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Don't Give up before the Miracle Happens!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Can you imagine...it's waiting, just a few more steps around the corner, or over that distant hill. It's there, what you have been looking for. It's waiting to hug you, embrace you, shout your name. It's so excited because it knows just a couple more steps and you will arrive, be there, accomplished what you set out your mind, heart and spirit to attain. It's urging you on, one more step, just take another one, nearly there. It's holding it's breath, its leaning in anticipation of your approaching.

Then...it happens! You stop. Not only do you stop, you turn around, you start walking the other way. You've given up. You've traveled for so long that you are just so tired of walking and walking that you've had enough. No more forward walking no more looking and hoping and giving it that one more try.

No! No! NO! You've had enough and going forward just takes too much effort, too much time, too much of every bit of energy you have. So you give up.

By giving up you had no idea that what you were searching so long for was just a couple of footsteps ahead. It was a fingertip distance from your hands. Just a little further and you could have not only seen it, but it would have been embracing you.

So what to do? Keep walking in the opposite direction? or do you again, turn around and walk back along the well worn bit of path you have traveled before until you reach where you are going? Oh yes, there are parts on that path that you will arrive at that are not pressed down with your previous foot strikes, but that is the adventure of it all. To be somewhere you have never been. To see life with new and fresh eyes. To have energy, enthusiasm for life, friends, family.

Look a little closer down that path and beyond. There are rows and rows of supporters urging you on as well. They know that the miracle is waiting for you. Just keep going, keep believing as well. You will get there and beyond to even greater miracles awaiting!

It's time. That miracle is waiting, and you and I are going forward to its embrace!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

_MSAPRIL17_ 8/14/2009 4:55PM

    Great blog! Thanks for posting this.....so very true and we all must keep it in mind when we are struggling with our goals.

Have a fantastic weekend!!


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HEALTHY4JEANNE 8/12/2009 7:05PM

    I love your blog. I believe that set backs and detours can bring joy too. When you learn from them.
Great blog.

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ROSEWAND 8/12/2009 1:54PM

    Thank you for these words. We, each, reach
moments where turning back feels easier than going
forward into uncharted territories. Your words are a
torchlight guiding, encouraging us to keep going
towards our success.

Comment edited on: 8/12/2009 1:56:08 PM

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SONGS415 8/12/2009 7:57AM


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    Awesome Mary!!! Just what I needed today!!! Thanks for always inspiring me!!! Hugs!!! MissyJ!!!

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JLUVSHIKIN 8/11/2009 3:48PM

    Lovely blog! Thank you for the reminder!

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FITLIKENIC 8/11/2009 12:45PM

    Wow! Awesome blog, I will keep moving forward.

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MOWBRAY1 8/11/2009 12:43PM

  i agree with all of the above, i have had a bit of a low moment the past couple of days and this blog has really lifted me, thank you so much. i'm going to turn back around now and try again emoticon

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SHELLEY81 8/11/2009 10:22AM

    I just wrote a blog about how I seem to keep turning away from my goals when I've been making so much progress in the right direction. Thanks for this bog, it was really motivational in a time that I need it!

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SHELLEY81 8/11/2009 10:21AM

    I just wrote a blog about how I seem to keep turning away from my goals when I've been making so much progress in the right direction. Thanks for this bog, it was really motivational in a time that I need it!

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SHELLEY81 8/11/2009 10:21AM

    I just wrote a blog about how I seem to keep turning away from my goals when I've been making so much progress in the right direction. Thanks for this bog, it was really motivational in a time that I need it!

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SALLYMON40 8/11/2009 9:52AM

    What a great blog, so motivational and uplifting. How often do we turn from the miracles that are offered us. God is waiting to embrace us with his loving arms. Thank you so very much for sharing. emoticon

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 8/11/2009 7:24AM

    What a wonderful uplifting and motivating blog.

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Just DANCE!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Weeks, no months, have gone by since I last put a blog on here.
Life has gotten in the way and I've been a bit up and down with my reactions to all that is going on.
It's so easy to just get swept away with "other things" and forget that simple act of smiling. Of bringing forward the joy that is deep inside and needs to be more on the surface.
I was reminded last week while having dinner at my husbands relatives just how important it is to enjoy this life. The future daugther in law of my husband's cousin's son lives over in the US and the wedding will take place there. She has been busy sending wedding plans via emails and various sites to her future family in law over here in England. One of the things she sent for giggles was this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-94JhLEiN0&

WOW! How I loved it and have now watched it over and over. (As I am sure many of you have as well) It's a great way to start a marriage and just every day. Dance into it! Smile your way through and surround yourself with people you enjoy being with and can dance along with you in this crazy life.

May you just dance today, and every day. May your life be lightened by the music that fills your day. Smile and for a moment let the weight of the world off your shoulders.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SONGS415 8/12/2009 8:42AM

    LOVED IT!!!!

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SONGS415 8/12/2009 8:39AM

    LOVED IT!!!!

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JILLWILSON2102 8/6/2009 3:29PM

    As both my daughters are to be married in the next two months several friends have sent that video to me. I think its great and have dropped several hints that it would be well received. Neither of my daughters' weddings are traditional so that probably won't happen, but one never knows emoticon I love the video though. It certainly shows the creative side of things.

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JLUVSHIKIN 8/6/2009 11:33AM

    Most recently I have been reminded about the joy in my life. My joy runneth over and I feel absolutly totally blessed by it.

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VEEJAY3 8/6/2009 11:06AM

    My daughter, who's 21, sent the link to me with the note "I'm DEFINITELY doing this! ... Just as soon as I find a groom who can shake it."

I love it every time I see it.

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 8/6/2009 7:47AM

    Hi hun, nice to see you back blogging
Over here in England that video was actually on the 10 oclock news because of the number of hits it's had.
I watched it and smiled AND cried. What a joyous way to celebrate and start the day- AMAZING.

Thank you for reminding me to enjoy life- we're only here once so make the most of it eh?

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AMAANDAUD 8/6/2009 7:19AM

    That video is just amazing! It brings so much feelings and joy! I love it!

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MAMATATER 8/6/2009 6:23AM

    Oh what fun that would have been!

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HOPE2BE 8/6/2009 5:52AM

    I've been hearing a lot about this wedding. what a way to start a marriage. My niece said if she knew she could have danced down her wedding aisle she would have. Her mother-in-law said well you could have done that. Oh well she missed out. How funny. It must have been really funny. You're blessed as the couplel is.

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    Another lesson of "Life is not about surviving the storm - it is about learning to DANCE in the rain!"

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KRH1973 8/6/2009 4:36AM


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Showing Up

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I don't know where I heard it, but I know it was years ago; the phrase "just show up". I'm going to apply it to last night's Cancer Research UK Race For Life.

It would have been so easy for me to not participate this year due to my mending sprained ankle. However, I have a history with this event. Five years ago, I dedicated my first Race for Life to my mom's memory and her battle with Cancer. My mom died the end of August 1991 and each year since 2004 I have taken part in the RFL.

However, in my mind I was only doing it that one year, 2004, and ran/walked it as I was NOT a runner (yet). A group of women at the gym I then belonged to had publicised the event and I thought why not, and I showed up. It was the best thing I have ever done.

Just showing up is what started me on my running road. I felt so good after finishing the RFL that I decided I would do it each year in honor of my Mom and all those other people out there who have battled with Cancer.

So last night, I showed up again. I knew that I would not be able to run the distance, but I could do my part, to the best of my ability. My neighbour was with me and when it was time to divide the runners from the walkers, we hugged and she said she would be waiting for me at the end and we proceded to the different banners denoting our desired speed.

I knew she would be finished long before me, but that didn't matter. We had both shown up along with 3,000 other women of all ages, sizes, abilities, and races. We were a mass of pink smiling, laughing, sweating, and wishing each other well as we made our way around the park.

This time around, I walked briskly with a few attempts of a quicker pace. To my surprise I was making great progress and approaching the 2 mile mark, I heard my friend and her husband calling out to me and asking if I was all right. I said the ankle is ok and I planned to run across the finish line. (I've yet to walk over one!)

So rounding the final bend my friend was next to me on the path as I started my "sprint" to the finish. She encouraged me on and then peeled away as I approached the taped off finish area and crossed the line
It was a wonderful evening. My medal was put around my neck, goodie bag presented and more photos taken. My friend hugged me and said how great I did. I was thrilled that because I "Showed up" I did something that makes me feel good even today!

Life is about showing up, of getting in there and doing those day to day things that in the scheme of things might not look outstanding, but in the bigger picture of life, they are things that really matter.
Thanks for showing up today and sharing it with me.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

_VALEO_ 6/6/2009 3:11AM

    What a positive and motivational attitude you have! And you raced for a good cause!
I'm not a runner, and races have always overawed me; especially when I read the records broken by the competitors.
The more I read blogs like yours, the more I'm thinking to just show up and walk/jog my way through the finish line.
Thank you very much indeed.

Comment edited on: 6/6/2009 3:12:03 AM

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    I love your attitude Mary!!! That's exactly the way I felt last week when I couldn't cycle the LA Bike Tour in my mother's honor!!! I just suited up and showed up and the day was a huge success!!! Our mother's ARE so PROUD OF US!!! Have a wonderful weekend and rest that ankle!!! MissyJ!!! emoticon

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JILLWILSON2102 6/4/2009 4:09PM

    Just show up has meaning on so many different levels. Thank you Mary!!

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SEXYGAL2 6/4/2009 10:49AM

    "Just Show Up" is something I can follow! Thank you so much for sharing.

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THE_FAT_BRIDE 6/4/2009 7:54AM

  emoticon very motivating emoticon

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RUBYSNANA 6/4/2009 7:38AM

    This is a great blog. You have motivated me so much. Next time i don't feel like doing something, I will remind myself to "just show up". emoticon

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 6/4/2009 7:27AM

    What a wonderful uplifting blog!
Congratulations for showing up.......and the medal. Well deserved. emoticon

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On the Brink

Friday, May 29, 2009

In my mind I've had to have a bit of a sit down and re-examine things. In three days I was supposed to start marathon training. With the injury from last Sunday, that will be postponed till the swelling in my foot and soreness goes down.
Perhaps this time to reflect on where I have come from will be give me a better look at where I am headed.

I am on the brink, the edge of another year of running. This time5 years ago I started with the Cancer Research's Race For Life and have gone on from there. 4 years ago I ran my first half marathon, 3 years ago my first marathon, 2 years ago my 3rd marathon, 1 year ago my 4th and now I am going to be getting ready to train for my 6th! I do count my running years from June to June. It's my measuring stick for my progress.

But my life is not just about running, it's about responsibilities, family, relationships, and being a good animal. Of taking care of what has been entrusted to me. There are times I take better care of myself than other times. I follow the guidelines put before me without any deviation, and other times I attempt to step out on my own. It's then that I am reminded that standing on the brink of something by myself can be very difficult. That means I am trying to break the winds against me with no help, to keep my balance alone through the storm.

So it is now when I put my hand out and reach for you with skin to support, suggest, encourage and hold the light for me. And I also reach with my heart and spirit to that which gives me life and breath for the path I am to walk. I am on the brink of something new every single day and I am thankful.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KRISTIN614 6/1/2009 9:02AM

There have been so many times your words have given me encouragement. In the past six months, I have slipped so far away from the choices that I thought I had made permanent, I cannot believe it! But I would stop by sometimes and see your words and they have helped. I am coming back to the lifestyle that I want to live, which I know brings about the changes that I thought I would be all done by now. But, I am trying to not beat my self up and take one little step at a time. I was on the brink, too! Of choosing a healthy life or a life that slowly spirals down into sickness and unhappiness. I am back to choosing my healthy life. I just want you to know that I appreciate you.

I broke my foot and sprained my ankle 5 years ago. It was one of my most important times. I kept trying to get up and do what I needed and wanted to do and when I did my pain became unbearable. I eventually surrendered to what my body was telling me and not what the rest of the world was saying. As I lay there with my foot iced and elevated day after day, I became so aware of many things in my life that I had just ignored and that were front and center because I couldn't do anything to distract my self. I began to heal and began to make some very important decisions in my life that changed so much for me! My injury now seems like it was there to remind me of what I needed to do and also what was important. My injury taught me so much!

Remember your injury will heal itself and you will be able to do what you want and need to do. Take care. Kristin

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ANNE62764 5/29/2009 9:48PM

    We all experience the "Brink" at some point whether it be physical or mental. In some cases running becomes our therapy as well. I can relate with what your are experiencing. You have the hope of feeling the running high once again. This is just a slight set back for you. Perhaps a time to reflect and support others at the race as a volunteer to cheer others on. Just because you cannot run it does not mean you cannot be a part of the race experience from another view point. There is something to learn from this vantage point as well.

As I say to all of my friends...tomorrow the sun comes up and you are given another day to be who ever or what ever you want. A chance to become and experience your life...so... My Mary...you can feel sorry for yourself today...yes I will gift you that...but tomorrow... it's open for all new possibilities...Love to you! Anne

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    Mary you are a remarkable inspiration to me and soooo many others!!! Your wisdom is invaluable to me!!! I am entering my 2nd year of running and am amazed by how my life has changed in such a short period of time!!! What I once thought was impossible is now part of my every day life!!! And I never ever forget I owe that to your having faith in me even when I didn't!!! I don't know what is up with the stars but I has my cycling accident the very day I started marathon training!!! Luckily, I have a great trainer who was able to modify my plan and a strong body, mind and spirit that will carry me the rest of the way!!! Rest that foot...I've heard 26.2 miles is a long way to run!!! LOL!!! Smoochessssss MissyJ!!!

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JILLWILSON2102 5/29/2009 2:39PM

    Mary - reading your post reminds me how much we all really look to you for your leadership, examples, and guidance. Sometimes it must feel a weight to bear, but for me, it is a constant state of awe that you do everything you do. Thank you for being here and keeping me (us) balanced and focused.

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KSPILLS713 5/29/2009 9:53AM

    It's very humbling to realize just how much we need the love and support of others to enhance our sense of well-being. Like you said, when we strike out all on our own, it can be a very lonely, out-of-balance place to be. I agree with you that taking responsibility doesn't mean we can't ever put ourselves first. Sometimes that's just a necessity to remain healthy and productive.

Thanks for a very timely reminder of the need to keep everything in balance! This was a great message for me this morning!



Comment edited on: 5/29/2009 9:53:59 AM

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I was just admiring the view.........

Monday, May 25, 2009

The weather is glorious this weekend and a perfect incentive to get out and about especially with the dogs. Hubby and I decided to head out over to Pendle Hill for a bit of a hike and introduce Jessie (our 5 y/o poodle) to the location.
The views of the Ribble Valley below and the alternate views on the other side were fantastic. We took lots of photos during the 1.5 miles up the steep incline before starting our descent.
We had gone about 2/3 of the way down when next thing I realized the ground was coming to meet me in the face! I had caught my ankle on the uneven ground and fell landing on my left hip! OUCH! My right ankle was hurting as well as my pride. Graham was ahead of me and when he saw me laying on the ground he was shocked.
Helping me to my feet I was holding back tears as I was not only startled but hurting. I carefully made my way down the remaining part of the hill to the car being extra careful not to injure myself any further.
Glad to have some ibuprofen in the car I took some and we drove home. Using the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method of recovery I am so looking forward to my ankle getting back to normal. Marathon training is planned to start in just a short week.
Today, Monday I have a compression sock on my foot, elevating it and using the ice. So on this amazing sunny, warmest day of the year so far, I'm stuck taking it easy. Oh and of course, it may rain tomorrow!! BLAHHHHHH!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BARBIET65 5/28/2009 6:21AM

    Poor Mary, hope you on the quick mend! sorry to hear about the fall!

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 5/25/2009 7:29AM

What a disasterous end to your outing.
Take care hun and rest up, it'll soon get better and then you can get back to your beloved training.
I had a black minature poodle, years ago. They are so loving and intelligent aren't they?
Look after yourself
xx emoticon

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