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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Can't imagine life without them. Miss the ones I have had to leave along the 'lay-bys' of my life. So thankful for those that are walking along side me on my journey.

I can remember when I moved to a new location and had to leave the close and dear friends I had made in only a short year of living someplace. How my very core ached and hurt. It had not been my decision to move, but rather one that I reluctantly was forced to agree to. That made the pain of leaving good girl friends even deeper.

I don't think I ever really get over the moves I have made and leaving my life friends. I know that over time the contacts lessen but I can never forget the times spent with them. They were/are a part of me. I have the memories, the pictures of our times together. I am thankful for that.

So that is how it is now. I don't have that many close friends over here, but thankfully there are some. Running the Race For Life last night and having two women there with me made the entire evening a golden memory. To finish hand in hand with someone I have known for 5 years and for the past 3 we have run this race together and finished together is awesome. I didn't think that would happen this year as she was a bit ahead of me, but as she tired I caught up to her and with a shout of encouragement she started running with me. We laughed as we crossed the finish line, hugged and were elated. She thanked me for being her inspiration and encouragment to get her involved with this race.

Yep, friends......there are those that are like crayon rubbings; only surface type. And then there are those that emboss themselves to the fabric of your life. I'm thankful for those who have taken the time to emboss my life.

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JEANAC 6/7/2007 6:43PM

  sometimes it seems like to much effort to keep making new friends but Im glad i've made the effort as there freindship has paid off in so many special ways.Im a much better freind to both old and new friends. jeana

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A Work In Progress

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Something I need to remember. I think at times I just want to head over to the airstrip, jump in the plane and soar. Nope, can't just take off. I've got to go through the proper growth to be able to soar with the eagles.

I wasn't born with wings, I'm a creature of the ground and how can I expect to fly without an evolving process? I can't. There is much involved in flying, it's not as easy as standing, and then becoming mobile by walking. Then of course running takes even more skill. The breathing for one thing has to be mastered. It's not a flat out sprint either, it's a gradual bit by bit more at a time. Then as practice leads to progress, distance, stamina, speed are added.

Climbing and dancing are also added to the ability of walking and running. Additional mobility. Alternate ways of moving. Then, it's time to soar. Practice lessons, trial attempts, and then at last, flight. But short flights, return to base and then refueling, check equipment, and time and time again a little longer flight. Before I know it, I'm out there. But I have to remember at any time I can crash and burn.

It's a humbling experience to know that I am always needing to take progress bit by bit. Not to run and jump into something but let myself learn, and relearn if/when necessary. I am a continual work in progress.

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ANNE7777 6/5/2007 9:51AM

    Waxing philosophical--humble is good, but you have every right to be PROUD!
Keep it up STRONG WOMAN! {{hugs}} Anne

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Flaming Tire Tracks

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday and a rainy drizzle type of day. I did get out there and do my 13 miles. Ouch!! Yep the hip and butt muscles were hurting on the right side after 8 miles. Oh well, I guess this is something I live with. Biomechanical situation that all I can do is work through with stretches.

The lengths I go to keep doing what I enjoy. Why do something when it causes discomfort? Why not stay comfortble and safe and warm and just content?

I've been in that world, of playing it safe, of just doing what was necessary. Of sitting by and watching. Nope! I want to live this life to its max. I want to leave this planet with skid marks . Makes me think of the Back to The Future movies when the car disappears into the time warp and all that is left are tracks of flames! Yep....I want that to be me. Having used up all the time I have been given and nothing remains but a firey trail.

So I will keep my food going as it shoud, keep the exercise level to where I am ready to run my races and my training to increase. Live an accountable life. As long as I keep going forward, positive results will occur. I keep Believing......It WILL happen!

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ANNE7777 5/29/2007 12:11PM

    Hi Mary! No more sitting and watching! This quote is foremost in my mind, and is the most influencial item I've gleaed from this site--I have learned this from you!!!
We will all have ups and downs. Stick to it, you know what to do, and I have faith in you. Good on you for sticking to the stretching--very important.
I'm sure you are already planning your next run......see you!!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Has it really been over a week since I last wrote on here? Actually it's been 12 days! It has all been a blur. I've tried to get so much accomplished lately that where has the ME time gone? Have I let it all fade into the rush of what I "must" get done?

I think the answer to that is a big YES! Time to get it back into focus. The IT being my time, my getting through my day.

Food and exercise hasn't been the problem. I seem to eat right, get out there and do the running that I enjoy so much. It is the mental stuff that can cause my mind to buzz and blur with all the things going on. I have so many ideas that I want to act on. Making of list of what is of most importance can help.

Just keeping it a day by day thing helps to not let the lens of life blur out what I really need/want to get done. I work better when what I want to do is written down. My husband is great at this, he is the master of the list. So organized!! I've learned alot from him.

So for today, I work though the must do first, then down from there. The food is planned, the exercise/run will be tonight with the WRN, and I have already written on here and my other running blog. I feel good about that.
The paperwork is the next thing awaiting. I WILL get it finalized today.

I think behind alot of what plays on me is the lack of consistent down-ward movment on my weight. I do see a change in my face, my belt and all that other stuff. The numbers play with my mind. They dance between 174-176 from one day to the next. Am I stuck on a setpoint for my body that it just doesn't want to leave??

Well, I will just keep my head down, and like on a tuff hill keep putting the feet infront of another. I will get to the top as long as I don't stop!


It's OK to just BE

Thursday, May 10, 2007

We're always getting ready to live, but never living.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer

A powerful thought....it's OK to just BE. Some may ask, be what? be who? Be when? Nope, the sentence stops with the word BE. I am ok to just be, to exist, to breathe, to watch, to do whatever.

There is so much going on around me that I could easily miss if I don't stop and look at it. So many people surrounding me that could benefit from me taking the time to see, to just notice.

I don't need to spend my life, my time, all my energy, my thoughts in trying to become....I already AM! I truly am ok just as I am. Living is for now, not some time in the future, a time that I can't even grasp with my finger tips.

The now of the moment and recognizing me is like standing in the pouring rain and letting it just soak into me where I am. Letting my clothes just become saturated, my hair limp, my head upraised and my face streaming with the water. I am bathed in the day, the present, and washed afresh, soaked and filled. An earthen vessel filled to capacity.

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CALI78 7/14/2007 9:26AM

  Thank you for this excellent reminder. It's often the way with weight loss -- we don't see our lives beginning until we reach some number on the scale. Your post reminded me just how silly that mentality is!

xx Chrissie

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