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pipe dream

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Set some new goals that will lead you to your dreams and then plan your course.

The old beaviours aren,t working anymore. The path walked before isn't leading me to where I want to be. So what does this mean. Well, I could keep going in the direction I was, or seak out a new route, a new direction, a new course.

Just like a captain charts his ship's course so that is a decision for me to make. To rethink, rechart and then set sail. I want to discover new lands, new sites and more. I want all this but it's the doing that things happen. So not going to sit on my porch so to speak and wish and want myself. I am acting NOW, doing NOW, setting sail NOW!


fill er up

Thursday, April 12, 2007

More people will die from hit-or-miss eating than from hit-and-run driving

Ok, I get it with the right type of fuel that should be put into the car. And I understand about the right body fuel. It's a no brainer for me. I even get that when the gas tank is full, its full!! If you try to put too much in the car it overflows all over the place and makes one heck of a mess. Can be the same way with the tummy. Too much in, it hurts, not a good idea.

My difficulty right now is, finding the right balance of fuel to adequetly fuel my body for the additional running I have been doing. If I cut back too much, I'm way too hungry. I'm in a learning mode right now. Guess I should put a big L (for Learner) on my shirt and be easier on myself.


Today is just a day

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

For Ziggy, today is today. It's not a good day; it's not a bad day. It's a day. And he knows that it's important to give that day the value it deserves.

Now there is something to remember. Today is just a day, not good, not bad, just a day. Each one is of great value and should be treated as such. It's up to me to make it what it is.....a gift.

Truly I won't pass htis way again and to waste this part of my journey is a shame. Today was a day that I had to do a great deal of office work even though the business is closed. It was a sunny and mild day and right now there isn't a cloud in the sky. Did I waste the day by not gettting out and about. No, it was a day to do that which was infront of me. To get the business work out of the way. Would it have mattered if it was raining, no, the work still needed to be done.

Yesterday we were out and about, I had a great run. But that is not today. Today was a rest day, a day to get other things accomplished. There is always tomorrow, and that looks like another important day! I will treat it as such!

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AELARLEE 4/11/2007 2:27PM

    Thanks for this great reminder to be grateful for today and appreciate the differences in our days.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Breathe, relax, de-stress, close your eyes...etc...all intended to let loose of the confinds of the day, the clutter of the mind.

I can find myself really stressed and holding my breath a bit or clentching a hand, or shoulders raised a bit. Nope, not anythings that are going to help me in the long run. Literally and figeratively.

So I take time to stretch, roll my neck, shrug my shoulders, deep breaths and the like. I like the rhythm of my relaxed breathing, the feeling of energy flowing. It's like a river, a current, a wind rushing though me. It a good feeling, and one to remember.


Find the time

Monday, April 09, 2007

Are you your own obstacle?

Wow, a real eye opener there. I can be the roadblock to my achieving what I want to do. I sit myself down in the middle of my path and say, nope, not gonna go any further. Pretty naughty on my part.

So the big question is WHY! Why do I do that, why do I keep myself from moving on!? Maybe it is just easier to stay where I am having found what works for the here and now and not push onward into unknown and uncharted territorty.

I have stayed this same weight for months!! Ok that might be a good thing as it's not going up, but it's not going down right now either. I get really frustrated and look closer at what I am doing.
So as the article says, 'If you really want to achieve it, then make the time or take a different approach (get up earlier, stay organized, learn the skills). Find time for you and your goals. '
Looking closer at my goals and how I intend on achieving them maybe the plan of action. That will lead me to the path I need to follow! Learn the skills to achieve what it is I am aiming for. Take and make the time to learn and then do!


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