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The Biggest Loser - Beginning Stats

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The yellow shirt from my Biggest Loser Motivators. It will look good by the end of the challenge.

-Starting weight: 210.8
-Month 1 weight:
-Ending weight:

-Hips: 47.5
-Bust: 46.75
-Bicep: 15.25
-Thigh: 28.75
-Calf: 15.25
-Waist: 41.5
-Belly Button: 46.125
-Neck: 15.125

Difference after 1 month (in ¼ inch increments):
Difference at end of challenge (in ¼ inch increments):

1 Minute tests (if you like also record your chart results ie.Excellent, poor):
# of pushups: 9 (below average)
# of situps or crunches: 38 (good)
# of squats: 15 (poor)
# jumping jacks: 21 (n/a)

After one month (numbers only ie 10,20,30,40)
End of challenge:
Improvement (in numbers):

Balance test (if you like also record your chart results):
# of seconds held: Left 5.72 (poor/minor foot injury); Right 24.14 (good)

After 1 month:
End of challenge:

Aerobic test:
Heartrate after 3 mins: could not do at this time
After 1 month:
End of challenge:

Distance training: (slightly changed concept)
My time amount: 35 mins
My method (bike, run, walk etc): Walking
Week 1 distance:
Week 2 distance:
Week 3 distance:
Week 4 distance:
Week 5 distance:
Week 6 distance:
Week 7 distance:
Week 8 distance:
Week 9 distance:
Week 10 distance:
Distance improvement:

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HEROWNBEAT 5/31/2010 11:43PM

    LOL...we both are!!!

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MOMMIEHAMPTON 5/28/2010 11:27PM


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Let's Get Motivated (BL Challenge)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pre-Challenge – Let’s Get Motivated – Post a blog listing 5 things you would do to stay motivated during the 10 weeks of the Summer Challenge!

1. Login and post to the team board at least 3x/week in order stay focused
2. Read a success story each week to use as my weekly inspiration
3. Be honest with myself and others about my journey in order to receive the support that I need
4. Try on my favorite yellow shirt each week until I can fit it
5. Will they notice??? -- I will be seeing my family Memorial Day and then Labor Day. It would be great if my family noticed the changes that I made during the summer.

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29ANDHOLDINGON 5/25/2010 12:28PM

    Stick to your plan and you'll definitely make a difference!

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SQUIRRELY_GIRL 5/24/2010 8:30PM

    emoticon motivators! So glad you made it onto the team!!! It's going to be a fun and challenging season. WE CAN DO IT!!

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SATURN2002 5/24/2010 4:51PM

    emoticon emoticon


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MY1FAN 5/24/2010 3:32PM

    emoticon emoticon

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SASSYMOMMIE 5/24/2010 2:45PM

    Aronya what a inspiration yea are already. emoticon blog on your 5 motivators. I hope that with us ORANGE TIGERS cheering yea on and pushing yea to stay focused, motivated and supported yea will reach #5. Just remember that yea get out of this challenge what yea put into it. I luv these pre-challenge blogs lets our team members know what motivates us so they can help us along the way. KEEP UP THE TIGERIFIC WORK TIGER!!!

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MOMMIEHAMPTON 5/22/2010 10:24PM


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Delayed But Not Defeated

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

At the beginning of the year, I made a plan to be at my goal weight of 165 lbs by my birthday. I started out good until my grandfather passed away in the beginning of March. I have gotten myself back on track, lived my life and enjoyed all the moments to this present day. Though I know that I'm not going to make my goal, I'm still posting my progress on my page and signature for two reasons.

The first is accountability. I made a promise to continue this through the end. Although I believed that I "could" reach my goal, there was no doubt that I would not stop trying. I've truly been working it out and eating right since I returned from my two weeks of vacation. I have now lost more than 5 lbs, and I'm making my way back to the 180s. Though some could have been embarrassed because they were so far from the mark, I cannot be. I have still made progress. I have already lost more than 15 lbs this year, and I'm not done yet. That's more than I lost year.

The second reason for continuing to post is that I know in time that I will still reach my goal. I may be losing my weight slowly, but this is the healthiest that I have ever been in my life. The scale is the least indicative factor of my success. I cannot stop now. This tortoise will finish the race. I will be at 155 lbs on March 15, 2010. Yes, I said 155...lol After my birthday, I will post my updated schedule. emoticon emoticon

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FLUTTERBY32 6/16/2009 10:36PM

    Great blog and energy! I love that you see yourself realistically and are enjoying being healthier. The scale is just a number, and you so can do this! Glad you are doing our team challenge too!!!

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Happy About Weight Gain???

Friday, May 29, 2009

I am excited about my weight gain. I sound crazy...don't I? Trust me...I haven't worked myself out into insanity. :-) However, I have gained some insight along with these pounds that I've recently gained. You see, I was on vacation for nearly two weeks. First, I went to Memphis for a reunion with college friends (along with the International BBQ Festival), came home for three days, and then went to Atlantic City with family.

Although I gained 7.2 lbs during this time, I know that a year ago, or even worse a couple years ago, I would have come home 15-20 lbs heavier. My food options were limited in both locations because I was staying with others so I had to work with what I had. I tried to eat as many fruits and vegetables when they were made available to me. However, how much can you work with when the vegetables are doused in butter or either fried and the fruit is "flavored" with sugar? I'm gaining a better understanding of why I had/have my weight problems. I can no longer blame it all on puberty...lol

I believe Atlantic City was much more enlightening since I was with my immediate family. We only ate out one time during my five days there. While I understand that we were on vacation and the meals were grander, the cooking style is still the same. My system was under attack the whole time -- even my skin broke out. There were several foods that I realized that I no longer liked -- my aunt's homemade rolls, bacon (who would have ever thought that) and french toast. Now, trust and believe, there were some things that I still could handle...lol

I'm glad to be back home where I can have control of my food choices and how they are prepared. I don't want to be like my father, aunts and uncles. The cycle ends here. I will not have diabetes...I will not have high blood pressure...I will not be overweight.

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HEROWNBEAT 6/7/2009 11:31PM

    Thank you both! :-) I've just really learned that in the end, it's so much worse to beat myself up. I start feeling sorry for myself and then before I know it, I'm no longer following my program or exercising. This time, I got back on track as soon as I got home and I started losing the weight again (maybe not as fast as it came on, but it's coming off). AND so TMI I'm even losing during tom. Now, that's special!!! LOL

Jeneal, I'll most definitely visit next time. I plan on going to Memphis in May next year. I had such a great time.

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FLUTTERBY32 6/3/2009 8:06AM

    I'm glad you have a good perspective. I know you'll be right on track! Are you doing the next RtS challenge? You should join if you haven't yet. Have a great day.

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JENEAL1 5/29/2009 11:25AM

    Girl, you are so far ahead of me. I don't think I'll ever get to the point of not liking bacon! LOL
I am so glad that you are not down on yourself this time. WAY TO GO!!!! Have a good weekend. Thank you for being one of the special people in my life. BTW, the next time you get to Memphis you need to make plans to come a little farther east - to my part of TN :)

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A Time of Rebuilding - My First Month Back on WW

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Last month I shared how my life was spinning out of control in terms of a healthy lifestyle. I had to pull it together quickly or I would lose years of progress...yes I said years. You see this has been a long journey for me, but the scale has for the most part continued to go in the right direction. There have been some times where I've journeyed in the same land of 10 lbs, but overall I can say I am happy from where I started since April 2006.

Now with Weight Watchers, I have been following their Momentum plan by counting points. Last time that I was on, I followed Core (before they combined the plans), and I loved it. I plan on beginning the Simply Filling Technique next week since I'll be beginning Week 6. Three weeks ago, I instituted an exercise regimen which included me joining a gym, creating a walking club with some local WW member through a challenge, and then dancing (which I always love doing). I expected the scale to really move down once I started exercising, and it didn't. Though I have lost 8.2 lbs since joining WW, the majority of that was from the first two weeks. Since exercising, my weight increased 0.8 lbs the first week and went down 0.4 lbs the second week. Ugh...BUT I am not discouraged. Why you may ask? Because I took my measurements, and I showed losses that made me too happy.

Waist: -1.75"
Hips: -1.25"
Thighs: -1.00"
Bust: -1.50"
Arms: -0.50"

I will keep pressing on, and I know that my hard work will soon show up on the scale.

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QSTEFF 5/9/2009 1:49PM

    You and I must have started at the same time. On Tuesday I'll start week six. emoticon
on your weight loss. I thought once I started working out I would have a big weight loss. I didn't. Good idea with taking your measurements. I'll have to do it. You have such a positive attitude. You'll go all the way.


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ANTEEKER 5/9/2009 11:38AM

    Don't give up.. and never go away. I am a continuing life time member of WW 's if not for them who knows where I would be.
Welcome back emoticon

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