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Fat Studies and the Fat Acceptance Movement

Friday, September 03, 2010

I'm finally digging into a book I received a while back.

"The Fat Studies Reader" ed Esther Rothblum and Sondra Solvay

I'm going to hold off discussing it until I have at least finished the introductions and first section (the first section is very "intro" as well).

But I will note that (after having cherry picked a few of the articles based on their titles) that I'm really just not sure what I think right now. That's why I'm holding off on a real "review" (if you wil) until I have more knowledge.

I'll also note that I have read other articles/information about the Fat Acceptance Movement (that's the term I'm going to use here to include all the off shoots like "healthy at every size" groups, size acceptance groups, and all the different sub sets) and still I just can't say what I think. It's a very complex issue I'm really interested in exploring more.


Yond HeyButt has a MEAN and hungry look

Thursday, September 02, 2010

All those folks in the cafeteria? The ones piddling around and not telling the sandwich maker what they wanted and blinking bovine-like, mouths a gape as they waited for fries that were RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES. You, the unwashed masses yearning for low quality cafeteira fixings, you should run to your loved ones and embrace them, thankful to just see them one more sweet, sweet time for you all have NO IDEA how close to death you came today.

Cloaked in my robe of low blood sugar induced rage, a rage aggrivated by a line moving at a glacial pace (thanks to some seriously ass backwards planning by the powers that be--really, at peak time should you take a line that always moves rather slowly and completely cripple it by changing the whole way it works? REALLY?!) and the scent of potatos fried to crispy yellow brown perfection (a real rarity for the cafeteria know for its horrible, horrible fries). A rage maturing, growing ever stronger as I wait while you slowly, ever so slowly, gather up your cheeseburgers and fried chicken sandwiches and box after styrofoam box of greasy, beautiful fries. A rage ready to burst forth in a string of obsenities as I continue to wait, the server continuing to sling fries as my sad little wheat bun dries out waiting for one of the THREE workers to please, please, for the love of god, please put the damn turkey burger on the bun and give it to me GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT THIS SECOND!!

By the time the burger is handed off to me, the container of green beans I had secured before getting in the Line That Time Forgot were heading to Coldville. What little warmth they still had was, thanks to the cafeteria rule that all containers must be opened so they can see what you have, whisked away as I waited for the boobs in front of me to figure out this complicated process known as "money".

Food finally secured, I return to my cubicle and what to my wondering eyes should appear? My boss. My "put it in a spreadsheet for me" boss who can never, ever, get to the point. But I will give her credit. When she saw me hunched over the opened clam shell container, stabbing the beans out of the green, she smartly said "I'll come back when you're done eating." Yeah, you do that.

Not that the wait was long. Those green beans didn't stand a chance. Even the less than tasty tukey burger didn't have a prayer. And, as I was licking the last smear of mayonnaise (yes, you heard me, mayonnaise!) from my fingers I could feel my sanity returning.

And not one french fry was eaten and no blood was spilled.

I'd count that as a MAJOR accomplishment.

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_RAMONA 9/3/2010 2:11PM

    ... don't you wish sometimes that you could just break out in whatever tirade is going through your mind, without suffering any negative repercussion? Things like: 'Scream as loudly as you can and then calmly look around and say 'I'm fine now thanks' or 'pretend to faint, and while everything stops say I just need my order and I'll be fine?' 'or simply start mooing while you're standing there?' I do. LOVE that word 'bovine'... I think it loudly several times a day if I'm out amongst the masses.

Battle on, Warrior Woman!!!!

{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

P.S. HB, YOU can emoticon on my page any time... I will recognise the volumes behind it, LOL!

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WALKMAMMAWALK 9/3/2010 12:38AM


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By the numbers, things are bleak

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Well, that's a real kick in the teeth.

Per my BMI I'm "obese" (why can't we just say F-a-a-a-a-a-TUH!). An official fatty fatty two by four. (didn't need a BMI number to tell me that--HAH!)

In order to be officially "normal" (well, normal by fatness standards because lord knows I'll never be normal in any other category!) I need to widdle myself down to 130 lbs.

I need to lose 62 lbs.

It has taken me 4 months to lose 19 lbs. So it's going to take (at minimum) ONE YEAR until I am Officially Normal.

But that's even misleading. That's assuming I will continue to lose at the same rate I have (average of 5 lbs/month) and keep it off. But the lower you get the harder it gets. So it's like fighting a losing (no pun intended) battle.


Here's where I'd normally get all "woe is the fatty". I'll never get to eat just for the fun of eating something ("oh noes, empty calories! the horror!") and the only hobby I'll ever have will be stomping along to the latest dvd workout offered by the Trainer Du Jour.

But I'm going to officially resist that negative thinking, that "all or nothing" attitude.

No, I won't be able to stuff my face with any old crap that I feel like. But that doesn't mean I won't be able to enjoy food (even the "bad" ones, whatever they may be at any given moment). And no, I won't be able to be a big ole lazy hog, holding down the couch (or, as is more my case, the computer chair, playing a computer game for hours on end). But that doesn't mean I'll NEVER be able to waste an entire day napping and watching television.

Life is about cycles and the timer is up on being gluttonous and slothful (gotta love some hard core bibilical style words--they'll really slap you in your fat face!). No more extremes. Now is the time for moderation. For NORMALCY.

Yeah, it's going to suck sometimes but there were sucky times during the Age of Sloth and Gluttony, too. Or did I just conveniently forget that?

SO. . .pep talk over.

This fat ass needs to go get changed and get some exercise in for the day (already met my fruit/veggie intake and water intake goals for the day--WOOT!).


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VGIMLET 9/2/2010 1:42PM

    Yep, hang in there. I had 160 lbs (gulp!!!!) when I first started here.

It does take longer, but the good thing is, if you want it, it can truly be a lifestyle change, and not 'just another diet'.

You can do this!

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LILAC_LOVER 9/1/2010 4:15PM

    Hang in there I feel you I'm in the same boat!! I've been with SP for 1 month and haven't lost nearly as much as I did when I was on WW. I haven't quite figured it out yet but I'm working on it for starters I'm keeping my head up and even though the scale isn't moving as fast as I'd like it to I'm losing inches so something is got to give I think once I lose this weight and I feel better I don't care if i'm in the "normal" range I know what I was like and how I felt when I was younger in in the 130's (the normal range)I'm not going by what a chart tells me I'm going by what my body is telling me!

Keep at it you'll get there if things in life were always easy & given to us there would be no character.
emoticon emoticon

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_RAMONA 9/1/2010 4:07PM

    Somewhere in my last ten years, I became somebody I never used to be (REALLY)... lazy, a procrastinator, and rebellious, LOL! Now it's time to pay the piper and become someone I ENJOY more, and who is able to dream bigger dreams.

I like these sentiments:

Being fat is hard.
Losing weight is hard.
Maintaining weight is hard.

CHOOSE your 'hard'!

"Justification and rationalization are only mental masturbations - in the end, you only screw yourself." GMACAMI

Battle on, Baby!!!!

(I'm obese, too! Let's form a club.. oh, wait a minute, we are already in one!)

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TEAWONDERFUL 9/1/2010 3:58PM

    Think positive. It has made a world of difference for me. Hope you have an awesome workout.

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RIAT03125 9/1/2010 3:53PM

    Keep your head up! I was once in that category of being obese too. To top it off, I'm a short woman, 4'11 and very blessed to be heavy set up top. I keep chucking along, even after having two kids, and I'm still trying to lose more weight, because my normal range is suppose to be in the 120-115 lbs. I feel your pain. But hang in there. You'll see the fruits of your labor real soon. God bless. emoticon

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September Goals

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I've come to realize this blog is going to be my big spark tool. The trackers and meters and all that just don't appeal to me (the food tracker in particular annoys the hell out of me).

So, it's time to really start USING this blog to keep myself accountable. So, time to set some goals for this, my first official month at spark (I joined mid August so didn't really get into anything goal oriented).

Official September Goals (in order of importance):

1. NO MORE POP (aka soda). None. Not even the "real sugar" kinds. I've been using pop as a crutch and I've proven to myself I don't "need" it anymore. In fact, I'm going to try and really watch how many calories I'm drinking.

2. 5 fruit/veg a day M-F (no excuses). Minimum 2 fruit/veg a day weekends. Weekends aren't as structured over all as my weekdays (when I'm tied to my desk job for 8 hours) so I'm lowering my goal for weekends. I'm still going to go for the big 5 but as long as I do 2/day I won't beat myself up (for now!).

3. 64 oz of water a day (again, not a hard goal, just something I'm lazy with)

4. M-F bike commuting (weather permitting--meaning I don't bike in the rain, but that's the ONLY out).

Now I don't like making "lose X lbs by X time" goals because they turn my focus from healthy living for life to competitive weight loss (which I dislike a LOT) so I'm making this next one a Bonus Goal. I'd like to see it happen and will have it in the back of my mind as I work on the real goals but I'm not going to live and die by the bonus goal.


8 lb weight loss by Oct 1. That's only 2 lbs a week so not crazy. But I already know good and well that 2/week *is* a challenge.


1. New pair of pants. My shorts are already very baggy. I cinch them onto myself with a belt but by the end of September I probably won't be wearing shorts much anymore so a nice new pair of pants (in a SMALLER size) will be awesome.

2. (I'm going to allow this reward to be spread out over the month, as needed) New workout things. My shoes are starting to break down and will need replacing soon. As as the weather gets cooler I'll need warmer biking clothes. So those will be good carrots to dangle in front of myself as I work on my goals.

I'm going to post my accomplishements every Friday, to help keep focused.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

_RAMONA 9/1/2010 3:52PM

    (First off, I'm not calling you 'hey' or butt'... maybe HB?) Anyway...

H3LL YEAH, we're doing this! Don't get discouraged with the whole competition thing... apparently it works more than it doesn't, or it wouldn't prevail, I guess; but for those of us who just can't go there, there are niches of people who walk a different path. Check out my friend NOTABOUTHEFACE and YOOVIE... you'll like them both. They are both losing significant amounts of weight and they walk to their own drum. NATF has lost 150 lbs already (NO SURGERY), and she still has around 150 to go... and neither one ever blows sunshine up anyone's @$$ (doesn't it look so much more valuable that way, lol?) Just keep looking. The only reason I join teams is so that my blog gets out there (my favoutrite interactive tool on the site, too, BTW), and to find those key people who speak to my sensibilities in a way that genuinely motivates me. Just don't let anyone else tell you how to journey and you'll be fine.

Oh... and the ticker thing... I found mine extremely demoralizing (I can be doing everything right and still lose only half of what someone else would doing the same things)... so I found another way to use it, LOL! I set it as though I have already achieved my goal weight (visualizing my goal as though I've already attained it). Now it makes me smile and I feel energised, and I want to make it TRUE (I can't stand hypocrisy, and I don't want to be lier)! Here's the blog I posted when I did it... it was TOO funny to have people running over there to congratulate me, LOL!

I've Reached My Goal Weight!!!!!!!
{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

P.S. I really appreciated your comment on my blog (I really HATE the 'good blog' happy people... I had people use those emoticons when I was coming apart at the seams the last four months, and all I could think was ' what in H3LL is so darn good about this? I blog to instigate a conversation or debate, so expect me to be wordy when I drop by, LOL!)... and I agree with you, actually. I plan to address that in my blog. Also, I REALLY like your blog. You make me think, and laugh, and get real... and your tone is beautiful... you have a talent for writing, and I look forward to seeing that develop as you continue on this journey!

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HEYBUTT 9/1/2010 12:31PM

    _RAMONA: One of the things that frustrate me about spark (in general) is the competition stuff. Yes, the little ticker at the bottom of posts is cute (really cute sometimes) but for me it would become more of a measure of how much I've FAILED (when I didn't think it was moving enough). And if there's one thing I know I don't need it's negative reinforcement.

I like your "reward effort" idea. For me the pants thing is rewarding effort. Every couple of weeks (usually if I'm feeling negative) I go to the store and try on new pants JUST to see what size I need. It's a huge confidence boost to fit into a smaller number especially when the scale hasn't been moving. I'm rewarding my dedication to exercising 6 days a week. (and reminding myself that the scale is not the only measure of success)

I'm rooting for us both too. WE WILL DO IT!

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_RAMONA 9/1/2010 11:26AM

    GREAT goals and plan! What I like best is that you've taken into account the reality of your life and you are respectfully challenging yourself... a lot of people just adopt a 'canned' plan and go gung ho only to fall flat on their face, because they have no clue who they are.

I'll be rooting for both of us this month...

This struck me most " don't like making "lose X lbs by X time" goals because they turn my focus from healthy living for life to competitive weight loss"... me either. For months I thought I was really weird because I just can't embrace that whole 'challenge' mentality. For what it's worth, something you might want to consider, is making your rewards effort based, rather than basing them on 'weight lost'.

If you do the above things consistently you will lose the weight over time no matter what, you just may not lose it as quickly as you'd like, or you may actually lose it quicker (and then the tendency is to slack off on effort). If you do these things consistently for the rest of the month, I think your effort deserves the reward, regardless of how much weight you lose. It's so easy to get discouraged when you are literally busting your butt, but taking much longer than you expect to get there (wherever 'there' is). I've noticed that the people who keep their spirits high are more inclined toward rewarding effort.

Comment edited on: 9/1/2010 3:29:43 PM

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    Sounds great - YOU CAN DO IT!! :)

- Michelle

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SPACELION 9/1/2010 8:36AM

    Good luck! Great goals, I'm also aiming for 8lb this month :)

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Small silly thing that STILL motivates me

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

(yeah, I'm on a motivation high right now. . .that's a good thing, right?)

I can get my wedding ring on and off.

Ok, not that I want to take it off (to go catting around or anything!) but just the fact that I can easily take it on and off is a HUGE thing for me.

I've been married 9 years and I would resonably say that in that time I've never really been able to EASILY get my ring on and off. There may have been days when I could get it off with only a little twisting and cursing (or a squirt of dish soap!) but most of the time it was stuck on there, kind of like when a tree grows around a chain link fence. When I could get it off the skin underneath was shiney and just looked scared to be out and about (and I had a HUGE divot in my finger, a groove reserved for my band--kind of like the rut my bad health habits had put me in--OH the symbolism!).

But now, I can just take it right off. No twisting. No tugging. Just OFF. (ok, sometimes my finger swells a little and I have to give a little twist but. . .)

Sometimes I just pull my ring on and off a few times and grin. Such a dumb little thing but it's such a motivator.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

_RAMONA 9/1/2010 11:14AM

    ...Just wait until you have to have the band re-sized! :)

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MARGARITTM 8/31/2010 2:51PM

    Good for you - and thanks for sharing

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    That's awesome!! :)

- Michelle

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SCDALYNCH 8/31/2010 2:34PM

    Congratulations! Every little step forward is a great accomplishment. Keep up the good work.

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