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stay positive

Monday, February 05, 2007

There are times that I get tired, and just want to say.........
But I don't . Why don't I??? Because the alternative isn't an option. I've been there, and it's not pretty.

I've had the self loathing, the self pity, the I don't deserve this, or that, or capable of anything. Nope, that's not where my mind is anymore.

I'm positive. Oh stuff happens, that's for sure. Life will throw everything at me at times. Days don't go as I want. Work doesn't come in when and how much we want, but somehow, we get through it.

Keeping a positive state of mind is a big part of all of it. There are reasons why the stuff happens, and I don't know the why of it. Perhaps it is for a greater reason that may be reveiled, or maybe it won't. But I do know this, I am not in charge and it WILL all work out. I know this, WHY? Because is has in the past, and it will continue to!


Bumbling and Stumbling

Monday, January 29, 2007

I really needed to read day 29 in the 31 days to unbreakable resolutions. I've not kept up with all the days, as I was pretty sick the beginning of the month. today is one I really needed to read and apply to me. It goes as follows: Get back on track. Slipups are normal and they don't mean failure. Instead of beating yourself up for your mistakes, tell yourself that one error doesn't mean much. Don't wait until tomorrow, next week, or next month to get back on track, start right away. put your mistake into the past and move forward. Even the most successful people in the world make mistakes!

So there it is, great isn't it. I have been feeling a bit down about not getting my food down over ther weekend, and just winging it. I don't do good winging it and have a feeling of stumbling when I attempt that, I know that going out for dinner on Sat was a real treat and I did over do with the starter, and dessert. I watched the main course a bit and brought some home, but that was not the entire story.

Today is today, and that was Saturday! I have kept to a plan today, I've brought myself out of the stumbling mode and re-examined what I am seeking. A shift in my goal setting and I feel better. I will get there, maybe in smaller steps, but I WILL get to where I am heading!


Flu Fighting

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Well it's not often that I get sick, but when I do, it's usually a hum dinger! This has been like that. Had a great time while on Christmas Holiday in the US and did loads of running, siteseeing, visiting, and just enjoying ourselves. Too much of a good thing got me tired and that's when I got bit by the nasty flu bug.

Took over 2 weeks to start to feel better and now finally getting back to the running and Marathon training schedule. Have been out today for a hilly 5 and icing leg. Gonna take it easy tonight but will get out there tomorrow sometime for an easier 3 miles.

I value the Golden Ticket I received and aim to keep my part of the bargin by training and doing all I can to run proud in London. I am pleased to be able to do what I do and never in all my dreams did I imagine running a marathon, now I am aiming for 3 more this year....God willing!


Golden Ticket

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Conjurs up visons of Charlie in the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He received a ticket that offered him a chance to enter into a wonderful world where he would be tested to see what he was made of, what his character was, the stuff he had within him.

I have been given a golden ticket of sorts. Friday night, the Harriers gave me a club spot to run the London Marathon 2007!! Having failed at the ballot I have become one of the 5 club runners given this opportunity to see what I am made of.

This is my challenge to see what I am made of, what makes me tick, how disciplined am I to prepare for this. I am accepting this ticket. I am going to run to the best of my ability. Not my ability today, but my ability on April 22, 2007. I am grabbing this with both hands, and running it with my heart and feet. I will train, I will prepare. I will be ready.


The Butterfly of Freedom

Monday, December 04, 2006

"Why do you fly outside the box?"
"I fly outside the box because I can."
"But we know the box. We are SAFE inside the box"
"That, my friend, is why I leave it. For YOU may be SAFE.....
......but I AM FREE!"

I really love that. Came off a card from a dear running friend who said she thought of me being able to run...because I can.
There is great freedom in running. There is great satisfaction in being able to fly outside of the box.
I can remember years ago of living a "safe" life, of sitting on the sidelines, of being within the box and never venturing out.

My life is not like that now. I fly, I dare, I dream but not just dream, but achieve. Oh there is much for me to still do, and learn how to do, but for now I am doing things because I CAN. and I will get to those things. I will continue to FLY!


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