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An Absolutely Fabulous February Female

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

With January nearly over I'm looking back at what my goals were and looking onward to February.
1. January was the month I started my marathon training. I developed my plan and kept to my runs for the most part. After my last monthly run I will have completed over 125 miles! That puts me right on target
2. Since I drink just about water exclusively, I didn't have trouble with the eight glasses minimum a day.
3. Logging my food every day had it's highs and lows. Some days I would get to it late but before dinner. A few times I didn't get it until after the fact. I see how much better I do with eating when I log it before time.
4. Some nights I had no problem with passing by the late snack, others I was hungry and had something.
5. My biggest challenge was to loose half of the December weight I gained which would be 4.5 lbs. To date I have exceeded that by a half pound.

SO now it's time to keep these goals moving into a new month so I can keep on being an absolutely fabulous female in February.
Here's how that is going to happen.
1. Continue marathon training...gotta keep this up as I have a Half Marathon in Liverpool on March 2 and then it's on to the London Marathon in April.
2. Keep hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses water.
3. Plan and log my food each day!
4. No late night snacking AND get to bed early to have at least 7 hours sleep each night.
5. I want to loose the rest of the December weight and be in the 160s again.
6. Complete sewing my Granddaughters' Easter dresses and mail them out to arrive in plenty of time for Easter.

These are the most important aspects of my goals for February. This is also the month traditionaly associated with love, I will take time to love myself. Also, to show those closest to me how I love them. I will update my progress each week. I can do this!

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TLB513 2/7/2008 8:28AM

    Somehow I missed this blog...but I'm not too surprised. I was a bit overwhelmed and outta whack for awhile there. LOVIN' the Ab Fab pic...lol.
No doubt you will meet the goals you have set for yourself!!
The dresses you make your granddaughters will be soooo special to them, always!

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NANCY-GIRL 1/31/2008 12:12AM

    Great alliteration, Mary, you fabulous February Female, you!...... Great goals. It so helps to have an event to look forward to, like a holiday or a race. I'm entering a 10K in April. Nope, haven't jogged one step yet! I think I'm gonna walk most of it, LOL ............... Here's to us Fine Females, Froclicking & Feeling Fabulous (Finally!) in February!!!!

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FITLIKENIC 1/30/2008 9:38PM

    I agree you can do this! Sounds like you have a plan, now there's no reason not to succeed... I loved dresses made for me by my Grandma, still have sweaters she knitted...

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Friday, January 25, 2008

I am so very good at putting things off, getting overwhelmed with the many things I want to do. I can easily clutter up my house and my day with things that I just don't seem to get around to doing, or I get sidetracked and see something else that I need doing and the chore I was doing gets made even longer or not even completed.

The challenge in DF dorm to do 2 things that I have been putting off really has helped me. I have been sparked to do something about the clutter surrounding me and the often times "I'm dancing as fast as I can feeling"! Oh how I hate that.

Back when my children were younger I found the SHE (Sidetracked Home Executives) book and applied it beautifully. It really helped me to organize my house, my life and my health.
Then time moved on and most of those routines got lost and now it's time to reclaim that part of my life. I re-investigated www.flylady.net and am using the hints and guides on that site to help re-establish routines and a sense of achievement to my daily schedule.

I know I do well with a list and knowing what it is I need to do for the day. I use that with my food, my running and now once again I am using it to organize my house/my daily routines. I've come full circle.

It's amazing how a simple thing like having a sparkling sink, or a cleared "kitchen hotspot" can make me feel. Oh I do get lots of satisfaction in the bigger things of life but right now...it's just keeping things simple and being a flybaby...taking baby steps.

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NANCY-GIRL 1/26/2008 3:49PM

    Good for you, Mary! ... I never got around to the procrastination part of the challenge. Ugh. (yup, Christmas tree is still up! Maybe today). I have much to many unfinished projects. I hate that. Maybe next time you're on the Continent, you can zip over to BC & give my a kick in the rear! LOL ...... I think you're awesome! Keep up the great work!! ~Nanc.

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THATDAMNHAT 1/25/2008 12:27PM

    I love to scrapbook. There is a trend now that we just had Jan 1 to pick "a word" for the year. (AEzine challenge from Jan 4th)
Mine for this year was "steps" because that what it seems like my days are about! With so many things to do - work things, kid things, family things, house things, spouse things, church things, SELF things - it seems like it's one-step-at-a-time to balance it all out!

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Food is NOT the enemy

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

.....I am!
Nothing like a major wake up message to me. Food is just FOOD. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not bad, it's not good, it's not a friend, it's not an enemy...it's just plain food.

Now that I've put that out there. What do I do about it...about ME I mean. I take care of me. I love myself enough to make
good choices about what I am going to eat, how I am going to live, keeping to my exercise program and making them all a habit.

It means stopping and thinking and not just reacting when I want something to eat, or eating due to stress, boredom, anxiety, loneliness and on and on with excuses. The reason to eat is hunger.

I am so worth taking care of. Keeping myself healthy so that I can not only do the things I want to do, dream to do, yearn to do, but be with the people I love for as long as possible. This is NOT a diet, it's my life.

While having an eye exam today for new glasses I was told that keeping my eyes healthy all comes down to keeping ME healthy. My eye health is directly related to my over all health. It all ties together and makes a whole lot of sense. A reminder to remember the sacredness of my own skin.

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BRUIN2 1/23/2008 8:44PM

    Quite the realization! Thanks for sharing. It is amazing that it all comes down to choices and decisions...

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Just 3 months

Sunday, January 13, 2008

April 13 is just 3 months away. Thirteen Sundays from today! That Sunday in April will be my second running of the Flora London Marathon! Am I excited?? YEAAHHH, I am excited!!

Three months from today all the hard training will be finished, I won't have to deal with the bitter winds of today, rain that feels like pins and needles in my face, the layers upon layers of cothing, the hat, the gloves, the blinky lights and Hi-Vi bright yellow bibs for better visability.

No..all I will be dealing with is the job at hand. Running my fourth marathon and aiming to run it in a Personal Best. I know it will test me, stretch me, strip me of all I am made of, but it will also test me to see what I am made from.

I'm looking ahead to just 3 months from now. The great memories, the sense of acomplishment, the pride, and the aching body that will reward me with a job well done.

So as I look forward I also look at the here and now. This day is where I am. I'm not 13 weeks ahead, I'm right here. I do what is infront of me. Sometimes when I run I have a tendency to look straight down at the pavement ahead of me. I forget that I also need to look beyond my own feet to where I am headed. To focus on where it is I am aiming for and run towards that.

I am taking each day as a step to the finish line in just 3 months. I am logging my food each day, I am keeping to the plan I have written up. I am getting out and running my marathon schedule to keep my body ready for the longer runs that are coming up. I am keeping grounded in prayer and inspirational readings to feed that warrior within me to stay hungry for even better things. These things will keep me focused and so that in just 3 months from today, I will run not just a good race, but a GREAT race.

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COACHGIA 1/21/2008 8:44PM

    Hi Mary, i'll be cheering you on in spirit on that day April 13th, 2008, in the meantime continue your preparation in the best of health, mind, and spirit!

God's blessings,

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NANCY-GIRL 1/14/2008 12:17AM

    Train well & run the good race, Mary. I'm cheering for you, too! (2 Tim 4:7 - put it in future tense) ~Nancy

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RAIDERMOM2277 1/13/2008 6:18PM

Good luck on April 13th, I'll cheer you on from here. Stya focused

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TLB513 1/13/2008 12:39PM

    Yes, a GREAT race it will be, my friend!!! Adding April 13th to my planner right NOW... I will be there in mind and spirit, cheering you on! I am also with you on your day to day journey, and proud to call you my friend!

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YES, I am.....

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

....Enjoying the marathon

Oh how I really really liked this thought!! "Life is like a marathon. We run and run, not knowing where (or how far) the finish line lies. We focus so intensely on prolonging the race but sometimes--despite our best efforts--the race is cut short. "

Maybe it's because I am a runner...and have run 3 marathons and am preparing/in training for my fourth in April that I can relate to this. In the endeavour that is a marathon it's really pretty simple....prepare and then run. Oh I know that sounds very simplistic, but that is where I think I need to be right now.....keeping things simple.

I can see that lists, preparing for my day, focusing, doing what is infront of me, not getting bogged down with "Oh oh oh....I need to get this done, and that needs doing, and what about fitting that in and when am I every going to get to that!!! "swiming in my mind. Nope...it just comes to left, right, repeat.....left, right...repeat till I get to where I am going.

Yes there have been some serious bumps over the past two weeks. Christmas holiday was interupted by a car accident which made it not feel too festive the second week. However, I do the familiar, I plan and keep the quality of my life up.

I refocused on what is important to me and keep looking ahead to that finish tape. Having run the previous Marathons, and having run London last year, I know the route, I do know the distance, I know what it can feel like, BUT that doesn't mean I KNOW everything about this one. I don't know for sure how I will feel during my training, let alone how I will perform on the day. All I can do is prepare...and plan, and get myself ready for the run of my life, like the good animal I am. YES... I AM enjoying this marathon...and life!


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