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then there is stress

Friday, July 06, 2007

There is stress.... and THEN there is STRESS!!

Ok...I'm one day on from what I would consider the most stress filled day I have experienced in a long time. I'm still reeling from the news of my hubby's back fracture. (compression fracture) Yes, ok.. I did break down a bit on the phone when he told me. a bit worse after I hung up. Fear, the unknown, why..all that just flooded in.
Thankfully we have the answer to the pain issue. We can move forward. We know what to do to make it better and what meds to take...and on and on. It's the dealing with the mental side of it. Of nodding and saying it will be ok, and we will work together through it.
But it still is there. The realization of how fragile we all truly are. How a bone can give way from not even a fall, from perhaps a bit too much exercise. WOW.
There are so many reasons to take care of this magical marvelous thing called our bodies. They can wear out, they can break, they can stop working. The goal is to keep them going in wonderful condition for as long as possible.
I'm thankful to the Chiropracter that had the smarts to do the x-ray and not just perscribe another round of pain killers and say it will be ok without truly knowing what the situation entailed.
SO what about Me and how this is effecting me....I'm keeping busy, focusing on my health issues, not eating over it, although the Peanut Butter has been yelling a bit at me. (I just close the cupboard door and walk away..it does muffle the cat call a little) The weather has affected my outside running, but I WILL get out there today even if it is for a short run. I need it. So I do good things for me...and be here for my husband.


Even though...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I felt like I wanted to just scream, I didn't. I coped as best I could with crazy situations that were beyond my control. I can't do anything about something that is not within my power to change. It's called acceptance.

That is not an easy thing to practice when you really really want to just roll up the sleeves and step into the fray and make it all work out ok. Nope, there are matters, people, principles, situations etc, that I can't do a thing aout.

Then what is it I can do...I can work on me. Take a nap. Close my eyes and just regulate my breathing. Doodle. Watch the little wild birds scurry around under the trees while it's raining....and on and on. All of these I did while coping with the stuation beyond my control.

Also, to get that fresh air I so needed...the pups got a great long walk. We did get wet a bit, but hey, made the air even sweeter. I was relaxed, renewed and refreshed. Just what I needed.

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ANNE7777 7/3/2007 8:53PM

    Mary--Love reading your words. You are always so interesting and inspiring. You mean a lot to me. I will be toasting you on our Fourth over here! Cheers!! Anne

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Steping Beyond

Saturday, June 30, 2007

It can be easy to just stay with things that are familiar, be it routine, people, or clothes, food, and on and on. It takes a willingness to step out and see what lies beyond. Today was like that.

I went to the ladies' day at the local running store/gym and found myself early and not knowing anyone else there at the moment. I could have put my things at a table where the only other women there at the time had placed theirs, but instead, I put them on one of the empty tables and then went around to sign up for the different activites. When I returned there was someone I didn't know at the table. We started talking and it was great. By the end of the conversation there were three other women there, one I had met before.

A group of 5 women that I knew from my running group came in later and all sat together. We waved across the room and it was nice to see and later talk with them. However, I had reached out of me to four other women and had connected. I felt really good about that, of not staying with the comfort of being with others I already knew, but turning these strangers into friends. I am the better for it and I hope they are as well.

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BABISAS 7/1/2007 12:24AM

    I like to meet new people too! I think I am the type taht talks to everyone though! I need to come with a warning - Beware...talks to anyone!
Great to see you made some new friends!

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Being Flexible

Friday, June 29, 2007

Today was one of those days that flexibility was a key. Had it all planned to go for a nice easy 5 miles. Then I thought better about it when this stubborn cold told another nose hold of me.

I have the Ladies Day tomorrow and want to enjoy myself at the gym and the run, so decided to pass on the run but had a nice village walk instead. Took time to visit a good friend and drop off sponsorship forms to some local places. So glad I did as received very favourable responses. And as a thank you for something I recently did for one of the business I received a voucher for TWO stone body massages!!! HOW COOL!! I will certainly make excellent use of those while marathon training!!


running because

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I enjoy getting out and doing the daily runs. The hills do get to me but on a tempo run like today where I am pushing myself even though I just want to stop I am glad I can do what I do, just because. The 8.5 miles happened, the speed tempo bits happened, and I can see improvements


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