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Shrink Yourself Update

Friday, February 11, 2011

So I won a 12 week online Shrink Yourself program for a question I asked on the Facebook Group! I didn't win 'Question of the Week' but the moderators liked my question so much I got an email with a reply to my question and a prize! I am so pumped about this! :)

My question was about how parents could help their children not to associate food with comfort. My reply from Dr Gould may be interesting to you parents out there who, like me, want to help their kids have a healthy relationship with food:

"Food is comfort, and that is the reality. What we have to teach our children is that there is time for comfort, and time to face and solve problems, learn about your emotions, and put the effort into growing and changing as the years go by. We can then teach them that ALWAYS turning to food is just a way of avoiding the growth that will ultimately make them a happy and successful human being." Dr Gould, author of Shrink Yourself.

I've started working through the program online and I am loving it, it is full of incredibly useful tools to help you with the concepts of the book in a much more interactive way. I was doing OK with the book, but this is a cut above.

I will be editing my short-term goals on my main Spark Page in line with what I am working on in the program, and although I am absolutely DETERMINED to complete my 28 day bootcamp program on Spark People, I will be focusing more on Shrink Yourself than the Spark People diet for the time being.

I may well be posting another blog entry here soon introducing my aims and goals for this week. Grateful for all support, encouragment and comments! :)

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SOUPCASKET 2/12/2011 10:11PM

  I'm so happy to read your blog about SY. I purchased the book and have been getting a lot out of it. I am now planning to start the online program but I will wait two weeks until after my vacation. I don't want to miss one of the weeks.

Your question is great and I have been thinking about my 2 daughters a lot as I read the book. His answer is so practical and helpful.

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IMDENISE 2/11/2011 11:19AM

    That is Awesome!!! How exciting & what a great question. I was wondering just that when I was reading the book last night. I'm anxious to hear updates as you progress with the on-line program. I decided to start the book first then if I felt like it would help do the on-line. I'm really liking the points the book is making and cant wait to start the work! Keep us posted!

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I am ashamed to admit that since I started this in July last year, I have had about one good month, and having just measured myself I'm feeling a little bit down about the fact that I've put ON a few inches here and there (and lost elsewhere - strange!)

I also admit that I've been weighing myself every day, and this hasn't helped. After reading blogs by a few people on here I've decided to go scale free for a month, and to really attack the 28 bootcamp challenge like my life depends on it!

So... I took my measurements just now - and was completely honest in writing them down - and have asked my husband to hide my scales somewhere I won't find them... (I am really that bad!)

My goals this month are:

1. Do a bootcamp video every day or if I miss a day catch up by doubling up another day.
2. Do at least 15 minutes of cardio 5 times a week.
3. Track my calories and stay within my calorie allowance at least 5 times a week.
4. In the first week, have one day a week where I fast all sweets, treats and high calorie dessert, in the second week have two days like this, in the third week have three days, and in the fourth week have four. On days where I can have treats, try to cut it down to only one thing.
5. Keep working on my Emotional Eating through the Shrink Yourself exercises.




Monday, January 31, 2011

I just got back from my usual Zumba class. I nearly cried today. I was actually overcome by emotion. My inner dialogue went something like "IS this really ME?! Me, the girl who hated P.E. at school, the girl who would avoid exercise at all costs, and joke about running being bad for my health. The girl who was so distressed after stepping into a gym for the first time, that it was all she could do not to run out crying?! I am DOING this! I AM doing this! *I* am doing this! I am dancing around like a loon in a room full of people, and I don't CARE who's looking, and I don't CARE what they think, and I am actually having a blast!"

I experience a whole gamut of feelings in a usual session. When I get ready, as I walk in and at various points in the workout I feel embarassment about my 'wobbly tummy', as I'm completely unable to hide it since having a baby, especially in workout gear. There are a wide range of shapes and sizes represented at my class, and I am in no way the biggest or the wobbliest. But this is the thing. We are THERE, we are doing something about it. And I'm so proud of me, and I'm so proud of all of them! And the ones who look like they have no weight to lose? Well, they've obviously had the same epiphany I did, a week ago: I don't exercise to lose weight. Not anymore. I exercise because it makes me feel good, and because I am looking after my body. How mad is that?! I've come further than I could ever have imagined.

I have to admit to feeling a little bit silly and embarassed about my lack of coordination as well, and whenever I think of what I must look like to anyone watching I feel very ridiculous indeed. However the other pervading feeling is my mental image of myself as a super toned, funky mover. This image is so strong, that if I relax and go with it, I find myself getting into the beat, and feeling so 'cool' that I couldn't care less what I look like. That feeling gets so strong that it is usually what gets the emotion swelling in my chest (so much I have to choke back the lump in my throat) and raises a smile to my lips!

So the embarassment is short lived as I remember that I have nothing to be embarassed OF, and that if anyone in the room has half a chance to even catch a glimpse of me they are welcome to think what they like, because I honestly don't know how ANYONE can manage to do the moves if they take their eyes off Clare, our lovely instructor, for a second.

For the first time in my life I have found an exercise I not only like, but I LOVE. Far from making excuses to get out of going, I will move earth and heaven to get there, and feel like my whole week moves more sluggishly if I don't make it to my Monday class. And here's another amazing realisation I have made about it, which given my past opinion of exercise as a 'necessary evil' to aid weight loss, is incredible: I don't want to stop going when I reach my goals.

The 'super toned funky mover' me gets to take over more and more the more classes I go to and the fitter I get, and I'm getting to love shaking what God gave me! ;) Though I have a way to go before I am that person on the outside as well as the inside, I know that I am getting closer to becoming that person with every step and wiggle, and that one day I'll look into the mirror and see her staring back at me, with a big smile on her face and only one question in her eyes: "Is it Zumba time?"

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  Thanks Ms_Yashica! :) It definitely helps to know that we're hardly ever alone in the way we feel about things!

MrsMilander - I hope you love it!

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MRSMILANDER 1/31/2011 6:11PM

    I just ordered the Zumba book with the dvd. Can't wait to start it.

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MS_YASHICA 1/31/2011 5:13PM

  Way to go,in overcoming your embarrassment and workout issues. I can relate to almost every line in your opening paragraph! It helps to know I wasn't the only one.

I love Zumba too, we've started it at the Curves I attend and I'm so in to it that I am seeking out a full hour class.

Have fun and remember your goals!


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Shrink Yourself progress and a question...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

OK, so I've been working on stage 1 of the Shrink Yourself program - that is 'observing'. The idea is to create a pause between deciding to eat and actually eating, and taking a few minutes to observe what's going on in the environment, and what emotions might have triggered this particular desire to eat. I was great at doing this at the beginning of the week, and I logged faithfully for four days, and then the ability to create that 'pause' sort of petered out a bit towards the end of the week... But here are a few triggers I have observed from my journalling so far:

- I eat when I'm alone.
- I eat when I'm scared.
- I eat when I'm angry.
- I eat when I'm bored.

I'm looking forward to the next stage, when I will put some of this knowledge into practise and start working on really stopping the eating. I had a couple of REALLY good times where I literally talked myself out of eating things I wanted. I was so proud. I'm not there yet though, as the second half of the week attested. I was indeed self-sabotaging all my efforts in the earlier part of the week. It's so frustrating!

I've just finished enjoying a special treat for no particular reason, and knowing it would take me over my calorie intake for the day... But was this emotional eating? I made a concious decision to eat the yummy desert and savoured every mouthful in a very controlled, non-binge style. I also exercised earlier (though today is my rest day) and the calories I burned when exercising made up for the calories of this treat... HOWEVER, I know I should not have eaten it at all! But was it emotional? Is it possible that sometimes we just eat yummy food not because we're hungry but because it tastes good? Is it always emotions that drive us to food?

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CATHYCOUNTS 1/19/2011 10:44PM

    hey, I'm doing the shrink yourself program too. My girlfriend paid my membership for a birthday gift.

I think it is going to be very insightful!

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CTUPTON 1/16/2011 4:19PM

    Congratulations! You are becoming aware and fighting the urge to eat ! And you have been successful! Wonderful! I am at about the same stage in the shrinkyourself program. You are doing gret! Keep up the good work! Love yourself for making such strides! Chris

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CHRISPYLEE 1/16/2011 3:38PM

    I think it is ok to have a treat now and then and to eat it slowly and enjoy every bite....just like you described.
It is the awareness of what we are doing and eating that is important and i think you are doing great working on that.
You made the choice to eat it....you didnt just go all willy nilly and inhale it, without thinking.
So dont feel guilty about it...just move on and make good decisions everyday.

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10 Diet Secrets on the BBC

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Watching a programme about healthy diet/weightloss tips. I have to say although I knew most of them, it's always good to have a refresher. Here you go:

1. Don't skip meals.
2. Smaller plate sizes.
3. Count your calories.
4. Don't blame your metabolism.
5. Eat more protein. (Fuller for longer)
6. Soup keeps you feeling fuller for longer.
7. More variety makes you eat more.
8. Low fat dairy helps you excrete more fat.
9. Excercise keeps on burning fat even while we sleep.
10. Keep moving!

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PARKERCM 1/6/2011 6:42PM

  Thanks for the nice, concise diet review. Yes, we all know them. But reminders are great!

Happy New Year!
Happy Sparking!

Chris Parker emoticon

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