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remember the little things

Friday, February 23, 2007

In all things do the best you can, whether someone is looking or not. If you want to succeed in life, it is important that you have a strong foundation of consistent, hard work. Don't dodge the smaller tasks in an effort to hold out for the glamorous, important jobs. Put value in the small things and you'll reap a huge reward when you're put to the test!

It's that saying of doing what is in front of you and just doing it! That is taking pride in even the little things. I think the important thing is to do the best possible job even if NO ONE notices. To not do it for the applauds, the noticing, the high fives or the what like. It's just doing what is infront of me and leave it at that.

Put the time in to the task at hand and the benefits will happen. The little things are important and one after another they all add up. I'm taking this to heart with my training. It's the things I do each day, that will lead me to where I am going.

In my food, it's the small things of eating what I should be, in the right amount, writing it down, drinking the water, doing the exercise, getting the rest. All these add up to the bigger picture. I want the goal at the end and so I take the steps to get there. Don't miss the small sutff, those little things get me to where I am going.


helping hand

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Don't give advice to people unless it is asked for, lest you belittle them and come off looking like a know-it-all. Instead, examine ways you could help that person. Rather than continuously feeling irked by a coworker's mistakes, could you lend a hand or explain a task to her in a respectful way? You never know when the shoe will be on the other proverbial foot. Help others and one day it might come back to you.

Boy do I need to read and apply this one today. I lost sleep last night mulling over an email I received. It played on me and played on me and the frustration of what to say to a grown up son annoyed me.

I'm calmer this morning I think but I have been thinking about him and what else I can say to him. It's not an easy thing and I so want to just fix him but I can't. His life is his and how he chooses to deal with things is also his. I have given all the mom type words I can give.

I'm not giving up on him, just the contrary, I guess my place now is just to listen to him, and according to this little gem of information, to ask what can I do to help him. It would have to be a reasonable reply back from him as I can't wave a magic wand and drop bundles on money in his lap, find that perfect job for him, erase all his debts and bring life back to what it was. Time changes things and people as well. Being so far away isn't an easy thing when there are face to face matters that would be more easily delt with in that manner.

I am always a phone call away from him and several times this year I will be there as well. Communication I think is the key. I pray that it is the right one to help open him up. I'm putting out my hand to him and it is always there!



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We all spend a lot of time worrying and little time examining the calling of our own hearts. What are you passionate about? Is there a way that you can honor these feelings in a responsible way? Trying new things can be terrifying, but following our passions can make us feel alive and become some of our most memorable moments in life. The thrill of love, the depths of grief, and the joys of a new career...all would be impossible without passion.

How true these words are. Being passionate about something allows me to keep at it, to not give up, to see the goal before I am there. I didn't know that I would love to run, this was a passion that lied deep within.

Perhaps it wasn't so much the love of running, but the love of being free that I have a passion for. When I am out on the roads, paths, etc, there is a freedom that I enjoy. It's just me, my legs, my lungs, my body moving. It is up to me. The air rushing past my face, ears, nose is like being without a tether. I am free to run to be me. When I move to music it is then a dance. A running dance that no matter how fast or slow I move, it is me dancing.

There are other things that I have passion for, but for right now, this is what my eyes follow. And so does my heart.


Live Learn and Improve

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Breaking the cycle of failure

One experience builds on another and that is how life evolves. We should not simply "live and learn" but rather "live, learn, and improve." We all make mistakes in life. Do you learn from yours or do you have a cycle of making the same ones over and over? Perhaps you want to lose weight but always seem to fail, never seem to finish your reports at work, or have a hard time following through on your obligations. Examine some past failures and review where you went off track with your goal. Don't mistake failing with "I am a failure," as no one is perfect all the time. Take what you have learned and apply it to the next situation

It is so easy for me to sink into a cycle of 'I'm never going to get to my goal, I'm always going to be heavy, I've never been a thin person so why do I think I can now'!
This type of thinking can only lead me further and further along the spiral or be it a circle of never getting anywhere.
But I have the power and the tools and the determination to break free of that cycle, that spiral and become something I have never been. Each day is that opportunity to turn the corner, to not look back and become.
I am NOT a failure! I am evolving and becoming and improving. I am learning and LIVING!


Am I able to focus on my goals?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Concentration is the ability to think of absolutely nothing when it is absolutely necessary.

- Ray Knight, professional athlete

Calm your mind. Quiet all of the distractions surrounding you. Concentrate on the one task at hand. Often a naysayer can cloud our minds and break our focus. What in your life distracts you? In the moment of need, silence your brain and allow yourself to stay focused. Save your worries about tomorrow and guilt over yesterday's failures for another time. Maybe you need to meditate, pray, or simply spend a few moments quietly gathering yourself before tackling the project at hand. Now is the time for just one thing--reaching your goal. Today, focus your energy, clear your head, and achieve!

WOW! These are great thoughts! I am so easily distracted when I allow myself to be. Sometimes I wish I had blinders on so that I could ONLY see the road ahead and not that which my periferal vision see. There are so many things in my life that distract me from the goals I have set.

Now is the time to silence my brain, and allow myself to be focused. It's like that track runner that is poised for the gun, concentrating on ONLY that sound. If he/she lets the mind drift, they will move and thus have a false start and could be out of the meet. So therefore, to silence my mind, listen ONLY to that which will help me to reach my goal.. and then like that sprinter, go out and achieve!

Today, I choose to focus my energy, clear my head, and achieve! Thank you Lord!


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