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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's official. My dumbass soon-to-be ex-husband has obtained full-time employment at my hospital.

I hate my life.

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MIDNIGHTER1 3/28/2013 8:19PM

    Soooooo.......You need something to make you like your life again. Focus on making your life your own and one good thing is your health. Quit dwelling on the fact your ex-hubby works where you work. Nothin yo can do but make adjustments and not let him bother you.He is an ex for a reason .He did not appreciate you,so you are moving on,so move on. Yes,the wound is still fresh,but focusing on that will send you to a place you do not want to be and he sent you there.

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RACEWELLWON 3/28/2013 2:59PM

    That sucks stay focused on you !

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KLUTERACOON 3/28/2013 9:50AM

    Just remember to focus on YOU! Don't let him control your life. Just remember to breathe! It'll be ok.

I remember the moment that I was permanently turned off from my ex. He was helping me with a flat tire and he came over. When I saw him he had the largest gob of chewing tabacco in his mouth and I wanted to gag! Then I saw him bend over with 1/2 his butt coming out of his pants. I was good after that!

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MOTTAMAMALOU 3/27/2013 7:02PM

    Just tell it like it is! emoticon

I think you are great.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mom's Homemade Banana Bread = The Devil

My mom is retired, and she loves to bake now... which is awesome because she's an awesome cook. However, since I've moved home, she's made, like, three strawberry cakes, a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies, a batch of white chocolate/dried cherry cookies, a blackberry cobbler, and some banana bread. All in all, they're quite delicious, but I have this problem of waking up in the middle of the night and then mindlessly snacking. Last night was no exception... I feasted on the banana bread. *sigh*

But I've eaten clean today, so I can't beat myself up over it. I just hope she hides it tonight. ;)

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WACFIT 3/27/2013 2:32PM

    Hmmm...would your mom be up to the challenge of creating or finding healthier desserts that taste great? She might find it an interesting challenge. You might ask her if she can create cookies that are under a certain calorie or something. Spark has lots of recipes. Worth a shot? Good luck!

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CAKAROO 3/27/2013 6:09AM


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Monday, March 25, 2013

So I am just completely drained and I forgot to blog AT ALL this weekend. I had a restful weekend, so I don't know why I feel so sleepy all of a sudden. Hope I'm not getting sick... UGH.

I basically ate what I wanted to this weekend, and it didn't seem to bother me too much in terms of the scale because I still weigh the same as I did on Friday. I went and ate with my parents Saturday night and had a delicious lobster bisque, followed by grilled salmon with vegetables and cheese grits, then a glass of dessert wine and a slice of cheesecake. It was really REALLY good, and I pretty much saved up my calories all day for that dinner.

Work is really getting to me today. We've been stretched super-thin lately in terms of our schedule because we've had a lot of vacancies, plus unexpected emergencies like deaths in the family, illnesses, and so forth. We do what we can to make sure we have people to work, but sometimes it's just not possible. My staff is incredibly overworked and burned out, myself included, and I don't know how to alleviate the situation. It seems that everyone else's answer is to just get pissy and be extremely difficult for others to work with. That doesn't fly with me, but I'm in no position to fix it.


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KLUTERACOON 3/26/2013 8:36AM

    I feel like everyone is stretched all over... we only have 12 ppl to begin with when we are fully staffed and right now we are down 3! So everyone is pulling overtime to fill in the gaps.

Lots of water!!! It will help with the tiredness and feeling sluggish.

Breathe deep and be proud of yourself that you are not stooping to crabbiness like the others.

Don't worry about not blogging... we all do it. I think it was last week or the week before, I went a whole week of not blogging. I take that as a good thing because for me at least it means my stress levels are usually down.

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MIDNIGHTER1 3/25/2013 5:44PM

    You need a good solid block of rest. I am not suce about the issues at work. I used to be in management and severly short staffed. It was terrible for everyone involved. I would come home and try not to think about work. I would play darts to relax.The down side was I ate terribly and did nothing else physical.
Maybe some meditation or yoga. Hard to do when you are physically tired.Get some rest,you have a multitude of things to do when you wake up and go back to the grind.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Today has been a good day. Haven't had to worry about seeing my ex around work because he doesn't work on Mondays or Fridays. Phew.

I also got some really great advice on one of my blogs about how to deal with the stress of running into him at work, and I'm trying hard to implement my "don't care" attitude. It's hard, but I always make sure that I'm smiling whenever I round a corner, so perhaps that makes my outlook a bit sunnier.

I'm planning to treat myself this weekend by getting a new dye job on my hair, plus some delicious-smelling lotion. I'm also going out to eat with my parents tonight when I get off work.

OH! And, KLUTERACOON, you should listen to F.U.N.'s "Carry On." It's become the theme song for my divorce.

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MIDNIGHTER1 3/22/2013 10:50PM

    Ah! You have met my friend, Dani (Kluteracoon)It is difficult dealing with an ex at work,but it is inevitable given your circumstances. He is insignificant in your life now. You are strong,independant and he has no power over you.
Do some fun things for yourself with loved ones. As I have told Dani in times past,they lift the spirit. I hope you have a great weekend.

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KLUTERACOON 3/22/2013 6:19PM

    I'm glad you had a good day :)! I've gotten hooked on scentsy! I love it, it's made me feel soo much more at home.

I love that song too. A few of my theme songs were "Fighter" by gym class heros. I also listened to Kelly Clarkson's Stronger CD, and Carrie Underwood's Blown away over and over again. Music got me through it just as much as people did. Music was my therapy. If I was upset I would listen to a sad song and belt it out as loud as I could. Lately I've been doing a lot of Florence + the Machine.

I remember my first dye job after he had asked for the divorce and it made me feel on top of the world. It was also the first time I had ever seen myself as "sexy" If you check out my photos you'll see it. It was Light red on top and had bright fire red layered underneath.

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    Smiling is always a good thing! Keep it up!

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TOPCAT93 3/22/2013 5:01PM

    have a great weekend and enjoy yourself

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm rocking this week... drinking TONS of water and staying within my calorie range. I feel great, and I'm glad I have this blog to keep me accountable.

Only one more day until Friday! Woo hoo!

P.S. My co-worker won't shut up and it's driving me nuts.


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