories and not empty calories.
Really pleased that I did the boxing and went out for my training run as planned.
Things to work on are to plan more rest, food ahead of time to lessen the deficit, and log the food.

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FLGIRL_4EVER 4/17/2011 12:04AM

    So proud of you Mary!

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    Mary you are awesome...I am doing a cardio boxing bootcamp on Monday in an attempt to drop my weight and increase my pace!!! I am still trying to figure my food out but fear not, we will figure it out and reap the benefits of a well fought fight!!! Love you!!!

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LYNNANN43 4/16/2011 8:28PM

    Balancing food w/ all that exercise sure can be tricksy!

But if anyone can figure it all out, it's YOU, Miss Mary!!! emoticon

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