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I'm Back!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well, the weight I lost is back - but so am I!
I have had a tough semester - but got through it - unfortunately with the help of takeout and lots of studying instead of cooking.
The good news is - I did pretty well with my exams, and the great news is Inow have a grandson! My first grandchild was born 5-7, and he is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Anyway - had a physical, the doc tells me I am very healthy - but I need to lose the weight. I know at this stage of the game, if I don;t I am heading for the high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes that plague our society. SO, with a tough semester out of the way - I am re-committed to losing the weight.
Hopefully, I will be in the habit of eating well and exercising daily before school starts again.
I do eat a healthy breakfast everyday - but the meals get worse as the day goes on. It must be that I am used to eating a healthy breakfast, and my body craves a big lunch - which would be ok, but then my hubby wants a big dinner, and usually that is the meal we eat together. I have to train myself to eat only a salad, or soup, or something healthy for dinner. My husband unfortunately, is a diner rat - but I realize only I am responsible for what I put in my mouth.

Well, no-one said it would be easy. emoticon



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This morning when I woke up, I didn't want to exercise. I am supposed to do the couch to 5k program today - and that means running - which is so hard for me. Then I saw my dress, and my cat was meowing very loudly and my husband said he was leaving for work, and I thought - well, if I don't want to I don't have to - it's my choice. So I chose to do it. Making choices is so much easier than making decisions. My daughter actually taught me this. A decision is final, a choice may be changed. I could have chosen not to run, but then ran later. Actually, I am happy I chose to get up and do it, cause now it is done.
For breakfast, I made a healthy choice. I will make a healthy choice for lunch. This system of a series of choices really works for me. This way - when I mess up - like last nights chocolate cake, well, I made the choice to eat it. If I had made a decision to eat right from now on - well, that chocolate cake would be a big pile of guilt making me feel bad. Now, it is just a choice I made, and it's over.
Every day - the choice to move, every meal, the choice to eat healthy, every moment - the choice to do what is right for me.

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Way to go on your run! Thanks, too, for sharing the distinction between a choice and a decision. I'm right there with you on this one! I've been regaining my health, choice by choice , for several years now. I fully believe that each positive choice I make tilts the scale toward a greater state of well-being just as each not-so-positive one leans toward the opposite direction. This takes perfectionism out of the equation and focuses instead on progress as all I need to do each day is to make more positive choices than negative.

So...do you happen to know what bird left that track?!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Todays email from spark talked about our limits, and exceeding them. Although I realize I have unlimited potential power, I sometimes fail to feel it and know it as truth in my heart. This faltering is the basis for my failures - in nutrition, activity, and other areas of my life. It is when I am unsure that I fail. I know I am capable of anything - just as all people are - I just need to be more assertive with myself.
I need to know that I have the power, I am unlimited, I CAN do it. I do not have to limit myself to ordinary, to what is expected. I can exceed the limits of others, and even myself. I just have to believe it. And that..... is the hard part.


The First Week

Friday, January 11, 2008

Well, I have passed my first week. I feel better, knowing I am on my way to a better me, who will live healthier and longer. I am also becoming a better example for my family and friends. If I can do it - they can do it.
I have started training to run a 5k - and I even have my sister training with me. She is dieting also, but she is not interested in Spark - she does another online diet/exercise thing.

I'm so glad I found spark!

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MYMAJA 1/13/2008 12:36PM

    Your 5k run goal is wonderful! It's great to have a positive focus and I admire your positive approach to a healthier life! When is the run?

God bless!


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First Day

Friday, January 04, 2008

Well, the first day is done, and I did not eat all the calories I should have. But I feel full. Healthy food really does fill you up faster than junk food. Oh well, if I get hungry later I know I can have something to eat - worth 260 to 610 calories! Wow, just knowing I can eat makes me feel better - not thinking "Wow, if I get hungry I have to starve".
I am happy that I drank all my water, and ate all my fruits and veggies. Although, I like fruit, I notice I eat more veggies. Oh well, that is OK with me.
Hmm, tomorrow maybe I will have to make a little pizza on a tortilla with chicken and mozzarella on it, and spinach. This will be a creative way to use up my leftovers. I will just have to watch how much cheese I use.

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SIRSKITY 1/4/2008 10:19PM

    Way to go on a great first day! Before you know it those days will be adding up and the weight will be dropping off.

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